A Note to Readers and Commenters [Updated]

Just a status update on the functionality of this site and the plans for moving forward:

– As you know, due to bugs in the system that were beyond my control, I lost access to my own website for a full week just before Christmas. I ended up biting the bullet and spending a bunch of money getting it back up and running once it became clear I could not rely on service providers I had previously been using.

Service Provider: My new service provider has the site up and running in good form now and is in the process of fully optimizing it. It functions much more quickly and reliably now, and that is thanks to their sterling efforts.

COMMENTS: I am aware of the issues with posting comments and my service providers are looking at it and trying to figure out what is going on there. We may end up deciding to go with a plugin that would likely correct the issue. However, it would also likely require all of you to re-register, supplying an email and picking a user name. If that happens, I apologize in advance for the inconvenience.

LANDING PAGE: I am also aware of the issue with the site’s landing page and the inconvenience that is causing some readers. We are working on getting that weird problem fixed as well and I am confident it will be resolved soon. [UPDATE: The landing page is now fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.]

SITE FORMAT: I am also considering investing in a revised format for the site, one that would give it a cleaner look and hopefully better functionality. I will let you know in advance if and when that might be coming.

When I went into this endeavor four years ago next week, I was complete novice to all of it. Things ran amazingly smoothly with very rare issues for more than 3 years, but it all went to hell after COVID hit and my former web hosting service (I like to call it the Comcast of web hosting services) hired a huge army of ill-trained “support” staff to deal with everyone suddenly working from home. From about June forward, I have received essentially zero reliable customer service from that hosting provider. Thus, the decision was made to invest in a new, far more reliable company.

So, this has all become a lot more expensive for me, but at the same time my traffic to this site has rocketed upwards, quadrupling during 2020 alone. As a result, the money I make from advertising, while really not much, has increased enough to justify the ongoing investment.

When I started this site, I vowed to my few readers at that time that I would work hard to avoid ever charging for access to it. I’m proud that I have managed to keep that vow, and will continue to work towards that end.

I don’t have enough of an ego to believe I am somehow indispensable to anyone, but I do think what we are all doing here is important or the audience for it would not continue rising as rapidly as it has. I started this blog because I wanted to in my own way document the events of the Donald Trump presidency. That presidency may be about to come to an end in just three weeks, but if it does, the legacy of this most accomplished President in modern U.S. history will live on for many years to come.

During the week I was locked out of my own site I seriously contemplated just ending this effort along with the Trump presidency. But I’m not ready to give up on this – or the Trump presidency for that matter –  just yet.

Thanks for your patience and the contributions so many of you make to the vibrant discussion at DBDailyUpdate each and every day. This has been one of the great joys of my life, and I hope we can keep it all going for many more years to come.

That is all.

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Good to have you back!!! Missed this blog the week you were out! FTR – I rate you & Don Surber as indispensable Dear Sir!!! ;<)

Va Gent


I found your site at the same time I ditched Drudge for Whatfinger ~ 3 tears ago, and I’m pleased to tell you that you are the only site from there that I read regularly.

I really like the short-and-sweet style of your writing, your humor is spot on, and lens through which you view this here world is crystal clear.

I’m SO pleased that you didn’t throw in the towel, as our cause needs strong, clear voices like yours.

Keep up the good fight, we here in the trenches with you have your 6 covered.


“indispensable to everyone”, yes and much appreciated.e.


Thanks for the update Dave. Thank you for sticking with your blog and fighting the good fight.

Regarding your problems with your former provider, it seems the boogieman of CV-19 is responsible for everything form a decline of basic comment sense, to a general decline in customer service in a lot of fields. CV-19, or 20, or whatever they want to call the next liberty infringing “crisis” is being used as a real convenient excuse for everything from draconian governmental measures to crappy customer service in many realms.

While I am glad that 2020 is mercifully coming to a close, I have a real fear that 2021 will be much worse unless something major happens (a Devine intervention as no mortal can fix what ails our country and the world?) to reverse all the trending indicators we here all know and see appearing on the horizon.

In 2021, I plan to take positive measures to help get me through the political doldrums and move on to tackle things I actually have control over in my life. Apart from DB Update and a few other trusted sources, I am shutting down from all the bogus ‘news’ that is pounded at us daily and resume reading, model building and other more positive pursuits.

I do wish everyone here to have as happy and as positive 2021 as possible, keep your head on a swivel, your powder dry and plan and stock up for the problems of the future.


Dave, I’ve been reading(and commenting occasionally) since you started. Don’t give up now! We have to hang together, or they’re gonna try to hang us separately.


Thanks so much David


Many thx for the update as well. Glad to see you move to a better host too. Running and maintaining sites can be a real headache which is why I’m thankful to not have to do it anymore.

I still maintain that you could easily put a “Buy me a coffee” button on here for people to make a donation. It still keeps your content free and the button doesn’t have to be overt. I would gladly throw a few dollars your way to help offset your expenses.

Many thx again, super enjoy your content and analysis of events. Your community here is also awesome, unbelievably well informed and knowledgeable. Two great reasons why I just couldn’t step away from here.

Thx again… from canukistan

Richard Hertz

Keep up the good work! We appreciate you.

Dayton Lewis

Enjoy your updates on the craziness. Please keep it going.

Larry Taylor

Love your site, you are so perceptive and literate. Your site is my first every morning and typically the best. I hope that you continue as long as possible. Thank you for your insight and efforts.

Just Me

Thanks for the update. Hope you keep going.

Dan Kuykendall

David, I have enjoyed reading your blog for some time now. I think I started reading your posts about 2 years ago. I’m sure most of your readers are U.S. based, but just so everyone knows the reach of your site, I am in Australia. I will continue to read and share your site and posts to people in my circle as long as it is available. All the best to you and your family in 2021 and beyond. It was great to catch up with you a few years ago when I was in Dallas. If you and your wife ever make it to Australia, let me know. I’d love to catch up with you again. Take care Vato!


Great news, David! Thanks!

Sharon Campbell

David, thank you for your update. I look forward to seeing your update everyday. I also post your updates to Twitter & Parler so others can enjoy your insight & opinions. Best wishes for 2021! Your fan, Sharon Campbell

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