WATCH: Bill Gates Can’t Answer When Asked if COVID Vaccines are Safe

Anxious to go out and get that nifty new COVID-19 vaccine? Well, you might want to reconsider after you watch this clip of Bill Gates failing to form anything resembling a coherent, straight answer when asked if these vaccines are safe:

Seems like a simple “yes or no” question to me – doesn’t it to you? Yet, Bill Gates, the billionaire who the corrupt news media holds out as the world’s foremost expert on this subject – and who stands to profit even more billions from these vaccines – is utterly incapable of producing any real answer whatsoever when asked this seemingly simple question.

This man would make the perfect evil villain bent on world domination for the next James Bond movie, with societal menace Anthony Fauci playing his evil sidekick. Cast him now.

That is all.

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If this or any of the other vaccines cause severe side effects and/or lasting damage it will be Trump’s fault for circumventing the FDA’s ‘process’ by ramming it through with his “Operation Warp Speed” program. But if the Dem’s powers-that-be want it to be a ‘success’ (regardless of the actual outcome) they will suppress this ‘report’, and every other one like it (think about the trashing of HCQ as a treatment) and declare it a victory with of course btfsplk/roundheels getting all the credit…

No One

Trust a vaccine that works against your own immune system because its made with GMO products, not a chance in hell to get this vaccine because ones own immune system is far better than allowing a foreign substance to be injected into the body that will work to destroy your own.

Cindy Lou Who

After watching this, I think Bill Gates is on the spectrum…Asperger’s….You be the judge!!!!!


Earlier video of him rocking while being questioned by Congress years ago showed more significant indications.

Either that, or his Lizard-Cover Paint (TM) is wearing thin. Joking here, but not about the A.S. you speak of. It’s actually Zuckerberg who is a Reptilian.


Gates the RAT is very elusive indeed.

[…] December 29, 2020 by David Blackmon […]


Notice Gates said: “We need to make sure there’s not severe side effects.”

Who is “we?” And he passes it all back to the FDA, which has frequently been misused and abused by Big Pharma insiders who are sometimes openly biased toward dangerous drugs.

There was a time when the FDA worked as it should – like when it prevented Thalidomide from being approved, thus preventing an incalculable disaster here in the states. It’s understood that in times of emergency, the FDA will move faster on some issues, and they’re rightly going by the “right-to-try” rules the President has spoken about for critical cases where there’s nothing to lose by trying.

But Gates is passing the buck, because he’s so deep in it, his bugging eyes are about the only thing visible above the muck.


Gates the rat is very elusive with his answers.


Bill dirtball gates wasn’t even a good programmer and was using outdated languages at the time he was doing some programming. Bills partner came from Sun Systems and happened to bring along with him a copy of Sun Systems disk operating system (DOS).

Short story is IBM was into mainframes and didn’t want to touch PC’s which, brain fart and can’t remember which company, came to IBM asking for PC operating system. IBM sent them packing and said try out this goof down the street. So gates and his partner with the stolen DOS, fell into a huge contract and from then on microcrap grew and stole their way to where they are now. They were caught multiple times stealing others software.

Slimey bill was caught spying on PC users by data collection of every computers UID# and what was on their systems. Got spanked by the courts and he basically told the court to take a hike. Do you think bill quit spying??? He partnered up with Alphabet (Google) and developed china’s Social Credit System. They are still working and refining that system in china and guess what… its here in the N American continent. and being exported globally.

Gates also is an avid advocate of depopulation as were his parents. All scum. There are efforts in Italy to have Gates charged with practicing medicine without a license. He’s killed and crippled hundreds of children in Africa with… what else.. vaccines.

Bills other goals are to lower the Earths temp by blocking out the Sun. He also helped finance the dumping of iron oxide into the Pacific near the Queen Charlotte Islands here in British Communista a few years ago. Caused a huge Red Tide event.

Bottom line this scum suck’n dirtball is nothing less than an evil little puke. and thats just what we know of him… he liked riding Epstiens plane too… why is that when the puke has his own planes??


and I forgot to mention slimy bill tried screwing his partner out of his share of the company… nice guy right.


When Gates began to beget his answer, he touched his nose. Sure sign of lying, right from the get-go.

Before that, he takes a drink – his throat is dry, another tell; his gestures and eye movement and squirming are all tells: he’s looking for the exits (or a way out answering the question.) Watch as he crosses his arm over his body to his opposite shoulder when he’s asked an oipinion that makes him uncomfortable. This is a defensive cover himself, as most of his gestures look like he’s doing Tai Chi, blocks and parries. And then he hasn’t actually said a thing that is definitive, always deferring back to someone else, such as the FDA.

Gates is evasive, and clearly not willing (or able) to answer truthfully; he’s as bad a liar as Susan Rice.


Rats are usually very evasive.


Bill Gates is a computer programmer, isn’t he? And now a business magnate? What the FVCK would he know about science or medicine? Leftists are such rubes.


Bill Gates is just a nerd twit that lucked into making a few billion dollars. Why do people think that someone like that has anything of importance to say just because they are rich?


Better yet, ask him if he will get it.

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