Tuesday News Roundup: Portland Cops Beg for Help and America’s Great Reset is Coming

Here’s what happens when you defund the police. – We’ve seen examples from communist Democrat-run cities all over the country now. From New York to Los Angeles and from Minneapolis to Seattle, cities whose Democrat leaders have taken action to cut major chunks out of their police force budgets are very predictably seeing massive spikes in violent crimes as a result.

Things are no different in Portland, where the communist-Democrat city council cut $15 million of the police budget during the summer, even as violent riots were plaguing the city’s downtown district and surrounding neighborhoods. That action and the general lack of support for the Portland PD from communist Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler has led now to a spike in violent crimes and a growing exodus of officers from the Department.

Things have gotten so bad that the Portland PD is now resorting to begging for help from the general community to “break the cycle of violence” in the city.

From a story at DailyWire:

Portland, Oregon, police are begging residents of the city to help “break the cycle of violence” as the number of murders and shootings in the city have skyrocketed.

Portland has been home to violence for months, with an ongoing, nightly demonstration by “anti-fascist” elements, that has often resulted in significant property damage and multiple arrests. But now, the police say, the number of shootings and murders in the city 2020 are nearly double those of 2019, according to Fox News.

“At least 850 shootings have been reported in Portland as of Dec. 24, with 59 reported so far this month, Portland Police Bureau (PPB) statistics show. There were 33 shootings reported in December of last year,” Fox News notes. “As of Christmas Eve, this year’s shootings had surpassed last year’s by more than 116%, with 393 shootings reported in all of 2019, statistics show.”

The numbers have Portland police, who have been the target of one of the most aggressive efforts to defund and disband law enforcement anywhere in the country, pleading with the community to step in and provide support.


Man, who could have possibly seen any of that coming? Oh, wait…

Obviously, there is nothing about this that is funny other than Ted Wheeler’s personal clueless hipster demeanor. This is real life stuff, and real lives are being snuffed out in Portland and other Democrat cities due to these insane policy decisions. And make no mistake about this: Democrat politicians know the certain impacts of these insane policy choices, but make them anyway out of the insane belief that proper policing is inherently racist.

Put more bluntly, they are knowingly sacrificing the lives of thousands of Americans for purely political reasons. That’s the truth.

Hard question of the day. – Name a single country that taxes its citizens and sends the money to the United States of America.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

News you will not see on CNN. – Last week, the corrupt news media ignored claims of spousal abuse by the wife of Georgia Democrat Senate nominee Raphael Warnock. This week, the corrupt news media will studiously ignore this story:

From a story at DailyWire:

A man came forward and went on the record on Monday about alleged abuse that he suffered as a 12-year-old while attending a church camp that was overseen by Reverend Raphael Warnock.

Anthony Washington, now 30, told The Washington Free Beacon that counselors allegedly threw urine on him and locked him outside of his cabin, forcing him to sleep outside overnight. Washington told the publication that what allegedly happened to him at Camp Farthest Out resulted in a 2003 lawsuit that he says led to a large financial settlement.

The Free Beacon reported:

Warnock has faced scrutiny over his 2002 arrest for allegedly obstructing a child abuse investigation by Maryland State Police that centered on the camp’s treatment of children. Washington’s account is buttressed by records from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, obtained by the Free Beacon earlier this month, which indicated that campers were routinely left unsupervised; staffers were not subject to required criminal background check; and at least five cases of child abuse or neglect were brought against the camp’s director, who was ultimately forced to resign.


This is the quality of human being Georgia Democrats want to put in the U.S. Senate. Ugh.

The precursor to China’s “Social Credit System.” – Coming to America soon as part of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, which China Joe Potato Head Biden supports: Within the next year, you will find yourself unable to travel via public transportation or attend theaters and other large public gatherings unless you can show proof that you have been vaccinated for COVID-19.

Whenever anyone would predict this barely 9 months ago, corrupt mainstream news reporters and talking heads would call them “alarmists” and “conspiracy theorists.” Yesterday, the corrupt hacks at CNN published a story about the coming new requirement that lays it all out as if it’s all just the most normal thing in the world.

Here’s an excerpt from that story, headlined…

If you want to travel next year, you may need a vaccine passport

San Francisco (CNN Business)Now that coronavirus vaccines are starting to roll out in the US and abroad, many people may be dreaming of the day when they can travel, shop and go to the movies again. But in order to do those activities, you may eventually need something in addition to the vaccine: a vaccine passport application.

Several companies and technology groups have begun developing smartphone apps or systems for individuals to upload details of their Covid-19 tests and vaccinations, creating digital credentials that could be shown in order to enter concert venues, stadiums, movie theaters, offices, or even countries.
The Common Trust Network, an initiative by Geneva-based nonprofit The Commons Project and the World Economic Forum, has partnered with several airlines including Cathay Pacific, JetBlue, Lufthansa, Swiss Airlines, United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic, as well as hundreds of health systems across the United States and the government of Aruba.
The CommonPass app created by the group allows users to upload medical data such as a Covid-19 test result or, eventually, a proof of vaccination by a hospital or medical professional, generating a health certificate or pass in the form of a QR code that can be shown to authorities without revealing sensitive information. For travel, the app lists health pass requirements at the points of departure and arrival based on your itinerary.
“You can be tested every time you cross a border. You cannot be vaccinated every time you cross a border,” Thomas Crampton, chief marketing and communications officer for The Commons Project, told CNN Business. He stressed the need for a simple and easily transferable set of credentials, or a “digital yellow card,” referring to the paper document generally issued as proof of vaccination.


Hey, CNN, who’s the “conspiracy theorist” now?

As I have said for 9 months now, every restriction on our daily lives, every mandate a state, federal or local politician, every pronouncement from the little menace Anthony Fauci has been designed to normalize enhanced government control of our daily lives. None of these things has anything to do with controlling the virus; none of them are based on anything resembling “science” or “data.”

It’s all about government control.

Think about it this way: If any of these restrictions were about a science-based or data-supported effort to control the virus, why is it that the state with the most strenuous restrictions – California – is suffering the most severe outbreak? Why is it that the state with the least strenuous restrictions – South Dakota – is experiencing the least severe outbreak?

This is all about government control, and if China Joe Potato Head is installed in the presidency, our freedoms could be irrevocably lost.

PSA: If you clear your sidewalk of snow in your bathrobe, using a flamethrower while drinking a beer and smoking a cigar, you might be a redneck.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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The real question is twofold: what happens when you defund the police after stealing the election?

Hmmm. As Lame Cherry puts it, people already know how to use hammers and pliers and bolt cutters and other common tools can disable things, and that people who engaged in this theft can lock their doors, but then someone can weld the door shut. My addition to her comment is that this is exactly what they did in Wuhan. What happened to the people entombed inside? You wonder.

And then Big Retch – well, Blackwater-types and other paid operators are going to be busy, because, you know, the police are being defunded. Same with Gavin Newsom. The police will come out for a day or a week, but they have better things to do, and Newsom will never ever be able to walk the street without fearing that some lunatic will come up behind him with Maxwell’s Silver Hammer – because guns aren’t actually necessary. And bodyguards will have full employment, but you never know whom you just hired – have to watch them, too.

Does the Supreme Court really want to throw us into anarchy? If they disallow votes that were cast illegitimately, and it happens to keep the President in office, the Left can’t do near the damage that an enraged populace can do. The numbers, dear friends, the numbers.

Does the Supreme Court want to turn into the Subprime Court, mortgaging their Wikileaks possibilities on a stacked court under Harris/Obama? Won’t be nine, but 15, with the value of the house less than the loan!

The FuggingBuggerImbeciles are really good at singling out people with agendas (or manufacturing them) and making examples of people who resist, and they have a spy or two in every militia, but they haven’t considered what and angry majority (or even a plurality) might do with common household tools. I’m not planning on participating in the general upsrising, but I can turn my belt into a lethal weapon and take out 3 ANTIFA bastards in less than 8 seconds.

The FuggingBuggerImbeciles have Actuaries, too – you’d think – and they are (or should be) terrified of a general uprising. Moreover, Congressmen who think they can protect themselves by meeting on video can’t do a damn thing without a SCIF, and worse yet, there are over 500 of them to protect, plus the Senators. As Lame Cherry says: there are a lot of people who are riled up and ready to burst over being kept locked in their houses. Big Retch and her people made an example of some mostly-innocent people who had an informant framing them, but she has never faced the possibility that the girl selling clothing might have lost a boyfriend to suicide because of joblessness or being locked inside, and a coathanger will do more than murder babies. Just sayin’. Not a threat, but one of a hundred million possibilities she must face as she continues to smash the Constitution. Note that the press wants to lift her up, but she’s nowhere to be seen on the list that the President topped. They can try to make her Person of the Year, but Trump tops Most Admired, and she is nowhere to be found.

And Fauci? Hmmm. Any dope with two shoes can accidentally push him down a set of stairs. Same with a lot of people who ought to be looking over their shoulders at regular intervals, because you know, security can’t be everywhere at once!

Am I suggesting we should do these things? No. and neither is Lame Cherry. But what I can tell you is that the authorities have nightmares about these things, which is why zombie apocalypse movies are so popular – because frightened, enraged individuals can turn into frightened, enraged crowds, and the more draconian the response by the authorities, the more enraged people get. It becomes exponential.

Which is a note of caution for both the SCOTUS and the President: if martial law is used, it must be used selectively, not randomly, not foolishly. The military knows this and fears it, because they’ve faced insurgents before, but never well-armed insurgents. Trump needs to isolate the traitors, not instigate a general uprising – which Biden/Harris/Obama will surely do.

Solution to the most devastating effects of a stolen election? Stop the Steal.


Off topic but I just can’t help it – Moochelle been snarfing down on them Twinkies and ho-hos

comment image


You may need vax papers to exercise your freedoms in the country because of science, but you won’t need an ID to vote because of racism. Got it.


I was reading about how the Mayor of LA called the police to his home when protestors showed up. Were I a LEO in LA and got called I would have had problems with my radio and turned my cell phone off. If the police want my support, they had best stop supporting the tyrants who created the mess in the first place. Watch how fast things change when the politicos are dealing with the situation on their front doorstep.

I got us out of Portland for a reason. Yes, we lived in a suburban city but the rot and lawlessness
creeps and it will find it’s way out of Portland proper eventually. The light rail lines have been really great for exporting the gang crime. It’s how they roll.

[…] gotta be willfully ignorant to be a Lefty. Willfully. It is NOT just a mere “mistake.” It is a decision. Actually, […]


When looking at the events going on globally today with the scamdemic, communist push into western countries, the complete takeover of real science for emotional rubbish so called ‘science’, where right is wrong and wrong is right, chaos abounds everywhere. Where fear is amplified by magnitudes to induce the desire to run towards a fake ‘solution’ offered by the lunatics and seeing people doing exactly that. The world has gone crazy…. not unforeseen tho..

I understand it can drive people to desire the ‘normal’ times again. But whats normal?? The return to allowing evil dirtballs to continue murdering children?? To destroying the family unit thru propaganda and legal means?? Keeping people and small businesses impoverished by regulations, taxations and debt spending by your caring political?? Allowing this to all happen so long as its not to inconvenient to your wellbeing and not on your doorstep??

This is really what all this chaos and complete upsetting the ‘norms’ is designed to do. Post Modernal Desconstructivism is the overturning, by the communists and ‘enlightened’ to destroy all social norms, from art, architecture, family, sexuality, business, everything judeo christian is to be torn down and upended.

Its to bring you to the point where you either fight back or give up. ‘who cares’. When you fight back you paint a big target onto your back and the enemy tries to overwhelm you, bury you with a vengeance. Most sadly will want to merely sigh… and accept the new ‘norm’ I know the ‘who cares’ sentiment like my friend Gregg stated doesn’t mean we give up and get rolled over. Its a biding of time. But… to many uninformed are willing to just normalize these events, thats the concerning part.

Its a war… time to look up… and fear not…


Portland cops have already chosen their side. They chose to stand with the tyrannical left.


Coming from Portland, I can say that the police there have been conflicted for some time. Back in the 70s and 80s it was a given that if you ran from the police there was a really good chance you’d end up dead with a gun in your hand, whether you owned a gun or not. The DOJ came in and put the Portland police department under their thumb. Then they got rid of the police commissioner and made the mayor the commissioner. The police have been compromised ever since.

I have often wondered why anybody would want to be a LEO in Portland considering this. Lord knows, I couldn’t do it.


When you consider vaccines, you also have to consider medical fraud, which is endemic to this century and the last.

There are links between statins and misfolding proteins that are just about to be investigated; the mechanisms are theoretically easy to establish. Start with statins and T2D:

Statins induce diabetes (Type 2)

“Persuasive data from many randomized controlled trials and large, long-term observational studies indicate a modestly increased risk for the emergence of new diabetes after statin initiation.”

T2D (Type 2 Diabetes) is now considered a protein misfolding disease, or proteopathy. There are a lot of diseases, including Alzheimer’s, which are now considered protein misfolding diseases, and the list is long and growing. Even cataracts are a form of proteopathy. However, the type of misfolding proteins in T2D are similar to Alzherimer’s, which makes this even more critical to examine..

So the link is clear; the mechanism for some of the common effects of statins (muscle damage, pain and weakness, as well as T2D and global amnesia) should be increasingly obvious to researchers; the new studies should begin to investigate the role of statins in protein misfolding itself.

Remember just a decade or so that medical doctors (usually cardiologists) wanted to put statins in public water systems and force people to put these in wells also; they wanted it to be included in salt shakers at fast food restaurants as well.

This obsession with forced treatments is exactly what we’re seeing with COVID-19: the type of control medical authorities want to bring against us or force us to submit to should remind us of the biggest fraud in medical history – statin drugs.

Moreover, they’ve known about T2D as a misfolding disease for a good while – papers were being published in 2015, and speculation and research began long before that. What is frightening is that they still have NOT bothered to tell the public about the nature of T2D, instead claiming that “insulin receptors” and “insulin resistance” are to blame, when they are only resultant, not causative. The problem starts in the beta cells of the pancreas, which then produce a damaged form of insulin that the body cannot easily recognize, not even at the other end of the pancreas, the Alpha cells. We are being told that we have, like Tuskegee Experiments, we have “bad blood” (in other words, “insulin resistance,”) when they know otherwise.

And as always, they have and continue to claim, even while lying to our faces:

“It’s science.”

I’ve written a lot about the upcoming medical dictatorship, but it is no longer upcoming: we’ve been living in it for decades. Vaccines are part of it.


Posted my comment at 0900 CST.


Que sera sera,

Took a couple of days off and here are some thoughts on Dave’s recent articles:

Ratings are in the crapper at FOX – good, but who cares? Certainly and apparently none of the powers that be at FOX. Ratings haven’t mattered at FOX or any other “news” outlets for decades, so like with all the other corruptrocrats, who never lose their jobs or are never punished, who cares? I contacted OANN via email to ask why (I knew the answer but played along with my TV and Internet carrier – Comcast – who asked me to ask OANN why they supposedly didn’t seek carriage on Comcast) they were not broadcast on Comcast. They sent their perfunctory reply saying they would respond fully shortly. Well, that was over a month ago and crickets. Screw them too as they are just the supposed conservative flavor de jour until they get corrupted by another Paul Ryan. Apart from Dave and a very few other sources, I trust no one anywhere, and frankly, for the most part, don’t need a daily or hourly dose of bad news 24/7.

So, we are supposed to believe the Nashville bomber was a “lone wolf”? More than likely, he was a KNOWN wolf. I just wonder what major, and contrived, event is going to happen in 2021 that will be further exploited as an excuse to seal more of our liberties… 9-11 drove the PATRIOT Act and massive surveillance, CV-19 has driven real fascism (government in control of private business) and probably the requirement of vaccine ‘papers’ in order to do anything. Rest assured, there is another calamity in the works that will be used as a reason to take our guns, further monitor certain subversives, etc.

Trump signed the relief bill. Sigh? Did he do it via burnout? as a ploy to get some GOP support in his election overturn bid? Or was he or his family and associates threatened to be Seth Riched? Don’t forget, as great and as wonderful as Trump has been, he has never been shy about spending other people’s money, especially tax money. I would have still pocket vetoed the bill and let the next (D) congress pass whatever they will. But when only six (6) GOP senators voted against the bill, political reality sets in.

Most people I know, refuse to believe how corrupted and bad things are. They know something is drastically wrong but don’t want to go so far as to entertain the thought that Trump’s Supreme Court justices and other appointees, may have been threatened, or had their families threatened, or are otherwise compromised. We know Mister Roberts is compromised – dating back to his Obamacare legislative ruling – to the nth degree, so why is it such a reach to believe that the evil forces wouldn’t arrange or threaten a few Arkancides just to get their way, when they have done everything else with no fear or retribution? Arkancides are real and are always conveniently unsolved, regardless of jurisdiction. These people are dirty, rotten, evil and play for keeps. The fact that they can get an Omar, an AOC, a Biden and many others, and probably wacko radicals like Warnock and Ossoff elected in a Red State like Georgia tells me all I need to know.

What more is there to say about where we are going? Short of a miracle of biblical proportions – like a massive sinkhole about 25 miles in diameter hitting DC, and every other Dem controlled city with over a quarter million population on Jan 21, 2020, I see no way out of this mess. It really is in GOD’s hands as no mere mortal, or group of mortals can fix this anywhere on the globe.

Just Me

“So, we are supposed to believe the Nashville bomber was a “lone wolf”? More than likely, he was a KNOWN wolf. I just wonder what major, and contrived, event is going to happen in 2021 that will be further exploited as an excuse to seal more of our liberties… 9-11 drove the PATRIOT Act and massive surveillance, CV-19 has driven real fascism (government in control of private business) and probably the requirement of vaccine ‘papers’ in order to do anything. Rest assured, there is another calamity in the works that will be used as a reason to take our guns, further monitor certain subversives, etc.”

Astute observation and a heads up on looking at 2021. And, it indeed is in God’s hands; but He does all things well, bringing good out of evil and causing all things to work together for good to those who are called according to His purpose. Only those who are alive and remain and are changed in the twinkling of an eye at the Lord’s coming will get out of here alive. But, as the Apostle Paul wrote, “My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better.” [Philippians 1:23]


What I don’t understand is WHY the police in Portland are protecting ANY of these stupid communist mayors, gov’s or politicas at all. Even if they have to stand on a line between the politicals house and demonstrators they, the police, should not lift a finger to prevent anyone from ANY criminal activity. After all if stand down orders apply to the communist antifa they should apply to everyone.

The chinese social credit system already is in use in western countries. Here in british communist canukistan we are locked out of the grocery stores, clothing, doctors offices, pharmacies, etc etc, because you are required to wear a mask or you cannot enter. All thats missing, but will soon be another requirement, is the gold star patch on your shoulder.

Folks… 2020 is the test run… 2021 will be far worse if left unchecked and no pushback on politicals. The gop is NOT your friends, which if why they’ve pretty much left Trump spinning in the wind. Rather than demonstrating in the capitals it might be more productive to ‘demonstrate’ at the rino’s homes and those other spineless gop’ers who sit silent. They need to know that people simply will not take this traitorous sellout any longer. These political parasites need to know they have a LOT to lose if they don’t represent the People, and DO THEIR JOBS.

Dan Bongino has a good segment today… should watch the first part, its gud.


Portland is a spirochete, not unlike Lyme’s or syphilis. Best to quarantine it, just as the Chinese did Wuhan. No one in, no one out.

If only that were possible.


They supposedly “debunked” this, but they carefully worded their “debunking” to conflate COVID 19 with COVID in general.

“2019 Armed Forces Health Surveillance Branch study that probed the theory that “influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses” — a concept known as “virus interference.”

The virus that the flu vaccine made people more susceptible to? COVID. Not COVID-19, which wasn’t around at the time of the study. But the “fact” checkers use the 19 to try to discredit the findings. A lot of common colds are of the COVID type. So get a flu shot, get COVID (not necessarily COVID 19.)

I’ve talked with dozens of people who’ve experienced virus interference over the years. That is, every time they got a flu shot, they’d get something resembling the flu almost immediately afterward. Not the same flu, you understand: a different kind of virus. But the body is looking for one type of virus and can’t adequately respond adequately to another form, which uses the cover provided for it by the vaccine to sneak in and infect the vaccinated.

I’d like to see a study to see how many people who died of COVID-19 had been vaccinated with the flu vaccine. I’m guessing somewhere near 90%? (That’s only MY guess, not actual data.)

While correlation is not cause, the people I interviewed stated bluntly that they got an infection as severe as the flu soon after getting a vaccine.

One patient who did not get the vaccine for influenza because of such issues later reported going to the doctor for a flu infection a few years after his last flu vaccine; the doctor scolded him for not getting that year’s vaccine, but the brand of flu he had wasn’t even the type they were inoculating for that year – so even if he had taken the vaccine, it wouldn’t have helped. Such a reliance on science. Bogus science.

And how about that HCQ? As soon as they admit that it isn’t harmful, and may even be helpful, the plant in Taiwan that produces the precursor to Hydroxychloroquine blows up! Only question is, was it the Chinese or Big Pharma? Or is there actually any difference?

And why is this not headline news? Oh. Right.



About five years ago I contracted the flu. Now, I haven’t had a flu shot since the late nineties because right after that last time I got the shot, I got the flu and so did a few people I knew [that year]. This time, ( a gap of more than twenty years) when the doc asked me what base I worked on, I didn’t understand. He said that the flu I contracted wasn’t of the two for which strains the current shot of that year were made. I said, No, I wasn’t in the military and he didn’t believe me. Said the strain was from outside the country and that service people were contracting it. I told the guy I worked in retail so that’s how I must’ve contracted it.

I’ve refused the flu shots since I realized a long time ago that you compromise your immune system when you over concentrate on one aspect of it rather than consider the whole as a complex system. So, as I see it. getting sick with anything on rare occasion is better than being “healthy’ until a simple thing your body should have been strong enough to fight kills you because you haven’t been slightly sick on occasion over the years. A little sick now and then is better than never sick and then dying when something does come along because your body has forgotten how to fight illnesses.

Ultimately, God will take me when He wants to take me. Flu shots or not, healthy living or not, prepared or not.


You expressed it quite well: the immune system, in all it’s complexities, is like the compound eye of an insect, and vaccines turn it into the bird of prey looking for a single rabbit in the field below.

In my non-medical opinion, the body can be so blinded that it cannot recognize a whole host of illnesses and mutated cells and misfolded proteins. Sudden increase in Alzheimer’s? Type 2 Diabetes? Statins only account for a portion of those, because statins only damage those who take them (well duhhh?) and those who are more genetically predisposed to proteopathy. Which means: more than in the past.

It’s also likely that schizophrenia is linked to misfolding proteins, basically causing damage in select areas of the brain, allowing excess glutamate and dopamine and other neurotransmitters (?) to localize and overwhelm specific areas of the brain (such as the auditory regions.) But this disease isn’t linked to vaccines – so far.

Vaccines for bugs that don’t morph quickly and expectedly, for diseases like smallpox – well, those are good vaccines. Later versions of the polio vaccine – not the attenuated ones that contained SV 40 *(Simian Virus 40) – had a great effect. Polio sucked.

Vaccines for the common cold? Remember when they told us that this is impractical, because the various cold viruses (which include COVID) mutate too quickly, and are thus a moving target? Well, that went out the window – because they did the same thing with influenza, which they try to predict with their version of tarot cards and a crystal ball.

The new “vaccine” isn’t actually a vaccine, but enters the same way the AIDS virus gets into the body: subverting the RNA. Where it goes from there, and what it eventually creates? Could be little, like inserting a rice gene into wheat so that it can endure flooding, or it can be like a rice gene inserted into wheat so that it can endure flooding and also take up high levels of arsenic. The Laws of Unintended Consequences, at your service!

But whomever runs their labs, making all these “wonder drugs” has the same morality and imagination of Dr. Gottlieb, whose notes were mostly destroyed, because he liked experimenting on children. Kind of like Bill Gates in regions that have a lot of brown people (too many for his tastes.)


I never have gotten a flu shot. Have I gotten sick during “flu season”? A couple of times.
I was doing social distancing long before the rona landed. I avoided large crowd areas like malls and shopping centers. Went to get groceries early or late in the day when there were few people in the store and avoided folks who were saying they were sick. DUH!

I did have a higher incidence of airborne illnesses when I worked as a game tech at a family fun center. It never ceased to amaze me how many folks would bring their kids there when they were sick. We sanitized the soft play area daily, but all it takes is one snotty-nosed kid to ruin everybody else’s day.

Bottom line, this rona was no different from any other cold. If we had a real scientist n charge of the “pandemic” instead of a money grubbing fascist lying bastard, we would already have herd immunity nationwide.

A pox on the houses of all the so-called experts.

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