The Larger Overtones of Trump’s Unilateral Surrender on the Fake Relief Bill

Th-d-uh th-d-uh th-d-uh th-th-that’s all folks! – President Donald Trump, in a likely signal that he is basically giving up on being able to reverse the clearly fraudulent outcome of the 2020 election, agreed to sign the 5,600 page, $2.4 trillion omnibus spending package that included a paltry sum of money for COVID relief amid its thousands of pages of pork spending.

At the same time, the President invoked the terms of the essentially useless Impoundment Act of 1974, sending a “special message” to congress seeking permission to refuse to spend money attached to many of the absurd provisions in the legislation. A majority vote in both houses of congress would be required for congressional approval, and that will not be forthcoming in either house of this most detestable of congresses.

The lone “victory” the President was able to claim on Sunday was the extraction of a promise from congressional leaders that they will vote this week on another bill that will add more COVID-related “relief” spending, thus piling hundreds of billions more dollars onto the domestic debt. Eligible Americans will receive either $1200 or the $2000 the President himself requested, rather than the $600 initially allocated by congress.

From a story at

President Trump on Sunday night signed a $2.3 trillion federal spending and COVID relief bill, averting a government shutdown and ensuring millions of Americans continue to get unemployment benefits.

Despite his misgivings about wasteful spending and low stimulus payments in the bill, Trump said he signed the legislation because “I have an obligation to protect the people of our country“ from further economic devastation. He said, however, “more money is coming” as Congress votes this week on larger checks.

The president on Sunday also invoked the 1974 Impoundment Control Act to demand “rescissions” be made to the spending measures. Under the Act, a president can seek congressional approval to rescind funds by sending a special message to Congress identifying the amount he proposes to cut, the reasons for it, and the economic impact.


So, what we have here is, for all intents and purposes, unilateral surrender by President Trump on this legislation, accompanied by a pretty pitiful attempt to save a little face. Since delivering his 4-minute speech last Tuesday demanding a new bill that cut the pork and increased help to the American people, the President has of course been pilloried by the corrupt news media, along with congressional Democans and Republicrats, many of whom have their own financial futures tied up in the hundreds of pork provisions contained in the bill.

By signing this 5,600 page monstrosity, President Trump is symbolically tossing in the towel, signaling to his enemies that they have won. With the fight taken out of him on this issue, and with his legal team having failed to win any significant court challenges to the fraudulent election, it seems likely that the tossing in the towel is not limited to this single issue.

It’s been hell of a ride, but the days of winning may well have come to an end.

That is all.

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Just Me

And may God have mercy on us in the chaos to come.

Nabi Rasch

Can’t speak for God but after all the conservative bragging maybe their fate’s not worth a rat’s ass.

Jay Whitcraft

Is it possible that he signed the stimulus bill to get a couple of Senators to object to the Electors? A little horse trading? Jay


“Do not be discouraged. Look up for the day of redemption draws near. If I were to look at the chaos I’d be fearful and dismayed, but my peace is founded on Christ, not a man”. I agree 100% with your post, but especially the part I put in quotation marks.


There is but one of two possibilities here. Everything in the Bible, in a historical aspect, has been shone to be accurate where ever it speaks of kings and nations. Its historically accurate.

It leads me to one of only two possibilities.

Either the US of A will be torn apart because of its abandoning and hatred towards God. The US has embraced, homosexual, trans etc, rewarded theft, kicked God from schools, public arenas and government, embraced feminism and communist ideology with its ashiestic religion being promoted and kills its children by the millions.

When nations in scripture did this, God sent in another stronger nation in judgement to destroy the evil in the land. When it happened to Israel it was to not only punish them but to cause hardship among the people so that they turned back to Him. Which when they repented, God delivered them out of bondage.

OR… There are times when the nation has repented, and as 2 Chron 7 states, God intervenes and spares the nation from coming judgement. When he does this, it is VERY obvious that its by Gods provision and not of a man. God does not share His glory with a man, its Gods alone.

So Trump just surrendered and its looking like the nation could well be controlled by china. Perhaps the USA is going to be judged. Equally possible is that God is causing people in the nation to not put so much hope in a man… Either way the battle IS between good and evil. One great thing is that more people are turning back to the God of the Bible and lines are being more clearly defined and choices are having to be made. Which side are you and how committed will you be.

Mark 4: 3 “Listen! Behold, a sower went out to sow. 4 And it happened, as he sowed, that some seed fell by the wayside; and the birds [a]of the air came and devoured it. 5 Some fell on stony ground, where it did not have much earth; and immediately it sprang up because it had no depth of earth. 6 But when the sun was up it was scorched, and because it had no root it withered away. 7 And some seed fell among thorns; and the thorns grew up and choked it, and it yielded no [b]crop. 8 But other seed fell on good ground and yielded a crop that sprang up, increased and produced: some thirtyfold, some sixty, and some a hundred.”

Do not be discouraged. Look up for the day of redemption draws near. If I were to look at the chaos I’d be fearful and dismayed, but my peace is founded on Christ, not a man.


Thank you!

Something appropriate to what you said and linked, and for our times:

Luke 21:25-28

25“There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves, 26men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. 27“Then they will see THE SON OF MAN COMING IN A CLOUD with power and great glory. 28“But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

There have been terrifying things in our lifetimes, and in our parents’ lifetimes, including two wars in Europe, Communism, the threat of nuclear extinction and more.

These days, they prime us with fear over a largely weak virus (as it has evolved) and “climate change/global warming” and “terrorism” and whatever they can think of to control us. People of Faith haven’t fallen for any of these forgeries. Most of us won’t freak out when the real stuff begins to happen.

Every time you hear bad news, repeat to yourself: “Jesus is Lord of all.”

stevekerp — Trump may not have a lot of true friends, but he does not know how to quit, and I think he has his friends in key positions. He’s still planning his party in DC in early January. We’ll see ….

Nabi Rasch

Not to worry: the leftards are teaching him how to quit.

Lady Jane

Sorry, but I don’t believe that Trump’s “days of winning may well have come to an end”. He’s a fighter who never shows his hand. He’s a man who keeps promises made. I don’t believe he is going to give up so easily.

I also don’t believe that the millions of people who voted for Trump are going to go down without a fight.

It is my belief that God put Trump here to reveal all.

Nabi Rasch

Leave God out of it. He’s been on a well deserved vacation and shows no sign of a quick return.


Well Nabi while all input is great and its the basis of free speech the free exchange of ideas ensures us we all have areas to improve on, correct or refine.

Your statement shows your lack of understanding of anything Biblical in nature. Getting to know God thru His word can fix this for you.

[…] All this WINNING may have finally run its course. – President Donald Trump surrendered on the horrific, 5,600 page omnibus spending bill Sunday evening. I cover that story, and its larger implications, in full in a separate piece this morning. […]

I don’t why people are so demoralized. That bill was going to pass no matter what Trump did. Do you actually think Trump was going to make the Swamp change their minds? LOL Please.

Maybe WE DID NOT put enough pressure on Congress to change that bill? Stop blaming Trump. That wasn’t the hill to die on anyway!

All I care about right now is that The Election Fraud is overturned because YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET IF BIDEN GETS IN.


I’ve got nothing.


I beginning to hate this godddaaammmmnnnneeejd country!!!!

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