Monday News Roundup: The FBI Sets its Lone Wolf Narrative and the New York Post Turns on Trump

All this WINNING may have finally run its course. – President Donald Trump surrendered on the horrific, 5,600 page omnibus spending bill Sunday evening. I cover that story, and its larger implications, in full in a separate piece this morning.

Little Lindsey’s all excited, though. – South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who no doubt counseled the President to wave the white flag, was all aglow with the outcome:

Oh, they’re going to “vote” on additional stimulus checks and repeal of Section 230. Guess which one will be approved and which one will miserably fail?

This is the best of all worlds for a McCain-style senate RINO: You get to bust the budget yet again and brag to constituents about how much money you got for them and do it all with the seal of approval from a president of your own party. As a bonus, you then get to vote “yes” on Section 230 repeal, knowing all the while that it has literally no chance of passage in either house of congress.

This is the stuff Little Lindsey dreams of.

Et tu, New York Post? – The editorial board at the New York Post has seen enough of the Trump election challenges, and published an editorial piece on Sunday urging the President to give up the ghost and focus on helping the two GOP senatorial candidates in Georgia win their runoff races.

Here’s an excerpt from that editorial:

You had every right to investigate the election. But let’s be clear: Those efforts have found nothing. To take just two examples: Your campaign paid $3 million for a recount in two Wisconsin counties, and you lost by 87 more votes. Georgia did two recounts of the state, each time affirming Biden’s win. These ballots were counted by hand, which alone debunks the claims of a Venezuelan vote-manipulating Kraken conspiracy.

Sidney Powell is a crazy person. Michael Flynn suggesting martial law is tantamount to treason. It is shameful.

We understand, Mr. President, that you’re angry that you lost. But to continue down this road is ruinous. We offer this as a newspaper that endorsed you, that supported you: If you want to cement your influence, even set the stage for a future return, you must channel your fury into something more productive.

Stop thinking about Jan. 6. Start thinking about Jan. 5.


This editorial from a rare media outlet that has been supportive of his presidency may have impacted President Trump’s thinking on the spending bill. Given that Mr. Trump had obviously chosen to fight over this bill as a symbol of his larger fight to reverse the clearly fraudulent results of this stolen election, his decision to surrender here likely has larger implications related to that overall effort.

If you haven’t already done so, you’d all be well-advised to begin preparing for four years of Biden and Harris.

Just to lighten the mood… – I thought this was funny, and wish it was real:

Back to reality, here is was the LAPD was doing on Sunday:

That’s right: Dozens of officers who have recently seen Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti lead the charge to defund their department to the tune of $150 million were called out to defend the despicable communist Democrat Mayor’s home from protesters.

You just could never in a million years make Democrats up if they didn’t already exist.

It’s a lone wolf! Who could’ve ever guessed? –  Welp, the FBI narrative on the Nashville bombing is set, and it’s the same narrative the FBI always uses in these situations: That of the “lone wolf.” Because of course it is.

The FBI announced on Sunday that, a mere 40 hours or so after the Christmas morning bombing of downtown Nashville, it has already identified the specific RV that blew up, raided the home of its owner, found body parts at the scene from which it obtained DNA, and already processed the DNA to prove it is that of the RV owner, one Anthony Quinn Warner, a 63 year-old local. Thus, we see the very same FBI that has sat on Anthony Weiner’s laptop for more than four years now, and on Hunter Biden’s for over a year without doing a damn thing with it, supposedly “solving” a major bombing of the downtown area of one of America’s great cities in the blink of an eye. And they do it all by pushing the exact same “lone wolf” narrative they have rolled out to the public related to every domestic terrorism attack in this century.

From a story at ABC News:

FBI investigators said DNA evidence found at the scene matched Anthony Quinn Warner, who was earlier named as a person of interest.

“Anthony Warner is the man believed to be responsible for this horrible crime,” Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake said at a news conference.

Human remains were discovered amid the blast debris, and investigators worked to determine if they belonged to the RV owner. Multiple law enforcement sources briefed on the investigation told ABC News the suspect was identified as Warner of Antioch, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville.

Douglas Korneski, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Memphis field office, told reporters that investigators were able to make the match quickly after they obtained DNA from Warner’s home.

Korneski said there appears to be no other suspect involved with the bombing, but the investigation is ongoing.

Authorities believe the RV was parked in front of an AT&T transmission building at 1:22 a.m. on Friday, but it remains unclear if the building was targeted. The Tennessee Highway Patrol confirmed the RV’s VIN was registered to Warner.


It is truly stunning how stupid they think we all are. Given that the American public has been lapping this crap up for two solid decades now and going right back to sleep, they’re probably right.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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The fact that President Trump signed the bill from hell is irrelevant. The uniparty decided to shove it through as a means to distract from the steal. I was dismayed at first when I read last night that h had signed it. Through all of this he has continued to signal he is going to fight.

The uniparty signaled they had the votes to over-ride. So what the hell. Sign it, Use the law and let it bounce along. There are still bigger fish to fry. Time for Powell and Linn to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of all us who voted for the President. i think we may all have standing seeing as
how our state more or less played by the Constitutional rules and the states that flipped at the last minute to Biden didn’t.

I keep seeing more and more reports of international data transfers. The media and the political class are deflecting regarding this. There’s’s the target.

This is a real war of information and misdirection. It may come down to shooting war before it’s over. But let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that.


The FugginButtheadImbeciles always has a lone brain cell, which apparently hasn’t a second one to rub up against – like Harvey without a towel nor a prospect – and they’re always hard on the trail of lone brain cells like their own. Couldn’t start a campfire with the total lack of friction.

But here’s the rub: they only investigate what makes them look good – if you can call Ruby Ridge and Waco “good.” They’re just a Higher Ordure (no, I spelled that right) ATF, the Wrongway Gang, who suddenly disappeared during the OK City runup to 9/11. Takes a while for that single brain cell to morph into a second conspiracy – though they’re not so spaced apart as it may seem.

Wray is like a defective protein, who doesn’t want anybody to know what a tangled tau he is, not dissimilar to the Martians in Mars Attacks. Acckk-acckkk! Ak-ak! Had he been smart, he would have had a buddy Chaperone, kind of like Metformin is artificially, to help him untangle the weave that he can’t comprehend. If you look at Latrodectus Mactans, you see that the tangled web never quite catches the spider herself, and what is apparently chaos is organization of a kind we larger observers can’t quite figure. Easy to see in a Garden Spider, an Orb Weaver – (not to be confused with a Randy Weaver.)

They seem to find themselves pursuing obsessions, and quite honestly, it makes them look demented. If a L. Mactans ever behaved that way, she’d be caught in her own trap a day after weaving it.

Lone wolves? They always want to demonize the outliers, those who can put together seemingly disparate information and make sense of it all. But they’re linear thinkers who couldn’t cut their way out of an Orb web if they happened to trip on a sticky strand instead of the ladder type. And of L. Mactans? Well, it’s too wonderful to imagine.

Lacking imagination, they always resort to the old tried-and-true (or tried and found wanting) solutions that have made them look ridiculous since…well, since they decided to poison lawbreakers’ illegal hooch, thinking that a dead lawbreaker is better than a live one. Except for them and those who keep them funded and fat, whose lawbreaking is invisible to the Fuggin ButtmunchImbeciles.

AI will eventually put them all out of work, because while they do their best to squelch creative and autonomous thinkers (whom they compare with wild canines) they will be replaced by machines which will outcompete them in any kind of game or match. Until then, they’ll keep attacking those who are a shade (or a universe) short of Artificial Intelligence, because Ordure is their mission, Ordure and more Ordure. Straight lines for SuperDuperSpecial Agent PumpkinEater and all that – nothing more complex than simple math. Go to Walmart, SuperDuper, and meet your superiors.


The Fuggin Buttmunch Imbeciles will likely pull up Warner’s 1st grade records or kindergarten and reveal that the man they’ve decided to blame, Warner, had been plotting this ever since he was knee high to a toadstool.

Superduper Special Agent Dippity Doo, a protege of Peter Peter Pumpkin-ate-her, will demonstrate WITHOUT A DOUBT that this was a counter-intel job, which is dissimilar to other “jobs” (wink wink) in that the vehicle was not being driven from the vehicle, and the already-stiff Warner rose from the dead to perform his last blow-job on AT$T.

Gosh, this is so reminiscent of Las Vegas, you’d think was Act Ii of the same play. You’d think, but there have been many other acts between the two, with a couple of intermissions and much time to make sure that all the incriminating evidence went the way of the Solomon Grundy Building in Doo York next to the Tween Towers. Mucho informationo had been burnt to a snuff under the rubble of the Not Tim McVeigh bombing, in which he took a small part and ended up on the east coast of some South American paradise, along with Jeffrey E. People saw him breathing after the cocktail hour was over. Unlike Warner, he didn’t actually die, or at least from reports – assuming that the body they planted was Warner.

I believe the X-Files is more realistic than the scenarios they paint at this Fuggin Buttmunch Imbeciles headquarters. Looks like they’re being run by someone with advanced prion disease. Mooo!

Why do I disrespect them so much? Let me count the ways…ah, never mind. It’s like tripping a toddler and stealing his candy – no profit in it, just meanness and silliness. Kind of like Chris Wray’s profile.


Lone wolf means, did not vote for Trump and belongs to the wrong party.

marty lopez

Why comment? You only publish what you want


Ain’t Dave. The Minders are keeping Big Bad National Security Secrets from being published, because most of the time, those “secrets” just reveal things too embarrassing for brain-dead bureaucrats without an ounce of creativity nor comprehension. Bureaucracies will kill us off, just as they made IBM into a running joke – Harvard MBAs and all those privileged schmucks, and the CYA is full of Yale.

Free Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. Just to piss ’em off.


There are site problems. There are some like you and I who’s posts don’t show up for an hour or more. Site doesn’t refresh or show new comments and when you click on the DB logo it takes you to a article more than a week ago.

Your posts here are appreciated, you post often which is a great thing, but I hear the frustration too. I post here and on other sites as well but if this site problem goes on for to long I suspect it’ll fade to black. To bad because there are those like yourself and to many to name, that have a wealth of information, like a library.

Hang in there for a bit… its a war…

marty lopez

My comments don’t get posted. More of the same. Time for you is done

marty lopez

The FBI is the skunk works. Notice how quick they are out the gate when itt serves the purposes of their masters. The FBI are secret police and enemy as is all the federal government.

John Doe

Do not give up Mr President. Most Americans have your back. The only ones who will think badly of you for resisting are the ones who have tried to crucify you for years and New York liberals who have no sense.


“If you haven’t already done so, you’d all be well-advised to begin preparing for four years of Biden and Harris.” Except that when the commie-democrats count the votes there will never be another conservative President. There may be RINO’s elected, but they will still be controlled by the commie oligarchy that the “Stupid” Generation has put in power.


Some old guy THEY SAY acquired massive amount of Explosives to blow himself up at the AT&T Building…..!!!


This was a Deep State OP to divert from the Election Fraud or something Far Worse…..!!!

Something Big is about to happen…..and the Commies are Freaken Out Scared to Death…..


There were a couple neighbor interviews, as usual. He was described as ‘nerdy’, quiet and polite. JUST the kind of maga person that bombs places.

Odd to that his biggest suspicion was putting up a fence and nobody seeing anyone coming or going. Yet he loaded an RV with explosives, guess he must have downloaded the explosives to his computer.

He gave away two houses and quit his job… I’m going to say it was a setup too. Like the guy in vegas. Probably thought he was helping to expose a foreign plot, just up until a bullet went thru the back of his head from a dark operative.

Stinks to high heaven. What is a poser tho, to me, is anyone in the fbi/cia would know the building is fortified like a bomb bunker and a bomb would likely disrupt comms and not destroy them. So if its not the real target, what was?? Like bombing a poser substation to knock out the electrical supply to the bank you want to rob 2 miles away.

One thing we can all rest assured that the fbi has just about wrapped this up… nothing to see here carry on… /s off


EMP. Doesn’t require physical damage. The blast was just for theatrics. Lame Cherry pointed that out.


Whats odd tho is the building is hardened and likely the infrastructure inside the building, ie switching gear, servers, etc would also very likely be hardened against emp attack. Its a key hub so would have had major protections applied.

This leads me to think it was made to look like a serious attempt by a ‘lone wolf’ but was threatre mostly as you state. Service was disrupted affecting a fairly wide area. The question remains, was this knocking out an electrical substation in order to rob a bank elsewhere??


My biggest concern is the supposed chief of staff Meadows. I am beginning to think he has been a snake in the grass.


We’re all out there fighting for Trump and he plunges the dagger right in our backs.


Don’t be to hasty my friend… Lets see what happens on the 6th. It appears hes caved but there may be yet a possible outcome we haven’t anticipated yet.

So let me run this thought experiment and see what you and others think. I don’t know the ins and outs of the US system but here goes.

So Trump concedes to sign the bill if he’s assured some gop to challenge the certifications. A lie obviously. But assume he gets what he’s looking for. Gop challenges. So in the end the election is null and court challenges end up successful. I know again, big assumptions. BUT… Say there is a redo in the fraud States and Trump succeeds in a bigly way, like as should have happened. Meaning House and Senate BIG wins and huge landslide victory.

So if a HUGE win turns out for not only Trump but for the House and Senate then is it not possible Trump can rescind the budget or EO it out of existence??? Asking honestly here because I do not know. And… of course providing Trump gets the support from the gop… I know.. ANOTHER HUGE assumption.

Just Me

Not to worry, the FBLying is on the case.


So this ‘stimulus’ bill Trump signed apparently blocked school choice for parents. Thereby assuring your children will be properly indoctrinated into the marxist communist ideology.

As if there wasn’t enough already in the traitor bill Trump signed. I still boggle at WHY Trump hasn’t fired or cleaned house of the disgusting traitors he has surrounding him. He’s a fighter to be sure having lasted an intense battle for four years, but caving to this gross and indecent spit in the face of the citizenry is beyond the pale.

I’m beginning to think he’s going to fold and doesn’t have the fortitude to declare a revote in the overtly corrupted States. I think the Abraham Lincoln or George Washington simply isn’t in him. Will Jan 6 rally be the “I gave it a good swing but…” or will it be a calling of the troops to redo the elections in the corrupt States.

Which the media will scream like banshees of Trump going dictator. Perhaps he’s listening to the whispers in his ear telling him to bow out gracefully, lies of course. My gut tells me he’ll announce some ongoing court action but in the end will fold and bow out. He’ll make his ‘return in 2024’ announcement at that time too. Just my opinion, hope I’m wrong.


Is it just possible that Trump signed the stimulus bill in exchange for a couple of Senators objections to the electors on January 6th? Jay

marty lopez

I suppose it’s possible he signed it for just about any reason, but he signed it. And here’s another heads up. The GOP won’t save him, ( he who happens to appear more and more irrelevent with every passing day) or the republic, which happens to be worth dieing for and is everything, if you value freedom. Trump shows himself for th eloser and coward he is


Jay- It only takes one house member and one senator to object. Whether we have any “senators” who are citizens first and grifters second is the big question. Several GOP hose members have already gone on record saying they will object. If a GOPe senator has, I haven’t heard about it yet.


Hopefully. I’d said in a much earlier post that this process was likely a negotiation. Haven’t believed that too much lately, but you may be right.


No, Dave, it was Stephen Paddock! Another “lone wolf” they suicided and blamed for something others did. Couldn’t make it stick in Atlanta, try as they did, and same with the anthrax. So when they’re not busy assassinating people, falsifying evidence (against Trump,) blaming innocents, exonerating actual criminals, they’re just 99% fine, if you ask Hannity the loudmouth liar.

As far as the FIB goes, any narrative’ll do ya: Very Special Agent Dippity Doo, at your service.

FBI now stands for Fuggin’ Buttmunch Imbeciles. Sure are good at rousting harmless old men out of their beds in the wee hours of the morning, but not so good at solving crimes involving actual criminals like HRC and Biden and a gazillion other Deep State weasels. Wray can go eat Kurds with Miss Muffett, who has been in hiding – probably for shame.

Truth is, we finally “got” 9/11, some of us years after, and we pick up on the lies a lot earlier, and they don’t work so well except on the airheads at Fox and CNN and MSNBC. And ABC and CBS and NBC and all the rest of the paid stooges.

No trust in our systems left. None. And Trump is not responsible for this; he’s a symptom and a hero who bravely stood up against all odds. I’m not giving up, and neither should he.

One more vulgar word: F the FBI.

marty lopez

No Trump isn’t responsible for anything and he hasn’t done anything either. He just lays down and signs covid bills his advisors give him. I don’t blame him, but then he is hardly fit to be any commander in chief either. The time for marketers is past

jack johnson

Even if Trump was to be re-elected by some miracle I would no longer support him. I will never vote GOP again….period. It`s every man for themselves from now on. There is no America anymore.


You’ll have Harris/Biden then — enjoy because that is all you will ever have going forward….


And… They conveniently found the VIN plate and confirmed it was the lone maga wolf bomber. It was probably found in pristine condition at the center of the blast zone. weird huh.

posted 6:42 pst

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