Saturday News Roundup: Joe Biden Understands That Pork is What Makes Congress’s World Go Round

Man, that’s a damn odd side effect, doc. – Watch out for that Moderna vaccine, folks. Turns out it does weird stuff to your eyes, according to Dr. Qanta Ahmed, who appeared on Fox & Friends Saturday morning:

Ok, that’s a joke. Everyone get it? Don’t send me any nasty emails like some of you did in response to that bit of satire I posted about Nakatomi Plaza on Christmas eve. Thanks.

I’m just waiting for the FBI to tell me what happened so I can know for certain sure what didn’t happen. – That’s honestly how I feel about the FBI “investigation” into the bombing in Nashville that took place on Christmas morning. Whatever the FBI tells us, we can be pretty much 100% certain that it is not correct. Whether it’s just out of gross incompetence or outright lying, we can all rest assured that the FBI under Christopher Wray will put out a narrative about the bombing that will be false. Because that’s what the FBI does in the 21st Century – it is the Bureau’s true core competency.

Nashville PD sent out this tweet late Friday Night identifying what they believe is the vehicle that exploded:

It looks like about a 30-year-old RV, which means this could all be the plot of some network TV show gone terribly wrong. [Seriously, you can always predict which car on a network TV show is going to be wrecked, run off of a bridge or exploded simply because it is always the only car shown on that particular episode that is more than 15 years-old. The networks do not blow up or wreck brand new automobiles because they’re too expensive. However, they do wreck or blow up brand new cars on cable or Netflix. It’s a rule or something.]

Ok, no, obviously this is a serious deal and it’s just a damn shame our country no longer possesses a serious and competent federal law enforcement agency to investigate what was clearly a terrorist attack of some sort anymore. What we will get instead is some narrative written on the 7th floor of the J. Edgar Hoover Building and fed to the hundreds of FBI/Intel Community plants that work in all of the national media outlets once the agency figures out that this attack on one of America’s great cities was committed by some clown or group of clowns that they’ve had under surveillance for several years and did nothing about.

Because that’s what always happens with attacks like this and the FBI-led “investigations” that follow. It’s all butt-covering all the time at your FBI.

This is the only time anyone in congress pays attention to a presidential budget request.  – Democans and Republicrats in congress are out in the corrupt news media claiming – as NY Cong. Peter King did yesterday – that all of the pork requests contained in their $2.4 trillion looting of the U.S. treasury were contained in the presidential budget request.

Yes, friends, that would be the same presidential budget request that basically every member of congress declared to be “dead on arrival” when it was issued back in February or March. But that was then and this is now, and now they want to pretend that a $2.4 trillion package that contains less than $350 billion in actual COVID relief funding is an emergency for the constituents back home, constituents who these very same members of congress helped to put out of work.

San Fran Nan and Chuck Schumer are out there pretending to be trying to accommodate the President’s demand to beef up the amount of one-time payments to certain Americans from $600 to $2000 by proposing legislation that would do only that. They of course ignore President Trump’s demand that all the billions in wasteful spending be cut out of the legislation at the same time.

Because, let’s face it: Pork spending is how members of congress buy favors from foreign governments and domestic corporations. That $150 million that congress approved to spend on “gender studies” in Burma is in that bill because some member or members of congress want to bribe the Burmese government in exchange for some future favor, such as the ability to buy in to some sweet real estate or other business deal at a bargain basement price. That’s why that money is in that bill, not for any altruist reason.

This is how members of congress whose only visible means of making a living is the ~$175,000 annual salary the receive manage to become fabulously wealthy after just a few years in public “service.” It’s how Dianne Feinstein and her husband have managed to become worth upwards of a billion dollars. It’s how San Fran Nan can afford that palatial, walled-un San Francisco estate, and $30k worth of refrigerators. It’s how Harry Reid, who was near-dead-broke when first elected to congress, retired as a hundred millionaire.

Pork spending, and the favors it buys at taxpayer expense, is what makes serving in congress worth doing for most of the people who ended up getting elected to one of those 535 seats.

President Trump doubled down yesterday on his demands to beef up the COVID payments and cut the pork. Anyone who believes congress is going to give up that pork spending doesn’t understand why these people ran for those jobs in the first place. The Democans and Republicrats will gladly just keep trying to shunt blame off onto the current President for the next 25 days and then pass the same set of bills all over again when the next president is installed on January 20.

Because, if that next President is China Joe Potato Head Biden, they know without any doubt at all that those bills will be signed, albeit with a gentleman’s agreement on the understanding that the “Big Guy” gets a cut of the future kickbacks.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Check this out! You can see the top of the “Batman bldg” on the left side. Watch the short video at the end. Crazy!


Happy day all… Hope you’ve had a great time with family and friends this last couple days.

Just saw the Nashville bombing, wowsers. Someone is going to great lengths on a false flag op.

Makes for some interesting possibilities. Did you see the WhatFinger article where someone posts a ‘possible’ missile strike? Interesting, not saying its a reality as not enough info is available.

Also interesting is the RV. The one pictures as ‘suspect’ and the one pictured from the suspects yard are two different RV’s. The one on the street has more rounded corners and shpe overall. The one pictured in the suspects yard is squared. They made these ’round’ and squared models in different years. This would tell me they are looking to set up the ‘maga’ white guy as the bomber, the usual claptrap stuff.

Perhaps the AT&T building wasn’t the only target. What makes me think otherwise is its almost to obvious. The ‘investigation’ is focusing on the RV and suspect, which I agree with those here that the information coming out from the FBI will be worthless. Is the real story the AT&T building which is a just to convenient target which, imo, would be risky to draw attention to in this manner. OR… Is there a target that this event was supposed to hide?? Perhaps this hub was targeted to hide a breach on a more valuable target.

ALL speculation… But like Gregg stated, there isn’t much to trust in these days from law enforement, politicals, etc. And Yes I agree too that its all designed to keep people from engaging and on their heels. Chaos is a communist game they know well.

Its a war.

ps. site still doesn’t update for me, etc


Pocket Veto. i have been of the opinion that this is President Trump must do. No need to give in to the demoncrats. Let them stew on it.


We truly live in satanic times

The demoncrats and chicomrinos are satanic folks.


Pat Con: he’s a dubious, devious character, inventing crimes where there are none, finding patsies who will be “inspired” to plan attacks and go against the federal government.

Funny thing is, the more Pat sends his stupid informants out to scope – and arrest and kill – people who might be “seditious,” and the more tyrannical Pat and his friends get, the more they inspire people who aren’t ready to submit to people like Fauci and Pelosi and Schumer and the rest of the traitors who have already sold us out to the Chinese.

So Pat, why don’t you rout out the real dangers to our nation? Like those who want us to submit to the CCP/PLA? Is that too much to ask? You chafe and bitch and moan when we get angry and resentful when the Powes that Be steal our jobs, open our borders, give our money to other countries (that money somehow finds its way back into the pockets of Congressthings and Senators) and you make a joke out of Law Enforcement and Intelligence.

You stupid effers are on the wrong side; unfortunately, you make the actual idiots who espouse the destruction of the federal government look sane, while making yourself and your comrades look demented and retarded.

Most Americans know they’re being lied to continually. You trying to pick a fight, so that only the sheeple will survive, with their masks and vaccines and willingness to submit to your un-Constitutional, Totalitarian programs?

Go eff yourself sideways. You’ve lost us. We no longer believe you.


Here is what the slimy crooked DemocRATS want to put into the WH along
with the sleep-around-ho Commie-la Harris who got were she is today
by sleeping her way up the political ladder.

Watch pedophile Joe grope little girl’s breast.

Senile Joe gropes little girl
comment image


Lame Cherry correctly pointed out that there was no driver in the pictures.

Just Me

They claim the photo quality is insufficient to identify the driver of that RV; but, I’m fairly certain it looks like Jessie Pinkman.


Just Me – The surveillance camera picture they have is pretty good, but most cameras that are installed just don’t have a high enough resolution to pull an image good enough for that.

You can get some pretty good HD cameras for home surveillance now, but any distance image like that will still not be good enough to get a view of the driver.

If they can get footage of the drive leaving the vehicle, they might be able to do something with that, but it’s a crap shoot regardless.

Just Me

Silas – My attempt at humor; the RV reminded me of the RV Walter White and Jesse Pinkman used for cooking meth in the series, “Breaking Bad.”


I got it, sort of. 😀 A little slow on the uptake sometimes.


Just Me,

They’ll claim the photo quality (for prosecution purposes) is so bad they won’t be able to tell the difference between it and Cousin Eddie’s RV from the movie “Christmas Vacation”.

Unless, they want to.


I shut down on “news” yesterday and only heard a little about the bombing in Nashville on the local FOX affiliate just prior to the Saints – Vikings game. Excepting DB Updates, and a few other sources, I will shut down most “news”. I will not watch or listen to a btfsplk inauguration speech for example, and I don’t give a Ratsenberger’s ass who gets selected for his cabinet as they will all be horrible for America going forward. So, who cares who he supposedly names? One thing is for certain, few Repugnacans will have any problems with any of his picks – the nomination and confirmation process will go very smoothly in the senate regardless who ‘controls’ it. It will be perfunctory.

I just gave a sigh to the reports as I wholeheartedly agree with Dave and Jimmy Q-D and others that whatever is ultimately “reported” will likely be false to one degree or another.

It is a shame, a tragedy really, that we can trust virtually no one in government or the media. And that has been the ‘plan’ for decades, beginning with at least the BJ Clinton presidency.

Speaking of not trusting anyone or anything:

I was feeling rotten for much of the middle of December (chills, mild fever, general aches and pains all over) which is very unusual for me as I am very healthy and have self-isolated as much as possible and wear my little mask in stores etc. Since family was visiting the week before Christmas, I went and got tested with the nasal swab for the Chink Flu. My doctor’s office and hospital sent me to a clinic as they did not want any more exposure than was necessary which makes sense. I spoke to the NP who was administering the test and taking my info and he said he believes the masks are effective – obviously parroting the company line – and also assured me the test was 99+% accurate. After getting through the bureaucratic on-line appointment process, it was very efficient and, as it turns out, being self-insured/self-paying, free for me. My test came back negative, in a little over 24 hours.

As I told the NP, there has been so much (oh I’ll call it) misinformation concerning this virus and everything about it, that I have little faith in anything any authority tells me. I’m glad I came back “negative” and am feeling much better – almost since the day I took the test, but I am still skeptical as to what my CV-19 status is.

And that my friends is just another example on how we have lost our freedom. When you can’t, with confidence, make decisions about your future because of incomplete, misleading, or deliberately wrong information from people/organizations that citizens are supposed to be able to trust, you are filled with self-doubt and are likely to make incorrect, costly or dangerous decisions about you and your family’s future. I passionately believe that is the plan which is to have everyone doubt everything so as to be in a constant state of chaos, agitation and doubt, because in chaos there is profit for the people creating the chaos.


Gregg – From Oct 2019 to around February 2020 I had a respiratory infection of some sort that would not go away. Doctors put me on a couple of different antibiotics that never did anything. Then it just went away. Never had a fever or any other symptoms. What’s also funny is that none of my co-workers or family came down with whatever it was.

I have had to take two rona tests since then due to needing surgery (the most recent last week) and have tested negative both times. So, it’s possible that maybe I had it before it was a thing, or maybe I’ve just been lucky.

I speculate that I was exposed and developed antibodies. But until I get tested for antibodies, it’s just me speculating. 😛


Lame Cherry says it’s one of the NSA sites vis a vis AT&T.

Another article says they have spy sites in several places:

Now, these don’t match up with the bombing site, except that AT&T and Dominion and others are joined at the hip. Lame Cherry says that data from the vote fraud was damaged at the site of the blast. We shall see. Or we won’t.

Because the FBI never gave a definitive answer to the Las Vegas/Saudi Royal stuff – (it was a hit on a Saudi Royal gone awry, with a patsy who shot himself who got the blame, with a shootout at the airport involving a Saudi Royal fleeing for his life.) The Saudi Royal, by the way, is not the bad guy in this case: it’s the Salafists who were pissed about being put up in a fancy hotel in SA and tortured and relieved of their misused assets – like supporting ISIS.

And then there’s the FBI coverup of Flight 800 with their main cleanup guy. Was bomb residue, until they made it go away.

OK City: real bombs, reported, until they turned them into whatever they wanted to claim they were. It’s the bombing version of the infamous 1947 “weather balloons.”

And the Mueller-coverup of 9/11 (some hero!)

And the list goes on. And on. The FBI is one of the biggest spook-spokes of the Deep State, and has been for a very long time. It is 90% corrupt – and yes, I mean lower tier too,. not just the 7th Floor. They all suck.

Maybe the FBI can redeem itself and charge Adam Schiff with a conspiracy to kill the President, as he was allegedly in on it in January of 2019, along with a lot of others. He’s supposedly in custody, but my skeptical mind says maybe he’s in protective custody, not under arrest. Under arrest, they’ll take McCain’s NVA name and apply it to him: “Songbird.”

Treason, it seems, is now so clear, it looks like a Luminist/Hudson River School painting. So many pixels to the picture, it paints itself!


Sorry some didn’t get the joke on the raid. I quite enjoyed it myself.

As for the bombing. You can pretty much be guaranteed the RV that was used was stolen.
And as Dave pointed out, the FBLie will not be telling us the truth.

While it was an act of terror, I am doubting it was a true terrorist attack. Early morning detonation. A loudspeaker warning of imminent detonation. Placed in a business sector where nobody is at work due to the holiday. And it wasn’t a “practice run”. Why would you even bother?

And terrorists want you to know when they did it. Not a peep from anybody claiming credit.

So I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is a true false flag operation. Nothing else makes sense.

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