Trump Authorizes DOJ to Use Declassified Russia Info for Grand Jury Investigation

First, let’s acknowledge that today is the final day that worthless William Barr will serve as the Attorney General of the United States. Here is what the slovenly bagpipe aficionado leaves in his wake for the rest of us to deal with:


To the extent China Joe really did “win” the election, much of the blame must be laid at Barr’s fat feet given his and John Durham’s refusal to conduct their work in an expeditious manner. There is no reason other than politics that Durham could not and should not have been making arrests and conducting public perp walks of the Obama-era conspirators who ran a slow-rolling coup d’etat on U.S. soil from 2017 through early 2019 throughout this entire year.

Had that taken place, giving the American public some sense of the extent of the contemptible actions of Obama officals and Robert Mueller’s American Gestapo operation, not even Dominion Systems machines would have been able to manufacture enough votes to get China Joe Potato Head over the top.

So, good riddance, Mr. Barr, and don’t let the door hit you in your fat ass on your way out.

Meanwhile, John Solomon is reporting that Durham might actually have a grand jury convened and could be preparing to finally, at long last, start holding some people accountable.

In a report at JustTheNews, Solomon details a memo signed by President Donald Trump on Tuesday that allows Durham and other U.S. Attorneys to use declassified documents during the course of their investigations and before grand juries.

From that report:

Classified information may be utilized in the probe scrutinizing the origins of the FBI investigation related to the 2016 presidential campaign, according to a presidential order from President Trump.

U.S. attorney John Durham, who had been conducting the investigation, was named as a special counsel in the probe in October.

“The Attorney General is currently conducting a review of intelligence activities relating to the campaigns in the 2016 Presidential election and certain related matters,” the memo states. “On May 13, 2019, the Attorney General directed John Durham to conduct that review, which subsequently developed into a criminal investigation. On October 19, 2020, the Attorney General appointed Mr. Durham to conduct that investigation pursuant to the powers and independence afforded by the Special Counsel regulations of the Department of Justice.”


In an interview on NewsMax last night, Solomon repeated his oft-stated claim that Durham really, truly is going to actually indict and prosecute people:

People might end up being “satisfied” by Durham’s tardy actions, as Solomon claims, if they actually do come about. But more people would have been even more satisfied had Durham conducted his investigation – assuming there really is one going on – in an expeditious manner that helped educate the voting public throughout 2020.

The fact that he utterly and completely failed to do that is a major reason why America now faces the prospect of being governed by a senile, life-long circus clown and/or his evil designated successor for the next four years.

Meanwhile, despite Solomon’s reporting here, no one should hold their breath waiting for Durham to actually bring anyone to justice. What you should expect instead is for him to do nothing before January 20, and for China Joe Potato Head to summarily fire him hours after taking the oath of office on that day.

Sad, but painfully likely.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before, and is the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Post did not appear… so there is a long delay still… even with all the boxes checked.


If I click the DB logo I get the week ago page. Yes I have emptied cahes, cookies etc etc and still go back to last week. After I finish this message I’ll know if it posts right away or appears after an hour or so…

Any rate… Hope everyone has a great Christmas WITH family and friends.

Thanks to Mr Blackmon for all your hard work and perseverance. Praying you have a great Christmas and a restive time, I know, tough to do given the times but the BBQ is a calling.

cheers all…


It appears that there is a delay between posting and posts’ appearance. Could be a glitch, or could be that the Deep State doesn’t want real-time information to be passed along on a blog like this. There are other interests that want things kept quiet, too, like:

Statins cause Type 2 Diabetes and cause muscle damage in many people; Type 2 Diabetes is a protein misfolding disease: therefore, statins may be a partial cause in the spike in Type 2 Diabetes and “insulin resistance,” and that the muscle damage might be misfolded proteins.

Can’t have that in the news, can we? Vioxx will seem like a quaint little lawsuit if that is explored to its logical conclusion.

Meanwhile, we’re told that “insulin resistance” causes T2D, which is the more modern version of “bad blood” in the infamous Tuskegee Experiments.

You think these things are not all linked? The Panic Disease they’ve given us? Fauci’s Fables?
Takes someone with ADHD to put the links together, but there’s a sample for you.


Can I post yet?


Apparently – but doesn’t post immediately. Hmmm.


How does this help America when the DOJ isn’t interested in prosecuting themselve, the Dems, or the FBI? It’s like giving China resources with which to fight Communism! LOL!


Defiant – It’s like a snake eating its own tail. My fervent prayer is that it consumes itself. With Barr gone, who knows what will come. There’s chatter elsewhere about the President using the national emergency broadcast system for some kind of announcement. There’re all kinds of chatter everywhere. Most of it is either deep state misdirection or just wishful thinking on some folks part.

We need a second Trump term to strip away the facade, expose all the traitors and mete some serious, real justice so harsh no one party or group will ever contemplate doing it again.

My take: If we don’t see some serious action by state legislatures soon, we had best be ready to rise up on our own. Otherwise, it’s going to be game over, as the bastards will have succeeded in making the USA the Venezuela of North America. The only difference will be lots of blood flowing in the streets. Provided we all manage to keep our guns long enough.


I have yet been able to find any kind of confirming information whether Durham is or is not an acting US Attorney at this time. If he is, slojo can fire him on inauguration day. If not, then he’s an independent special counsel, and he can try and fire him, but it might be a bit more tricky.

Bottom line is slojo will fire him regardless and the presstitutes will not even whisper about it.
After all, he’s not investigating a republican.


From a song by the late great Waylon Jennings:

“I’ll believe it when I see ’cause I haven’t seen it yet, don’t me, just keep on talking, I’m just looking for my hat.

There ain’t no God in…

… and If I never felt the sunshine, I would not curse the rain,

If I hadn’t been railroaded, I’d guess I’d be a train.”

We have all been railroaded by virtually everyone in government except Trump for decades.

btfsplk’s stolen and illegitimately contrived presidency will bring things to a head one way or the other very quickly.

I won’t listen to that mouthpiece, but will comment on things I hear him vomiting from time to time.

Regarding him talking about how America’s worse days are still to come, that could be taken two ways:

1) Finally he might be speaking the truth. Or,

2) Just another way of massaging us into accepting that America is going to be in a state of perpetual decline like what was happening during his and ‘the One’s’ administration.

I believe ‘the one’ spoke of a managed decline with, of course, he himself doing the “managing” and we, the people, doing the declining between 2009 and 2017. Rest assured, ‘the One’ is one of the main players/puppetmasters who is behind anything btfsplk is going to do.

The only good thing about this is we are going to get to see a whole lot of useful idiots get their comeuppance when things go south and I will be cheering their demise. And that includes over 75% of all elected repugnicans. They and their never-Trumper buddies will pay a very heavy price when the nation collapses and for that I can’t wait; no group is more deserving of being tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail then they. Once their “usefulness” to the cause is over, they will very quietly be vanished.

Just Me

But the real stuff hits the fan when they come for the guns.

Just Me

Caught SloJo on the tube yesterday (actually my wife was listening until she got fed up with what he was shilling); and Joe said our darkest days are still ahead of us (while insisting everything happened on Trump’s watch). Whipping up renewed plandemic fear porn, his handlers had him invoking the viral gift from China as the reason he is considering closing schools, locking down the economy (yet again), and mandating masks for all. The schools might comply; but, business on the brink of extinction should not. And as for masks nationwide; not gonna happen.

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