Monday News Roundup: Trump, Flynn and Powell Undeterred by Today’s Electoral College Vote

For those concerned that media reports of President Trump being about ready to give up his fight to overturn the obviously fraudulent election results might be true, the President issued this tweet Sunday morning:

So buckle up – we still have weeks to go.

The President also summarized the reason for the 7-2 decision by the Supreme Court in refusing to hear the Texas lawsuit challenging the clearly illegals voting process changes implemented this year in PA, WI, MI and GA:

Bad for the country, indeed. With that decision and today’s vote by the Electoral College, the wheels of the process for certifying the election grind inexorably forward as the elder-abusing handlers of China Joe Potato Head Biden prepare to take over the executive branch of government come January 20.

Joe Potato Head will read a speech prepared by those handlers to the nation in the wake of that vote tonight, an event that all the TV networks are happily dedicating their air time to covering, in contrast to their consistent refusal to air presidential speeches over the past four years. Because, when the media is corrupt and fake, that’s what they do. Plus, nobody watched their regular programming anymore anyway, so why not?

ABC is so eager to provide glowing and positive coverage for Biden’s handlers that it even published a fawning profile piece on them this morning.

Here’s an excerpt from that ball of fluffery:

But aides are pointing to Biden’s strong approval numbers, tallying a record 81 million votes and an electorate worn by the pandemic in their attempt to nudge Republicans to cooperate. Mike Donilon, a senior adviser to Biden, said the American electorate is looking for Democrats and Republicans to get in sync.

“The agenda that the president-elect is putting forward is very much at the forefront of what people want in their lives,” Donilon said. “So, I think the case is going to be that it’s going to be in the interest of the country, it’s going to be in their own self-interest to get on board and not to get in the way.”


So, there you have it. The elder-abusing freaks who have been pointing Biden at his TelePrompter and bringing him his daily tapioca pudding for the past year and a half have now become the literal focal point for a corrupt media establishment that is afraid to ask questions directly of the candidate himself for fear of what he might just blurt out into the public domain.

General Mike Flynn is now free to talk, and boy is he talking. – General Flynn, freed finally from the authoritarian grasp of corrupt federal judge Emmet Sullivan, gave an interview to Maria Bartiromo Sunday morning. During the interview, the General told Bartiromo that “we have conclusive evidence of foreign interference in our election,” and stated his belief that the President should invoke the provisions of his 2018 executive order that contemplates the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate:

Flynn went onto state that “We’ve never witnessed anything like this in the history of this country. And it’s got to be stopped right now or there will never be a free and fair election.”

Flynn’s right, and Sidney Powell also advocated for invoking that executive order in an interview over the weekend.


“Well, given the level of foreign interference we can demonstrate, and the country has evidence of in our filings of foreign interference in the election, it is more than sufficient to trigger the President’s executive order from 2018. That gives him all kinds of power, to do everything from seize assets, to freeze things, demand the impoundment of the machines. I think, under the emergency powers, he could even appoint a special prosecutor to look into this, which is exactly what needs to happen.

“Every voting machine in the country should be impounded right now. There’s frankly more than enough criminal probable cause to justify that. For anybody who’s willing to address the law and the facts, purely on the basis of truth, and not politics or corporate greed or global wealth.”

General Flynn and Sidney Powell are serious people, folks. They don’t just talk to hear the sound of their own voices.

And of course, finding a judge, any judge, who is “willing to address the law and the facts, purely on the basis of truth, and not politics or corporate greed or global wealth” has proven to be an extraordinarily difficult, seemingly impossible task.

But Sidney Powell is still working it. – She hasn’t had an success in court with her “kraken” lawsuits, but the indefatigable attorney from Dallas is still working the process. On Saturday, she filed new lawsuits in PA, WI, MI and GA, and also filed an emergency request for immediate action by the U.S. Supreme Court (USSC).

Her emergency request asks the Supremes to “order officials in Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona to immediately de-certify their 2020 election results and to prevent the states’ presidential electors from casting votes in the electoral college. It also appears that Powell and her team are preparing a request for a writ of certiorari for an immediate hearing of her case before the USSC.

From a story at the Epoch Times:

Powell’s team argues that the lawsuits are part of an effort to “expose and reverse an unprecedent multi-state conspiracy to steal the 2020 General Election.” Plaintiffs have been characterized as “conspiracy theorists” by Democrat politicians and activists who are ignoring the many eyewitnesses, whistleblowers, and expert witnesses who are coming forward with accounts of potential fraud and other evidence, the lawyers argue.

“The 2020 General Election was tainted by unconstitutional election fraud on a scale that has never been seen before—at least not in America,” the lawyers allege.

Hundreds of thousands if not millions of illegal, fraudulent, ineligible, or purely fictitious ballots were cast for Biden (along with hundreds of thousands of Trump votes that were intentionally destroyed, lost or switched to Biden), changing the outcome from a Biden loss to a Biden ‘win,’” the filing alleges.


Again, all of that is obviously true, but the challenge is finding a judge or group of judges who are willing to actually hear the case and rule on the real evidence and merits, instead of resorting to technicalities as the USSC did in the Texas case.

It’s a hell of a challenge.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Ben Colder

Not a dimes worth of difference between the dem/communist party and the RINO/communist party not a dime.I am done with the pepukin party Its MAGA for me or nothing.Of course it really makes little difference now the way they screwed the greatest President in history over he did his best but the mafia don china Joe bought the election along with his china communist buddies and the dem/communists.Now they think they have us all by the balls let the bastards try to rule we will see.

Nabi Rasch

Ooops Earlier post went in the wrong spot–but you get the drift.


It sure is Just Me,

Must be an amazing coincidence, you know like the seventeen amazing coincidences that all just happened to be against Trump and his people in the FISA warrant process.



The Republican Party must be destroyed, taken down and completely nuked to its core.

If one is not part of the solution, then they are part of the problem and few elected or appointed republicans have been in any way a part of the solution for over sixty years. There is benefit to marginalizing the Collins and Murkowski’s of the world, they must be made gone and that won’t happen in today’s GOP – so deep the rot lies within its hollow halls.

Reagan tried to save it, he was tolerated and scoffed at by much of the leadership who merely tolerated him, Perot in his way, tried to tell the RINO establishment the Bush way was bullshit, BJ Clinton’s and his co-president’s radicalism rebooted the RINO/CINO party and Gingrich tried to make things happen but he was largely stymied by the Dole senate. Bush Jr spent most of his eight years shitting on conservatives, and the establishment RINO/CINO party pissed all over the TEA Party almost as badly as the Democrats when they formed against the radical Obama. Many lefties jumped on the bandwagon just to win congressional seats in purple districts and states and then promptly became Boehner’s ass-kissers. I personally know of one case in middle Tennessee.

The GOP is very happy to be the collection point for us conservatives and our money just before the election, as are the Democrats when they kiss up to the various minority groups for their votes. Both are soon forgotten after the vote counting is done.

The funny thing is the lame GOP doesn’t really want any real power, they just want our campaign donations; they don’t mind losing, in fact, judging by what most Republican turds are saying right now, they rather enjoy losing power so as not to be blamed for anything. The GOP want our money, the Dems want the actual and fake votes to give them as much power as possible. Both parties use their respective bases for those goals with one succeeding in their quest for power and control like all good communists do and the other for money and perceived prestige.

No Jonesy, with very few exceptions, (I can list today’s good Republicans on the fingers of both hands and still have fingers left over) most EVERY single republican is a traitorous piece of bullshit, a corrupt feckless politician who constantly betrays we conservatives every chance they get.

The party, the name, the elephant symbol, everything about these dregs must go, they must be defeated with an entirely new party, one that is genuine, courageous and stands by what they say, does what they say and will oppose and defeat all crime everywhere and stands up for America and the people who put them in positions of power and leadership. There is no fixing something that is and has proven to be FUBAR for most of the last century; no fixing something that doesn’t want to be fixed; doesn’t want to reform

Don’t forget the establishment RINOS/CINOS did everything they could think of four years ago to tried to do to Trump what the utterly corrupt Walking Eagle democrats did to Bernie in 2016, and what Sum Dum Gui’s machine did to him again this year.

And just changing the name won’t cut it. The new MAGA party must never allow the never-Trumpers, like the George Wills and Billy Crystals, the Bush crime family, the corporate interests who control the Chamberpot of Commerce and all their ‘Rockefeller Republicans’ and ‘Limousine Liberals’ organizations whose sole purpose is to make sure the conservative voice in this country is never meaningfully heard and our issues are always sent off to some black hole trillions of miles away along with our trillions of tax dollars.

No Jonesy, I’m tired of these turds smiling at me, feigning interest in my concerns, screwing me with a limber dick and pissing on my head and telling me it is raining.

While we may not be able to beat the corrupt Democratic Machine – yet, we sure as hell can wipe out the GOP’s money (gravy) train by stopping the money flow. Let the five percent of the ‘elites’ who run the party try to keep it a major force in American politics. See how well a hundred or so thousand keep their elephant propped up as a major political party. It will be as impotent as the Libertarian and Green parties.

In closing only about 50% of the country even identifies themselves as a republican or democrat, and fewer than half of those identify as republicans. Let the republicans lose total support of the 80 – plus million Trumpers and see how fast their collapse happens. That is why I offer that the decent conservative republicans be given a week or less to quit the GOP and join MAGA or forever be cast as a swamp rat in good standing.

They apparently like to lose key elections; I say let’s make that a reality and have them lose all elections.

Nabi Rasch

Part of your problem is stuff like legalizing demented men in girls’ restrooms etc., the 54 genders, gender morphing, critical race theory to be racially imposed, late term abortions–the list goes on and on and one shifty step leads to another even more outrageous. And you creeps insist that everybody comply or be destroyed. The attempts at crazy tyranny go way beyond even voter fraud and I predict people will ultimately put you down like the mad dog you are.


And now this

Things are going to start popping soon folks. Stock up what you can, the next month or so may well be a real barn burner.


Marty, I hear you my friend and I share your thoughts and feelings, I state them a little differently but the sentiment is the same.

Keep up the passion – there are more of us then there are of them and I really go think, one way or the other GOD is in control and will sort this crap out.


Trump isn’t using the insurrection act or his 2018 EO until all of the legal options have been exhausted. I think time is running short for legal options, and honestly, if every legal avenue is shut down, him taking executive action is going to really going to light a fire on both sides. Anything could happen.

Comments on a couple of other points – starting a new party (MAGA)? I tend to agree, but I think it might be easier to force out all of the RINOs and deep staters rather than stand up a new party. At least get a MAGA majority in the republican party, and marginalize the old guard.

China – whether or not they are close to collapse or are having food issues doesn’t matter so much for us near term. That will manifest in regional conflicts that we may or may not choose to ignore. But the continued theft of our tech, the fact that their navy continues to grow at an alarming pace…..those matter very much.


Marty I think things are very different now in that people are waking up to whats really happening. I think there is more fight than you ight realize as more are coming to the realization that there is more to lose than there is to gain.

The communists want chaos and confusion as its the only one of two ways they gain power and maintain it, the other is thru traitors. One follows the other.

So you have to ask yourself, at the end of the day, what are the alternatives? What will be the cost to not only you but your family and your grandkids futures?? I agree the status quo cannot and should not be allowed to continue but ,it is in the People hands to hold those in authority accountable. Not Trumps. Gregg laid out a very good progression of what would/should happen if the Republic is to be restored to the former.

Its a war… omelets anyone??

marty lopez

Brietbart and General Dispatch, Whatfinger’s in house news page is flogging Georgia’s Senate race today. Click bait headlines and salacious stories to attact eyeballs. However, they won’t allow free commentary. Anyone and everyone is welcomed to see, if they can get my comments, which are below passed the censors using another screen name, should anyone think any of it worthy of being shared and passed on.

This is to be expected I suppose, the new normal, censorship and any and all rights we once thought we had are now discretionay, to be bestowed and dispensed as the masters of the universe see fit, as it advances their business model and serves their purposes. We begin our new mission, to expose these hypocrites and closet enemies of the republic, to develop strageties and tactics with, which to resist the tyranny and the censorship of these web sites and news aggregators who control our abily to communicate freely===========

As from Mitch McConnell, who cares who wins the Senate? Dare to ask yourself. We have just lost the republic. Hello? It was stolen in a brazen media coup using blantant, ballot fraud. We are living under the threat and shadow of future tyranny. Why should the American people, such as they are continue to play monkey in the middle for Republican and Democrat business interests, which represent the ruling ellites, the same establishment, which has just betrayed us?

Why would we care about their fake Senate, or another fixed election in Georgia? This isn’t any square house. Why would anyone ever put their money down, if they knew there was no chance of winning?

Furthermore, what matter can it possibly make, this senate race? The senate will no longer be the senate you say. Is that the RINO Republican argument? Please come out to vote for our two, corrupt, Republican RINOs and send money. We must defeat the Democrats, or they will change the Senate rules. There will be no more filibuster, they say. So what, I say again?

The Senate is already a failed institution. It has proved itself time and again to be worthless, and unworthy as an institution. Let the Senate and the financial interests behind these Senators deal with the Antifa communists and fascists, the BLM street scum, who helped put them in their positions of power. Go ahead, pay them reparations, “Break them off a bigger piece.” This is the monster Democrats created. Either they keep paying them extortion money, or they threaten to riot and burn Democratic cities.

I say, let them rampage about and gut their apartment buildings, all the sky scrapper, flag ship, store fronts in Atlanta and New York. Who cares? They are your stores, your cities and your problem. They work for you. Our America is dead and McConnell’s Senate and his RINO Republicans helped kill it. Now they can wear it. Personally, I don’t care what happens to them anymore, not the disgusting RINO Republicans, not the Democrats and not any of the legacy interests either of them represent. I wouldn’t cross the street to save their life. I spit on them, traitors and enemies.

The Senate along with the House of Representives, along with the Presidency, along with the Supreme Court have failed and, or proven inadequate to date. Am I suppose to worry the Democrats will pack the court? Really, seriously, why would they bother? The Supreme Court has already failed the republic. They are all failed and worthless, useless having positioned themselves against democracy and what’s left of the American People. They are all about political considerations and their own advancement, all in for the communist Chinese and the globalists who armed the Chinese. The President found he couldn’t even control his own executive branch, the DOJ, the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, the Pentagon, his own Dept, of Defense, none of it. They are all, of a sudden enemy to the republic and against the people.

We don’t even know who’s making the decisions anymore. Who orchestrated all this? Who was that mysterious guy from the Fox Decision Desk who mysteriously and suddenly appeared late night before God and everyone? So self assured and relaxed, casually dressed, cloaked in informal authority, with an air of calm assuredness. He radiated such certainity with folded legs, leaning back in his chair, so expansive as he explained to us that it was time now for eveyone to go to sleep. No need for concern. It was over. Never saw him before and I’ve never seen him since. Is he the guy in charge? Did he decide to shut the count down? Was he the wizard monitoring the Dominion systems across 6 states and then too, will Biden pee his pants when he is sworn in. Am I required to care? Are you?


I’m glad Trump, Flynn and Powell are undeterred by the electoral college vote (I sincerely am), but that won’t stop Joe from moving him out of the WH and being inaugurated. Team Trump keep making promises but the governors, courts, state legislators and Washington seem to be ready to move on whether Trump is deterred or not. And let’s be honest…there will be no declaration of Martial Law or any such thing. Sadly, we can’t even get the election process fixed, so we’ll lose the Senate, now, too. But don’t forget to vote, Georgians! LOL!


The forensic report for Antrim county came out.

You can read some of the report in the article. There is a link to Scribd.

Scribd is now showing it as being set to Private by the account owner.

Bottom line, the report confirms what we all knew. And they violated a shit load of FEC
rules and regulations doing it.

Tilted Brim Cigarillo Poncho

Rudy knows how to use RICO could that be dusted off? The CPUSA is a criminal organization that has been running a shadow government from the resistance bunker in DC before Trump descended the escalator.


Let me clarify my last post. The three Rivers Dam didn’t experience imminent failure as you stated. There was flooding, but that is normal. The flooding was lesser with the dam than without. That is the way it works.


The Three Rivers Dam didn’t flood and August was their peak wet season. You were full of shit before on this subject and had the guts to call me arrogant, which is laughable. The spillgates at the Dam worked swimmingly didn’t they? You posted FAKE NEWS and when called on it, you doubled down. Your BS information makes this site less credible and that is why I limit my input here. What part of I have 45 years experience in the industry and know how the Chinese set their system up didn’t you understand?


The three rivers dam was showing signs of warping. Don’t piss on Brian, even if you disagree with him. Try to show some respect.

And he’s right on the Chinese being over-leveraged and nations being ready to revolt on the debt traps they’d set. Have any sage words declaring that false, too?


Actually the BS is entirely on you.

The Three Gorges dam was a huge flood event for which there was plenty of video, and satellite photos documenting it. I stated that there could possibly be an over topping and if it happened would lead to serious outcomes. Thankfully an over topping didn’t happen but to state flooding didn’t occur or was limited!! That is being a douche bag promoting false narrative and for an ‘expert’ you have fully discredited yourself.

Just Me

Isn’t it amazing that, a single whistle blower who was not on the call between President Trump and the President of Ukraine, launched an effort leading to impeachment of a sitting President; but, multiple whistle blowers and eye witnesses of election fraud are being ignored to seat a fraudulently elected candidate in the White House. If Biden won legitimately, one would think he would be leading the effort to investigate fraud allegations to clearly settle his administration’s legitimacy and enable governance unhampered by doubt. If there was no fraud, what is there to hide? Yes; a rhetorical question to which we all know the answer.



Thank you for agreeing on schiff-canning the GOP.

Regarding China, I keep hearing how it it is over-extended, on its last leg and near collapse etc.

Sorry, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Unless, they are in the Japanese position (refer to my Dec. 7 Pearl Harbor piece here) of the late 1930’s and early ’40s and are going for broke in pursuit of their own lebensraum, in which case, all hell is going to break loose. If it follows Japan’s and Germany’s example to stave off economic collapse, and/or internal revolt during a Sum Dum Gai / Karma Fang-Bang administration we are in real trouble.

My hope is that the US and the world will not fold like a $2.00 suitcase or the League of Nations did and an internal revolt, a coup d’état, happens and knocks them back to the stone age.

Doubt that will happen as I also hoped that President Trump would have won his reelection in a landslide and end the the Left’s coup d’état here.

Keep your powder dry and your head on a swivel.


“Unless, they are in the Japanese position (refer to my Dec. 7 Pearl Harbor piece here) of the late 1930’s and early ’40s and are going for broke in pursuit of their own lebensraum,”

This is exactly what happening. Remember the Three Gourges flood? This event alone destroyed huge food production areas, they have had subsequent flooding and large pest infestations in these food production areas. Talked with a very good friend last night who has lived in Thailand for the last 40 yrs and the messaging coming out of China is people are in serious food shortages. Will the CCP risk a people revolt or will they push for expansion to take their collective vision off starvation??

They are massively over spent, some countries are demanding payment deferral with some threatening to not repay for the chinese debt traps they’d fallen into, willfully. What will be the trigger event to set this whole world alight??? Don’t know, When will it happen?? Don’t know. But I do think it will happen sooner rather than later.

Best advice you give… keep’n ur powder dry. And I’ll add, be prepared and your head on a swivel.


I don’t think they’ll fold easily, but the Chinese aren’t good rulers, and never have been: historically, they ruled by an iron fist, and people who are used to Freedom all around the world won’t tolerate a dictatorship by the Chinese for very long.

I’ve seen the resistance growing internationally, and not just by the US and Australia. Even Russia should fear this giant growing on their doorstep, because the Chinese have already proven that they’re lousy neighbors.

The Nazis were the same, and the Japanese – and Japan’s neighbors still hate Japan, and the Nazis are reviled everywhere. The Chinese will be similarly reviled, and may end up Balkanized themselves, as they and the Russians have planned for us.

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