BREAKING: Attorney General William Barr Has Resigned

Hot off the ol’ presses: William Barr has resigned his post as one of the nation’s worst Attorneys General in its history, and will now move on to graze in other swampy pastures, effective December 23. Deputy AG Jeff Rosen will step in to serve as Acting Attorney General:

Here is Barr’s Letter of Resignation:



Barr is a sad story of failure for this administration and for this country. Had he been willing to really go after the Deep State seditionists who executed a four-year-long coup d’etat throughout President Trump’s first term in office, he could have gone down as a real American hero. As it is, he will be remembered as just another Deep State functionary.

It should be assumed that, despite the amicable letter of resignation and the President’s flowery-worded tweets, Barr was actually fired today.

Good riddance.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.




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Robosaurus Rex

Barr had too many friends (Mueller, Clinton, et al.) who will likely get caught up in all this and would likely get pegged by them as helping Trump. Heck, he might be swept up too after Christmas as Trump oddly pointed out. The EO uses military tribunals for sentencing so what role does the DOJ really play in this? Too many DS judges.

Everyone is looking for traditional justice through the US judicial system in executing the EO. Please stop thinking the FBI and DOJ have any jurisdiction. Not even the new guy is any consequence and nor is Wray. Trump could put Popeye or Sweet Pea in there and it wouldn’t matter. Its optics. The DS lost their main staller and a master Barr was.

These people committing election fraud are enemy combatants under the EO and treasonous if they find China directing actions which is why Solar Wind is going to be so important and the continuous chinese Intel leaks.

Tons of messaging last week and today. Everyone, if you’re not eating popcorn, you should be. The electoral college vote today was amazing. The state legislatures seem to not be taking chances especially and surprisingly NM. I believe some people have been briefed on what will follow if states sign off and all are taking it seriously except MI. I suppose VA is going to be in a world of hurt and not to mention CA will likely get cleaned out too.


Very hopeful. I pray that these things come to pass as you have written.

Ana Nimity

Like DB said; “he had a chance to be a hero” but instead in a few years no one will remember his name. And just like the other Deep State Swamp critters who didn’t appreciate their murky waters being agitated by Mr. Trump he and you will get a chance to return to your cesspool-normal of Washington politics. If you aren’t cleaning up the filth like Mr. Trump, you are adding to it. To quote a great American (DB); “That is all”

Just Me

Barr; meh.


The EO is pretty specific about those who might be involved. I find it ironic they thought it was just another toothless EO. It’s got big teeth and pretty much covers all the bases. I wouldn’t want to be one of those who participated in the coup,


“I pray that those on the other side understand just what they’re asking for”

Those that are the ground troops, antifa/blm, are cannon fodder. Those above them think they are untouchable’s. The elites especially don’t give a rats hiney about the lowlifes at the bottom or even midlevel agitators and even more so think they are beyond anyones reach.

Wouldn’t it be delicious if Trump invoked the Insurrection Act and started confiscating assets of smuckerberg, dorsey, clintons, the ones, comey… you know, the coup plotters. Take every penny and asset away from them… no jail time, just abject poverty.


As always my friend, we are truly caught in a quandary. But as I said earlier, somethings, overall, just ain’t adding up. Then again, this whole frigging episode has been wheels within wheels.

The Bottom line for me is it’s going to be a hot war or the President is going to go insurrection act and martial law based on the current facts as we know them. I pray that those on the other side understand just what they’re asking for, because there are a lot of patriots who won’t be getting wishy-washy when the time comes.


Don’t know much about this Rosen fella and perhaps he is just the temporary fit until Trump places a grenell or someone similar, a brawler and not an overstuffed unicorn.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and state if Trump hasn’t learned by now who NOT to place in as AG… then the USA is truly lost. If a fearless street brawler is placed, and we’ll know, then there is yet hope for a serious cleansing and a future for those who love freedom… even us canuks.


Jim…, If you or anyone else thinks Barr is or was honorable or diligent in his primary duties by not “bent to Trump” whatever that means, then you are a blank hole. And by not moving the Hunter case forward when it mattered, he made his Department POLITICAL! Bend to one side but not the other = POLITICAL HACK, at best, a partisan traitor at worst. Especially when all the criminality was done by Trump’s POLITICAL opposition.

If this offends anyone here I’m sorry, but too bad, because many of us saw Barr as just another swamp dwelling hack of Bush the senior’s regime after a year of producing a bag of nothing.

And after what the bloated bagpiper publicly said about the President over the weekend he had to go. It was insulting rank insubordination, in other countries people like him would be summarily shot.

The letter he supposedly wrote was just a bunch of fluff designed to paint Barr in the best possible light. Any decent person who felt that way about his boss and who gave him the job would have fought tooth and nail to: 1) clean up the sewer that is his department, 2) worked his ass off to investigate and actually find the evidence of rampant voter fraud that was this election, and 3) prosecute all the Obamagate players, especially after Grinnell gave you all the “evidence” on a gold plated platter. He did none of these in nearly two years.

He utterly failed in doing his job. And the President failed in this case by keeping him. No Dem AG would allow this slander and crimes against their president if the roles were somehow reversed.

I’m a little disappointed at how cordial the President is with these backstabbers when they finally go regardless whether they were fired or were resigned, or actually resigned on their own volition.

Annnnnnd, The next hack up on the list is Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen, “an outstanding person”. Yeah, well I remember Wray being called the same when he replaced Comey. And if Rosen is that great, how did he allow Barr to maintain the swampy DOJ without any pushback?

Virtually all SESs are DC swampers born and bread in that culture. Nothing will change that will matter.

Unless Rosen does something really spectacular VERY soon, the President might just just as well brought Rosenstein out of supposed retirement to really twist the knife one final time.


Now, having posted what I have, let’s play pretend here.

I have for some time been trying to wrap my head why President Trump would have allowed Barr to “string” him along if you will.

What if the whole sticky, smelly, swampy ball of wax of corruption and sedition was so bad that you needed to put out a false narrative of dissension and obfuscation? That you needed to lay a very careful trap to put all the conspirators and criminals in a false sense of security, so they would tip their hand and expose themselves?

And as we all know, a special counsel would need to be a non-government employee to keep from being fired.

While Mr. Barr did not give us the red meat we have cried for, he did put the DOJ to work on a few things that needed addressing and maybe, just maybe he might be on our side after all.

As I said, I have had a hard time wrapping my head around it. Some things just haven’t added up. Time will tell.


I will give Mr Barr a little credit for lining out the travesty of the last four years. It is, in a sense, a poke in the eye of the demoncrat/CCP cabal and the presstitutes will have to eat his words, as they do point the finger in the direction of all the conspirators, and he left no room for parsing.

I believe that President Trump presented him with the facts, and gave him the option of either doing his job and prosecuting the charges to come or walking out.

He’s the last person I would choose as a Special Prosecutor. We’d just get another Mueller imho.


Frankly, I am sorry to see Bill Barr go. He has not bent to Donald Trump and he shouldn’t. He followed the law with the exception of not moving the Hunter case forward earlier this year. I wish he could have Durham release some of his findings prior to November. AG Barr has ethics and character. Perhaps he might surprise us by appointing a Special Counsel to take over the Biden investigation.


He promised us June, even though he made the promise post-COVID activation. July. August. September. October. November. My, how we don’t unlearn the game “kick-the-can.”

Barr knew exactly what he was doing when he failed to prosecute the people who put up the Russian hoax, to the point where the President was impeached. That should have lit a fire, and he strung us out and strung us out and did so the same way he mitigated the penalty that Len Horiuchi and his superiors should have faced for murdering an innocent woman. He always took the side of murderous ATF/FBI thugs, and this was his one chance of getting his reputation back.

While I appreciate his words in his resignation, I don’t appreciate what led to his resignation.

On the other hand, he needed to be out of the way for the next phase of the operation – unless he sticks around long enough to throw gum in the machinery.

As far as following the law, the operative word is “following;” the election hijack required someone to lead, and he hasn’t led, but sat his deadened backside right in the middle of the road to block the view of an election steal. If attempting to hinder an ongoing investigation into the election fraud is “following the law,” in part carried out by the federal government itself as well as hostile foreign governments…well, you are just plain wrong. This is not a matter of opinion where both sides have an equal argument. You lose.

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