The Antifa/BLM Armed Insurrection Erupts in Washington, DC Yet Again

Democrat mayors around the country are intentionally sowing the seeds of chaos by preventing their police departments from using all means necessary to engage with growing armies of Antifa and BLM street thugs. Take a look at this video clip from Washington, DC yesterday, where Antifa/BLM thugs assaulted Trump supporters following a pro-Trump rally:

So, the BLM/Antifa thugs showed up with shields, knives, clubs and body armor. Meanwhile, the DC police rode in on their cute bicycles with their cute polystyrene helmets and their cute pepper spray and were hamstrung by the Mayor, Marxist Democrat Muriel Bowser, with rules of engagement that prevent them from using anything but the pepper spray and their hands to try to control the rioters.

Yeah, that’s not gonna work. And, guess what: That’s the plan. That’s the intention of these Marxist Democrat mayors. They don’t want it to work. They want the violence and looting and burning to continue and to grow. If that was not their desire, they would authorize their police to engage a line of armored thugs like this one with full force: Billy clubs, rubber bullets, water cannons, tear gas, whatever it takes to disperse them and discourage any thought of continuing the chaos.

This is happening in Democrat-run cities all over the country, folks. In Portland, thugs just like these have been blithely allowed by local officials to establish another so-called “autonomous zone” similar to the CHAZ/CHOP fiasco that existed for a couple of months in Seattle over the summer. Government buildings have been taken over, private businesses have been seized and looted and destroyed, people have been run out of their homes, all because the local mayor is a Marxist nitwit who not only approves but enables the activities of Antifa and BLM thugs.

This is an area in which President Trump has really been negligent, and it is difficult to explain why. He should have long ago declared a national emergency over the activities of Antifa and used the Insurrection Act to enable the use of the National Guard to restore order in these cities where Democrat local officials refuse to do so. Because that’s what this is: It’s an armed insurrection by terrorist groups whose goal is the destruction of the American Republic.

They’ve already killed several people in places like Seattle and Provo, Utah, and last night a Trump supporter in DC was stabbed by an Antifa thug:

All of this goes back to the Founders’ presumption that American voters would elect fellow Americans of good faith who love their country to lead them. That has all broken down over the past 30 years and what we see happening on the streets of our major, Democrat-run cities is the result.

We have an armed insurrection by a pair of domestic terrorist groups, aided and abetted by the Democrat Party and the corrupt national news media, happening in this country. If you think it’s all going to stop when China Joe Potato Head Biden is sworn in on January 20, you have no understanding at all of what these terrorists are really all about.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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the Bruce

Biden cannot pass a background check for a security clearance. It’s that simple.


Who says he needs it? Obama will be telling him (and/or Harris) everything, the same way he planned to blackmail Hillary Clinton with the illegal $18 million dollar bribe she (allegedly) got from Turkey. Biden won’t make a single decision! If he tries, Obama’s punks have his number – and they’re a lot more willing to use the squeeze than Bill Barr.

He’ll eat at the kids table, while the grownups discuss grownup things.


Off topic, but…

Wonder if Joe and Kamala feel the skinny wrist wriggling up their backsides, tickling their tonsils and vocal cords?

Obama needs to be put on ice – one way or another. (That is not a threat.)

Josey Wales

If Beijing Biden and Commie-La get in BLM/Antifa will be the new SchutzStaffeln (SS).
A praetorian guard with a loyalty oath to Satan/Marx and fellow traveler CCP/CPUSA comrades.
The 2nd amendment will be flushed down the Great Leap Forward Fundamental Transformation toilet so that you can dig ditches. Ya dig?


Some posters have already posted things like this – I think this is a good explanation, too:


Heres a good explanation of what the swamp is and why it continues


Just Me

What city government? They aren’t governing.


Bowser is just a diminutive version of Cracklin’ Barry. His own habits didn’t do him in: his inaction on a massive snowfall cost him.

How do you spell “receivership?” But this time, not Congress, but others whose identities I will not guess publicly.


Anyone remember when the Canadians were going to have joint training with the Chinese military, and that the event(s) had ben cancelled?

From Lame Cherry:

5 Eyes, especially MI6, and including Canada, was working overtime to help prosecute the illegal war against President Trump. But the Canadian military isn’t on board, and I wonder about the Brits and Aussies, since the Aussies are being fed to China by their own feeble leadership, and China is eating at it’s own pleasure.

China is the enemy; Biden is owned by the Chinese, as are all the Globalists.
Think: 1 billion Nazis (their national profile is almost an exact fit) with almost endless resources.

Somebody better wake the f–k up. And use ANTIFA as the reason for the Insurrection Act, but not limited to those organizations. Deputize, deputize, deputize.


Biden won’t even get sworn in even IF the election is stolen. The media is already setting that up with the Hunter emails. The goal is to install the kamel immediately and she will be the one to escalate this on steroids, shes already admitted this openly.

Our dishrag shiny pony communist leader here in Canukistan loves and admires all things China. So china will release the two kidnapped canuks in exchange for not giving the criminal Hwahwa daughter to US authorities and to allow chinese troops to continue military ‘exercises’ and training on Canukistan soil. Its not Alaskan soil they want, they want in thru Port Rupert or better Vancouver harbour, but more likely Rupert.

IMO, Trump put to much political caution in dealing with the communist terrorists. He listened to those cowards around him that said he would lose if he dealt to heavy a hand, ie Barr, Kushner come to mind. Now I think he’s waiting for the election turmoil to be settled before releasing the law and order edicts.

Its a war


China wants oil; it’s been making deals with Russia, so they don’t need Alaska – if they weren’t dealing with Russia, they’d want Alaska for the oil. Russian nationalists, however, would go to war with China if China tries to take Alaska, because they consider it their own territory.

Russia wants Alaska, and China wants to cut the US off from Alaska, helping Russia get Alaska’s ice-free deep water ports, and China wants to attack the US from Canadian soil, and Trudeau will gladly accept the offer, as Trudeau is Cuban, not Canadian (if not by blood, which is likely, by ethos.

US and Canadian forces have fought shoulder-to-shoulder for a long time; I think we’ll continue the alliance, even if the intelligence coup continues favoring a One World of China.


Under NAFTA we, canukistan, supplied approx 43% of the US’s demodectic daily fuel consumption. That has probably changed now. The Alberta and Sask oil gas fields are immense and is the prize China is after. If China needs to supply fuel to an army they won’t do it thru a risky water transit but thru a land based operation. Thats why our wonderful govt allowed the chinese to buy a very LARGE significant portion of the oil sands/operations in Northern Alberta. SunCor.

With refineries located not to distant from the source China can fuel an army with little logistical effort. Our military, once feared, is now a global joke. People used to make fun of our navy by rightly stating the West Edmonton Mall had a bigger submarine fleet than out national navy. At this point we would not be able to stop to canoes from invading our country.

They rally we were at yesterday had, for canukistan, a good number of people. There are more people waking up here, realising the communist danger thats bearing down on us hard. They are starting to stand up and speak out. People are losing family members, police are acting like thugs and lost complete respect, kinda like the fbi.

To little to late??? Time will tell. But its growing


Thanks. Hope Canadians wake up before Red Dawn becomes a Canadian reality.


Well… IF that were to ever happen… there are those of us who will not be standing there waiting to be shot.


Now the President has the authority to use the Insurrection Act, as has been done multiple times in US history. If he doesn’t use it, Biden will use it against Trump supporters who continue to peacefully rally.

There is supposed to be a slew of information coming out soon, but be aware that the CIA was denied use of military assets, which limits their ability to initiate a false flag event or to help China defeat us. There are still CIA people with a conscience, with patriotism, with honor, and I doubt they’re sad over that development.

Canadian intel (hat tip: Lame Cherry) was upset that Trudeau is enabling Chinese military to perform activities on Canadian soil – and the exercises were cancelled, partly due to the abduction of two Canadian citizens by the Chinese. The strategy of Trudeau and the PLA is to cut off Alaska and provide an entrance to the US from our northern border. Russia would take Alaska, and the Chinese would march in anywhere they wanted.

I had a brief vision of them in my neighborhood in the country: they came pretending to maintain order, but we killed them and left their bodies for the many vultures which eat deer carcasses and gut piles, and the mice eat their bones until there is nothing left. This vision was not a “it’s gonna happen” vision, but the likely outcome if we do not defeat them in Canada and elsewhere.

It’s your choice, Mr. President. Insurrection Act? Or is there another plan? I am inclined to vote for the Act, starting with DC and the removal of the city government.

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