No, It’s Not Time For President Trump to Stop

This decision is not what the media is saying it was. – As was always likely, the U.S. Supreme Court declined late on Friday to hear the case filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton challenging the election results in four states in which he does not serve or live: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia.

The corrupt news media is reporting this result as if the Court ruled on the merits of the constitutional argument made by Paxton, which is that these four states clearly violated the Electors clause of that document by allowing changes to voting procedures to be made by gubernatorial and/or judicial fiat, rather than by their state legislatures, as the constitution clearly requires.  But the truth is that the Court did not rule on that aspect at all.

What the Court did rule was that Paxton has no standing to bring the case because he lives in Texas and not one of the four states being sued, saying that “we can only deal with fraud claims brought by the people from places where it actually happened.” While the Texas lawsuit did have the support of 17 other state AGs, none of those men and women happened to be from the states that were the subject of the lawuit.

Thus, even though the clearly fraudulent results in those four states swung the election to China Joe Potato Head Biden and his designated successor Kamala Harris, thus disenfranchising the 75 million Americans who legally voted for President Trump, the Supremes ruled that the AGs representing many millions of those Americans have no standing to bring the case.

That’s what actually happened.

Prepare for a parade of surrender monkeys this weekend. – The public airwaves and cable news channels will be filled with them. You can bet that the Mitt Romneys and Ben Sassy Sasses and Lamar Alexanders and all the slobs at the Lincoln Project and the Bullwark have had their agents hitting speed dial in desperate efforts to get George Stephanopoulous or Chris Wallace or Fake Jake Tapper or that little human weasel who hosts Meet the Press to give them 5 minutes on their Sunday morning talk shows so they call claim to be “right” about something or other and pontificate that it is time for Donald Trump to give up. Why, that would be all for the good of the country, don’t you know.

But would it really be “for the good of the country” for the President who knows this was a stolen election to just toss up his hands and ride off into the sunset? Would it really be “for the good of the country” to turn the presidency over to an elderly, declining lifelong circus clown who doesn’t know where he is half the time? Would it really be “for the good of the country” to surrender the country to the subjects of this meme that made its way across social media on Friday?:

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'DEC.21/DEC.28.2020 PERSON the YEAR TIME XIJINPING, JOE BIDEN KAMALA HARRIS CHANGING ING AMERICA'S STORY'

The only reasons that meme is funny is because so many people think it is actually what Time really did with its cover this week, and that the truth is that Time should have done that with its cover this week.

Is it really, truly in the best interests of the country to turn the presidency over to a guy who is so clearly and unambiguously compromised by the communist Chinese government? That’s the opinion that even Byron York, a defender of the President, stated in a late update to his Friday Daily Memo:

“On Friday evening, the Supreme Court rejected the president’s last big challenge, the lawsuit filed by the state of Texas against Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. There was no way in the world the court, at the behest of one state, would throw out election results in four other states. There was no basis on which to do it, it was not called for by the Constitution, and it would have set a terrible precedent that would surely plague our politics in years to come. In the end, the justices decided not to take the case at all. Only two, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, said the court should have taken the case, but even they said they “would not grant other relief” and expressed “no view on any other issue.” With that, Trump’s hope of the nation’s highest court stopping certification of the election died.”

Byron York is not a disloyal fake Republican, unlike the clowns at the Lincoln Project and the Bullwark. He’s a smart guy, an actual conservative who generally exercises good judgment.

In this case, though, his judgment is wrong. This is not the time to give in to the surrender monkey faction of the GOP, and you can be sure President Trump is not about to do that.

Here’s what he said on his Twitter feed last night:

“A Rigged Election, fight on!”

Surrender is just not a part of Donald Trump’s personality, and he won’t be doing that today or any other day until all of his options have been exhausted.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Yeah Ben, I Hear you.

I also noticed that with only Alito and Thomas agreeing to hear the case, it means that ALL three of President Trump’s appointees did not and failed him and the country. Mister Roberts was just being his usual Mister Roberts – worthless. And the worthless communist Leftist lemmings sucked another golden nugget from their master’s behind.


I also agree with Jimmy, I am not going to give up or in any way convert. I am just going to keep my powder dry and reengage when it is appropriate. As Just Me wrote “until Marshal Earp returns…” we will all have to bide our time.

I also wish to convey my hope and prayers that President Trump ultimately prevails in this, and will become the Marshal Earp this country needs with real and loyal subordinates to effect lasting change.


I am expecting a lot of people will be deputized when the Insurrection Act is ready to be unveiled.

Rick Grenell told us that a lot is to come after the Swalwell revelations had been revealed, pertaining to corrupted US.officials by the CCP. Note: the military is cutting off funding to the CIA’s counterterrorism unit. Please also note that Peter Strzok was in that department, both for the CIA and FBI.

There has long been a war in the CIA: Communists (even prior to Brennan’s hire, because they were the ones who hired him) vs. others of various viewpoints. Since the Agency is so compartmentalized, Brennan’s administrative shifts allowed whole regional outfits to keep everybody out of the loop, and engage in money laundering and other illegal activities.

Haspel is Brennan’s pet puppy. Under her, which is merely an extension of Brennan’s term, the Agency has shredded its own already-damaged reputation. One way that you know the CIA runs the press: how much have you heard about the CIA these days? The Press is hiding what they’re told to hide.

How did the press manage to reveal the shutoff of operational funds and materials? The CIA is screaming for help from somewhere, anywhere. Including from their allies in China.

Let the patriots left in the CIA leak, leak, leak. The flood will soon begin, or the Agency will be drowned in its own swamp.


Thinking like Churchill, who prepared for the worst, but never gave up even when the worst seemed on the horizon, we need to plan.

I suspect that Biden will not be able to go anywhere without being heckled by hundreds of well-organized people. Maybe thousands, more than they can arrest. Chanting, peaceful, G0D-fearing, loving, kind people – all shouting Cheatin’ Joe down, (and his little dog, too.)

Dem legislators and Romney (but I repeat myself) cannot be allowed to feel comfortable, must not be allowed to feel comfortable. This does not mean we should interrupt their dinners with their families, because even dogs should be left to eat in peace with their pack in the kennel. Otherwise, call them what they are to their faces: traitors, but call them out without anger and do it quietly, and make sure you tape your interaction so that they can’t say they were harassed or threatened..

Most of all, the news media should be harassed in subtle and even joyful ways. Try using – if you are a Believer – the Name of Jesus every time you’re asked a question, with His Name in every sentence so that they cannot quote you without mentioning His Name. This is regardless of the outcome.

We hold the high ground.

Ben Colder

So why is everyone so surprised about this look who the chief black robe is was there ever any doubt that they would not hear this I told my wife that they would kick it out so much for election fraud.Now the vote means absolutely nothing you don’t vote for the dem/communist they change it that is what has happened .Welcome to communist rule.The only answer now is to revolt and that is doubtful if that would work.Texas is where it will be decided I think if they have the balls to secede other states might join them and this time I believe it will work.if not the United States will fall apart anyway this voter fraud is the going to take the country down.I don’t take this lightly but I have had it with the dem/communists and the RHINOs I will never support another one of those swamp snake bastards.


Don’t cede the country… at worse just give them their few coastal cities they occupy. And, don’t let them leaveESPECIALLY the politicals, ie Coumo, whitless etc. They are far fewer and confined already for the most part. They don’t control the food, fuel and weaponry, the conservatives do. If you live in a communist city… move.


Yes. And I am moving, too. Even though my community used to be solidly Conservative, it was flipped because of certain voting irregularities.

I’ve been planning this for a long time – 6 years.


I completely understand your position Gregg. I agree with pretty much everything you pointed out as its not a well hidden secret whats happening.

We on the conservative side tend to be far more rational than the triggered soy’s on the left. Our rational is what we need to stand firm on. When we exhaust all legal avenues then the fight will take another shift in direction, not an emotional shift but a calculated shift, by patriots.

I’d say more but I’m limited


Since we aren’t triggered easily compared to the Left, imagine what will happen when we ARE triggered?

Churchill expected losses, but not to lose. Same here.


So, if a family member of mine is murdered in a state in which I don’t reside by someone who also does not live in my state, and the criminal prosecution failed to convict (as in the OJ Simpson case), I have no “standing” to sue for wrongful death in the state where the crime occurred? Am I off on my logic?

Let’s face it folks, the system is rigged, the SC is rigged to ensure no real justice comes to their masters. If they were going to reject the case that Texas and the other states brought on Monday, they could have rejected it on Tuesday just as easily. These judges must be following the events of what is happening, so why the need for the drama? Except to further run out the clock.

I actually felt they were going create at least a little theater to sooth the Trump supporters, to somehow find for Trump against Pennsylvania (20 EVs) and Georgia (16 EVs) and get those EC votes to Trump which would leave the following electoral vote tally: btfsplk 306 – 20 (PA) – 16 (GA) = 270. Bingo! Just the magic number president-elect btfsplk needs to “win”.

Since the TX case didn’t really address the actual voting fraud of the Dominion voting machines, no changes in GA were going to be mandated for the January senate runoff. So, the senate goes 50-50 with Bad Karma being the tiebreaker.

President Trump does get a win of sorts, but the baked in outcome was still assured by the Left who runs the District of Corruption.

Getting back to the individual state legislatures which are surprisingly all GOP controlled: If they didn’t do anything effective to stop Governors Whitmer and Wolf, among others, from abusing their Emergency Authority regarding the CV-19 fraud, if they didn’t do anything to stop (in all four states) the election rule changes that were unconstitutionally taking place during the fall when there was plenty of time to legislatively and constitutionally change the way their respective states were to run their election(s) in the face of this plandemic, then what evidence pray tell is there that any significant challenge to the “certified” results is going to happen in any, or all (Trump needs to prevail in 3 of four states unless Arizona, Nevada and possibly Virginia come into play) or all of the states named in the TX case?

Note: Gov. Shemp opened GA up to normal economic function last spring so, by that standard, there was no need for any change to their election system that was plandemic related, i.e., Schmuckerberg’s ballot drop boxes all over the deep blue Democratic Atlanta area.

We might see some individual GOP legislators raising hell and trying to do something (maybe for show, maybe out of real fidelity to the federal constitution and their state’s constitution), but in all likelihood their efforts will amount to nothing. I know all about and have lived through how feckless a GOP state legislature can be in the face of the Left’s desires. New Jersey had vetoproof (more than 2/3 majority) in both chambers after the mid-terms and did absolutely nothing to reign in Gov. Florio except they did repealed Florio’s one cent sales tax increase. Someone please tell me something significant the GOP controlled congress was able to do to reverse anything Clinton or Obama did – even when they had Trump who was ready to repeal and replace Obamacare they failed!

And with supposed GOP and theoretical Trump allies like AG Bagpipe, FIB Director Neigh, GA GOP Gov Shemp, and his toady the SOS Ratburger, and others, all not only playing Sgt. Schultz, but singing the Left’s line in unison, saying it was a “perfect” election, who needs the Democrats?

I shall continue to read and comment – probably in reduced frequency – here on DB Update, and follow national events and local events, but I am going to live my life as peacefully as possible. As I have written before, it just isn’t worth it at present to keep my emotions wrapped around the axle as part of my daily existence.

In closing, btfsplk and his successor will not be “my president”, but I am not going to wear pink hats and trash the property of others to make that point. This election was stolen pure and simple and entirely too many people supposedly on our side managed to make the Left’s “perfect” election a reality. One thing I will do to express my thoughts and feelings is change my outside US flag. Right now, it is a beautiful 28″ X 51″ flag made of bathroom tiles mounted on a board above my carport. If and when btfsplk/roundheels become president in name only, I will covered the flag with a larger board that will simply say: January 20, 2021 – THE DAY AMERICA, AND ALL IT STOOD FOR, DIED.


I had some hope that the Texas suit might work, but kept having the nagging feeling that standing was questionable. So, what do I see on another website? The Supreme Court stabbed the President in the back.

They followed the Constitution folks, and we want them to do this no matter who stands before them. As was pointed out, this isn’t over by a long shot. When you have judges refusing to let the forensic exam of rigged machines being made public, you know you’re over the target.

It’s always been about the Dominion/Smartmatic cabal, the postal service scams, the corrupt election officials and the usurpation of the legislatures’ authority to make the rules for elections.

This is where the fraud was committed. If there were just one or two eyewitnesses or whistleblowers, this would be a tough fight. But there are now literally hundreds of them across the spectrum.

The Rat in Georgia is going after one county because they had the audacity to publicly let it be known that the machines were not producing accurate data after having tried to run them several times, and they were submitting a spreadsheet to prove it. Again, over the target.

Don’t give up. The President isn’t. I suspect he knows more about this crap than we do at this point. Keep your powder dry.


The decision by SCOTUS is fatally flawed. They decided that the Constitution does not require equal guaranties of voter eligibility qualifications between the States, for Federal election purposes. Any American Citizen not living in the States that committed fraud had their vote tainted, every single one of them. I don’t live in any of the States in question and I got screwed. For SCOTUS to ignore me and the other millions is very telling. The SCOTUS is as corrupt as the rest of the Swamp.

Just Me

It’s a money thing compounded by a power thing (which gets one more money). The so-called elites in this country have the money (and lust for more); the politicians (both sides), the “entertainers” (Hollyweird, Sports Celebs, etc.), the globalists (corporations, big tech, etc.), academia (socialist programming at the university level and seeking to saturate lower levels), and the media (with a few exceptions); all are absolutely content with the stolen election outcome. I’m reminded of a scene in Tombstone, where the town sheriff has been murdered and the miscreants go on a tear with a drunken celebration…until Marshal Earp returns, walks into a saloon, fires off a shot gun, and proclaims, “It all ends NOW!” Well, at some point, it will all end forever. The corrupt world system will be judged and dealt with; Babylon will be destroyed.


Eyeroller – Precisely. Respective state legislatures were the ones offended. The Texas lawsuit laid out the roadmap. Now those legislatures need to put on their big boy pants and get cracking. Sadly, they will all probably join the surrender monkeys rather than fight for their constituents and the Constitution.

Just Me

And if no one with standing is willing to take a stand, the entire country eventually will be standing in deep kimchi.

Laughing Swordfish

Epic photochop of the best that the CCP could come up with! Satan is scraping the bottom of the barrel so no point in giving up now.
This isn’t even the end of the beginning as the British Bulldog once said. Think of the comedy gold as the stale reheated third rate half baked Great Leap Forward redux goes up in smoke.
The only way out is through and Elvis hasn’t even entered the building.


“Think of the comedy gold as the stale reheated third rate half baked Great Leap Forward redux goes up in smoke.”

Don’t underestimate the enemies resolve to win by any means possible, nor overestimate the conservative sides will to actively resist the enemy.

Its a war, know your enemy.


Thank you Mr Blackmon…. Well stated and on the money


Since TX did not have standing with SCOTUS, the legislatures of GA, PA, MI, and WI should appeal to SCOTUS separately using the exact same reasons outlined in the TX suit.



[…] The Texas case got thrown out late on Friday. – The lawsuit brought before the Supreme Court by Texas AG Ken Paxton and 17 other state AGs was rejected by 7 of the 9 members of the Court late on Friday. I discuss the implications of that in a separate story this morning. […]

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