Thursday News Roundup: CNN Admits the New York Post’s Hunter Biden Reporting Was All True

So, CNN admits that the New York Post’s stories on Hunter Biden’s laptop were 100% accurate, then? – Sure seems like it, anyway. You all remember the New York Post’s original reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop and the contents thereon, correct? Remember how the story was spiked by every major corrupt media outlet in the country? Remember how users at Twitter and all of the other big social media platforms were denied the ability to share it? Remember how the Post’s accounts on Twitter and Facebook were shut down for weeks to prevent the newspaper from sharing any other new reporting on that story?

Yeah, it was all so October, the month before the election, of course.

Anyway, the news-fakers at CNN ran a story of their own yesterday, after the Biden fake president-elect operation revealed that China Joe’s creepy ne’er-do-well son was being investigated by the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s office for tax issues. The funny thing is, that CNN story, which came 2 months after the New York Post’s story that was supposedly too toxic to report back in October, essentially confirms every aspect of the Post’s story. But of course, CNN does all of that well after the election has come and gone.

Funny how that works, huh?

I’m not going to excerpt from the CNN story, because to hell with CNN and their compatriots in the corrupt, fake news media. But know that the CNN story also informs us that the FBI and DOJ “paused” their supposed “investigation” of Hunter and his magic laptop throughout the weeks leading up to Election Day because they didn’t want to “influence” the presidential election. Many in the corrupt news media employed the same excuse.

The point here is this: The DOJ and media, by refusing to investigate or report on the laptop DID influence the election, and influenced it massively in Joe Potato Head Biden’s favor.

But that, of course, was the goal. Despicable people.

Speaking of ne’er-do-well Democrats… – It looks like farty Eric Swalwell is lying about his having broken off ties to the ChiCom honeypot with whom he was fooling around and paying back in 2015. From a story at

Swalwell’s defense, as he lays out during the luxurious tongue-bath CNN’s Jim Sciutto offered up, is that he’s had nothing to do with her since she fled back to China in 2015 and, being the patriotic, red-blooded American that he is, Swalwell claims that he has fully cooperated with the FBI and his cooperation was destroyed by the Trump administration who leaked the story of him banging a Chinese spy to the media out of revenge for his key roll in the impeachment fiasco. Or something like that. Swalwell isn’t really smart enough to sound coherent even under the best of circumstances.

That, however, may or may not be the truth.

Oh. Why would a member of congress continue to be friends with a ChiCom spy who got him into a full-blown FBI investigation, five full years after that supposed “investigation” took place? And, why wouldn’t the FBI, if its supposed “investigation” was really on the up and up, be investigating that clearly ongoing relationship between the congressman and the ChiCom spy?

The answers to those questions are a really very obvious, aren’t they? Occam’s Razor really does apply here. Think about it.

Turncoats. Turncoats Everwhere! – Ok, Mitt Romney has never been a real Republican, but President Trump’s ongong challenges  to the obviously-fraudulent election results in five states are really bringing the turncoats out of the weeds now.

Romney is the most prominent among them, because of course he is.:

Then there’s this from regular Fox News contributor Andy McCarthy, who is really getting on board with Paul Ryan’s new “turn hard left” program for the fading fake news channel:

Yes, that would be the “frivolous” Texas lawsuit filed by Texas AG Ken Paxton, the “frivolous” lawsuit that now has 17 other state AG’s signing Amicus briefs supporting it:

Hey, Andy, maybe you should think about standing down on this one.

Speaking of that Texas lawsuit, President Trump yesterday asked Ted Cruz to present the oral arguments related to it before the Supreme Court if the Court agrees to hear the case:

From the story at TheHill:

President Trump has asked Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) to present a case from his state’s attorney general seeking to invalidate the election results of several key battleground states before the Supreme Court should it decide to hear the suit, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

The lawsuit from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) seeks to void the vote certifications of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan, arguing that the results are “tainted” by new election processes in those states.

The court has not yet agreed to hear the case on its merits and on Tuesday rejected efforts by pro-Trump attorneys to overturn the results in Pennsylvania in a separate case.


Texas AG Paxton would need to gain the votes of four of the nine USSC justices in order for the case to receive a full hearing by that body. Given that all of the states that are the subject of the lawsuit clearly violated the constitution by allowing changes to their voting procedures to be made by gubernatorial orders (many of which themselves likely also violate parts of the constitution) or by state courts absent consideration by their state legislatures, it seems likely that the suit will be heard.

If that comes about, Senator Cruz, while serving as Texas’s Deputy AG prior to running for the Senate, argued nine cases before the USSC and won most of them. It would be difficult to find a more effective and experienced advocate for the case, which President Trump also made clear yesterday that his lawyers will support via Amicus briefs.

Very interesting developments all around here.

The face of Mussolini in our time. – Bill de Blasio continued his fascist campaign of discrimination against his city’s Jewish community yesterday:

From a story at DailyWire:

Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio warned an ultra-Orthodox synagogue in Brooklyn on Tuesday that he will shut them down “once and for all” if they continue to flout his lockdown orders.

During a Tuesday press conference, de Blasio was asked about a large indoor funeral held Monday by Congregation Yetev Lev D’Satmar, a prominent synagogue in Williamsburg that was also recently fined $15,000 for secretly conducting a large indoor wedding in November.

“If we see another confirmed situation in which an inappropriate event is happening in that same building, then we’re going to have to move to shut down the building once and for all,” de Blasio said, according to Gothamist. “That would be the next step if we see non-compliance.”

“I do think there’s an ideological factor that’s making things a lot harder,” de Blasio also said, seeming to imply that the Hasidic community’s continued non-compliance with state and city lockdown orders stems from their widespread support for President Donald Trump.


Notice all the loaded language being used to refer to the Hasidic Jews: “ultra-orthodox,” “ideological,” “inappropriate,” etc. It’s the very same sort of language pushed by Hitler and Mussolini in the 1930s.

These are very, very frightening times.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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the Bruce

It’s increasingly obvious that Joe Biden could never pass a background check for a security clearance. There is currently huge amounts of evidence that he has been involved in collusion with foreign governments to destroy an election, espionage, extortion, blackmail, bribery, RICO crimes etc. So, how could he ever be inaugurated? This boggles my mind that the alphabet agencies would even consider a criminal like Biden for a security clearance.


Does this mean that in a few months from now they will admit voter fraud was real and rampant?


Very good observation/question you posed!


That’s how they do it, and have done things in the past, hoping that we’ll just accept the election steal without an uprising. Fat chance.


Saw that. Might be a lot of other things happening behind the scenes.
and while the spokes lady for the CIA says she’s on duty doing her job, I still haven’t seen any news with Haspel that’s current, i.e. video that’s real and not magicked up.


So maybe there WAS a raid? In Germany? All denied, but that is as it should be. Dirty laundry and all that, and avoiding releasing anything that might cause problems when it comes to…meting out punishment. But here’s the “tell” that the story might have actual legs:

I approve, either way. Preventing Bay of Pigs II.


If there is a group called Q’Anon, they’re American patriots, not Chinese spies, like the one Swallowswell apparently shagged with delight.

Or maybe she’s referring to me? Ha! That would be a gas! (chamber.) (for the traitors) (if I had any say in the matter.)


Behind enemy lines? Me likey. The rifle range by Howie Longfellow State Park was crackin’ again today and I doubt it was CCP/CPUSA traitor RAT POS Quislings practicing for some fun filled festivities.
Spotted three army helicopters flying west but in no hurry. Git sum commies.

Show me

Probably China spiked the story originally since China seems to have controlling interest in social media, major media news outlets and politician mentioned.
All this information is critical until the day after the election when the news outlets and social media platforms actually take credit for winning the election for the Democrats.


I’m not sure WHY people would be entertaining the idea of ceding anything to the communists. You cannot give them anything or any ground. If you do, you just stepped onto the treadmill of ceding. Don’t do it. These communists are located in cities which like Jimmy pointed out would be very easy to isolate… choke’m out, its a war


All those red states should form a new country, with militarily enforced ocean access to both coasts. Game over.


We shall not cede the territory in Virginia to the blue, as most of the state is red; just because part of the most populated areas are blue, we will not be part of the blue territory.

Moreover, we shall have no need of forming a new country: this country is ours. let the blue regions attempt to feed themselves without us. And remember, New York City’s water supply comes from rural regions. Same with other municipalities, including certain populated cities in California.

No, we shall throw the usurpers out, and either cut them off or imprison them. We have a fine basis for a country – that is called the Constitution of the United States of America.

No quarter.


You conspiracy freaks…. its safe and 94% effective against the virus… just take the damn shot… /s

I say lets sing that popular UK song, altogether now… sung to the tune of “She’ll be coming round the mountain”

You can take your poisonous vaccine and shove it up ur arse…

Jay Whitcraft

IMHO, the only thing that is keeping the country from blowing up is SCOUTS taking up the Texas case, which hasn’t been officially done. Let’s suppose that the case is taken up and Texas were to prevail. And after that the House votes Trump a second term. What will Joe Biden do? I think that there will be a LOT of left wing riots in the streets. Only this time the Right won’t sit idly by and have their cities destroyed. This would be very bad. The only real hope of averting this loss of life and property, would be a revote in those 4 states, called for by Joe Biden and agreed to by President Trump. In person only, photo ID required. Unfortunately the chances of Joe Biden doing something for the good of the country like Nixon did in 1960 is basically non existent. Jay


The President has certain powers, should the Left assert themselves violently. I need not enumerate or elucidate on those processes, because the exposure of the leaders of the corrupted election will surely be held accountable.

Cut off the head of the snake and the body withers. May writhe for a bit, but eventually dies.

China be warned: you may be next.


Sad to see that Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming, and Kentucky (at least) haven’t yet joined the party.

I know KY has a dimbulb (D) governor, but it is fundamentally a Red State AND McConnell’s home state.

Boy, has he been quiet.


I’m sure Mitch has family concerns with relatives in the grasp of the PLA. Behind enemy lines.

I sympathize with him in this. Imagine having relatives in Nazi Germany who could be used for their squeeze potential. And Mitt has a son (or sons) who might also need to be looked at, as well as his NSA file.

I’ve always argued against the blanket NSA data mining, because it takes up scrap as well as useable material, but all they have to do is enter your name and SS and every communication you’ve ever written comes up.

I don’t know how our current NSA people are doing, but Mike Flynn could be very helpful as a temp.

The data is all there. On you. On me (which is why they stopped the operation to blow up the Whitehouse in January of 2019, as my computer is always flagged and it could be proven that the government was pre-warned.) Every email HRC sent and received, every communication that Adam Schiff has sent and received…all there. Very simple process to pull your information up. You would be surprised.

As I once emailed someone in 2015 – probably a Russian – who was taking Putin’s line about us and NATO ordering YipYip Errodog of Turkei to shoot down the Russian jet, and saying that it was an attempted regime change? The real story is that some elements, including the malignant narcissist YipYip, wanted the US and Russia to devour one another so that his colonists in Europe could begin their takeover, and he could expand his neo-Ottoman Empire all the way to the east coast of Russia. I had a vision of war with Russia days before he shot down the jet, and made sure it was known what was in the process of occurring, since Putin was losing it and talking nuclear war. My email was monitored.

How do you get information to those who need to take it into consideration? Just post an email, or on a blog site like this. None of us is anonymous, nor are we unheard. Big Brother does not want a civil war, and Biden would cause one if he’s seated.

Right, SIGNT?


“Chief Justice Cruz”

Kinda like the sound of that.

Maybe if they won’t give him (and all the states filing suit against the corrupt election) a fair hearing, how likely is it that he’ll join them on the bench? Just wondering.


Has the Communist News Network (CNN) actually BROKEN a story in recent years? Other than the fake news that has almost entirely proven to be untrue, of course.

They call it “breaking news” for a reason.


And another newsworthy item (there are so many!) that should make you understand all you need to know about the FBi for the last four years:

“FBI has completed the initial search identifying approximately 50 cross-reference serials, with attachments totaling over 20,000 pages, in which Seth Rich is mentioned. FBI has also located leads that indicate additional potential records that require further searching. . . . FBI is also currently working on getting the files from Seth Rich’s personal laptop into a format to be reviewed. As you can imagine, there are thousands of files of many types. The goal right now is to describe, generally, the types of files/personal information contained in this computer.”

Federal Bureau of investigation. There need be no capitalization of the last word, because that apparently is the least of their concerns: lying, hiding exculpatory material exonerating the President, ignoring Democrat treason of all sorts…well, hard to put all that into one word. So decapitalizing “investigation” is currently the better nomenclature.


Wonder where Mini Mike is these days? Does he attend these “inappropriate events” (that normal people refer to as “worship?” Mini Mike has all the bravery of a fawnless doe.

It appears that the Left is making a full jihad against Christians and Jews; what is odd is that Leftwing Jews are saying NOTHING about these restrictions, and same with “mainline” Protestant religionists (whom we also know as “hirelings.”)

Is the Mayor promoting a NY-diaspora from his once-great city? And how many Kapos are cooperating with him? What is George Soros but the same?


And this very impotent development, (spelling accurate because Swalwell will remain in his seat…for now.) Could develop into much bigger story:


Could be. I don’t blame you a bit for not including it; I factor pieces of medium probability in my estimates, because they can be found later to be reliable. Lots of “fake news” later ends up accurate. A lot of stories containing “disinformation” or “misinformation” have nuggets hidden in them – intentionally so.

The CIA had a high percentage of intel from regular news outlets, until they decided to take over the news outlets themselves. One way they communicate it to bury the real information within the BS.

That’s why I post these things. In every ton that is mined, only a small part of it is
gold. That’s not the way you post, and you are right to withhold such information, and I feel obligated to include it.

Marginal intelligence sometimes proves to be major. And these days, we must ALL intelligence gatherers in order to protect the Union and the Constitution.


And for a fun take on the fake news, an article which is only satire:


No, you’re selecting information that is reliable. As I said, you have your job; I have mine. No hard feelings.

Q D’Etat


Just some additional news:

“Georgia Governor Brian Kemp awarded a $107 million contract to Dominion Voting Systems two weeks after he met with the Houston-based Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Atlanta.

Kemp met with Li Qiangmin, Houston Consul General of the People’s Republic of China, on July 12, 2019.

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