Is America “Trending Towards Secession”? Maybe So.

On his radio program yesterday, Rush Limbaugh indicated his belief that our country may be trending towards secession by some states.

From the story at Mediaite:

Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show Wednesday that the U.S. may be “trending toward secession.”

As Limbaugh talked about liberal cities like New York and San Francisco, he took up a question of whether “we can win the culture.”

“I actually think — and I’ve referenced this, I’ve alluded to this a couple of times because I’ve seen others allude to this — I actually think that we’re trending toward secession,” he said.

“I see more and more people asking what in the world do we have in common with the people who live in, say, New York?” Limbaugh asked.

In the segment, first flagged by Media Matters, he said, “A lot of bloggers have written extensively about how distant and separated and how much more separated our culture is becoming politically and that it can’t go on this way. There cannot be a peaceful coexistence of two completely different theories of life, theories of government, theories of how we manage our affairs. We can’t be in this dire a conflict without something giving somewhere along the way.”


Rush is generally right, and he may well be right here. This all ties in with my piece from the past weekend titled “How Does America Recover From This? It Doesn’t.”

Past generations of Americans had plenty in common, the most obvious among those things being that we were all Americans and all but a tiny few felt an undying loyalty to this country. That love of country – taught in our schools, in our churches and promoted by the entertainment and news media industries – bound us together. We were Americans and damn proud of it.

But that has all changed in America today, specifically on the radical political leftwing, which now dominates the Democrat Party and its policy pursuits. As I discussed in that piece, our entire system of government and the viability of our constitutional Republic depends on the premise that the vast majority of those who govern us would be people of good will who love this country and are loyal to it. Sadly, that entire premise has now become extremely suspect in the Democrat Party, the party that dominates states like New York, which Rush referred to in that monologue.

Today’s Democrat Party not only tolerates having an Eric Swalwell among it, Nancy Pelosi assigns him to serve on the House Intelligence Committee, a post from which he could easily share America’s most tightly held national security secrets to his ChiCom honeypot. Today’s Democrat Party not only tolerates having a Dianne Feinstein – who employed a ChiCom spy as her chauffer for 20 years – in its midst, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer assign her to serve as the Party’s senior member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Today’s Democrat Party not only tolerates having anti-Semitic, America hating members like AOC, Rashida Talib and Ilhan Omar in its midst, it celebrates them, gives them plum committee assignments and affords them heavy influence in the Party’s agenda.

Today’s Democrat Party not only tolerates having ChiCom sellouts like Joe and Hunter Biden in its midst, it celebrates them, covers up for them and even rigs its presidential nomination for an elderly, declining lifelong circus clown as a reward.

The abject hatred of America and everything it stands far among those on the radical political left is not only glaringly evident in Congress, we can see it every day rioting in the streets and issuing heinous diatribes on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. We are at a point in this country where one cannot wear a cap expressing a desire for this country to be great again without being physically assaulted on the streets with the full sanction of many local mayors and the entirety of the corrupt national news media. We are at a point in our country where one risks assault by admitting he or she works in the oil industry or goes to church. We are at a point in our country where major city Democrat mayors like Bill De Blasio feel free to repeatedly attack, chastise and discriminate against Jews and Christians.

What do people in Texas or Oklahoma or North Dakota or Louisiana or Alabama have in common with people in New York or California or Seattle or Portland anymore? Not much, and in very large part, not even love of country.

So, when Rush Limbaugh says he thinks we are trending towards secession, he should be taken seriously.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I provide a map of a peaceful separation on my blog:


Excellent link!

With few exceptions in the northeast, coastal regions, most states are deeply red and some are mixed. That’s what I’ve been saying about not ceding territory.

Strap your helmet on, lace up and make sure the straps are fastened. SCOTUS is in the process of betraying us. .


So now Fauci is telling African Americans to trust the vaccine because it “was made by an African American woman.”

Well well well. Not so fast. While I have no knowledge of the maker of the vaccine, and therefore HAVE NO COMMENT on her motives, I can’t let that one pass:

Nurse Eunice Rivers had a free clinic, where they were doing syphilis studies on black men who had gotten the disease; her mandate was to make sure they did NOT GET TREATMENT for the disease, and to tell them instead that they had “bad blood.”

If the subjects of this gruesome experiment had doubts and went to other clinics, the other clinics had been told by those running the experiments to tell them the same thing: “bad blood.”

Oh, almost forgot: Nurse Rivers was black. Ain’t that a peach!


I’m thinking instead of breaking the Union up, there will be a race war first. BLM has babboozled our darker skinned brothers and sisters much like the liberals have done. Free stuff, things done the way you want it… who wouldn’t like that? Too bad how they want it is untenable except for the criminal element. So… back to the race war. It won’t take too long, unfortunately and it will be very bloody. Sayonara, brah.


Completely disagree: it will be rural vs. urban, for sure, but when cities start having their water cut off, nobody is even going to think about race or much of anything else.

Some people are determined to start a race war. That is an insult to the hardworking black folks who don’t have their hands out for anything, and appreciate what DJT did that no one else could do with regard to criminal justice reform. Obama didn’t even give a rip.

And remember that it’s the Left who say: “African Americans will be first to get the vaccine.” Hah! Knowing what we already know about the vaccine, and about the history of medical experiments on poor black sharecroppers (and others in prison) we can see how little they really want blacks as anything but cannon fodder. Just like BLM taking all the money to the top of their organization, or spending it on Dem candidates/Dem party, and leaving local chapters nearly broke.

And most blacks are now keenly aware that their liberal friends want them to have abortions, because the liberals want less black folks around – except when it comes time to vote.

Even Cornell University acknowledges the points I’m making about medical experimentation, and offers black students a pass on taking vaccines, given the Tuskegee Experiments that were constructed and maintained primarily by Democrat administrations. The years of that evil and infamous study, until whistle blower made them stop? 1932 -1972.

I can guarantee you that my black brothers and sisters in the country will stand arm-in-arm with me if the Constitution of the United States should be terminated or tampered with. And military folk all swear an oath of allegiance to the Constitution.

No race war. Not happening.


The idea of divorce may sound tempting when it no longer seems like what unites us is greater than what divides us and when we don’t trust each other to play fair. HOWEVER, do you realize what it would be like to live side by side with an ex who is now off of the deep end? We cannot go our separate ways, but MUST find a way to fix this and grow together. Call for a re-election in these states and make it in-person or guaranteed oversight by both parties like it should have been from the start. I love this country and don’t want to see it die.


When a significant part of the country – the Left – wants to dismantle what unites us – the Constitution – then there is no possibility of reconciliation. Those who favor the Constitution must win out over those who want to destroy it.


First a couple of definitions:

Globalists are Statists and Communists.
Globalists are not Capitalists
Globalists want a central world government
Globalists are not in favor of small businesses

Dorsey is a Globalist
Zuckerberg is a Globalist
Google/Alphabet is Globalist (on steroids)
Dems and some RINOs are Globalists
Soros is a Globalist
China is Globalist (with pretensions of running it)
The EU is Globalist
Bezos is Globalist

The Globalists are against small, independent businesses;
against people of Faith (of any kind;) against Freedom, but mostly,
they are universally against the Constitution of the United States of America.

Of the latter, everybody in the military takes an oath to the
Constitution and do most of the elected and judicial officeholders.

Defending our Constitution will be considered an act of war by the Left,
and destroying our Constitution will be considered an act of treason
by Civil Libertarians, traditional Liberals and Conservatives.

How can anyone say that there is going to be peace?


No pain, no gain. Prepare yourselves. We may have to walk in the shadow of the valley of death. I pray we don’t have to full blown ÇW2, but things could still get dìcey


Don’t think it will be a ‘normal” civil war; more like the French Revolution, except the revolutionaries (AOC and Pelosi) will be constructing their own guillotines.

Carlton Yee

More like Kurt Schlicter’s Book, Peoples’ Republic,, only with a violent rupture instead of a peaceful division. I see it more akin to the India-Pakistan partition where thousands died. I would prefer division.

Andrew Carnegie

I must opine: These are the same type of comments that I always read. They go like this, “All we need to fix the problem is to . . .” and go on to propose something that would undoubtedly work well but is politically impossible. The Civil War (1861-1865) made it impossible to secede. There may be some way of passive resistance or civil disobedience but secession, in any form, is not realistic.


We have been sold out to the Chinese by the so-called “elite?’. Is there a precedent to that in US history? Has one class so despised another that they would put us in a place where there is no possibility of reconciliation?

And isn’t it unusual that the working classes – such as myself – preach real Capitalism, but the wealthy interests preach Leftism?

Pretty soon, cats will be having intercourse with dogs.


Divide the nation using th states that have signed on with Texas lawsuit. It cuts the nation in 2, and the “Libs” would have to pay us a fee to cross over from one side to the other.


Better idea, confine them to their cities and ALL politicals and millennials have to apply to leave, passport, the city after paying a processing fee. Plus they will have to return to their shytehole which they so dearly love. Conservatives can freely transit out.


Right: cede NO states to the Left. None.

And let municipalities like NYC pay exorbitant fees for their mountain-fresh water, and cut the city of LA and Southern Cal be cut off from the Colorado river. Tidewater area of Virginia? No more Lake Gaston water.

Am I suggesting a terrorist action against those pipelines? Heavens no! Just a tariff. A massive tariff, or a shutoff from those who reside near where the waters origin. Richmond, Va. already drinks the sewerage (reconstituted) from villages and cities upriver.

If anybody thinks the rural areas will submit to the Left, or that we will allow the Left to have anything more than a small sliver of a state, they’re badly mistaken. As for New England states: good luck getting supplies when we tax the vehicles coming to your state at a rate you cannot afford.

Think creatively, when push comes to shove. Most states will remain almost entirely free. Major Leftwing, CCP-loving cities, not so much.

Whipped Cream and Other Delights

I already seceded in my mind. I’ll contribute nothing and live on shelled peanuts and rice cakes if need be while eeking out just enough to get by. It won’t be glorious or even all that comfortable, oh well.
Unity? Shove it along with the global gulag Covid-1984 dystopia.

“Peace means the absence of opposition to socialism.”

Karl Marx


There are a thousand possibilities of passive resistance! Harder for them to deal with that kind, to make an example of us.

But active resistance? Millions of possibilities. 100 million, to be exact.

Joseph rywelski

The fast answer is “No”. Conservatives would do nothing of the sort.

What might happen, however, is that Conservatives would stop waiting for small evil satanic-communist pockets of POS (D) blue to:

2) DECLARE that those evil blue (D) have themselves seceded, and declare it for them; and

Like Sherman’s March to the Sea on those MFRs.

Gird your loins.


China and Russia would just love a separated and destroyed America. You might say they caused it.


Fifth attempt… It will not allow me to post the second part of my reply. Just kicks me to the page top. Its not askmet. its this site settings or wordpress and I don’t have this trouble at any other wordpress site… hhmmmm


Thats a fifth attempt at the second part of my reply. thats 9 – 10 tries at posting a reply.


Fourth attempt and shortened again.

Having the same problems too jonsey. Replies working is spotty and I hit a word limit it seems at times. My comments won’t post or only allow about 4 sentences, which only happens here.

I agree that ceding isn’t in the works and it will come down to some violence. The communists are vastly outnumbered but you’d never get that sense listening to the MSM. While many ports are located within dem controlled cities isn’t really an issue as there are other ports that aren’t.


Replies are still not working for me, places them at the bottom of the list. I was going to add, as Q mentions, many states are purple, as is my home state of MI – there are a few liberal counties but most are red. Our legislature is red. Geographically, most states like this can’t just secede when the blue areas are simply clustered around cities. There have been some proposals out west, notably CA, OR, and WA, where you could split off the eastern portions of these states from the coastal areas and potentially create new states or annex these sections to adjacent states. Maybe that would work for some of the east coast as well, but do you honestly think that these power hungry leftists are going to let us non-cultured flyover folk slip away from their plans to dominate everyone and everything with their socialist utopia? They need our money to fuel their new system. So no, I think we would be headed to a civil war before there is anything decided geographically. It would be leftist cities/population centers vs the surrounding urban and rural countryside. Subjugation from one side or the other will be needed to determine the outcome.


The election usurpers and frauds will have to be dealt with, and the conspirators with the CCP and PLA will have to be made to surrender.

Remove the leadership, and only isolated resistance will be left. And we can take care of those on our own if the need should occur.


I think it would be better to work to repair the divide and to understand what or more importantly who is push us apart. A divided United States would be pretty easy pickings for the ChiComs.


We outnumber the Left, and the Left will be cooperating with the enemy; we cannot negotiate with people who have already surrendered to the CCP/PLA.

There is no kiss-and-make-up possible with the widespread hijack of so many of our systems.

Consider these sobering FACTS:

John Brennan was/is a Communist who voted for Gus Hall, the Commie candidate for POTUS. James Comey admitted to being a Communist (who wasn’t willing to say what he is now.)

You cannot negotiate with the homebred Communists for a truce, and you also have to recognize that Peter Strzok was raised for part of his life in Iran, and so was Valerie Jarrett. Deep attachments. Bill and Hillary went to Moscow during a time when such visits were very irregular, and BHO went to Pakistan when only assets or VIPs could go there. (Apparently, he had a boyfriend.)

No surrender, no negotiations: we’ve spent the last four years fighting an attempt to deny President Trump his legitimate right to hold office. An ongoing junta, which is still in play.

As one general, Anthony McAuliffe, wrote a one word reply to a Nazi who demanded his surrender:



Absolutely agree Q.

Individual states will eventually slit up, probably on a county by county level.

To further reinforce the point, btfsplk won a record low (around ~500 for a “winner”) number of counties nationwide and only one (it was in Delaware, so no surprise there) of the 17 or so that are considered “bellwether” counties.

The cities might wind up controlling the ports, but the Red Countries control the food, energy and resource supplies. Won’t work out well for the blue islands dotting the landscape.


No “escape from New York.” There will be no escape. Nor LA.

Movies are sometimes a warning, like Long Kiss Goodnight was Mockingbird’s warning about 0/11.


Thanks Jonesy


Won’t be your normal Secession:

States like Virginia have most of the localities painted deep red,
California has a lot of red, too.

Point is, aside from some of the larger cities, there are many states that have patriots ruling the counties, with patriot Sheriffs and a patriotic populace. When you put the maps together, the Left is almost all in areas that can easily be sequestered and removed from the union. Hermetically sealed.

There is no need to cede the power of a state to minority landmass, and give the entire state to the Left. No need at all. They are surrounded, as any decent military intel planner could tell you.

So please stop saying that only whole states will secede: more like the offending, China-teat-sucking traitorous cities led by Leftist mayors will be locked down, sealed in and put under guard. National Guard. Governors who try to stop the removal of the treasonous big cities from the union should be held. That’s it: “held.”

Know when you have a winning hand, and look up: Help is on the way. Be in prayer and be sober.


Did anyone hear the THREATS spouted by the female black Michigan ‘legislator’ from the Detroit area?

Her comments threatening Trump supporters were and are chilling indeed.

I think I heard the GOP controlled legislator removed her from her position of leadership.

Sorry I don’t have all the details, hopefully Dave or some of his intrepid commenters can post the link here and elsewhere.

Sooner or later the GOP ‘leaders’ have to realize how poisonous this behavior of all the Leftists ‘leaders’ is, grow a backbone and put an end to all this schiff. This has reached critical mass and must be dealt with quickly. If she is significantly sanction, she will go all Stacy “Tank” Abrams and claim the double minority victimhood status of being both a woman and and an American of African descent.

So What?!?! Wrong is wrong no matter who commits the crime, or promotes violence against any group. It is high time all this Democratic Criminal Activity gets punished. If these actions and behavior are allowed to go unfettered, there WILL be a bloody divorce in the country sooner than later.

We will soon become the UNTIED STATES rather than the United States – we may already be irrevocably there.

This also goes way beyond President Trump; it strikes at the very heart of what America is supposed to stand for.

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