His Corrupt Goal Achieved, Emmet Sullivan Finally Relents

Corrupt federal judge Emmet Sullivan finally, at long last, dismissed the frame-up case against General Mike Flynn, but not before he had compiled and submitted a petulant, 42-page rant smearing the General one last time. Because that’s the kind of raging asshat Emmet Sullivan truly is.

“The history of the Constitution, its structure, and the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the pardon power make clear that President Trump’s decision to pardon Mr. Flynn is a political decision, not a legal one,” Sullivan said in his Tuesday order. “Because the law recognizes the President’s political power to pardon, the appropriate course is to dismiss this case as moot.”

To be clear, this case has been legally moot since last spring, when the Department of Justice admitted that the entire thing had begun as an effort by corrupt FBI officials to frame General Flynn as part of an Obama Administration plot to prevent him from becoming Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor. And to be clear, that plot ultimately worked, in large part thanks to Sullivan’s knowing and willing participation in it. Sullivan’s tireless efforts to repeatedly delay and string out the process were the main reason why this case lasted for more than three years, his gag order keeping Flynn quiet until after the 2020 election had come and gone.

That was the plan all along, and you have to give credit where credit is due. Flynn simply knew where too many of the Obama-era bodies were buried to ever be allowed to hold a high national security position in a Republican administration. So they framed him, persecuted him relentlessly through the Mueller Special Counsel Gestapo operation, and got to the federal judge in the case and convinced him to play his role. And Sullivan played that role to the hilt, resorting to all manner of extra-constitutional maneuvers to string the case along and avoid bringing it to a conclusion.

While we should all be happy for General Flynn and his new-found freedom, we must all also admit that the Deep State won in this instance, and Sullivan’s willingness to grotesquely corrupt his office was the deciding factor. Sadly for our country, there exists no viable means to hold this despicable judge accountable in any real way for his actions. The only legal means of doing so would be for congress to impeach him and remove him from office, but today’s congress can’t agree on what day it is, much less form a consensus around getting rid of an utterly crooked federal judge.

Thus, Emmet Sullivan, after abusing his office to destroy the life of a real, true American hero who has given his entire adult life to the service of this country, will now be allowed to fade back into the shadowy background where he had always functioned before the Flynn case landed in his court. Meanwhile, General Flynn can now go about trying to pick up the pieces and rebuild some semblance of the life he and his family once enjoyed.

This is how our country’s system of “justice” works in the 21st century, thanks to the corruption wrought by eight long years of America’s Worst Mistake, Barack Hussein Obama.

Godspeed, General Flynn.

That is all.

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Flynn should look into the possibility of suing Sullivan. I don’t know what the rules are regarding lawsuits against judges…but if he can’t sue Sullivan for malicious prosecution or something, he should be able to go after him for libel or slander or character assassination–Sullivan has committed all three against Flynn.


Totally agree… If citizens have suffered harm by a **cough** justices egregious ruling they should have the ability to file suit against that judge. I’d go further in saying that they should get htee strikes ur out. If ANY judge gets say three rulings overturned within a certain time span, say three in five years, then they get fired. IMO, this would help reducing activist rouge judges.


” But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

Seventy Six

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.

Sam Adams


I don’t see Sullivan as a victor, but a failure: his goal was to convict General Flynn, one way or another. General Flynn is now free to re-enter the battle.

Flynn is Joseph, unfairly prosecuted for a crime he didn’t commit, who was freed at at time when he was most needed; he saved Egypt and Israel from a great disaster, but even his trials were there for a reason: it was G0D’s will that caused Joseph to be delayed in his freedom, and the story is written by G0D with Joseph saving Egypt.

May the same story be written about General Flynn.

Sullivan is akin to Potiphar’s wife, a false accuser; in the Biblical account, we can only wonder at what Potiphar felt about his wife when Joseph was finally released and saved the nation, and we might ask what Potiphar’s wife felt too. Potiphar must have been embittered by having been fooled by such a wicked woman, and she must have been angry for being exposed.

We have seen this story with Kavanaugh, too, haven’t we? A false accuser, a complete fake, trying to bring down a righteous man. His accuser, likewise, was Potiphar’s wife.

Judge Sullivan is a false accuser, less than half a man, and in no way an arbiter of justice; remember this when General Flynn is in place.


On the money…


“The history of the Constitution, its structure, and the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the pardon power make clear that President Trump’s decision to pardon Mr. Flynn is a political decision, not a legal one.”

I guess this means to ‘Judge’ Sullivan, that no Democratic President ever issued a pardon based on a “political” decision.

Hey, you jerk, the DOJ dropped the case, you made your ongoing torment of this man a “political”, if not personal endeavor, and not a decision based on any legal substance or precedent.

And while Dave is right in that you achieved your goal of silencing Flynn, you also cemented your legacy of being a hack in good standing in the DC feral judicial branch of the swamp. With a ‘brilliant’ judicial mind such as yours I guess we should expect a btfsplk administration will choose you to be the tenth SJ judicial nominee as a payoff
when majority leader Chuck the Schmuck begins packing the new thirteen member Supreme Court.

The question I have is why would congress feel a need to pack the court when they already have the most “conservative” court in our lifetime already doing the Left’s bidding on every important issue. Why not let the 6-3 “conservative” court AND Bagpipe Bill Barr stay in their status quo position and provide cover for the radical Left? With “conservative” straight shooters like Barr and Mr. Roberts, doing your bidding, why change anything? The answer is the Radical Left is so petulant they will spike the ball every chance they get whether or not it is necessary.

Holder, Lynch, Sessions, or Barr. What is the difference?

Ginsburg, Soto-Mayor, Byer, Keagan, or Roberts. What is the difference?


I wonder if the corrupt judicial nonjudge has had a recent increase in his bank account, you know, like a several million dollar winnings from ‘interest’ earned from his HSBC acct or something similar.

An American Patriot

Emmet “Kelly” Sullivan will be his name forever. He transitioned his court into a “Circus”

Peter H Ferris

Come on, obamma was underrated, he gave us Fast and Furious, obammma care, the Paris climate accords,. gave Iran back a bunch of money, politicized the IRS, DOJ , FBI, CIA and all the other 3 letter agencies. Sowed so much discourse in his 8 years only to become the worst president since jimmy carter….He has done a lot….

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