DOJ Supposedly “Investigating” Hunter Biden’s Taxes. Yeah, Sure It Is.

It turns out that when you rake in millions from the ChiComs and crooked Ukrainian gas companies and don’t properly report it to the IRS, it actually raises some eyebrows. – Who could have known that? Certainly not Hunter Biden, who no doubt has just assumed that the fact that his Pop (you know, The Big Guy) is a card-carrying member of the DC Swamp, he’s grandfathered in under that same umbrella and thus immune to any action being taken against him by our fat, lazy Attorney General, William Barr and his do-nothing Department of Justice.

And hey, no one should get too excited about it, because it’s probably all just for show, but ne’er-do-well Hunter tweeted out a statement today announcing that he has been formally notified that he is under investigation by the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s office over his tax affairs:

How about that? Naturally, the DOJ’s slow-footed action here comes far too late to save the nation from a four-year term in the Oval Office by Hunter’s ChiCom sellout, mentally addled old geezer Pop (aka, The Big Guy), because that’s just how things happen in the DC Swamp.

From a story at USA Today:

President-elect Joe Biden’s transition announced Wednesday that his son, Hunter, is being investigated for his taxes by the U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware.

Hunter Biden was the focus of Republican complaints during the campaign for business dealings with Ukraine and China. But Hunter Biden hasn’t been charged and two Republican-led congressional committees in September found no wrongdoing by Joe Biden.

Political adversaries including President Donald Trump accused the former vice president of benefitting from his son’s business. But Joe Biden denied any illegal or unethical dealings with his son.

Hunter Biden said Wednesday that he learned Tuesday that federal prosecutors are investigating his tax affairs.

Hunter Biden waits for the start of his father's debate in October 2011 at Centre College in Danville, Ky.

“I take this matter very seriously but I am confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that I handled my affairs legally and appropriately, including with the benefit of professional tax advisors,” Hunter Biden said in a statement.

Biden’s transition office said in a statement that the president-elect “is deeply proud of my son, who has fought through difficult challenges, including the vicious personal attacks of recent months, only to emerge stronger.”


Hooboy. What a load of rank, smelly, fresh horse manure that last statement is. But hey, it was written by a team of Democrat message monkeys, so what else would we expect?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.


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Ben Colder

Surprise surprise the big guy is in the son got caught with his hand up her dress and guess what not a damned thing is going to happen .The big guy will look like the don he is the little guy might have to cough up a few bucks to the IRS its on to the good times just like always the swamp back to the same old tricks they have been doing for the last fifty years.and they wonder why their ratings are in the sewer every damned on of these bastards are corrupt as the mafia types they really are .The people get screwed again the dem/communist are right back to their old tricks only this time they sold out to the Chinese Communists.As for that fat bastard Barr he is part of the problem a swamp snake at his best.

ziegler von strahn

we used our super forensic recovery tool for all democrat devices: format c:

We found nothing…..


You win… 😀

Remo Williams

Whenever this “DOJ” “investigates” a demoncrat, the purpose is always to collect and bury the evidence.


As with the FBi, the department you named should be de-capitalized, to read Department of justice, or DOj. There is no justice in the department, not as long as China and their American conspirators call the shots.

Gypo O'Leary

if he goes to jail, he will smoke crack and get hand jobs…what the hell does he care


The DOJ and FBI are where investigations just go to die a long slow death at great expense to the American taxpayer. What a total waste of time and money on corrupt agencies just to assuage the public.


Call them the Federal Bureau of investigation. No cap on the “investigation.”

Grant Hodges

yeah, this is part of the coverup.


“…But Joe Biden denied any illegal or unethical dealings with his son.”

Ok, that’s it, btfsplk denied any wrong doing so let’s end the ‘investigation’.

Our ‘friends’ at the MSM (D) did their duty and reported the story, giving “fair and balanced” coverage to the btfsplk empire’s “mistakes”.

It is time to “MOVE ON”.org, so that the “office of the president elect” can continue with the “peaceful transfer of power” (and transfer this country into the crapper), which is the the hallmark of our “precious democracy.

Either that or this is the pretext of them being able to urge btfsplk to resign his ill gotten ‘presidency’ “with honor” like Nixon was allowed to do.

Karma Roundheels then pardons him/them (with the btfsplk clan keeping their ill gotten gains) like Ford did with Nixon, and then “she” and the real leader of the demoncrap party (‘The One’) resumes the fundamental transformation of the country. Some nothingburger loyal to the cause gets named as VP and we all just continue the march to hell.

Case Closed.

Brett Short

The pervert “Big Guy” is a lying SOB and deserves to go to prison for Treason against the Republic and American peoples.

Hollywood Babylon

Honk Honk!


If the DOJ actually investigates the Bidens it will be to acquire information to assist the FBI in covering up the Biden family criminality.


Make an anon call to the FBI stating you saw a noose on his garage door… they’ll send a team over there pronto … Might have to explain what all the chinese guests there are doing there.

Romy Swillman

Does the Big Guy owe any Back Taxes on his Cut ?

Meanwich Stinkburger

Bwahaha! Thanks for the laughs CCP/DOJ.


“One-on-one with Hunter Biden,” as in the headlines, has multiple meanings.


Hunted should have to pay income taxes on the labor he performed on the Moscow Mayor’s wife? Or is that just a rumor? (No offense to her; her bad taste is not a crime.)

Barr will find that it was not exempted or unearned income, but labor income, and will have to repay Social Security and Medicare payroll withholdings, even if the services performed were in Russia.


And the band played on…..


Silas – that’s exactly what happened the night of the Titanic disaster: rendered powerless as they were by impending doom.

Now 18 states are suing in the SC; NBADJT.

Keep the faith.


Boarwild – 😉 It’s gonna be an epic ass whoopin’ in the SC. I say it again, God Bless Texas

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