Tuesday News Roundup: Emmet Sullivan is Still out of Control and Elon Musk Flees to Texas

I’m old enough to remember when a presidential pardon meant something. – But it obviously means nothing to corrupt federal judges like Emmet Sullivan, the presiding judge in the frame-up case against General Mike Flynn. Despite the full and complete pardon issued by President Donald Trump a couple of weeks ago, Sullivan has decided to keep his kangaroo court persecuting Flynn running, most likely in an attempt to force Sidney Powell to take time away from pursuing her challenges to the Democrat theft of the presidential election in various states.

On Monday, Sullivan issued orders authorizing the continued filing of Amicus Briefs in the case:

From the article at Gateway Pundit:

Several minute orders by Sullivan were posted to the court docket Monday allowing the filing of amicus briefs in the Flynn case that were filed earlier in the fall when the GOJ motioned to dismiss the case against Flynn. Among those allowed to file are House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) joined by several committee members as well as former Watergate prosecutors. Sullivan refused to dismiss the case even with the charges dropped and has delayed ruling for months even though he was ordered by the D.C. Court of Appeals in a decision rejecting a writ of mandamus request filed by Flynn to “proceed with appropriate dispatch” on the motion to dismiss. That ruling came on August 31. Sullivan is now dragging the case out into December with no end in sight unless another mandamus case is filed by the DOJ or Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell.


So, at this point we have a rogue judge who has ignored the outright dropping of this farce of a case by the Department of Justice and an outright presidential pardon. Should Sullivan ultimately attempt to enforce a prison sentence on General Flynn, by what real authority would any law enforcement officer with a conscience and allegiance to his oath of office act to enforce it?

If anything, Sullivan’s ongoing abuse of his office cry out for the need to devise a system of holding federal judges more accountable, because in today’s political environment, there is no such system that is actually viable.

You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas.” – Sam Houston. – Yesterday I wrote about the plan by management at New York financial icon Goldman Sachs to move a big part of its business operations out of the high tax environment of Manhattan to the friendlier fields of Florida.

Today, we have reports that Elon Musk, who already moved his Tesla truck building plant to Texas, also quietly moved his charitable foundation to the Lone Star State earlier this year.

From the story at Business Insider:

Elon Musk moved his charitable foundation to Texas in October, months before the latest round of speculation around the Tesla CEO potentially leaving California.

Documents filed with the Texas Secretary of State’s office, first spotted by Bloomberg on Monday, show the non-profit merged its existing California entity with a newer one based in Austin, where Tesla is building a factory.

The filing is the latest in a string of signs pointing to Musk’s possible exit from California, which began with a tirade against the state’s coronavirus prevention measures this spring. Most recently, CNBC reported that Musk had told close associates he was planning a move to Texas.

The billionaire has already been spending plenty of time in the Lone Star State, where his other venture, SpaceX, has a launch pad. Beyond COVID-19 restrictions that forced Tesla to temporarily close its factory, California also has some of the highest income tax rates in the country. Musk, the highest paid CEO in the country last year, could stand to save a pretty penny by declaring himself of income tax-less Texas.


For all you Californians who keep voting for Democrats, this is an object lesson on the base problem with socialism: At some point, you run out of other people’s money to steal. Elon Musk, moving his money away of your state’s grasping politicians, is just the canary in a very big coal mine.

Also for you California natives planning to move to Texas along with Mr. Musk: Don’t come down here and continue to vote for Democrats, as so many of your fellow Californians have stupidly done. Our tolerance level for that bullshit is pretty much all used up.  Thanks.

AOC, Goya’s Employee of the Month. – This is epic:

You gotta love that guy. Buy Goya any chance you get.

Progress in Arizona and Michigan. – Court cases in the two states took steps forward on Monday with positive rulings by state-level judges.

In Arizona, the state’s Supreme Court has agreed to review a case filed by the Arizona GOP. From a story at JustTheNews:

Arizona’s top court has consented to review an appeal connected to the state Republican Party chair’s challenge of Arizona’s election result certification.

The state Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward lodged a notice of appeal on Friday subsequent to Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Steven Warner dismissing the suit.

Maricopa County had nearly 28,000 duplicate ballots and when 1,626 of those were reviewed, nine included an error regarding the duplication of the vote for president, Warner’s decision noted. The court had ordered that counsel could check 100 duplicate ballots and then Maricopa County provided even more than that for the review.

In a video posted on Monday, Ward said “we are asking to look at the 28,000 duplicated ballots that are in Maricopa County alone as well as all of the digitally adjudicated ballots. Now, if you look statewide, because we’d love to look at those as well, there are well over 100,000 ballots that could be affected and that is more than enough to swing this election.”



Meanwhile, in Michigan, a state district judge granted a resident with legal standing the right to perform a forensic audit of Dominion Systems machines and software in Antrim County. From a story at UncoverDC:

Central Lake resident, William Bailey filed a complaint on Nov. 23, arguing that there was election fraud in Antrim County, along with a violation of the “purity of election clause” and requested access to the county’s 22 precinct tabulators, thumb drives, software, and the clerk’s “master tabulator.” Bailey became suspicious when a review of election results turned up 6,000 votes that had been incorrectly attributed to candidate Joe Biden. His original complaint stated the following: “Constitutional right to accuracy and integrity of elections; violation of the purity of elections clause; election fraud; common law election fraud; equal protection violation; statutory election fraud violations.”

He is represented by Matthew S. DePerno, of Portage, Michigan. The lawsuit is separate from the Trump team lawsuit but the results will be accessible by the Trump lawyers. DePerno also plans to file a lawsuit against the State of Michigan for the 161-page contract they signed in 2017 with DVS because the state signed off on the contract knowing it would not be allowed to look under the hood of the machines and their software—something DePerno contends is unconstitutional.


While these small movements in the process are nice, it should be noted that the Electoral College meets in 6 days to formally decide the election.

Time is growing short and a big win at the highest level is much needed.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I won’t say either way what I believe. I only know what I want to believe, and if you want to be a good analyst, you have to dissociate with your own agendas and desires. Which is why the CIA under Brennan was such a sh-t-show, since he has such poor emotional control and his agenda shows in every word he says.

I know that credible reports are sometimes hidden in reports that have snags.

Mockingbird; always look to what movies are really saying:
Men In Black: check the Cheat Sheets, the tabloids. The movie is a thinly disguised plug for Intel agencies, demonstrating how much we need them.

After they’ve lied for 4 years about Russiagate to cover their participation of the sale of our nation to the Chinese Communists? How much DO we need them?

Oh, right: they’ll set up another 9/11 to show how vital they are to our national interests. Of course, SSDD. I don’t have to dissociate to understand that these people want us all dead.


Brian – I read that as well, this is starting to get more interesting as it goes along.


Yikes. That ended well.


Here’s the skinny on Barr. I didn’t watch it as I can’t stand the monotonous droning narrator.
I last maybe 30 seconds and then shut it off.



Sullivan tossed in the towel today. He’s dismissd the case as moot.


Since Flynn has a presidential pardon, can’t Sullivan’s lunacy literally just be ignored? If not…isn’t there SOMEONE in authority, over Sullivan, who will end the case FOR him? I don’t get it…somehow Emmet Sullivan gets the last say in the American Justice System? I mean, it’s absurd. As for Musk…he’s mad because the Left is damaging his bottom line…but other than that he’s just another one of them. He’ll go poison Texas with Liberal values.


Sullivan has suddenly thrown in the towel! Wonder what spurred that?


I also heard a rumor that Barr may be bailing shortly. ?

Carlos Dangler

I really enjoyed that brief interlude, Silas!
Has anyone seen Gina lately????


Carlos – It’s kind of like the game Where’s Waldo? Nobody seems to know.
Strange ain’t it?

James Benoit

Correct! Before the Alamo, as he left Tennessee for Texas.


It is becoming more and more obvious that we may have to take this country back by force starting with convincing these radical lefty-wing judges to leave the country and work on the DemocRATs next.


It would be fun to have Sidney Powell make a pubic announcement that she has recommended to General Flynn to completely ignore any statements or orders from Judge Sullivan in the future.

Rudy Wills

It was Davy Crockett that said “… y’all can go to Hell I’m going to Texas”, not Sam Houston. What a great quote.


Flynn can ignore the sullivan smuck. He can’t be arrested on charges that have been dismissed or pardoned. All he has to do if an arrest is attempted is to ask what the charges are for the arrest. His answer… those don’t exist, and leave it as that.

A mechanism needs to be in place to remove rouge judicial buttwipes.


If they attempt to arrest him, expect a military action immediately to free him, with Sullivan arrested instead. His orders are illegal.

General Flynn needs extra security.

Franks, Peter Franks

Esteemed CCP/CPUSA comrade kommissar Sullivan is under orders from the immaculate Hussein Hopenchange because Flynn is a major thorn in the side of the deep state.
You can trust Trump, Flynn, Miller in the cess ridden Mordor on the swamp and that is about it.
All the rest are CCP/CPUSA traitor fifth column RAT POS Quislings.


I’m a Texan, Abbott has now allowed one the the biggest satanic worshippers into the state.
Why Texas, why not any of the other states that have no state income tax?!
The elite are moving their business to red states in order to kill those states Republican governments.
Goldman Sachs to Florida as well? There will be no land of the free or home of the brave left for us to live in peaceably.

Barry bin Inhalin

Emmet who?

Just Me

Just posting to follow the comments.


Off Topic and in the conspiracy theory realm


An interesting read and speaking from experience, it’s a good question. I was in SAC and we rarely, if ever, had more than one or two bases experiencing an exercise at the same time. The idea of tying up too many assets at any one time is not a good one.


The article is inspirational, to be sure. Hope it’s true.

“Singing like a canary.” My favorite line.


Saw this too… def interesting…

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