The Kraken Gets Crushed and Goldman Sachs Escapes From New York

Sidney Powell  and her vaunted “Kraken” election fraud lawsuits have now been summarily dismissed by federal judges in not one, but two different states: Georgia and Michigan. Making matters worse for the bombastic attorney, the dismissals have come in bipartisan fashion, first from an Obama-appointed judge in Michigan and then from a George W. Bush appointee in Georgia. Really not a good outcome or look at all for Powell, who has deployed the most inflammatory rhetoric imaginable around her challenges to the obvious Democrat fraud that took place around the November 3 elections.

Here’s an excerpt from a Detroit Free Press story on the Michigan dismissal:

A Michigan federal judge has ruled against a sweeping legal bid to overturn election results in the state, determining the lawsuit brought by an ally of President Donald Trump was riddled with “theories, conjecture and speculation” but little evidence of wrongdoing.

U.S. District Judge Linda V. Parker ruled against a request from Sidney Powell — an attorney disavowed by the Trump campaign who still champions its causes — to force the state to award its electoral votes to Trump despite President-elect Joe Biden winning the state.

“In fact, this lawsuit seems to be less about achieving the relief Plaintiffs seek — as much of that relief is beyond the power of this Court — and more about the impact of their allegations on People’s faith in the democratic process and their trust in our government,” reads a portion of the 36-page opinion.

“Plaintiffs ask this Court to ignore the orderly statutory scheme established to challenge elections and to ignore the will of millions of voters. This the Court cannot, and will not, do. The people have spoken.”


Now, here’s an excerpt from an story about the Georgia decision:

ATLANTA — UPDATE: Judge Timothy Batten in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia has dismissed the lawsuit.

A similar suit in Michigan was also dismissed this morning.

It’s likely Powell will appeal to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, which itself over the weekend dismissed a similar suit brought by the attorney Lin Wood.

The sprawling suit at its core alleges a wide-ranging conspiracy perpetrated by international and domestic actors to use Dominion Voting Systems, the company that makes the voting machines for Georgia and a number of other states, to rig the election for Joe Biden, in large part by switching votes from President Trump to Biden.

Georgia’s hand-count audit of all 5 million of Georgia’s paper votes (both those printed out by the Dominion machines, which were reviewed by voters, and those submitted by mail) confirmed the original machine count, and a machine recount has so far confirmed those two previous counts, making it highly implausible the results were manipulated at any point.

Powell and those who have given testimony for her have instead argued that in Georgia, fraudulent ballots were inserted into the system and the hand-count was conducted in a manner to deliberately overlook them. They have not offered direct material evidence of this, instead at a Georgia Senate hearing last week presenting data analysis and accounts of various individuals who served as poll workers or observers during the election and audit.


Ms. Powell, for whom I continue to have great respect, will no doubt appeal both cases up the chain until she can get one or both heard before the U.S. Supreme Court. But in doing so, she and her cohort Lin Wood would be well-advised to spend less time doing media interviews and staging pep rallies and more time compiling actual proof of their claims. Doing that would be a real service to everyone.

Meanwhile, Business Insider has a story today indicating that Goldman Sachs management may have finally had enough of Bill De Blasio’s and Andrew Cuomo’s high taxes and general bullshit and is preparing to move its asset management operations to Florida.

Here’s an excerpt from that wonderful story:

Goldman Sachs, an icon of New York finance headquartered in a downtown Manhattan skyscraper a short walk from Wall Street, is considering shifting its asset management operations to Florida, according to a new report.

Company executives have looked at possible South Florida office space near Miami, covering areas like Palm Beach County and Fort Lauderdale, people with knowledge of the matter told Bloomberg News.

If the plans pan out, the bank would join other New York-based financial services firms in making similar moves out of the state and to cheaper states and markets as the coronavirus pandemic spurred a wave of remote work.

Goldman Sachs has been speaking with local Florida officials and considering the lower taxes there, per the report. While Bloomberg reported that it is unclear how many people could locate there, staff would include a mix of back-office staff and investment professionals, according to two of the people Bloomberg spoke with.


Hey, anything bad happening to the despicable creeps who run New York is great for the rest of the country.

Just a bit of good news on an otherwise gloomy day.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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[…] flight from high tax Democrat states accelerates. – Yesterday I wrote about the plan by management at New York financial icon Goldman Sachs to move a big part of its business […]


Brian – don’t feel bad. Even though I have all my different browsers set to delete the data and cache when closing, for some reason Dave’s site always loads the last page I viewed. So first thing each morning I have to flush the cache and data before loading the days morning posts. Then if he does an afternoon post, again flush first.
It even happens if there are replies on a certain post. I see the replies when I open the post, not on the side that shows the most recent replies.

Not sure if it’s askimet or WordPress. Damn inconvenient.


Doesn’t matter if I dump everything. I noticed for a while I could post replies of any length then from one reply to the next it went to only a few lines allowed.

and its only here.


Its looking bad folks, but I think we have to run the clock down to the last few seconds. Yep, we’re losing some cases in the lower courts. Keep appealing until someone sees this for what it is…total and utter fraud. The swamp is fighting back in everyway, trying to discredit this whole effort. And with Giuliani sidelined, they will be emboldened. The real test will be when the SCOTUS reviews these cases and makes the decision to hear them or decline.


I disagree, its not looking bad but is in fact looking very good. The lower courts are essentially kicking it up to the SC quicker than ever. Giuliani isn’t sidelined either.

Horny the Clown

Remember El Rushbo warning of all the poison pills (judges) that Hussein Hopenchange was leaving everywhere as part of the Fundamental Zimbabwe Transformation?
Now you see the bitter poison fruit.
Enjoy this election and president Trump as there will never be another but thankfully preezy of the steezy Stacy Abrams will lead us to Wakanda! Her “historic” election will be a 50 state sweep tabulated in two hours. Forward. Yes we can!


Okay, so now it gets more interesting. Lifted from another Disqus forum post

Tylor Barbara Rose Rights • 3 hours ago

Shocking! In March 2020 the Chicago Election Board Approved Providing Remote Access to
Dominion for the 2020 Election – How Many Other Election Boards Did the Same Thing?
This allowed Dominion Voting contractor personnel, including election Systems Administrators and technicians from Dominion FULL remote access to Chicago election systems from anywhere. Thus Dominion Voting systems administrators had free and open access (and opportunity) to tamper with our election systems and data for 7 1/2 months prior to the election. They would have had full access to all voter registration information poll books, requests for absentee ballots, voter mailout lists, virtually EVERYTHING related to elections.
Dominion was running the show in US elections around the country. Who allows contractors to run elections?

In a video online from March 2020, the Chicago Election Board held an emergency meeting where they approved providing Dominion Voting Systems the right to remotely access their machines during the 2020 election.


sigh… now my replies won’t post again…


Ditto, seenthismovie. The cases keep getting closer to the SC.


Judge Parker’s editorialization is clear evidence of bias:

“Don’t show us the facts because they’re inconvenient” is what she (the Judge) means.




Brian – Fraud proven on just one Dominion machine will be the ultimate MOAB. Every one of the states that used them will be tainted and thus will be thrown out. And a certain Governor and his SOS who just had to install them as part of a deal with a certain, shall we say opposition loser who never conceded her gubernatorial loss to the aforementioned Governor, may be getting charged in said fraud as well. And her along with them.


There is no shortage of evidences, in fact there may to much evidence. An over abubundance of evidence can drown out what really needs to be shown. Like what happens when a FOIA request is given and to hide evidence the department buries you in paper.

This has to get to the SC. When one state faalls because of Dominion server/software manipulation, then they all drop like domino’s. It’ll cascade, have patience on this one. Not a have patience on a Bagpipe, but in this the trump fronts, have patience.

What I don’t get is the immediate piling on of the Trump Front when things are moving faster than ever. Weeks as opposed to years.


They need machines to back up their witnesses. As for getting denied in the lower courts, expected.

It’s radioactive and if the judges can kick the can down the road, they’ll do it.

Sydney and Lin best be getting some machines that still have the dirty software and related vote tabulation data on them. Otherwise, it’s game over when they land in the SC.


It all has to get to the SC first… I’ve read a few articles etc that the GA incursion, by the white hats, has produced s number of good evidences. From not only hard drives copied but hard drives found in drawers and a bunch of USB sticks as well.

EVEN if they, wood/powell didn’t have this the shear volume of evidences piling up can’t be ignored. People have gone to jail for a LOT less evidences than what this has produced. This was a HUGE fraud and its impossible to hide something this big.

This has to all get to the SC first, then the next step will be determined after a SCOTUS ruling. Plenty of options on the table.


I agree! The goal is the Supreme Court!


It’s too early to pile on Sydney. Patience grasshopper.


Is a George Bush judge supposed to inspire confidence somehow? Quite the opposite. John Roberts is a George Bush judge. Souter is a Daddy Bush judge! I don’t trust Bush anything!

Just Me

In the end, God wins it all; as in every thing.


As we have seen too often, judges are too often political flacks & don’t forget George W. Bush – or more accurately Elmer Fudd – appointed CJ John Roberts, so the stain won’t come off.

They’re keeping their eyes on the prize, the SC.


I don’t get it either Boar… The goal has always been the SC and the ‘discredited’ Sidney Powell comment is worth about as much as a square of used toilet paper. What I also don’t get is the build a case with evidence comments either.

The THOUSANDS of affidavits ARE evidence, as is the statistical analysis thats been shown. Soon to follow will be the forensic evidence from the drives of the corrupt servers. SMEG’N ell just how much more is needed?!?!?

Do you feel sorry for yourselvers honestly think a judge appointed by a rino, BUSH, is going to act any different than a demoncrap?!?!? You think only one rino Roberts was appointed??? wowsers… give your heads a shake, wake up. This HAS to go to the SCOTUS, first.



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