Monday News Roundup: China, not Russia, is America’s Real Adversary

While the Democrats and corrupt news media – all of whom are beholden to China – were distracting the nation by painting Russia as our nation’s boogeyman, here is what was really happening in the world. – If you read just one item of news today, read the op/ed piece Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe authored for the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal.

In that piece, DNI Ratcliffe details chapter and verse why China – not Russia and a fading Putin – is America’s #1 adversary in the world, and how it is infiltrating our economic, economic and political systems to subvert our country to its will without firing a shot.

Here is an excerpt from that piece just to whet your appetite:

Within intelligence agencies, a healthy debate and shift in thinking is already under way. For the talented intelligence analysts and operators who came up during the Cold War, the Soviet Union and Russia have always been the focus. For others who rose through the ranks at the turn of this century, counterterrorism has been top of mind. But today we must look with clear eyes at the facts in front of us, which make plain that China should be America’s primary national security focus going forward.

Other nations must understand this is true for them as well. The world is being presented a choice between two wholly incompatible ideologies. China’s leaders seek to subordinate the rights of the individual to the will of the Communist Party. They exert government control over companies and subvert the privacy and freedom of their citizens with an authoritarian surveillance state.

We shouldn’t assume that Beijing’s efforts to drag the world back into the dark will fail just because the forces of good have triumphed before in modern times. China believes that a global order without it at the top is a historical aberration. It aims to change that and reverse the spread of liberty around the world.

Beijing is preparing for an open-ended period of confrontation with the U.S. Washington should also be prepared. Leaders must work across partisan divides to understand the threat, speak about it openly, and take action to address it.

This is our once-in-a-generation challenge. Americans have always risen to the moment, from defeating the scourge of fascism to bringing down the Iron Curtain. This generation will be judged by its response to China’s effort to reshape the world in its own image and replace America as the dominant superpower. The intelligence is clear. Our response must be as well.


Think of how America’s posture towards the ChiCom government is going to shift if China Joe Potato Head Biden, whose family has profited to the tune of millions from Chinese interests over the past decade, is installed into the presidency. Think of how easy it will then become for Xi Jinping and the ChiComs to subvert our political system, especially if the Democrats win both runoff elections in Georgia and assume control of both houses of congress.

In the media, talking heads at every major TV and radio outlet and newspapers have been spouting ChiCom talking points for years now, with their social media cohorts censoring anti-China messaging on their platforms. Our major universities have for years now taken millions from ChiCom interests to fund pro-China propaganda classes and professors.

This is serious stuff, folks. Deadly serious.

In the political system, ChiCom efforts to bribe and influence politicians is not limited to Washington. Watch the reactions of several governors as Sec. State Mike Pompeo details Chinese corruption at the state level at their Winter Meeting of the National Governors Association:

If you think it’s not really important for President Trump to prevail in his efforts to overturn the stolen election, think again. If you think the results of the Georgia runoffs and who ultimately controls the U.S. Senate are not important, think again.

Russia is just a Democrat fantasy, propaganda pushed out to the public for the last 5 years in a concerted effort with the corrupt news media to obscure the real threat to our nation posed by China. America has one clear and present adversary that is a real threat to its ultimate survival, and Vladimir Putin has nothing to do with it.

Meanwhile, in other news…. – Rudy Giuliani tested positive for COVID-19, because of course he did:


Hey, look, the FBI appears to be doing something productive! – It’s probably just a shiny object aimed at propping up the dumpster fire Bureau’s disastrous reputation, but FBI agents did seem to conduct an actual raid on a residence in Arizona’s Maricopa County (home to Phoenix and more than half of the state’s voters) on Sunday:

From the story at

On the morning of November 5, as the 2020 election hung in the balance, Arizona federal agents raided a two-story house in Fountain Hills, Maricopa County, a county that had become a key battleground in the presidential race. The agents were looking for evidence of a cyberattack on an unnamed organization and stolen voter data. They left with eight hard drives, three computers and a bag of USB sticks. The resident of the property, a 56-year-old IT expert named Elliot Kerwin, was served the warrant. He is not yet facing charges and was unreachable for comment at the time of publication. There is no indication that anything other than voters’ information, which can be acquired for a few hundred dollars in Arizona counties, was taken from the affected office.

The warrant, discovered by Forbes this week, reveals investigators have been looking into a computer intrusion at an unnamed “victim office,” which occurred from October 21 to November 4. At the Kerwin residence, they were looking for any evidence within the seized computers that showed they’d been used to access the IT network at the office, as well as “protected voters’ information” and any indication that it had been disseminated to other people.

Of the 15 county recorder’s offices contacted by Forbes about the investigation, only one, Maricopa County, confirmed voter data had been stolen, noting that a federal investigation was under way. The Maricopa County Recorder’s office, which is just 30 minutes’ drive south from Kerwin’s home, did not confirm whether or not the investigation was the same as that referred to in the search warrant.


Ok, so, the raid took place over a month ago and the county officials claim that a “federal investigation” is taking place. Meanwhile, the Electoral College is scheduled to meet and vote a week from today. Do any of you think the FBI and DOJ will produce a shred of results from their “investigation” if those findings would benefit Donald Trump and his quest to prove the massive voter fraud that the Democrats perpetrated in the state of Arizona?

If so, shoot me an email. I’ve got some prime real estate I’d like to talk to you about buying. Thanks.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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No question China now in a favorable position to take over and America busy destroying any capability to avoid it.
The Chinese People understand about the Chinese Communist Party.
The American people are about to learn and likely only a good communist will learn to love them.
The main thing is you can forget your freedom and the Bill of Rights, but the American people through their elected representatives and their courts have been trying to get rid of them for a long time so it shouldn’t be any great hardship and they let income inequality go to their heads, with all the billionaires then supporting the Democrats, who were only too happy to take their money.

Show me

China takes over with the Biden inauguration.
Biden’s jobs is to open up America to China’s occupation. There was never a war, wasn’t necessary, China has been invited in as the invited guest and given the keys and combinations to running the country. Expect a disarmament pact in which America dismantles its nuclear arsenal as a good will gesture to China and invites Chinese officials to participate in government, industry, academic and religious planning groups and negotiates Chinese favoring trade and commerce agreements, essentially reparations for the Cold War which America lost and China won, and won by America’s democratic vote when they elected the Democrats to hold the controlling interests and run the country.


wait…i thought global warming was the biggest adversary? when did russia and china frog leap climate change?


Her psychiatrist probably screens his calls to avoid her.


More off topic

This is the left. This is the face of “tolerance”. This is the people calling for “unity”.
We are going end up in CWII yet due to people like her.


She’s brave, behind the safety of her vehicle. Put her in a one-on-one situation, and she’d melt like a pad of butter on a hot sidewalk. Double middle-fingers don’t work so much, either as offensive or defensive tools. Bet her psychiatrist is on speed dial.


Off Topic

If was it antifa, they like using mortars for commercial fireworks as IEDs. They have been doing that in Portland.

I hope this isn’t the harbinger of things to come, but as I had said earlier, prepare yourselves.

The Ecstasy of Gold

Infiltrated and conquered without a shot. Aided and abetted by a traitorous fifth column of Quisling RATS.
Don’t get cocky CCP because you couldn’t have done it without their help.
WAR is now and it is a disinfo/agitprop hybrid style which we are wholly unprepared for and we are losing.
All institutions are infiltrated. All enemedia and social media. Healthcare, courts, alphabet soup agencies, education, finance, everything.
Plan accordingly.

Just Me

The Left and its fellow traveling RINOs are banking on the metastasized cancer eating away at what Republic we have left will be so overwhelming that it saps the will of those remaining who are willing oppose them.

Ben Colder

I think this article is right on again .Trump knows what the Chinese are up to he has been telling us for the last four years what they are .As for the Russians They are not our friends either but they are weak right now ,What I wonder about is what if they join forces?Most of the world hate the US mostly because of envy .Yet the people all want to come here that will change if the communists take control can you say Ma Commie Harris?


As far as the FBI getting involved? Kabuki.

You folks in the Bureau have to prove you’re worth keeping. We already know your leadership isn’t.


Russian vessels ARE moving off the east coast in increasing numbers. They are not friends, but they are nowhere near the adversaries as China – either economically or militarily.

But you hit the nail on the head, Dave, although you may have missed the part about pictures of Hunter Biden allegedly having carnal relations with young Chinese girls.

Chinese “massage” parlors are all over the place, and don’t think for a moment that they don’t have pictures of your favorite judge or politician receiving a “happy ending.” These women are trafficked, not legitimate therapists, and are as much victims as any other trafficked group. They are, in short, sex slaves. It is lucrative, but what is more lucrative is the leverage they gain over the legal system and elected officials.

Fentanyl, also, is a Chinese-made and delivered product. Lethal in small doses. Border control is needed, which is why Dems don’t want it.

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