Despite Trump Rally, Things are not Looking Good in Georgia Runoffs

This happened in Valdosta, Georgia last night:

Thousands of Georgians turned out to see President Donald Trump speak, exemplars of the 75 million Americans who voted for him in November and who won’t be just fading into the woodwork in the wake of this clearly stolen election. At several junctures throughout the night, the crowd of patriots loudly stated what they intend to keep doing:

Naturally, no TV outlet carried the rally as the corrupt media continues its efforts to bully the public into accepting an election stolen vial massive voter fraud, but the event attracted hundreds of thousands of viewer via various livestreams:

The rally was ostensibly held to build support for Georgia’s two RINO senate candidates, Kelly Loeffler – an appointee of corrupt RINO Gov. Brian Kemp – and Sonny Perdue, who has all the leadership qualities of the average river flounder. The President called the two candidates up onto the stage to speak to the crowd, but they both cut themselves short, as Loeffler’s utterly embarrassing speech was met with only tepid applause and the crowd simply drowned Perdue out with another round of its’ “Fight For Trump” chant.

Vernon Jones, the Democrat Georgia State Representative turned Trump supporter, told an interviewer that these Senate runoff elections are vital to the country’s future: “As Georgia goes, the country goes,” he said.

And he’s right. As repugnant as Loeffler and Perdue might be to Trump supporters, Georgia presents the voters with yet another choice between useless RINOs who care only about power and greed but would likely vote the right way most of the time, and two radical Democrats who want to destroy the American Republic. Trump is trying to convince his army of supporters to once again hold their collective noses and turn out en masse to ensure the RINOs win.

The big problem is this: These Trump supporters clearly see Kemp and Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger doing nothing whatsoever to ensure that the method of counting votes – you know, the method that allowed the Democrats to steal the state for Joe Biden on November 3 – is changed for the January runoffs. In fact, these two obviously corrupt officials have spent the last month twisting themselves into pretzels in their frantic efforts to avoid changing a damn thing.

To make things even worse, neither Perdue nor Loeffler are visibly doing anything to urge their fellow RINOs to act to secure the process.

It’s hard to expect the Trump army to get itself all worked up to get out and support this collection of surrender monkeys in the absence of the slightest sign of good faith from a single one of them. Thus, unless something truly major happens to shift that current dynamic in the state, no one should expect either GOP candidate to prevail on January 5. Even if they collect more legal votes than their opponents, the Democrats will just go create as many as they need to change the outcome, and do it all under the not-so-watchful eyes of Kemp and Raffensperger.

“If we don’t vote, we will lose the country,” Loeffler said before she exited the stage in embarrassment. While that is almost certainly true, it remains a mystery why Loeffler and Perdue continue to refuse to do anything real to make sure Trump voters turn out for them.

It’s as if the RINO-dominated Georgia GOP actually wants to lose. We should all ask ourselves why that would be the case.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Elephant in the room

If Loeffler and Perdue wanted to win their runoff and actually cared about this country they would have had Trump’s back this whole time. They would be screaming at the top of their lungs about the fraud in Georgia and across the nation until they were literally dragged off stage at every event they held. They would have shown up to Lin Wood and Powell’s rally. I live in Georgia and if they want my vote and the votes of nearly every single person I know then they will get on the freaking ball and call out the biggest crime in all of American history. If they can’t even do that then what should we expect a Republican Senate to do…roll over like they ALWAYS have. It’s what these two clowns are doing even now…rolling over. If you won’t fight for America I am not fighting for you…


Folks, if these two Republicans do not win, guess what happens. Well, for starters, Sleepy joey The Demented One, will commence to pack the Court, Beto will commence tearing down the Southern border wall, he will collect our guns, ban the sale of ammunition, all Trump’s tax cuts will be revoked, tariffs will all be removed from China, we will be paying trillions to the Paris accords, so they can give same to the African dictators to make them trillionaires, ad infinitum. I am kinda afraid for our future, folks.


Yes I want the Repubs to hold the Senate, even though only four or five of them out of the 53 total can be called patriotic conservatives.

No I don’t like the idea of the criminal Georgia state election officials (most of whom are Repubs) of first stealing my vote for Trump and then if I vote again, stealing my vote for Warnock and Ossoff. “Steal my vote once, shame on you. Steal my vote a second time shame on me.”

Glad I live in Texas.

Martin Ghioto

Sonny Perdue isn’t running for the US Senate

Stephen Adam Robinson

That is what happened in Michigan as well as several other districts. Trump voters came out in unprecedented numbers so computer programs then added votes to Biden causing 120 – 130% of registered voters to have cast their votes. The explanation that the rolls weren’t updated for voters turning 18 or moving into the county doesn’t hold up as those voters would be required to register before they could cast a legal ballot. Not updating the rolls generally would mean to many are left on the rolls and lower percentages.
Bottom line, Just Me, even when Trump voters come out in high enough numbers the never Trump Dems and Repubs will come together to say nothing to see here, move along.
We need the house to reject disputed electors then vote Trump the elected President for 2021. I still not sure why all the pundits are so sure if it goes to the house that the delegations will vote Trump and not buckle to the pressure and say Biden won popular vote by 5 – 8 million votes so select him. Provided we hold the senate, I believe it increases the chance that the house would not put Trump back in the White House. Would love to see everyone reaction if they select Mike Pence to serve as POTUS.


This has always been about getting the machines in the hands of experts to prove what Dominions own people were teaching the end users: the votes can be manipulated by adjusting
the percentage of each vote for each nominee.

Once it’s shown that these machines were corrupted to shave votes from Trump and add votes to Biden, it’s done. Fraud is fraud and all 28 states that used Dominion machines will have to have their electors denied.

it’s off to the House then and if any Republican votes for Biden their gravy train comes to a screeching halt.


Well my friend if the report from Dr Shiva is true and the Dominion machines shaved 22% off Trump and gave that to Biden then yep, its completely provable fraud.

Fraud that any court simply cannot ignore. Proof is simple, take the machine before a judge and run an equal amount of ballots for each and see what the results are. When the judge sees right in front of his bench the discrepancies then its undeniable. There should be 50% to each side from the total fed in. But when it coughs up ANY number different than that, the judge will be required to act on it.

Like I stated a little bit ago… some people are going to jail and eyes on GA. Get’n juicy.


Treason, sedition and fraud. Replace Barr, Wray and Haspel the minute the vote is done and
hose out all three organizations.

Then start serving indictments and subpoenas. Lots of them. Gitmo may have to get more cells built.

Peter Grynch

Robb Hurst, CPA on Twitter: “And found this.… “ › robbhurstCPA › status
5 hours ago — Replying to @robbhurstCPA. Dominion Voting Systems rolling out new line of ballot tabulation machines for

GA Rep Says Forensic Tests Run On Sequestered Dominion … › 2020/12 › georgia-dominion…
3 hours ago — Remember those sequestered Dominion voting machines in Georgia? … Well, forensic tests have been run on some of them according to GA Rep. … Rob Hurst, a CPA shared the shocking information on his Twitter account:.

Election 2020: Setting the Record Straight – Dominion Voting … › election2020-setting-the-r…
3 days ago — Dominion Voting Systems has been the target of election … to federal and state authorities as terms of product testing and system certification.
Missing: cpa ‎| Must include: cpa

Dominion Voting Systems’ Democracy Suite › Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5-A
Dec 20, 2018 — EXAMINATION RESULTS OF DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS DEMOCRACY … The Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5A voting system consists of the … American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Attestation.

Robb Hurst, CPA ‘s tweet – “And found this. ” – › twitter › tweet
2 hours ago — @robbhurstCPA | 21,568 followers … Dominion system flips GA Trump votes to Biden. … True test here!… 10:18 …

THIS IS BIG: Using sequestered Dominion Equipment, Ware … › this-is-big-using-sequestered-do
5 hours ago — THIS IS BIG: Using sequestered Dominion Equipment, Ware County ran a equal number of Trump votes and Biden votes through the … … it does not appear likely that he was part of the forensic team that performed the test on the ballots since you can’t …

Dominion voting machine algorithm revealed – › forums › General › Dominion-voting…
3 days ago — Dominion voting machine algorithm revealed (Page 1 of 2) … … way of saying a County voting machine was tested and gave too many votes to Biden.


What needs to happen in Georgia is for Georgians to flood the Governors’ office with phone calls 24/7 demanding a paper ballot vote and no Dominion tally machines. Hand count with observers from both parties. No stopping the vote until every cast ballot is counted and every signature verified. It’s not that hard and there is time to do it. It’s a matter of the voters of Georgia making it happen.

Fawn Liebowitz Memorial Kiln

I’d rather have Flounder from Animal House. I got a huge belly laugh out of that commentator last year during the Peach Mint hysteria who said that Trump is Bluto Blutarski who just keeps on chugging along like a road paver or freight train.
We can have fun with the fundamental Zimbabwe transformation by throwing wrenches in the works everywhere.
Troll calls from polls, put on a go along get along facade with friends and fam, laugh hysterically at some Sodom and Gomorrah entertainment distraction show and say that you are wildly entertained when you are really laughing at the absurdity of it all.
Just do enough to get by and try not to contribute too much to a fundamentally destroyed society.
Turn off sportsball and teevee as they are proven enemy comms.
They can never have your valuable headspace unless you let them in.


Love your title and your last line.


It’s all moot. The election fraud has gone unpunished and Republicans have proven that they are powerless to stop or correct it. These seats will simply be stolen, too. What good is a vote when it can be changed or disappeared at Democrat will?

Nabi Rasch

It’s already happened. Conservatives just look up, rant and whine a bit, and go back to sleep.

Barry bin Inhalin

I suggest armed militia surround ballot counting centers and challenge any suitcases/pallets of ballots being taken off of flatbed trucks, out of trunks of cars etc., especially in the wee hours of the morning.

Who’s going to stop them? GA officials already demonstrated they’re not interested on 11/3.

Tyrone o'Sorus

Someone needs to make a .pdf of the runoff ballot and post it on the internet so people all over the country can print it out in the millions and mail them to Kemp and R-berger to register the utter contempt we have for their election process. Imagine if a couple million people each mailed a hundred copies in a flat rate envelope to these a**holes.

Joe Blow

says some IDIOT who probably is a DEMOCRAT–or this is FAKE NEWS designed to mislead the Voters.

Andrew Carnegie

Why bother? To quote the article, “Even if they collect more legal votes than their opponents, the Democrats will just go create as many as they need to change the outcome”. Since the elections are rigged, why talk politics? They don’t even pretend to hide it: they openly rig the election. What possible purpose can this blog now serve? We are powerless.

jack johnson

The sad part is the GOP and those in the conservative party just laid down and took it in the keister….with not so much as a whimper. I have given up on the GOP….in 2024 I will support Kristi Noem or Trump. Other than that I`m done.

Just Me

Perhaps, if the Trump vote is high enough to force the Dems to fabricate far more phony ballots’ the overall totals will be so ludicrously higher than registered voters it will be enough to challenge and correct the outcome. One can only hope.

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