How Does America Recover From This? It Doesn’t.

How does America come back from all of this? How does our country recover from the last five years of rank media fakery, Democrat depravity and China Virus mendacity?

I was asked that question this week on my regular appearance with 93.1 FM afternoon talk show host Greg Budell, who blessedly provides the people of Montgomery, Alabama with a brilliant alternative to listening to Sean Besmirched Bought and Paid For Captain Tick Tock Hannity.

My terse reply was, we don’t. Not in any real sense, anyway.

That’s also how a more expansive answer begins this morning. America doesn’t recover from all of this, folks. It can’t, for the simple fact that our society has lost two fundamental foundations that are absolutely necessary in order for our constitutional republican system to work:

The first and most fundamental of those is the assumption by the founding fathers that positions of political power would be filled by people who actually love this country. Men like Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, John Jay and Ben Franklin weren’t at all naive about human nature: They knew that politicians as a class would tend towards corruption and graft and greed. That is as it has always been and as it always will be.

But even the greedy and corrupt can still love the country and want it to survive and prosper, and that is the assumption that has been lost within the Democrat Party today, the Democrats in the House of Representatives being the most stark example.

The House Democrat caucus today consists of several distinct classes:

– A leadership class typified by greedy grifters like San Fran Nan, who have become fabulously wealthy while profiting from their positions of power;

– Race baiters like Sheila Jackson Lee, who line their pockets with money collected from the poorest of the poor in their districts;

– Hoax and conspiracy mongers like Adam Schiff who are still lying about Russia collusion and have no scruples that might prevent them from holding the country hostage for half a year to a completely made-up impeachment hoax; and

– Marxist radicals like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her “squad,” who also manage somehow to become fabulously wealthy, prancing around in $2,000 dresses while pushing frauds like the Green New Deal that would bankrupt the country.

No one in that House Democrat caucus has the best interests of the country in mind. Their sole driving interest is the acquisition and maintenance of political power that can be leveraged for their personal gain. As we have witnessed in this stolen election via massive voter fraud, the entire Democrat Party today is nothing but a huge organized crime operation, and the entire country is its victims.

This increasingly and overwhelmingly corrupt behavior by the Democrats should surprise no one. I’ve been writing for more than 30 years about the fact that politicians who have no moral scruples nor any fear of ever being held accountable for their actions will always become increasingly depraved and corrupt over time. It is simple human nature.

This brings us to the second fundamental foundation of American society that has been completely lost: A functioning news media establishment.

The founders envisioned that a free press would collectively serve as America’s Fourth Estate, a watch dog that protected the public interest by working to hold people in positions of power accountable by exposing their depravity and mendacity. The drafters of the Bill of Rights believed a free and functioning press was so crucial to maintaining the American Republic that they enshrined freedom of the press in the Constitution’s very first amendment.

They weren’t naive about the press of their time: They knew some media outlets would be biased and corrupt, but also believed the press as a whole would serve its intended function in our society, because exposing political corruption, regardless of party, sells newspapers.

That assumption held and the system worked right up until the point at which big, diverse, international corporations and billionaires began buying up the nation’s major media outlets. Today, well over 90% of the national mainstream media outlets are owned by six or seven huge corporations whose senior leadership is firmly globalist in nature. They all detest Donald Trump and his supporters with a passion and reward their media people for tailoring their coverage in ways that do him harm, often functioning at the direct behest of their financial benefactors in China.

Worse, corporate behemoths like AT&T, Comcast and Disney use their media subsidiaries like CNN, NBC and ABC as loss leaders within their corporate umbrellas, and don’t give a damn about audience size or profitability. Every incentive to employees in those media operations encourages corrupt and biased behavior that ends up creating hyper-focus on Trump and his fellow Republicans and aggressive efforts to avoid negative reporting about Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats.

Even worse than all of that is the fact that the freedom of the press enshrined in the first amendment and the interpretations of that clause by the federal courts over the past 231 years, combined with corporate ownership that does not care about profitability, means that there is basically no way for the public to hold the media accountable for its mendacity. Just as is true with politicians, corrupt journalists who have no fear of being held accountable for false reporting, and are in fact rewarded for it, will only become increasingly corrupt and dishonest. Again, simple human nature.

Thus, with a media class that has no fear of accountability refusing to cover a Democrat political class that has no fear of being held accountable, neither of which possessing a shred of love of country, the country will inevitably continue to spin out of control until it collapses or dissolves into a second civil war.

That is how we get to a situation in which a presidential election has literally been stolen in plain sight by one political party and the media establishment joins its arms in unison in abject refusal to cover the biggest political scandal in U.S. history, despite the enormous audience and profits real coverage would invariably bring.

How does America recover from this?

It doesn’t.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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[…] Rush is generally right, and he may well be right here. This all ties in with my piece from the past weekend titled “How Does America Recover From This? It Doesn’t.” […]



I really hope you are right and I am wrong in the resolve of Average Americans “Resistance”. I also hoped that you were right and I was wrong regarding Barr and his now “special prosecutor”.


Good point.

My read of the people I run into, not friends nor acquaintances, is that there’s a simmer that is close to boiling over.

As much as Q is ridiculed, he actually predicted this – that there would be something so egregious and widespread, that it would destroy the Democrats forever. We shall see.


“They knew that politicians as a class would tend towards corruption and graft and greed. That is as it has always been and as it always will be.”
So true. I believe that is the main reason socialist governments never succeed. The opportunities for corruption are so great. The checks and balances in our Constitution are designed to inhibit that. If Biden does become President and the Senate goes Dem the checks and balances disappear. Already America’s own oligarchs from big tech, Hollywood, Soros, etc control so much — mainstream media (news and entertainment), universities and social media. They appear to own the Dem party and some of the GOP. When they decided to flex their muscles with BLM/ANTIFA riots, anti-police efforts and destruction of historical symbols there was little resistance. It’s hard to be optimistic.
We must resist. Better late than never.


Joe has a form of demented Tourette syndrome. He said they had put together the greatest voter fraud organization…and he has hairy legs.

RLA Bruce

Absolutely correct! I have pointed out for years that NO Leftist has stated that he loves our country as founded. NONE of them describe themselves as patriots who are loyal and dedicated to the principles of our founding. Contrast that to Trump, who has stated his love for the US at every rally he has led.


Roy Blunt for one, remember that phony come election time.
I think it’s well past time the senate stood together as a unit to get to the bottom of this election controversy for the sake of America.


I disagree, eradication of the communists, leftists, anarchists, and democratic party will fix our country!! This country owes Joe McCarthy an apology, he was right, but the media painted him as a raving lunatic!! How ironic that the media still gets away with the same tactic against decent god loving patriotic Americans, but they support anarchists, criminals, and traitors!!!


Also, Treason as defined by the Constitution is committed during a time of war. Anybody recall a certain Benedict Arnold?


Also, Breitbart has been compromised. They post a plethora of dichotomous crap. I only go there now to see what lies are being pushed. Andrew is spinning in his grave.


One of the few posters on Disqus I think is quite focused on the bigger picture

Schrödinger’s cat MeandMyShadow • 3 hours ago

When the FB and CIA have been attempting to shut down all real investigations into vote fraud… in walk Dominion.

Perfect timing. Steal, Steal, Steal !!!

The lawyers focus is now institutionalised criminal election fraud (Steal, Steal, Steal), not just centred around anecdotal civil arguments (but these can support).

The present three theatres of war: Constitutional (civil), Extraconstitutional (national security) and We the People (break glass in emergency)

Three layers of modern warfare: Information warfare, Psychological warfare, Cyber warfare. We are all involved in this – every one of us.

Trump laid the groundwork for this way in advance. It goes back to this: 57th NSAM – National Security Action Memorandum (June 28 1961). It was used by Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller (replacing Mark Esper – who was fired) to issue his order that Special Operations now must report directly to him.

The US has been operating under a state of declared war since September, 2001.

The US has been operating under a declared national emergency since December 20, 2017.

See also Executive order 13825 of March 1, 2018.

TRUMP has been expecting all this – nothing rushed – all planned and in place – even the security TV cameras – nobody knew…

They do now !!!


SOOOOO much information these days its sometimes hard to keep a handle on where, when and what you see. Heres an article I’d bookmarked earlier because it was a good read, very informative.

It about the ‘Great Reset’ and how it all comes together. I was interested in the agricultural aspect and can say yup.. that pretty much nails it. There is a lot to digest in this article but its worth the read.


I agree about SCOTUS but I also agree with the author. I personally think it is time to form a constitutional convention to plan the dissolution into two or more separate nations under a common defense pact initially and possibly to be implemented under martial law.


You’d be handing the communists a win.

Nabi Rasch

You forgot to include ‘conservative complacency’–the willingness to be gulled into easy (though whining) acceptance of the results of left wing hanky panky. You demonstrate this defeatist trait in your article, essentially swallowing and passively legitimizing the greatest leftwing fraud in history with little more than an uncomfortable burp. Man up a bit!

Fungus Gnat

American society itself has become amoral and vain. Just look at the obsession with selfies and with death symbols. Lack of ethics in everyday activities, and as you point out, failure to assume responsibility for one’s actions are at the root of the problem.

There is a complete lack of common goals and shared values. We all go our separate ways, noses buried in our cellphones, not really caring about what’s going on around us unless it has direct impact on us personally or our individual ideologies.


Hang in there. The Bible makes it clear this was all going to happen. Just when it looks hopeless in the natural God is going into His karate mode, and use all the evil energy and turn it against itself.

The “waters shall overflow” below is the river of life flowing through the Holy Spirit in people flooding the Earth, and cleansing the creation from the curse of sin, sickness, and death.

Isaiah 28:17 Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place.

Read Isaiah 60 and Joel 2 and Revelation 21 for more good news.


I’d like to address some of your points, one-by-one (just a few of them)

(1 Hunters and landowners know the terrain, too, and as Google Earth tends to distort places by elevation, the government has little resources spread so far apart.

(2 and 3 We would not expect resistance in the cities, anyway: they voted for the Left, and they will be the first to be cut off from food, water and electricity. Rural folks have lived without running water or electricity for generations, and as long as they have seed, they have crops; as long as they hunt, they have weapons – won’t be much use against a helicopter, but as I said: it’s a big country. Besides, rural folk have farms, grow the food and can refuse to plant acreage for the Elite.

(4 Rural people like myself do use the internet, like most, but we have generations of people who lived in isolated communities and isolation from neighbors. Won’t hurt them a bit (see the fictional movie “Southern Comfort”) to have to go without what city folk thinks are “necessities.”

(5 Anyone depending upon deer for their sustenance is bound to starve, anyway: deer would be exterminated within a month of food being scarce. Pound-for-pound, the waste on a deer, as compared to a cow, is exceptional. Less meat, more waste, hard to find in the woods.

(6 Fuel supplies are a problem, especially with farm tools and tractors and such. But if the Elite want to eat, the folks in the country have to have fuel to produce grains and beans and other foodstuffs.

(7 Resolve? Have you ever tried to take a gun away from someone? You’ll have to kill him/her first, and then their relatives. Ever hear of IEDs? Start messing with people, and resolve becomes second-nature. People are only indolent because there don’t appear to be sufficient threats. Threaten a man, his wife and children, and you’ll see a different man entirely.

(8 Exactly who was worn down in Vietnam? Afghanistan? Them? Or us? Even in Iraq. and you think country boys, who make up most of the military, are gonna blow their great uncle to bits and put a bullet through the brains of his sister when she doesn’t comply?

As far as medicine goes: other than antibiotics (and there ARE substitutes, in case you don’t know) most of them are only necessary because of the indolence we suffer from. Once you get those lard-asses off the couch and defending their homes, they’ll quickly develop into lean, mean fighting machines. Most of them know how to shoot, and getting in shape is not hard when your life depends upon it.

Sorry. An insurgency is not only likely, it is probable, and it would likely bleed the government like stuck pigs. Can’t kill us all, so don’t start shooting or you’ll find that out in a great big hurry.

And most of us will be developing our skills in the meantime; we’re already preparing in one way or another, and not in some mead hall with wannabee “Vikings” and other tough guys. Rural folk come from resourceful roots, and those roots run deep. And in the country, black and white get along just fine, especially when someone is trying to kill us all.


To Just Me,

I agree that past gruella wars (it was called the resistance against Hitler’s Germany in WWII) have shown how effective they can be against a high-tech invading power. With the possible exception of 1940s Nazi held Europe (and even they weren’t all that high-tech or had a high standard of living prior to the Nazi invasion and occupation due to the depression), there is a big difference between the US citizenry fighting a long “resistance” war here, and a bunch of mostly rural folks living in poor conditions in poor countries, to begin with fighting to save what little they had.

1) Our government knows the terrain, if not by personal knowledge, then through GPS and other extensive mapping.
2) We are not a self sufficient citizenry. We don’t grow our own food or store much of anything for example. This is true in the cities; the burbs and rural America would be more capable, but the resistance would not be in the cities for the most part.
3) Most would not be able to live without electricity or public supplied water and sewerage removal for very long.
4) Shutting down internet access, TV and all other comms. will stymie the vast majority of us.
5) The fact that so few people know how to shoot a gun or hunt for food or otherwise ‘live off the land’ will quickly end much of the would be resistance.
6) Shut down fuel supplies and access to medicines and hospitals for any length of time will also see an end to much of the resistance.
7) Threats and hostage taking and assaults on property will also have a chilling effect on any gruella effort. Unlike the government approved and sanctioned, if not supported rioters of last spring, summer and fall, we can count on a forceful put down of any similar action (even if really peaceful) on the part of our “militias”. Also, when ruthless occupiers beat, raped or killed a family member or destroyed his house or property it galvanized his resolve. I don’t see that same reservoir of effective resolve in most of today’s America.
8) In order for covert wars to be effective, they must be sustained for a long period of time to wear down the will of the tech advantaged oppressors. Most Americans, even if motivated to form an effective resistance, would not be willing or able to sustain it with no logistics and with our diminished attention spans.
9) Furthermore, in most cases, someone, somewhere was supplying the rebels/gruellas with some kind of support and intel and news of progress. This gave hope that there was a purpose to continuing the effort. I see no such determination or support system becoming active here in the US.

The fact is, gruella warfare is and was very effective when the oppressed were lacking the ability to face off against the invaders and could secretly disappear and blend in. Who can blend in in America today when we are tracked almost everywhere? Who is willing to leave their comfort zone and family to hide out in some swamp or ditch to snipe some occupier or try to blow up a truck or bridge? Furthermore, who has many real friends who they can count on in any real numbers? Unlike decades ago when there was real community involvement, many of todays friends or BFFs are ‘virtual’. Not very helpful if you need medical aid, or someone to bring food, water, and ammo to a remote site.

This is why I have said the rank and file law enforcement and their leaders had better figure out real quick as to whose side they are going to be on if a future CW erupts. If the civilian law enforcement refuses to comply with the commies, if our national guard and military likewise refuse to obey the commies, then they will be forced to bring in the UN or (Chinese) troops. Then, I could see a successful CW being fought against the Left and the UN’s pretty blue helmets with most all the people with guns and tactical training being on our side in a covert situation, especially since the foreign troops won’t know the lay of the land. In all likelihood, long before foreign troops become involved, our good guys with guns would eliminate the communist problem.

Such an occurrence won’t be pretty or clean, but it has a good chance of being successful


The second half of your piece, the conclusion, is spot on.


Cities will become starvation-centers, and it will take all the fake “federal government” resources to keep them alive. There are a number of cities where that would happen first, and I don’t even need to name them.

Let’s just call them all “Stalingrad.” Except they aren’t being surrounded, but they’ll be unwelcome 10 miles out of the city.


Now here is some real thinking and resourcefulness, and it comes from a university; don’t want anyone to think all colleges and universities are a waste of effort:

“…a research team led by the University of Washington and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has shown that microbes taken from trees growing beside pristine mountain-fed streams in Western Washington could make phosphorus trapped in soils more accessible to agricultural crops.”

“The bacteria used in these experiments came from wild poplar trees growing along the Snoqualmie River in Western Washington. In this natural environment, poplars are able to thrive on rocky riverbanks, despite low availability of nutrients like phosphorus in their natural habitat. Microbes help these trees capture and use the nutrients they need for growth.

These findings can be applied to agriculture crops, which often sit, unused, on an abundance of “legacy” phosphorus that has accumulated in the soil, unused, from years of fertilizer applications. Microbes could be applied in the soil among young crop plants, or as a coating on seeds, helping to unlock phosphorus held captive and making it available for use by plants to grow. Reducing the use of fertilizers and employing endophytes — such as those studied by Doty and Varga — opens the door for more sustainable food production.

“This is something that can easily be scaled up and used in agriculture,” Doty said.”

What is my point and how does this matter, other than possibly revolutionizing agricultural practices, eliminating runoff of nutrients into rivers and streams and not having to face the prospect of running out of phosphorous?

Creative and critical thinking, resourceful thinking, making discoveries that mean less is more. How do we throw a monkey wrench into the Deep State (the international Deep State, not just our own collaborators?)

A very old analogy that Jesus used, (though this is out of context:)

“Don’t you know that a little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough?”
1 Corinthians 5:6

The Resistance of WWII did a great deal to harm the Nazi regime. Germans, like Chinese and some US officials, tend to have a heavy hand (Trump has used a comparatively light hand.) Resistances are built on heavy-handedness.

Leaven in the Bible describes sin; in this case, it can be used righteously and for good purposes. And with the analogue of the phosphorous-savers found on the banks with the poplars: things can be built with a minimum of resources, once you know that the resources are and how to use them.

Resistance is not all sabotage.


It is already too late…

As I am sure many have read by now the UK has in place “COVID Cops”. How long until the US does too. In Greece draconian laws are already being enforced by their courts to kick out non vaccinated children from school. In the name of public safety how long until that happens in the United States?

It will not be long and already implemented in New York and California of ways to isolate the rebellious. Many have already been arrested or severely restricted for trying to be swamped under increased calls for “public safety”.

You missed my point. The media and Big Tech are the distraction. Twitter can blacklist you or throw you out. Google and Microsoft along with other Big Tech slow the truth from getting out. They are not the danger, just a symptom of a far greater danger.

The danger as it has been for nearly the last century is Socialists.

Individual gain, shared loss except to the individual that caused the loss.

All in the effort to do one thing: Dominion.

Absolute ownership.

As we have seen everyone else is subject to the law, those in power are not.

It is a known fact there are traitors, coup plotters and straight up thieves running our country now.

America is doomed.

God’s judgments will be upon this nation.

As pointed out by our founding fathers a nation is not a person. Not an immortal being. Nations only exist in this life and must be punished here and now. Thus God’s judgement falls upon wicked, corrupt and evil nations as ours is turning into right before our eyes.

If the election is stolen and Joe Biden occupies the White House there is no doubt the judgements of God will be upon our nation.

Will America survive? No idea.

As of right now America is doomed.

The forces of government are ready to make a move bigger than ever to take the only thing that has eluded them since 1776: Dominion.

Absolute ownership.

Just Me

“If the election is stolen and Joe Biden occupies the White House there is no doubt the judgements of God will be upon our nation.” I go a tad further and consider Joe Biden occupying the White House, if it happens, as being part of God’s judgment upon our nation.


And Washington DC will be submerged in a deep, stinking morass of lifeless muck.

They’d better be prepared to deal with those Russian naval vessels getting closer and closer to our east coast all the time. But since Biden’s idiots will defund not only the police, but the military as well…? Hoo boy.

G0D’s judgement comes in many forms, and military defeat is one that He sometimes uses. Achan, anyone?

Better not let these people steal the election, because G0D hates rebellion, and the rebellion of the People will not count as rebellion at all.

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