Friday News Roundup: Fulton County Fraud Video – the Game Changer Trump Needs?

Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger have a big problem on their hands. They have both steadfastly refused to take a single real or honest step to ensure that a full signature audit of the absentee and mail-in ballots takes place in their state despite the presence of mounting evidence that the presidential election – and probably at least one senate election – in their state was outright stolen by the Democrat Party.

As I pointed out late yesterday, testimony at a legislative hearing there revealed a video of Fulton County workers pulling rollerboard suitcases filled with thousands of hidden ballots out from beneath desks and shoving them into the Dominion counting machines after the room had been cleared of observers:

This video evidence has gone viral across all social media platforms and is placing a huge amount of pressure on the Georgia Governor and Secretary of State to finally do the right thing. But – and there is always a “but” in this month-long soap opera, it seems, if Sidney Powell is right in her repeated claims that both officials are themselves compromised by having financially benefitted in their leadership in awarding Dominion Systems a huge contract to provide vote counting hardware and software in their state, then they will likely just keep trying to kick the can down the road until the Electoral College vote is held on December 14.

Will this video become the game-changer the President and his lawyers need? If so, it needs to change the game soon. Time is growing short.

Here is more compelling evidence of the impact this video had on the election’s outcome. – Check out this tweet Eric Trump sent out early Friday morning:

That chart matches the vote tabulations reported during the time frame in which the video above takes place. Not surprisingly, it shows the biggest surge of the night in favor of China Quid Pro Joe Potato Head Biden. Surreal.

Hey, I wonder if William Barr would consider this to be “evidence”? Naaaahhh.

Meanwhile, in Nevada… – Take a look at this pile of evidence:

Do you think William Barr or anyone at the dumpster fire FBI has spent a moment looking at any of it? Yeah, probably not, because, as President Trump told reporters yesterday…:


Coming soon to the United States:

Very soon, probably during 2021, you will either have to get vaccinated and obtain one of these cards and carry it with you in order to be able to travel or dine out or go to a movie or attend the theater or even go grocery shopping if the brutish American left has its way.

But don’t even suggest that maybe voters should have to show an ID before voting, or these same brutish, fascist leftists will cancel you.

Today is Alyssa Farah’s last day on the job. – Ms. Farah has been one of the unsung heroes of the Trump Administration. Yesterday, it was announced that she has resigned and that today will be her last day on the job:

Over the last three years, Ms. Farah has served as the Communications Director for the Secretary of Defense, the Vice President and the President. She is the first woman to ever serve in all of those three high-intensity positions.

Because she has achieved this remarkable accomplishment during a Republican presidency, Farah will received precious little credit from our corrupt news media establishment. But we will certainly give her full credit and appreciation here at DBDailyUpdate.

Godspeed, Alyssa.

While you weren’t looking, RINO Senator Mike Lee and his fellow Senate RINOs sold your children’s future out. – Watch Tucker Carlson excoriate Utah fake Republican Mike Lee and his fellow Senate RINOs for passing a massive giveaway of American tech jobs to foreign workers:

Here’s an excerpt from a Breitbart article on this horrific bill:

Every Republican and Democratic senator has let Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) pass a bill through the Senate that will supercharge the outsourcing of the white-collar jobs needed by America’s professional class and its college-educated children.

Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016 while promising to curb immigration and the huge H-1B program, said Kevin Lynn, founder of U.S. Tech Workers, a group that opposes the visa worker programs. He can veto the bill, or he can sign this bill when it is buried in the huge coronavirus bailout bill, Lynn said, adding, “If this is what Trump wants to be his legacy, well, good luck with that.”

“They’re going to turn millions of white-collar people into blue-collar people,” said Jay Palmer, a civil-rights activist working against human trafficking and the corporate displacement of Americans.

The bill hits “doctors, accounting, insurance people, teachers, graphics designers, pharmacists … [denies] college students from ever having an opportunity to get meaningful jobs, it floods the market, draws down wages, and makes people dependent on big government,” he said.

“Ninety percent of the senators do not know what this bill means,” he added.

Lee’s S.386 bill helps the Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley firms to annually trade green cards to 140,000 mid-skilled foreign workers in exchange for taking the starter jobs and routine jobs needed by U.S. graduates of all ages — especially as the country emerges from the coronavirus crash.


This bill is nothing more than a massive giveaway to the same big tech companies who have been censoring conservative thought and speech for the past decade. Why can’t the voters of Utah do better than Mike Lee and Mitt Romney? It’s a real mystery.

Fake news. Fake news everywhere. – Check out this tweet sent out by the news-fakers at @TheHill on Thursday:

FYI, this “controversial” testing method is called “seismic testing.” It is a method that the oil and gas industry uses in order to map underground geologic strata in an attempt to determine whether or not the various layers of rock contain hydrocarbons. To be clear, this “controversial” testing method has been used by the U.S. industry since 1921, and use of it in the Gulf of Mexico has been approved by every U.S. President since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

This story is just one of a million examples of how leftwing fake “journalists” fake the news they deliver to the American public.

Despicable hacks.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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[…] By David Blackmon / DB Daily Update: […]


Develop personal skills. Fitness, for one. Find the USMS and Army fitness tests and try to pass them on your own (as much as you have equipment for.) Focus on diet –

And if you’re a hunter? No, not the slob who sits in a tree stand over corn. A Woodsman. Develop your Woodsman skills: stalking, sniping, ambush. Deer which have been hunted are hard to harvest in places where there is plenty of food and water. Those are skills that have always translated historically. Get your fat larded butt out of the heated tree shed and do some real hunting! This won’t mean you are some kind of warrior, but if we have a social meltdown, you’ll have advantages no one else has – unless they do the same!

Mental acuity – critical. Don’t sit and watch the useless professional sports when you could be sharpening your understanding of science, history, math or whatever suits your talents. Invest in yourself.

If you aren’t a hunter, you still might work on things like reflexes (table tennis anyone?) and perceptual hearing (which means sound discrimination, even if your ears aren’t young any more.) Same with visual imagery: our eyes play tricks on us (for example, in the woods, looking for a deer, a far off branch might appear to be a deer because your brain organizes patters, (same with spotting humans at a distance.) Your brain can pick up cues at a distance, however, and organize them so that you can “see” things that others can’t off in the distance. Practice nighttime vision skills. If we were facing people with night vision optics, you are not going to do so well, but assuming that others don’t have expensive night vision equipment, the next best thing is to develop your own senses. If you are a hunter, try walking back to your vehicle without your light on, assuming you aren’t at the edge of a cliff or in dangerous terrain.

Most of all, empower yourself: we cannot become overburdened with thoughts of failure: that’s the road to pain and oxycontin. I’ll have something else to say in coming days about pain relievers, now that more are being legalized and are not addictive, things that professional football and basketball athletes use regularly. Stay away from narcotics of any kind, even the prescription kind!

Keep a clear head, a clear mind, a resilient spirit and a Faithful heart. Take personal inventory and strengthen your strengths and overcome your weaknesses, and remember this one aphorism:

Don’t get mad; don’t get even: get creative.


Excellent postings, many Thx.

I like to challenge people by asking if they could build a fire without matches or lighter. Might be easy when its mid summer but what about spring fall or winter?? Even ‘hunters’ I know can’t because like you pointed out my friend, they go to a hunt in a camper or RV and sit in a tree stand with a salt lick or corn bundle. Or drive the roads until they come across a game animal on the road.

Everything you stated in these two posts most wouldn’t have a clue where to start. Our military people here would know but probably be a bit rusty at. Time to brush off and update those skills again, and help pass some of that knowledge onto those around you.

One thing I haven’t heard much about is the ‘Don’t Advertise’ . This alone is worth gold.

Thx again brother…


It looks to me like someone was prepared for the criminal conspiracy that was the election. Trap set; trap sprung.

Make a list of all those who were caught (partial list)
1. Dems
2. Press
3. Multiple government agencies

The one thing in common: these all insisted that we move on, accept the “results” and just grin-and-bear-it. Well, we did that for 8 years of the dismal Obama administration, and people suffered. The suffering was intentionally inflicted, a “new normal.”

President Trump was/is the antidote for that, so even if Biden prevails (he won’t) then this nation will be entirely ungovernable, worse than ever in our history. The fact that we have not given up has some of them scratching their heads, having underestimated us, and some panicking (Dominion?) If the SCOTUS fails to defend our most basic principles of electoral fairness, then we are not lost: the battle will begin.

Tired of people saying “It’s all over!” Their opinion only.

What you first need to do is to catalogue the skills you have – don’t make some foolish plan that you can’t carry out; don’t meet with groups that scream and shout and are usually filled with FBI informants. No, take note of your personal talents: what can you contribute? What personal skills do you have? Do you have an imagination, and can work independently, or are you good at taking and following orders and completing tasks? Do you have organizational skills, managerial skills? Are you persuasive? Can you lead men and women?

What do you own, and where? How many friends do you have who think as you do? Can you spot a liar? Can you spot an infiltrator? Can you fight? Hand to hand? Can you shoot a bb gun? Do you have other skills?

Don’t answer here. Please! Just take stock in what you have, who you are, and be serious about it. No shrieking, hair pulling, ranting and cursing. Bless the Lord, and know that anything that involves removing rebels (and the cheaters are the rebels) is not against our Faith. If we rise up against a legitimately elected body, that is sin. In the present day, rising up against an illegitimate and fraudulently elected government is not treason, and is not a sin.

Am I calling for a revolution? An uprising? No. One clever person tried to get me to say that, and this person had a position as a minder. Nope. Just gather your wits, should the day come when we’re all being loaded into cattle cars and you said and did nothing, and moo like you surely will. You need to figure out what to do, and pray about what to do.

Should the trap fail, and the junta win – and the same people who are doing this are the same people who did it for 4 years against our President and against our Constitution – then you must decide what you will do. But you can’t wait until then to figure out how to do what might need to be done: look at the list, add to it, take stock, and be quiet about it. No blabbing nor bragging and grandstanding. Close to the vest.

That is all.


Elections have ben stolen before – way back to JFK’s election theft. More recently, Mitt Romney won by votes case, Obama won by votes counted. I wonder if the Senate seat is his payoff for keeping his mouth shut, and he’s doubly humiliated because Trump is actually man enough to demand a fair election? Romney has always been a walking CIalis advertisement (for erectile dysfunction.)

It was bad with SCYTL, as Soros was a primary investor; when that was exposed, they went with others. Only the names have been changed, because the CIA is either complicit or authorizing it – giving our elections over to foreign entities.

Sure Barr would think election theft is a civil matter! His hired FBI hitman, Len H, shot an unarmed woman at Ruby Ridge, and the murderer wasn’t punished: the family sued and got around 3 million from the government. Barr apparently thinks that is appropriate, because he endorsed the dude who made Waco happen for a higher position!

That’s what they do: when someone does something egregious, they promote him/her and give him/her a raise.

WE have no government, just a bunch of control freaks who punish dissenters. Like the murder of the radio host (Bill Cooper) who predicted 9/11 a few months (2) before it happened. It was a setup, and he was murdered. In his own self-defense, he killed a lawman who had shot at him first.

First few minutes are the thing I’m interested in. You should take a look.
They’re trying to do with the election and COVID what they did with 9/11.


The only difference is, we were awake this time – even a plurality of Democrats admit that the election was rigged. Government believability is going down down down…to levels it’s never seen before.

Fight back on the “vaccine.” That is all part of the planned destruction of the United States of America. (Dang, this all reminds me of the X-Files, which was SUPPOSED to be fiction.)


Jonesy – How long before issue level quality documents are available? They forged documents during WWII and the Cold War that were nearly foolproof. They can’t make them holographic like your driver license as they want to show each time you got your government approved shot. The only other thing would be using a magnetic strip card like you debit/credit card that would be updated each time. They go for the subcutaneous RF chip and it’s all over unless somebody can spoof those too.


All tech can be spoofed. Anything build by man can be reversed engineered and spoofed. Software/hardware can be copied, china is good at reverse engineering.

One thing that frustrates high tech… is a low tech defeat which usually appears quite quickly. Lead would be one of those low tech defeats too.


Silas, Anyone who tries to put a tracking chip in me will get a lead injection from me.


Same here. Or a forced vaccination.


So long as the military remains on our side then, yes, the demoncrat communists don’t stand a chance. If the military sides with them, then it’s going to be a lot more messy and it’s a coin toss on how it will end.


This was in response to Just Me. stupid askimet


Well, I have to really wonder is Sidney and Lin really are on the President’s side

The Kraken is more like a crackpot from the looks of it. *sigh*

Just Me

Oh the irony of the likelihood that the Left jumps the shark on their nanny state, control everything and everyone agenda and foment a people’s war like so many they have created for themselves to overthrow incumbent governments. When they come for the guns it will be their undoing.


There are 2 issues with the “papers please” vaccine cards. Besides being blatantly unconstitutional if used to infringe on rights, roughly 1/2 the population would gleefully willing to abide, no questions asked. The same 1/2 that are made up of the mask nazis and shutdown buffoons. I expect it will be rolled out, and it will up to us to have to pushback to call any attention to such obvious wrongs.

And republicans, what the hell is going on? Sunshine patriots all of them, save a very few. Reluctant to back Trump when he won, and now that he’s in a tight spot, they are already positioning themselves for any table scraps the Dems might throw out. Spineless, or maybe getting paid. Who cares…F ’em.


What ever happened to Matt Braynard’s information? He had a call bank and made thousands of calls to people to find out if they voted absentee. He also had proof of people using addresses from vacant lots, casinos, homeless shelters, and hotels. Last thing I heard was that his information was turned over to FBI. Did it get buried? Because the numbers were huge and could easily flips Nevada and Wisconsin.


The People need to say…
comment image

The Golden Fiddle

The Devil didn’t just go down to Georgia for a visit, he moved there.


The airlines are going with the ‘travel pass’ as a requirement to fly. Quantus CEO has been talking with the other airlines and its the agreed direction. Wouldn’t this qualify as a conspirator ring?? Just asking.

England is warming up its citizens by pumping out the ‘Freedom Pass’ narrative. Meaning if you have your immunization card (global Id) then you can go to a movie or shopping. Police can and will be able to stop you anywhere and demand you present your ‘pass’ or face arrest. Make no mistake, this IS cold war Soviet Union, coming to America.

Its gonna get worse as these evil sod’s are never going to quit until their boots are on your necks. Fight hard now before its to late, its a People fight too.

Its a war and its not over.


Regarding the CV-19 vaccine card: ‘Show me your papers’ will be the new mantra under a btfsplk administration. But one will be able to enter the country illegally with no proof and of course one can vote in many states sans photo ID.

Ultimately this will produce a conflict because illegals will not be able to do anything unless they have the same medical ID card we peon serfs will need to function. The Dem solution will be including “free” healthcare for all so the illegals will get the card with their free vaccine. On way or the other, the Left will get around the medical ID card requirement to allow their new and current illegal constituents to vote.

Sooner or later a b****y revolution is coming. And when it happens, it had better be a complete victory for one side or the other. We really need to reduce a lot of carbon footprints.

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