Thursday News Roundup: Democrat COVID Hypocrisy Reeks of the Days Before the French Revolution

Hey, Marie-Antoinette would’ve loved This French Laundry place. –  Truly, if Marie-Antoinette were alive today she would be a Democrat politician. The hypocrisy of Democrat office holders in California is getting to be so rank and smelly now that even the state’s major newspapers are holding their collective noses and reporting on it.

The San Fran Chronicle reported on Wednesday that Governor Gavin Newsom and the state’s Democrat health officials aren’t the only ones who love to dine at the fancy French Laundry restaurant on the expense accounts of powerful lobbyists while admonishing the little people to stay home and deprive themselves: It turns out that the city’s worthless communist mayor, London Breed, likes to get her own thousand dollar meals as well:

From the SFChron piece:

Gov. Gavin Newsom is in good company when it comes to politicians attending fancy birthday parties while encouraging others to avoid gathering.

It turns out San Francisco Mayor London Breed dined at the French Laundry the night after Newsom’s infamous, ill-advised, mid-pandemic soiree at the three-star Michelin restaurant in Yountville.

Breed took a few days off after election day and joined seven others the night of Nov. 7 to celebrate socialite Gorretti Lo Lui’s 60th birthday, Breed’s spokesman Jeff Cretan confirmed. The party of eight dined in the same kind of partially enclosed room with a ceiling and chandelier as Newsom did — making it more of an indoor dining experience than an outdoor one.

While indoor dining was allowed in Napa County at the time with no specified limit on the number of households, the state’s guidelines “strongly discouraged” social gatherings and capped them at three households. Breed’s dinner at an opulent restaurant — amid an economic catastrophe that’s shuttered countless small businesses and stretched the lines at local food banks to new lengths — might not have technically violated the rules, but it isn’t a great look.

The dinner would have certainly violated San Francisco’s health guidelines if it took place in Breed’s own city. San Francisco has issued stricter guidance than the state for several types of businesses, including restaurants, which were not supposed to seat groups larger than six indoors or outdoors unless everyone lived together. Three days after dining at the French Laundry, Breed banned indoor dining in San Francisco altogether.



If any of that surprises you, you really have not been paying attention.

Democrat hypocrites are not limited to Blue states. – Trust me, we have them in droves in Texas, too. This week’s prime example of rank Democrat hypocrisy comes to us in the form of Austin mayor Steve Adler, the guy who has turned downtown Austin into a San Francisco-style homeless encampment.

On November 9, Adler live-streamed a speech in which he lectured his city’s residents on the vital importance of staying at home and foregoing large gatherings for Thanksgiving. What he did not do during that speech is inform his voters that he was delivering it from his fancy time share condo in … wait for it … Cabo San Lucas!

I swear I do not make this stuff up:

Mayor Adler also did not inform his city’s voters that his family trip to Cabo came right after he had paid for a fancy, 20-person wedding for his daughter. When questioned by the local media about the wisdom of holding such an affair when he is lecturing the little people to avoid having dinner with their parents, Adler bragged that the whole thing was properly socially distanced and that everyone wore masks.

He didn’t provide photos or anything else as proof of that claim, because of course he didn’t.

How do you spell “hypocrite” in America today? The same way you’ve always spelled it: D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T.

Dear Democrats: When you’ve lost CNN, you’ve got a real problem. – The hacks at USAToday did their best to rationalize all this Democrat hyper-hypocrisy away on the claim that it’s all somehow been “taken out of context,” but even the reprobates at CNN weren’t having any of that. Watch below as one CNN host actually speaks truthful words about Democrats live on air, which will probably get her fired:


Meanwhile, the natives are growing increasingly restless. – A huge crowd of angry citizens in Staten Island, New York gathered outside a bar called Mac’s Public House after police had forcibly shut it down and arrested the owners:

From the story at ABC7NY:

Sheriff’s deputies are taking extraordinary measures in an ongoing battle with the owners of a Staten Island bar, moving in Tuesday night to shut down the establishment and arresting the general manager.

Mac’s Public House on Lincoln Avenue still has its windows plastered with signs calling it an “autonomous zone,” but now, the sheriff’s office is in control.

Crowds shouted at deputies as they led the restaurant’s general manager, Danny Presti, out in handcuffs after repeated warnings to stop serving customers indoors.

Owner Keith McAlarney said he took the actions he did because his business would not survive another shutdown. Mac’s Public House is located in Grant City, a coronavirus hot spot, and with hospitalizations surging, Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered indoor dining suspended there.


See, you can only declare yourself to be an “autonomous zone” in today’s America if you are leading a gang of leftist rioters who loot stores and burn buildings and have the endorsement of the local communist Democrat mayor. If you’re a business owner who is just trying to survive, you are fresh out of luck.

This brutish, pervasive and frankly evil level of hypocrisy simply cannot long prevail in a free republic: It can only continue if the republic no longer remains free, and the Democrat Party is well on the way to taking America down that sorry road, using a Covid virus – the common cold is also a Covid virus, by the way – that has a 99.98% recovery rate as justification for their draconian measures.

With despotic Democrats now poised to assume control of the federal executive branch – and potentially both houses of congress as well – America stands poised atop a very slippery slope that could slide rapidly into outright revolution should Biden/Harris and their evil handlers follow through on their promises of national lockdowns and other patently unconstitutional measures despite the rapid development and distribution of an array of vaccines.

The scene outside Mac’s Public House was an actual peaceful protest. No one was hurt, no buildings were burned, no nearby Best Buy’s or Dick’s Sporting Goods were looted. But if this reprehensible level of Democrat hypocrisy continues to prevail in the blue states and escalates to the national level, such scenes will not remain peaceful for much longer.

No nation that is home to an abusive ruling class is truly a free nation. In such nations, freedoms for the common people rapidly disappear, as we have seen happen in America in 2020. As we move into the future, Americans must either resolve to rid themselves of their own abusive ruling class, or we will lose our status as a free nation.

In the course of all human history, there has never been another way.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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So much for having or hoping for the GA senate runoff to give the GOP a majority to counter any btfsplk administration excesses.

Short of a major ____ in DC and a good SC decision we are f’ked – plain and simple. I’ve said it before, it may just be that we are too far gone as a nation that has for generations voted for the FDRs the Kennedys, the Cuomos and the all the corrupt money grubbing RINOs for the last 108 or so years. In many ways we deserve the government we get due to ignorance and outright stupidity on the part of the go-along-to get-along voters and the festering corruption that has been allowed to thrive in virtually every city over 250,000 which went into overdrive with the JFK/LBJ disaster of the ’60s. That is the decade where the Left really got emboldened and was able to get its agenda baked into the American culture.

Reagan was only able to pause it and Trump tried to reverse it, but one can’t save a cake that has already been burned.


The title of this thread, with allusions to the French Revolution, could not be more timely: the Authoritarian/Totalitarian/Statist instincts that are presently making their rounds in the guise of “public health” are mere reproductions of Robespierre’s Committee of Public Safety. (recommended reading: “Paris in the Terror”)

Jordan Peterson, an unbelieving prophet, has just released a book “Beyond Order,” which should cause more than a few heads to explode. “Too much security and control” is how he describes his latest tome on our current dilemma.

I agree: uniformity and conformity are real dangers. It’s not just a matter of dystopian “Soviet Reality” paintings, which are dreary and unimaginative, nor the pressure for everybody to be accepted for every psychosis (some of which involve pretending to be opposite of their biological gender.) Forcing everybody to accept the unacceptable in order to satisfy the deranged, for a promise of some kind of order…madness.

Robespierre went so far as to try to develop a new calendar, a new religion (a Uni-religion, which is the type the current and biblically illiterate pope endorses) and bizarre notions of egalitarianism that cannot exist in nature or in reality. Scientology is a watered down version of human control – though escapees from that “religion” would argue that the personal assaults they endured were far from “watered-down.”

But creativity be damned; safety and safe spaces and protected egos will ultimately get what they deserve: chaos. And while the snowflakes melt, the cold-hearted beasts will laugh at their travail, even as normal people laugh at the same – only difference is that the cold-hearted beasts will do more than laugh. Such was the 3rd Reich.

If you want to look at Western Civilization as the highest progenitor of virtues, extracted from Greek philosophy and Christian Faith, compared with the horrific treatment of, say, dogs in China, where they beat them while sitting helplessly in cages to be killed for consumption, and at the same we have drippy ads for the ASPCA which are worse than annoying, but emotionally appealing to the same people who would support the rise of the Chinese megastate…well, there’s a schism of reality there. A hybrid of non compos mentis with contradictory, paradoxical thinking, which Orwell called “doublethink” and we call cognitive dissonance.

The young progenitors of anarchy and violence declare they want order and control – with them in charge, of course – yet they would wither and die once the real Totalitarians emerge victorious. Once the shoe is on the other foot, they will squeal like Robespierre as his bandage is pulled off his head, his separated jaw sending waves of pain – just before he endures his own device. That is their future, only they haven’t the resourcefulness to read historical accounts, nor the maturity to make sense of them.

All in the name of public safety and public health.

Wonder about those people who drive by you (or you pass, more likely) on the highway, wearing masks as if it will help keep them healthy? They are like as not to spit on you or throttle you if you fail to wear a mask in their presence. Fear turns ugly. Which is why we should divorce cities like New York from our nation and feed it to whomever should find it tasty. They’ll swarm you if walk around without a mask, in open air. I Am Legend, even without the vaccine that may result in similar mutations.

I was reading recently about the difference between an energetic young man, fighting in battle, not trying to die but to save his mates, and contrasted with a soldier who is “ready to die.” The latter does not perform heroic feats, and dies willingly from despair. Even us older people should be prepared to be the former and avoid being the latter, as we must defend Freedom – that is, creativity and spontaneity and that messy process we call “freedom of choice” – and be willing to energetically defend it, not nihilistically march into oblivion. As Patton said, to paraphrase: “let the other dumb poor bastard die for his country.”

Celebrating Freedom does not mean celebrating forced choices, and safety does not depend upon isolation: far from it. At the same time, mobs of people can be turned quickly, and those who trample on individual rights – people like Harris and AOC – will be eaten by the mobs they’re attempting to control. Not “beaten:” eaten. Have a leg’oAOC, scrawny and flabby as it is. Yuck.

The mobs they create on any side will be hard to stop. Trump rallies are rather tame, not mobs at all: mobs that form spontaneously against “safety rules” might begin peacefully, but the more they’re suppressed, the more Freedom is thwarted, the more incendiary they will become.

I’d hate to be the leader trying to suppress people with legitimate grievances. Especially as we discover daily that the cure is worse than the disease. But onward the Elite march, demanding more safety measures which they refuse to personally obey.

And in the end…Robespierre. A victim of his own device.

silver fox

last act. scene 1. the weepers are wasting their tears. A3S2: the liars at all levels are discovered.
A3S23: the real President takes charge. The fake president is removed and replaced by a bigger fake. ….


Cuomo. He should be denied service at any restaurant where he and his guests might appear. Not the same as the stupid owners of the Red Hen in Lexington, refusing to serve Sarah Sanders and her family.

No, and no one should deliver food to Cuomo, either: block the trucks or put something stinky in his food? Just sayin’. Nothing lethal.

Again, keep the Mayor of New York from using the public parks. Make it a security nightmare for him, so that he can’t go ANYWHERE, nor his guests.


Dave, first time I heard you say that COVID is a common cold – and you’re right. I’ve posted that several times. Dr. Atlas, who has just resigned, says that if you’ve had a cold in the past year or two, you may be immune to COVID 19.

This is a faked-up War of the Worlds, where the entire world economy is brought down by a microorganism, whom we call “Adam Schiff” – (another Gollum clone,) or “Xi Jinping” – (a match for Winnie the Pooh.)


“A Turkish man has been found guilty of insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for depicting him as the Gollum character from the Lord of the Rings.
A court in the south-western Antalya province gave Rifat Cetin a suspended one-year jail sentence and stripped him of parental custody rights.
He has insisted his images, comparing Mr Erdogan with the grotesque-looking Gollum in 2014, were harmless”

Here’s a comparison; you decide:

I don’t think the man is guilty; I think he’s right.

“Xi Jinping, the president of the world’s second-largest economy was so threatened by his resemWinnie the Pooh that the fictional bear was kicked out of China with his movies, TV series and stuffed toys banned in the country.”,series%20and%20stuffed%20toys%20banned%20in%20the%20country.

The Chinese dope who sent the virus around the world has serious issues with his masculinity.

Of course, Justin Truduhh looks like his real Daddy, Fidel Castro. Maybe the CIA can send him exploding cigars, too!


CIA luvs lil potato justeen


How about killing 12,000 nursing home residents? No Mafia don could match that in a lifetime! It’s a record!

comment image&exph=405&expw=600&q=cuomo+looks+like+gollum&simid=608042158435074251&ck=F1310FF4BC976DCBB368175F1AC7866C&selectedIndex=0&qpvt=cuomo+looks+like+gollum&FORM=IRPRST


These Dems know that the people of California and Chicago have already accepted this hypocrisy. They know that a few of their voters will balk…and then it will be business as usual–and they’ll all be quite easily re-elected.


Cuomo’s speech patterns are terrible and unnatural and the condescension he shows to the “little people” is beyond the pail. The guy couldn’t lead me out of a burning building.

Again I ask, which Cuomo brother is Fredo? IMO they both are.


Cuomo is in a running competition with YipYip Errordog of Turkey to see who looks most like Gollum.


The police and all their law enforcement leaders had better figure out real quick whose side they are going to be on: the communist mayors and governors or the constitution which they took an oath to uphold.

If they choose the “just following orders” route, then they will be despised by all sides and will have no community support and anarchy will ensue. The Left already wants to defund them in many cities, so why should they blindly follow them? Answer: Money, corruption and politics influencing their leaders.

Their leadership and the rank and file of every police and any other regulatory department had better be real wise in which way they decide to go. The same goes for the “good” teachers and school administrators.

A Nonymous

The inbred globalist elite maggots and their CCP/CPUSA/GOP enablers? Let them eat shit.


The Chinese would love to see us have a violent revolution. Russians too.

We need to have the military stand at arms length, and continue to defend our nation while we take care of the traitors. Surrounding their neighborhoods, so that they can neither get in nor out except by helicopter (which would be an easy target for whatever is needed) and people like Whitmer would be held hostage inside their own mansions.

Particularly state-owned mansions, which are owned BY THE PEOPLE, not the politicians. Permit no one to enter nor leave, and if the police really want to side with the Totalitarian governors and mayors…? Somehow, I think they’ll join in the action against people like Whitmer and Newsome and the little goon running Chicago, and the Mayor of New York, who apparently likes to visit public parks. Better stay home and work out on your tread climber, dude, because there will be people who don’t like you out there. Not a threat: a PREDICTION. PROPHECY.

And if the Chinese should make a move during the operation to take back our Freedom? Our military should be on full-alert – as it should be right now anyway. Others are waiting for us to fall into chaos, when what we need to do is sequester those who have initiated chaos. Don’t have massive demonstrations and violence: shut off the traitors who are taking away our civil rights, hermetically sealing them and entombing them in their own pyramids. Another PROPHECY. One that needs not happen, but will if there is no remediation of the orders for the economy to shut down.

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