Stunning Video of Election Fraud Presented at Georgia Hearing

Presented at today’s legislative hearing in Georgia, check out the Fulton County [Atlanta] security video below. In it, the Democrat election official clears the room of all observers, and then, along with three others, stays behind to pull out rolling suitcases full of ballots that they then continue to count:

Maybe someone should share this video with William Barr since he claims he hasn’t seen any evidence of massive voter fraud yet. Not that he’d bother to do anything about it, of course.

Here’s another, multi-view clip of the same video:

Embedded video

Then there was this testimony:

This is Democrats in America today. The entire party is your basic organized crime operation, enabled by an utterly corrupt news media and a worthless FBI/Department of Justice.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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[…] I pointed out late yesterday, testimony at a legislative hearing there revealed a video of Fulton County workers pulling […]


As BJ Clinton would say, “I feel your pain”. Andrew.

Yep, we are seeing the final destruction of the American Republic and it is a slow motion train wreck that could have been prevented had the center-right voters in this country been engaged and active since the sixties and cycled out these corrupt dems and worthless RINOs.

Short of a miracle, I don’t see any positive outcome unless GOD wants to grant us mercy one more time. I would not blame him if he let it all crash and burn.

Andrew Carnegie

OK, they stole it. And what, pray tell, exactly can I do about it? Elections are now rigged so that’s the end of the USA. I donated a lot of money (that I could ill afford) to try to stop the steal but it’s gonna happen anyway. I rely on legal experts to stop the steal but when they fail . . . it’s over. \


Poor Cliff. He doesn’t deserve to be thrown into the same pool as those scumbags.


Silas, I only use the Cliff Clavin analogy because the actor’s real name is so close to the GA SOS Raffensperger. While Cliff was a harmless barfly loudmouth know-it-all, he was harmless. The GA SOS (and Gov) foisted the Dominion vote fraud system on GA, had no check on mail-in (Cliff was only a crappy postman) ballots and permitted Schmuckerberg’s voting collection boxes, guaranteeing a Trump and senate election loss.

Cliff Clavin deserved nothing more than to be thrown out of Cheers a couple of times, The two GA RINOs deserved to be boiled in oil.


According to Mindy’s tweet 138,459 illegal or suspect votes were cast. I would estimate that at least 90% went to btfsplk.

But rest assured there was no fraud in GA.

OOOOOOO-K Mr. Shemp and SOS cliff Clavin, GF Yourselves or hopefully someone named Bubba will do it to you when you are sent to jail.


William Barr has those neat glasses we all wanted that were in comic book ads, which allowed you to see through clothing – Special X-Ray Glasses, I remember. Ah, but the glasses he has on his face allow him to see right through criminal activities, as if they were clothing, seeing the nakedness but not the truth. Never the truth, only what he strongly desires to see.

Maybe he should take off those Special Glasses for once and see the truth; the criminal activities we all can see for our own eyes, right in front of our own faces, testified to by hundreds of witnesses, are invisible to him as long as he wears those glasses.


Take ’em off, Bill. Your blindness is a choice that you are making.


Barr, Wray and Haspel. The unholy trinity of the swamp. I prayed night for Barr to do the right thing. I now pray nightly that President Trump survives the palace coup and metes out justice for all three at once.

Sharon Campbell

I am watching the Georgia Senate Committee Hearing & cannot believe the testimony I’m hearing from individuals who submitted affidavits. The video you mention provided is absolutely damning!

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