Wednesday News Roundup: We Now Know What William Barr Has and Has Not Been Doing

William Barr has been found and we now know what he has and hasn’t been doing. – What he has been doing is secretly appointing John Durham as a special counsel way back on October 19 and not telling anybody about it. His excuse for the secrecy was that it was just too darn close to Election Day and he didn’t want to influence the election, a consideration no Democrat would ever even entertain.

Thus, once again we see an establishment Republican demonstrate exactly why establishment Republicans are, as a class, a pack of surrender monkey losers.

The other little – or possibly big – problem with Barr’s skullduggery is that the special counsel statute clearly requires that special counsels must be chosen from among lawyers who are currently out of government. So, did Durham secretly resign before he was secretly appointed to be a special counsel? We don’t know because it’s a big secret.

Barr’s supposed reason for making this move was to make it much more difficult for Joe Biden – a person of interest in the investigation – to get rid of Durham and make all of his accumulated evidence go away. But if Durham did not resign his old office prior to being appointed, then an incoming Biden administration can simply dissolve his new office as being illegitimate under the law.

So all of this may amount to just one more William Barr head fake, another effort to placate Trump supporters by appearing to do something while in fact doing nothing.

Earlier in the day, we found out what Barr has been doing, which is apparently a big bag of nothing, at least as it relates to the massive voter fraud that undeniably took place during the 2020 elections. The Associated Press released an interview with Barr (why is Barr giving interviews to the AP at this moment in time?) in which the AG says he has seen no evidence of widespread voter fraud that would affect the outcome of the election.

He went on to say that “There’s been one assertion that would be systemic fraud and that would be the claim that machines were programmed essentially to skew the election results. And the DHS and DOJ have looked into that, and so far, we haven’t seen anything to substantiate that.”

Actually, there have been dozens of assertions to that effect submitted in sworn affidavits, but who’s counting, right?

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani lashed out at Barr in a statement:

In the campaign statement, Giuliani claimed there was “ample evidence of illegal voting in at least six states, which they have not examined.”

“We have many witnesses swearing under oath they saw crimes being committed in connection with voter fraud. As far as we know, not a single one has been interviewed by the DOJ. The Justice Department also hasn’t audited any voting machines or used their subpoena powers to determine the truth,” he said.

And there you have the real truth of this matter: Barr hasn’t seen anything because he hasn’t been looking in any real way. Barr also attempted to wave off responsibility by using the old “wrong venue” claim that lawyers like to use, telling the AP that:

“There’s a growing tendency to use the criminal justice system as sort of a default fix-all,” he said, but first there must be a basis to believe there is a crime to investigate.

“Most claims of fraud are very particularized to a particular set of circumstances or actors or conduct. … And those have been run down; they are being run down,” Barr said. “Some have been broad and potentially cover a few thousand votes. They have been followed up on.”

This is all a load of horse manure. The FBI and DOJ have absolute authority to fully investigate any allegations of voter fraud taking place in a federal election and to pursue criminal charges against anyone guilty of what is a FEDERAL FELONY.

Let me tell you a little story about Box 13 and the infamous 1948 Texas U.S. senate election that Lyndon Johnson stole from Coke Stevenson via rampant voter fraud. It was the election that vaulted LBJ to national prominence and led directly to him ultimately becoming President 15 years later.

That election was a Democrat primary race – which at the time a was a de facto general election in Texas given the weakness then of the state’s GOP – and had been held on a Saturday. The initial results were so close that a recount was immediately ordered by the Texas secretary of state. By the following Friday, it became apparent to Johnson that he had to somehow find about 150 more votes in his name or he would be the loser and his political career essentially over.

So he called his good friend George Parr, the county judge of little Duval County in South Texas, to see if he could “find” another 150 or so ballots for him. Parr’s response to LBJ went something like this: “Lyndon, I’d love to do it for you, but you’ve asked so many times now that we have already reported more votes in Duval County than the number of people who actually live here, and we got FBI agents swarming all over us.”

Indeed, contemporaneous accounts of that stolen election invariably discuss the fact that the FBI was not only swarming Duval County but scouring the entire state, trying its best to root out voter fraud in real time. Why? Because it was a federal election, and LBJ and his cronies were committing federal felonies.

When LBJ wouldn’t take no for an answer, Parr said that maybe he could “find” the needed number of ballots over in Alice, the county seat of neighboring Jim Wells County, since the County Judge there was also a reliable crony. Lo and behold, on that Friday night, the Jim Wells County clerk “found” Box 13, a box allegedly containing more than 200 absentee ballots from that county’s 13th voting precinct, all of which had been miraculously cast for LBJ in a race that was dead even statewide.

Rumor has it that all 200+ of the ballots were written in the same handwriting and had been miraculously inserted into the box in perfect alphabetical order, but when FBI agents showed up at the Jim Wells County courthouse the following day to investigate, the clerk informed them that all of the county’s absentee ballots had been incinerated once they had been counted.

The point here is not that a Democrat stole that election – Democrats have been stealing elections in South Texas since time immemorial. It’s just part of the culture there. The point is that the FBI had deployed teams of agents working overtime to police a federal election in real time.

Today’s FBI has 1,000 times the resources that the agency possessed in 1948, yet it could not be bothered to lift a finger to work proactively to try to prevent any of the massive fraud we have all known was coming as a part of this election for eight long months. That sad reality can only be because the senior leadership at the FBI and the DOJ were just fine with this election being stolen by the Democrats.

Barr brags to the AP that his department continues to investigate valid claims of fraud in this election, but no one in the media is curious enough to ask him why he did nothing to prevent any of it from taking place. Perhaps that’s because they all know Barr has no good answer for that one, and they’re all fine with it, too.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time

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In my opinion, Bill “Bush’s Boy” Barr has been locking up the documents President Trump ordered released to protect the guilty in the deep-state and legislature. Same tactic as Mueller. Lock up the documents, lay down the obstruction trap. Swamp creatures don’t change their stripes anymore than a zebra does.


Proud to have met you, my friend. Take care and may the force be with us!


Well, let’s take a hard look at the Trump campaign. Carter page, prosecuted and served time. Papadopoulos, prosecuted and served time. Manafort, prosecuted and still serving time. Flynn, ’nuff said. Along with three others that had their lives ruined by the dems. Did Roger Stone get a fair deal with the justus system?

Rudy has lunch with a couple of people and those people immediately have crap charges filed on them. It’s very obvious that the dems will attack and destroy anyone that associates with Trump.

The dems have no fear and why should they? They won’t be charged or prosecuted so they have free reign. The corruption of our politicians and institutions is so firmly embedded that the good people that we do have are helpless. It may well be that the only way to straighten things out would be a coming pandemic of lead poisoning.


Your point is well made, my friend.


A trip down memory lane. I remember when Trump replaced Comey. He had a list of very qualified candidates. The dems immediately attacked those people so hard, that one by one they pulled their hats from the ring and ran. Was Wray Trumps first choice? No. Wray wasn’t even Trumps fifth choice, he was just the best of a sorry lot Trump could fill the position with. Same situation with Barr, albeit Barr did put an end to the Mueller crap and stopped an inevitable prosecution of Trumps family members. One only has to look at what the dems did to Flynn to see why nobody we need in these positions will take the job.


I am in awe of your summary!

But the President’s daughter and son in law helped screw things up, too; they made very bad recommendations. Look who his family is?

It was us CHRISTIANS who pushed hardest for Jerusalem to be recognized, not American Jews (for the most part.) WE gave him the support and political cover, while the Leftwing Jewish population gave him NO credit at all.

Priebus (sounds like a hybrid car?) also was a feckless sack of mess, while Whipsy Graham pushed the worst of the worst. But then, he always did like manly men, strong men: “If the boot fits, lick it,” he shouts gleefully! Better a bootlicker than an adversary, as long as you don’t take his advice.


One more reply to Realist:

China was eating our lunch; Trump stopped China from eating our lunch: China will now resume eating our lunch.

Hillary Clinton sold 20% of our uranium stocks to Russia; she had also intended to stop fracking, and decimate our energy supplies, putting us in the grip of anyone who sold us energy: Trump made us energy independent, which he considered a national security issue. he was right. And now, under Biden Harris, should Trump fail, we will be in a dangerous place once again, dependent upon the whims of other energy producers as we were in the 1970s with out of control inflation.

The Fed was putting us in chains – Trump had a plan to free us. (Back to the cages, suckers, if you voted for Biden.)

Trump also got China out of some of our places of national security, which I will not reveal (public information, but if you’re interested, it won’t take Wikileaks to find.)

Trump has prevented us from going to war in:
North Korea

Inevitably, we will be at war with China, perhaps the others. But if Trump is still in office, we will at least be prepared as the Chinese perform their final phase of their global takeover.

Given that Biden will cause us to lose a war, Washington DC destroyed in a most awful way (I have seen this already, but they won’t know what hit them) and our armed services are almost entirely pro-Trump, with their votes switched illegally to Biden, with our men and women sacrificed in order to submit us as a nation…I’d say that the CIA and FBI and DOJ are treasonous fools, playing with matches in a fireworks factory.

And maybe our destruction is their intent, as it is easy to see how much they hate us. All I can conclude is the fact that Donald J Trump, as President, has protected us capably and honorably. It is a safe assumption that two things will happen, depending upon the outcome of this flawed and corrupted election:

-If Biden prevails, Washington DC will be so utterly ruined, there won’t be any remains to be found, and Washington will resemble the Great Babylon in the Book of Revelation
-If Trump prevails, there will be three visible and serious assassination attempts on his life (there have been many already) and China will conduct a surprise attack using a proxy, which will use an EMP device. Kim is extremely nervous at this point, if he is still alive, because it is likely that he will be the stooge holding the bag when the retaliation begins.

Better wear out the knees on your jeans, folks, because prayer is the only thing that will save us – if the Lord will be merciful and grant us a reprieve. Biden is the agent of destruction, a non compos mentis fool who can barely tie his own shoes and blasphemes the Lord in his attempts to pretend to be a Christian (if you call Psalms “Palms,” that might be a clue.)

I don’t see any more votes: I’m calling it a tie. The FBI will surely be calling, though, because they don’t like being called what they are: cowardly traitors. At least most of them. And if the others who aren’t cowardly traitors don’t come out as whistleblowers, they’re still cowards.


I think it was ‘Realist’ that suggested China would insert troops thru a western port which there are only three where this would be possible. I don’t think its really possible, even if invited by Washington, Oregon or Commiefornia.

Reason is that the Pacific is a rather large body of water to cross and the Chinese don’t have the capability to even cross the Taiwan Strait with significant troops. Even if the obvious defense of Taiwan were removed. The Chinese navy just doesn’t have the Blue water capability at this point.

Plus… If China actually was foolish enough to attempt any type of landing in a US port, I’m sure the navy based in Hawaii would have something to say about that. Just say’n.

BUT…. Where a landing ‘could’ happen would be thru canukistan. Its no secret that lil potato Justeen is enamored with PingPing and chinese authoritarianism. Justeen is ALL in for the ‘Great Reset’ agenda. That being said it would be no surprise if troops were invited onto canukistan soil for lets say…. joint military exercises. As a way of building better ‘relations’.

So Chinese troops being ‘invited’ onto US soil could actually be a plausible event. You can bet these criminal communists haven’t thought, and plotted, about it.

If the nation is to be saved there definitely needs to be an occupation in the prayer closet. Without that… then it truly will be in vain to think the nation will be spared the rod.


If This were to happen and Chinese troops moved from ‘joint exercises’ to US soil as a result of an invite from say Inslee… I’ll do what I can to slow them up some as they come across the port of entry just a couple miles from me.

Now… where’d I put my updated, Anarchist Cookbook…

Its a long shot I know…


In my view, that’s a quite comprehensively accurate estimate of the situation. As soon as it becomes evident that Trump will not be able to reverse this election (which I truly hope and pray does not come to pass), we patriots must take up arms and put a stop to this. There would be no alternative.


While there may seem to be no alternative, we can learn something from the Civil Rights movement and the workers riots (unfortunately by Commies) in the early part of the 20th century. We can also learn something from ANTIFA, and block roads to and from big cities, a massive traffic jam that will stop food from coming in. A siege, in other words. They did nothing about it when the Left used those tactics: when ordinary Americans begin using them, watch them over react.

And their over reaction will be their downfall.

That is as much as I will telegraph right now.


You are correct!


Insurrection and sedition. THERE IS NO LONGER A PEACEFUL OPTION.
The time for chatting is now over. Prepare yourselves.

Ana Nimity

We had hoped Mr. Trump’s replacement for replacement for Sessions would some how be like Mr. Trump and want to change the culture of corruption in Washington DC; who would be a different species from all the other fat, lazy Deep State Swamp creatures that sit in the seat of power, who care of the DC Swamp Deep State.

But the Swamp is wider and deeper than we ever thought, and we were naive and deceived again.


Sometimes right. Worth reading the most recent columns; I hadn’t visited there in awhile:

It is of no use in Sidney Powell calling for military tribunals to set another election. The President has already declared an emergency in this election in 2018. Appoint General Michael Flynn as Tribune, have him throw out the millions of crooked Biden votes by the Chicoms and Iranians, the fake paper ballots by the Biden syndicate, and and put those electoral college votes before Vice President Mike Pence in the Senate to accept as Donald Trump won 360 electoral college votes.

Then put Trump news presenters in the media to produce the real narrative, and have the military tribunals begin indicting and seizing all assets of these insurrectionists by ballot box.

Donald Trump either leads in 2020 or he will be led away in chains in 2021.

– Lame Cherry

Nabi Rasch

In this day and age, conservatives are on their way to obsolescense. They believe in ‘law and order’, rely on it to save them as the wily leftists consistently trash it, capitalize on its weaknesses, and do end runs around it..


We also believe in the Constitution, relying upon it to save us. Liberals used to make the claim that they were protectors of the Constitution, but now they’re just as willing to destroy the Constitution as Dubya and Obama. There is no ACLU anymore.

We should have a Constitution Party, which would include like-minded Conservatives, Libertarians and Liberal. Neither Hillary Clinton nor Biden nor Harris are Liberals: they’re all Statists, which is another word for Stalinists. The Republicans who fail to support Trump are likewise Statists.

The President should start this new party. Rich Liberals who didn’t join the Clintons and Obamas in their hatred of the Working Class might have disagreements with Conservatives who didn’t like the wholesale shredding of the Constitution with the misnamed Patriot Act, but the Constitution is the binding thread. Libertarians especially.

The CIA should be put into a wood chipper, along with its director and former director, and same with the DOJ which often argues that extrajudicial killings of “threatening people” are justified. I can see them coming from my door, in a vision: they can’t tolerate criticism Criticism, by the way, is Constitutionally protected.

I am looking forward, as Jonah II, to the utter annihilation of the current Washington DC. For those of you Believers in the surrounding areas: be ready to flee to the mountains (stay clear of Lewisburg, home of a CIA training center.) It won’t be long.

And then maybe we can start all over, with all the swamp creatures drowned.


I’m guessing Jared Kushner will get a spot in the Biden administration, too, should Pop not stay in office. (Hat tip to Lame Cherry, for revealing the nexus of Biden/MI6/Balkans and the election fraud.)

Who do you think managed most of the hires? Kushner.


Well, that’s no surprise. What is a surprise is that Trump kept him. Now here’s what I’d do:

Fire Wray, and make him go through another Senate hearing and not allow him to serve again.

The FBI, Wray or not, is just a smear on the underwear of our nation’s history. I can’t remember a time when it has been a good institution, from the faked Flight 800 conclusions to the stifling of good Agents with pertinent information who exposed 9/11 before it happened, to Waco snipers and Ruby Ridge snipers and back-shooting cowards of Mr. Bundy in the Bureau of Land Management debacle. Go way back and you’ll find that they poisoned hooch during Prohibition,set%20rules%2C%20someone%20is%20bound%20to%20break%20them.

Then there was the Philly house bombing, where they set several blocks on fire trying to deal with mentally ill radicals. Speaking of fires: they killed 17 children? Used toxic gas too? And when Sony Bono ripped Janet Reno a new one, they managed to kill him on the ski slopes.

Going back: J. Edgar was worse than a butt-stain, with his butt-buddy and his blackmail of everyone. The FBI has NEVER had a noble history, even if there HAVE been heroic G-Men and women who served with honor and distinction. But the FBI as a whole? I just said it: a-whole, a-hole, a dismal stain on the undershorts of American history.

Christopher Wray will serve his own interests, and continue to be a coward and a Quisling.


You know Mr. “Realist”, it is very easy to go all Ann Coulter on the President, for some of his personnel appointments, but if he is and was so bad, so inept, and so in the tank or a stooge for the Left, then why do they HATE and want to defeat him him so much? If Trump was selling us down the river, why doesn’t the Left do all it can to keep him? Would he not be a better vessel than btfsplk for America’s destruction if he is causing it? The Left and the Deep-State would then be able to blame him rather than take the hit for a btfsplk administration.

I judge people by their actions and deeds, not their words. I also judge people by who their friends are and who are their enemies. The fact that ALL of these Leftists anal orifices hate this guy speaks volumes. The fact that he has remained so sane and so positive for more then four years is amazing. Every other traditional politician would have packed it in long ago and succumbed to the ceaseless drumbeat. President Donald John Trump has accomplished more good for American in only four years than any other president in my 61 year lifetime. Only Reagan comes close.


Peace in the Middle East? A couple of Arab nations that couldn’t wage war against a decent football team signed treaties with Israel. Did those treaties have any effect on current hostilities in the region?

The economy benefited by the tax law that Trump signed. I give him credit for that. It benefited just as much be wreckless FED actions via the PPT. You will pay for those soon enough.

I remember a time when Americans did not run around with flags, parades, etc. worshiping leaders. We were a self reliant nation who looked up only to God.

Go ahead and worship your emperor. Don’t forget to sprinkle middle school insults into whatever your next enlightening response may be.


Fabulist (thee’s your name)

Yeah, right. What about judges? I guess you don’t like the remaking of the courts? Think HRC would have chosen rightly? Do you like the Constitution as it is still written, or do you want another series of bozos to break it into pieces, like Clinton, Bush, Obozo?

Trump has tried harder than any President I’ve ever seen to stay within the legal framework of the Constitution, and has honored States’ rights when he could have run roughshod over states like Ca, NY, NJ and others. He respects the distance between the powers, and the rights of the states to make determinations of their own in all matters other than are given to the federal government by the Constitution.

Then we have endless wars – wars that I might argue once had a purpose, but with no leadership in prior administrations to make them stick, as Bozo lost Iraq and deliberately gave it to Iran and ISIS, and tried to turn Syria over to ISIS.

Your shrill analysis is shat-off, not worthy of the commentary we’ve offered.

But then there’s the Wall, which is being built, funded by creative measures. Guess you don’t like the wall, either.

And then there’s the rebuilding of the military, and the Space Force (we’re behind on the latter considering the Chinese AND Russians are destroying satellites.)

You really do have a problem with reality. What a conceit, your name.


Then there’s bringing back jobs: coal jobs, oil and gas jobs, factory jobs that Obama and many Repugnicans said are “gone and they’re not coming back.” President Trump got the “vaccine” (which is not really a vaccine) done with Operation Warp Speed. He was constantly being betrayed by Fauci and Birx, and Birx isn’t even a licensed Physician, while hundreds of thousands of physicians around the world disagreed with them, using experience and clinical rationale, and used Hydroxychloroquine.

He wanted to act more strongly with the rioters, but Esper stood in his way and backstabbed him right in front of everybody. Esper, another American traitor.

He chose military men for his administration, thinking that loyalty and honor are part of their DNA – not so with the disloyal slimeball McMasters and “Backstabber” Kelly, as well as a huge part of the NSC. I had thought the military would bring a good bit of discipline to the administration, but forgot the lesson of Major General Benedict Arnold. Serving once with honor does not preclude later dishonor.

President Trump had to rely on people to tell him who was reliable, and that’s the fault of a lot of people in the administration for not properly vetting candidates, including people like myself who suggested military men for positions of honor, not knowing how dishonorable they actually can be. RINOs and Kushner screwed the same pooch, and the administration needs to start all over again in January, with a housecleaning that looks more like an firehose-strength enema.

Vote is still open.


Oh I agree… Trump did next to nothing so lets just all move along and ignore and belittle all that was accomplished because it was all just a con job. Challenge still stands, if you can do a better job then by all means step up to the plate.

The President is just a man, fallible just like you and I but somehow you think that running a HUGE organization such as a nation, that he should have micro-managed every aspect of the nations affairs. We probably agree on more than you realize but to simply trash the guy because he didn’t declassify documents is extremely myopic. Then to claim he scammed everyone. Who needs enemies when people on your own team are so willing to jump the shark and trash the leader at every ‘disappointment’ they encounter.

My knee bows to only one man. Is this guy leading the nation a saint?? Was David?? Fighting for what is right doesn’t entail trashing the leader who does fight for what is right. If you are fighting for a Biden who thinks killing children is fine, then you are on the wrong side. Following the leader of the nation isn’t worshipping him. In case you are confused. We follow but we question everything and if he goes off the rails like Saul, then we turn him away.


Barr made public the DOJ’s “no massive fraud” findings to give SCOTUS a reason not to take any cases that will work up through the system in the next few days. In short, he let them off the hook. Now they can cite the DOJ “findings” in deciding not to grant cert.

Barr also made Durham untouchable, giving him time to finish shredding all of the evidence implicating the swamp.

If POTUS is one of us, which I have grown to doubt, he has been checkmated by Barr. No judicial remedies, no criminal remedies and a 5,000 horsepower shredder buzzing 24/7 that POTUS can’t do a damn thing about.

The Republic is dead, and most deplorables that I know are content to watch Netflix and pro sports. We are about to get the government that we deserve.


Wait until Biden shreds the military, and dismantles the new weapons programs. Won’t be the saints marching in; they’ll be speaking Mandarin.


I tell everyone I can that chicom infantry will be invited, and welcomed by west coast ports, to stop any civil war we may start. They all say I am nuts.


You are nuts, but not on this; on this, you’re completely right.

Makemy Day

The very odd thing about Barr’s statement is that there was never an allegation that the Dominion machines were programmed to change votes. The allegations were that the Dominion machine vote counts could be changed by manual intervention and more seriously, the tallies sent to counting centers could be completely altered during transit by the Scorecard software. So Barr set up a phony straw man and shot it down. Why? I don’t think it was innocent or meant to help the Trump cause. I don’t think DOJ or the FBI have looked into a damn thing. Barr and Wray are working for the enemy. Where are the whistleblowers among the “patriotic rank and file” in these agencies? What a joke. They’re all sniveling cowards.


Well put: “sniveling cowards.”


May the Deep State and all of its occupants and their families and extended families suffer the same fate as the Branch Davidians in the inferno.


Trump never ordered a declass. He “authorized” it, which made him appear to be doing something when he was not. Authorizing it gave the various departments the choice as to whether or not to declass any documents. He knew they wouldn’t release anything, and he obviously didn’t care. He knows we are stupid and he has played us for 4 years.

Judge a man by what he does, not what he says. A four year rally tour by PT Barnum to keep us on the sidelines while the swamp sanitized all past crimes.


So what you are saying is that all the things Trump accomplished, eg the best economy in decades, lowest employment for every demographic, Peace in the ME etc etc all mean nothing because those he appointed didn’t ‘declassify’ information. That it was allllllll a con job.

Thats not a realist. Thats being a douche bag who refuses to see the forest because its blocked by trees. Maybe judging a man by what he does is something you should look closer at. And when you think you can do a better job, perhaps you should apply for it.


Amen, Brian, amen.


That would be the ultimate betrayal. But I don’t believe it.

If he’s serious about his job, though, he’ll ORDER a declass, starting with the Kennedy files. Some were declassified, others were not. Those were orders, not “authorizations.” He got pushback, and left some classified after some discussion.

So you are not entirely correct, maybe only partially correct.

What we do know is that there are few Patriots in Washington, and those that are are constantly under assault. Better if Ra’s al Ghul went in and finished the job. Fiction, but Bruce Wayne was on the wrong side of things, thinking he could save Gotham (DC.) The corruption comes right back, like herpes.


There are a number of questions to consider.

Assuming these law suits get to SCOTUS there are probably numerous paths they can use to handle this fraud of epic proportions.

But, IMO, the boiled down baseline will be they either null and void the election and call for a re-election. Or, they end up kicking it back down into the States Supreme courts to adjudicate with SCOTUS guidelines. Which will it be??

So if scotus rules re-election who will oversee or ensure of the integrity of the election??

Failing a scotus ruling and marshal law imposed to investigate and/or perform another election. Then how is the military tribunal to be chosen. Obviously the criminal group wants a Kelly or McMaster and the patriots want a Flynn. Outcomes are obvious.

So who would choose the military panel?? Duration of military rule?? Assurances the military doesn’t like being in control and decides to keep it for a while. Remember there are a lot of communist infiltrators in the military as well.

Hopefully the scotus takes on the roll for which they were hired and do the right thing.


Have General Flynn run the trial operations.


The swamp is deep and will burn down the world just to preserve its apple cart.
Plan accordingly.
Waiting on some mommygov appaRATchik to save the republic?
No one is coming to save us but US.


Barr was originally a Bush (Traitor) appointee. That should answer all your questions!


See my links above; he was a Clinton traitor, too. Ruby Ridge, in particular.

We should have suspected something when he didn’t recommend the firing of Chris Wray: both are in it together to maintain a firewall to keep the FBI from being held responsible. Whole damn thing should be burnt to the ground.


Ruby Ridge was all I had to know about Barr to understand that he is nothing more than a gov’t clean up man.

All I needed to know about Fauci is that he is a big Hillary fan with a documented allegiance to her.

All I needed to know about Gina Halpern is that she was CIA London station chief when the Russian collusion hoax was launched……in London.

I knew all of these things about these people, as did millions of Deplorables. But there they sit, and here we sit without representation in our government.

Since a lowly moron like myself knew who these people were, why didn’t Trump know? Or did he?

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