Boom: Barr Converts Durham to Special Counsel in Russia Probe

Well, this is something. Minutes after disappointing Trump supporters – and no doubt President Trump himself – by saying that his do-nothing FBI/DOJ has found no evidence of fraud that would be pervasive enough to tilt the outcome of the presidential election, William Barr announced that he has formally converted U.S. Attorney John Durham to a Special Counsel in his investigation of the origins of Spygate and Obamagate.

This conversion will help to ensure that Durham will be able to continue his work in a new Biden/Harris administration, complicating the hell out of China Joe Potato Head Biden since he is without doubt a key person of interest in Durham’s probe. It will also give Durham access to all the budget, staffing and resource privileges that come along with the Special Counsel designation.

From a report at Fox News:

Attorney General Bill Barr appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham as special counsel to continue investigating the origins of the Russia probe in the next administration, Fox News has confirmed.

Barr appointed Durham as special counsel on Oct. 19—two weeks prior to Election Day.

Barr notified the Senate and House Judiciary Committees, in a letter dated Dec. 1 obtained by Fox News, that Durham would be special counsel.

“On May 13, 2019, I directed John Durham, U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut, to investigate certain intelligence and law-enforcement activities surrounding the 2016 presidential election,” Barr wrote. “Although I had expected Mr. Durham to complete his work by the summer of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as additional information he uncovered, prevented him from doing so.”

“In advance of the presidential election, I decided to appoint Mr. Durham as a Special Counsel to provide him and his team with the assurance that they could complete their work, without regard to the outcome of the election,” Barr wrote, adding that he appointed Durham with “the powers and authority of a Special Counsel” on Oct. 19.


Law Professor Jonathan Turley had this to say about Barr’s action on Twitter this afternoon:

Thus, as has been the case throughout his term as Attorney General, Barr presents those who support President Trump today with a mixed bag of disappointment about his department’s failure to act on major scandals in real time and hope that the future could still produce some satisfactory results on another front.

The refusal of Barr’s DOJ and the FBI to really get involved in the single largest election fraud in American history will be a stain on Barr’s and Christopher Wray’s reputations for the rest of their days on earth. But his move with Durham today could, if Durham does ultimately produce real prosecutions of the criminals who tried to fix the 2016 elections and execute a coup d’etat on American soil, help to redeem Barr to a large extent.

As always with Barr, you have to take the bad with the good.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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[…] Barr converts Durham to a Special Counsel in the Russia probe. And Durham may be working the 2020 election fraud as well. […]


Dave, I’m sorry, I love your blog, but you’ve really “jumped the shark” here.

In what universe do you think the appointment of a “special council” possibly matters in the LEAST when the very people in charge here are openly staging multiple coups and rigging international elections with ZERO consequence?

I mean, come on, this is BEYOND insane to look at this as a “positive.” What could you possibly point to as indicative of a functioning justice system over the last 4 years (and, frankly, well beyond that)?

It is time for conservatives to recognize the reality of the situation. A re-reading of the Declaration of Independence is a good start…


And finally: yeah, give him a new badge. That’s the ticket! Durham has a new gig! He sure looks serious, with those chops! That mean stare! I’m soooooo impressed!

Officer Barr-Brady (our Attorney General) doesn’t see what General McInerney and Flynn see? Maybe he should get those cataracts fixed. Or get his head out of his cheeks.

I despise Barr now, because he’d have been OK to just keep his lying mouth shut. But no, he had to throw his fat buttocks onto the scales of justice, to pervert them, and if Trump is defeated because of it, it will fall upon his chubby little shoulders.

Fire Barr.


From a Disqus Forum

Oda Nobunaga • 11 minutes ago

Most of Trump’s supporters have vowed that they will never vote for republicans again, unless there is an audit of every single vote in every single swing state.

Here’s a list of elected republicans who either have directly called for Trump to concede , called for a peaceful transfer of power and for Biden to receive intel briefings, or outright attempting sabotage any real audits of every single signature and vote.

Mitt Romney – UT
Marco Rubio – FL
Mike Shirkey – MI
Mike DeWine – OH
Brian Kemp – GA
Brad Raffensperger – GA
Pat Toomey – PA
Liz Cheney – WY
Doug Ducey – AZ
Larry Hogan – MD
Fred Upton – MI
John Cornyn – TX
Paul Mitchell – MI
James Lankford – OK
Lisa Murkowski – AK
Ben Sasse – NE
Susan Collins – ME
Jim Durkin – IL
Dan Young – AK
Francis Rooney – FL
John Shimkus – IL
Adam Kinzinger – IL
Paul Mitchell – MI
Don Bacon – NE
Tom Reed – NY
Will Hurd – TX
John Kurtis – UT
Denver Riggleman – VA

Republican Politicians Who Have Been Silent, Yet Reportedly Have Privately Expressed Disdain for Trump

John Thune – SD
Rob Portman – OH
Lamar Alexander – TN
Roy Blunt – MO
Mike Braun – IN
Todd Young – IN
Tim Scott – SC
Rick Scott – FL
Chuck Grassley – IA
Richard Burr – NC
Martha McSally – AZ
Jerry Moran – KS
Pat Roberts – KS
Richard Shelby – AL


Wanna bet that if a new party were started, a Patriots Party, that nearly every conservative would immediately walk over to it. The GOP would very quickly become irrelevant.

The time is certainly ripe for it.


It almost worked with the Tea Party. Almost worked with Ross Perot. Maybe third time’s the charm?

No matter what, the most important things are to have no more mail-in ballots, no more electronic elections, no more fraudulent counters who re-count votes as many as ten times as has been reported, and draconian penalties to anyone who falsifies votes at any level of government. Serious prison terms, no appeals. The states may retain minimal voting control, and without machines; no foreign entities to have any part in our elections – meaning the CIA, too, or 5 Eyes.

But seriously, if people can be persuaded to vote in 2022, who will they vote for? Or will they vote at all? Only the press can pretend that the system is not irretrievably broken, and their gaslighting is less and less effective all the time.

I hear the Republicans now: “give us one more chance in 2022!” Just like Paul Ryan promised to end Obamacare if he had the majority, and the Senate was ours, and we had a Republican President. He lied.

If Trump is not President in 2022, I will stay at home. If we still have a nation.


I was wrong:
The most important thing is to hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

How many police officers feel betrayed? The Democrats have bullied them round the clock – should we expect strikes?

Will we have a day-week-month of a work shutdown from everybody who cares about free and fair elections?

Will we deal with ANTIFA, when it shows its head again, with stealth and creative destruction? (I have some ideas.)

Will we mass in the millions in front of news outlets, and prevent them from getting to work, prevent them from hiding our story? (I have more ideas.)

A work shutdown won’t be noticed so much with so many people working at home. But there are other means and methods at our disposal. I will not elucidate.

There are a lot of important things to do, but most importantly, pray.


I fear the special council is going to be used to protect the deep state from foil requests and to bury the investigation. I hope I’m wrong but after everything I’ve seen the last 4 years I just don’t have any trust left


Swamp rats investigating swamp rats. Nothing to see here move along.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who will guard the guardians?


Pardon my skepticism.


Robo – heh! We’ve been waiting this long, what’s a few more days, weeks, months?

If nothing else, it will be fun to watch the communist echo chamber press and the demoncrat communists twist themselves in pretzel logic to convince everybody that the Durham investigation shouldn’t be afforded the same belief and benefit of a doubt like the Mueller Inquisition did.

the Bruce

Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha. Golly-Gee…will he write a report for us?

Robosaurus Rex

Please, people this amounts to nothing. Barr has shown to be a net zero government employee. The special council will also net zero as did Mueller. Likely, it will help get rid of Biden which has always been the plan. Nothing to get excited about. Who cares… oh, right… sorry… its coming… more waiting that is.


It doesn’t surprise me that Barr and Wray are not “seeing” anything. It’s in plain sight and every day more is coming out. Oh for an honest and patriotic press.


Brian – Saw that as well. If true and they can provide concrete evidence to this fact

Boom, shakalaka! There will be a whole lotta folks facing the firing squad or a rope.


Let “presidunce” Biden attempt to undo this PEO. It would be like saying: “foreign intervention welcome!”

As far as Barr goes, he said he hasn’t seen any evidence; it doesn’t mean that there is no evidence. But still I’m skeptical.


Forget Bagpipe barr… the real fight is here…


Information being received NOW that Communist China purchased Dominion Voting in October 8 for $400M.

Efforts underway to verify. If true, this confirms other evidence that Communists intend to overthrow our government to get our precious land.


— Lin Wood (@LLinWood) December 1, 2020”

Vernon Barnett

Trump you can’t fire a special prosecutor! We would have a constitutional crisis! Joe “I’m firing the the special prosecutor he’s on a witch hunt, the press said so!”
What do you think, too synacle.

Just Me

Whether in time, eternity, or both, the wicked will be held accountable for every single thing; regardless of party affiliation.


Well isn’t that odd… Could post my replies but all of a sudden… nope.


Back to two to four lines…


Biden can/probably will still fire him. The media will totally cover it up for him just like they did Hunter’s laptop revelations & Tony Bobulinsky’s testimony.

With Barr’s comments about the DOJ not finding “enough vote fraud that would affect the election outcome” all I can say is WOW! That appears like a total punch to the gut. Seems like sticking a shiv in Trump’s back to me.

Guess whatever the Dems want the Dems get.

The Republic hangs by a very slender thread & that thread is slipping away.

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