The Ideology Now Running the Democratic Party Looks Like a Classic Cult

Guest Piece by Karen Kataline

Every camera phone these days has a feature that can flip the focus from “selfie” to the outside world for a more conventional shot. All of it done with a quick touch to the screen.

That’s as good a high-tech explanation as any of projection in the psychological sense.

Apart from deliberate projection, which is regularly used as a political tactic as per Saul Alinsky, there is the more classic and unconscious projection that happens among true believers of the same ilk.

Take a look at what happens when one of those believers is caught telling the truth about what he’d like to do to Trump voters: DNC member David Atkins openly suggesting that 75 million Americans need to be “deprogrammed.”

While Atkins wonders how anyone could be a Trump supporter, many of us wonder how a leftist who may have been initially attracted to feel-good ideas like “tolerance” and “diversity” could publicly advocate forceful “deprogramming” of 75 million of his fellow citizens (in refugee camps? concentration camps?) for the sin of disagreeing with him about a political candidate. How does that happen?

Here’s a little of how projection works: Most of us are capable of powerful emotions. We also have emotions about our powerful emotions, which complicates matters even further. This can terrify people, especially if they already have trouble distinguishing between thoughts, feelings and actions. How could I have such horrible, evil, hateful thoughts? Does that make me evil too?

Among the variety of responses possible when emotions become too intense or painful for a person to tolerate is a kind of flip of focus — just like that camera. The subject disowns his uncomfortable or embarrassing feelings and quite unconsciously attributes them to others — often to the person or group on which he has already been so intensely focused.

It’s much easier to feel justified in advocating full-blown persecution of those he hates if he can view himself as a victim. To add insult to injury, this is all in the name of “tolerance.”

What happens when true victims of a paranoia-fueled vendetta are themselves called paranoid? How do we know who to believe?

Do you think leftism is like a cult?

Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha and the McCloskeys in St. Louis know firsthand how the propaganda media works full-time to confuse the public about who are the criminals and who are the law-abiding citizens.

The inability to distinguish or accept the origins of one’s rage is a building block of paranoia and persecution complexes.

A culture that positively values personal responsibility rather than collective guilt is infinitely healthier not just politically but psychologically.

Atkins goes on to project another charge against Trump supporters, claiming they are in a “death cult against reality & basic decency.”

If ever there were an ideology that resembles a classic cult, it is the leftism, socialism and communism of today, which now control much of what used to be the Democratic Party.

In 2017, I outlined some of the more obvious comparisons in an article about how liberalism is like a cult.

Cults feed and grow off collectivism and groupthink. That is why they must always demonize dissent, individuality and personal responsibility.

Remember when the left lectured us (when do they not?) about “Hate, hate — we have to root out hate!” That should have been our first clue that they were getting ready to unleash an avalanche of hate upon us, and they did.

The pattern is so often repeated that we can just about predict what they’ll do by watching what they accuse everyone else of next.

For his mental health and our safety, David Atkins and others like him need to flip their cameras to “selfie.” That, or take a good, long look in the mirror.

Karen Kataline is a commentator, columnist & talk show host. She holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University and is a sought after guest on talk shows around the country.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Francisco Machado

One does well to look up the actual meanings of words flung about by the Progressives, perhaps best done in an older dictionary. “Populist” has nothing to do with being popular or being favored by the people. It is a mantra of Marxism and means “for the people” in the sense that the common man will no longer be autonomous but will be administered by the in loco parentis government. The Populists were a late nineteenth century political movement, a party that was radically Communist (opposed to private ownership of property, nationalization of railroads, etc.) and not especially popular. The adherents melded themselves into the early twentieth century Progressives. Both movements were Fascist, a Utopian ideology not unfavorably viewed prior to Hitler’s Germany, that centralized control over all aspects of society “for the benefit of the people.” Government schools, curriculum. Government health care. Government housing. Government controlled industry. Price and wage controls. All things the Progressives seek. And they accuse the Conservatives of being Fascist. .

Born To Kill Peace Sign

I hate them to the point of intoxication.
There will be no reconciliation or forgiveness.
They can take their fake phony unity and shove it right up their ass.


Agreed as far as no reconciliation.

If Biden had actually won, I would have sucked it up and gone my way and spent time on my “farm” perfecting new techniques for fruit and grains and rice. But if he prevails, it won’t be a free and fair election, so there can be no forgiveness nor unity.

We tolerated the fake election in 2012, which has been revealed by new investigations into the hardware/software used (SCYTL) and lived with 8 years of a demented puppet, who had no original ideas and a barely average IQ. We dealt with it, because the fraud was no so visible, and Mitt Romney slunk away, coward that he is.

But this is intolerable, and the nation ungovernable. For all the monitors and others who look at us and our communicated intentions: we will not submit, and we will destroy your phony administration if it should come to pass, and there will be no peace. As the alien in Independance Day said when asked what they wanted us to do, his response:


And that is the long and short of it. We want those responsible for the 4 year coup against the President, which has now grown into massive election fraud, to die. You that have committed this treason are deserving of nothing less.

My hate isn’t the point: I can now stop hating, and coldly bring out my inner-psychopath. We all have one. Rational, cold, intentional, planning and determined: the Left will not win anything but extermination.

Find your inner psychopath, keep it hidden, don’t act foolish and just go out and create harm: do what soldiers have to do in wartime, and seal off your natural reticence when the time comes. The orders King Saul had, we take upon our own shoulders – no mercy, no hesitation.

Don’t go off on a raging spree; keep your rage and stuff it. Don’t yell and scream and shout, and don’t engage in arguments with the enemy, and keep your plans close to your vest. Operate alone if possible, and wait for the time to come, should the Left prevail.

No hate: love of our Nation, our people, our land – that should drive us.


The picture of Buggs Bugeyes and the diminutive Lucifer remind us that we should always back away slowly whenever we encounter such people. You just never know when they’ll snap or throw a rod. But you can’t say we aren’t warned:

The Outlaw Josie Wales:

“Lone Watie:
How did you know which one was goin’ to shoot first?

Josie Wales:
Well, that one in the center: he had a flap holster and he was in no itchin’ hurry. And the one second from the left: he had scared eyes, he wasn’t gonna do nothin’. But that one on the far left: he had crazy eyes. Figured him to make the first move.”

One is tempted to learn something profound from the scene, if one makes a habit of learning profound things from a screenwriter’s imaginary dialogue. But there it is, with truth hidden deep within the quote:

“That one on the far left: he had crazy eyes. Figured him to make the first move.”

Far Left. Crazy eyes.
The first move.

Learn, my people! Learn! Are you prepared for the Leftist ones with the crazy eyes who will make the first move? Vigilance. Preparedness. And be cool as Clint.


You will have two choices: back away, or…


One of the things that explains the Elite’s hatred of us Deplorable Trumpers is an old maxim:

“We feel obligated to hate those we’ve wronged.”

Which is why they would want to “re-educate” 75 million of us: the guilt they feel, the subliminal guilt, has got to be overpowering. The re-education would be to make us forget what they’ve done and are doing to us.

The Elites almost all feel that way about us; they hate us because they send our jobs overseas, close our workplaces, steal our retirement portfolios, bring in our (illegal) replacements and gossip about us incessantly. Peter Strjok’s comment about “smelling the Trump supporters” in Walmart is a sign of his agreement that he and his comrades have wronged us.

When hatred becomes an obligation, Pogroms are what happened in Germany, as the Germans became more and more vicious toward those from whom they stole and dispossessed, until they had completely dehumanized them. Guilt. And some still hate.

I guess I hate my own potential for cruelty, too, as I admit that I would enjoy watching JB and other cabal leaders taking a fall at the end of a long, a very long, rope, from a very great height. Do I feel guilt at feeling such things? Not when the primitive self-defenses come to bear, and my love of most people comes into play: these people would make ALL of us suffer for their psychosis, their pathological hatred of good people.

Why does Brennan hate Trump? Does President Trump remind him of his father? Daddy issues might explain why he became a Communist to begin with? What makes these “Elites” hate us little people so much? Gotta be more than guilt.

But they hate us because they wrong us, and they hate us all the more when we won’t just go away and die, or use Oxy or drink ourselves to death. The more we fight back, the more they want to treat us as cockroaches, and compare us with cockroaches.

I see the Elites as human beings, but I see them as an existential threat. The cruelty if my imagination comes as a response to that, because neither I nor most of you have done any thing at all to harm them, other than to be their intended victims.

They will continue to wrong us, count on it. We must not be cruel, even if our imaginations go there, and we must not do as they do: dehumanize. I hope I will remember that as John Brennan has his last flight from a scaffold.

Nas-Tea Tall Can

Jim Jones and the Kool-Aid kids. Jim’s followers were all utopian socialists and it didn’t end well for them. Run off the cliff with the true believer comrades?
No thanks, I’ll pass.

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