For the Corrupt News Media, It’s All Dog News All the Time Where Joe Biden is Concerned

Some days it almost doesn’t pay to get up out of bed. – The big, breaking news stories involving Creepy Uncle China Joe Potato Head Biden over the weekend all had something or other to do with his dogs. See, he and his creepy wife Jill are planning to bring a couple of dogs with them to live at the White House, and your corrupt fake despicable leftist activist news media wants you to believe this is big news.

Oh, and he’s bringing a cat with him, too, for all of my fellow cat people out there.

You are expected to believe this is all very big news in order to distract you from the real news of more and more proof of massive Democrat election fraud coming to light, and to give the fake reporters an excuse to not report on all of that. See, the dogs are much more interesting.

Right? Right.

Anyway, just the fact of the dogs and cat coming to the White House in January wasn’t enough to keep up the charade, since no thinking person gives a damn about any of that. So it was that late on Sunday, “news” broke that Joe Potato Head had injured his ankle, or maybe his foot, or maybe both while playing with – you guessed it – his dogs! Because, dogs, everybody! Dogs!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!

Initial reports had Biden twisting his ankle, but that turned out to not be sensational enough to serve the media’s purpose here. The reports then morphed within a few hours to Biden spraining his ankle, but that wasn’t good enough either. The fake story just wasn’t getting any traction out there in social media land.

Finally, the media and the Biden people who had supposedly sat on the story for 24 hours before the shocking “news” broke, convinced his doctor to say that, although the initial tests showed no evidence of any fracture, follow-up tests now indicated that the elderly, dementia-addled presumptive president-elect had in fact suffered hairline fractures in a couple of bones in his spindly foot.

From a story at the Chicago Sun-Times:

President-elect Joe Biden fractured his right foot while playing with one of his dogs, an injury discovered in a scan Sunday and that will likely require him to wear a boot for several weeks, his doctor said.

Biden suffered the injury on Saturday and visited an orthopedist in Newark, Delaware, on Sunday afternoon, his office said.

“Initial x-rays did not show any obvious fracture,” but medical staff ordered a more detailed CT scan, his doctor, Kevin O’Connor, said in a statement. The subsequent scan found tiny fractures of two small bones in the middle of his right foot, O’Connor said.

“It is anticipated that he will likely require a walking boot for several weeks,” O’Connor said.


Wait, a boot? Hey, remember these other prominent Deep State politicians who ended up wearing boots just like the one Joe Potato Head will be wearing? Take a look:

John McCain's "Medical Boot" Mysteriously Swaps Sides ...

Report: Hillary Clinton and John "Songbird" McCain Under ...

Oh, yeah, you remember, right? Do you also remember how McCain forgot one day which foot to put the boot on and wore it on the wrong foot?

Take a gander:

No Reason for Dark Rumors About Sen. McCain's Walking Boot ...

Yeah, the ol’ medical boot trick to curry public sympathy. Good times…good times….

How long do you think it will take before Biden forgets which foot to put his boot on? His elder abusing staff has no doubt already assigned an entire team to do nothing but monitor the boot.

But that wasn’t all of the Biden dog-related news to which we were treated this past weekend. Oh, no, that unfortunately was just the tip of a fake news iceberg.

As Joseph Curl reports at JustTheNews, those fake stories were followed up by a real whopper at The Daily Beast:

From the “you can’t make this up” file comes this headline from The Daily Beast: “Joe Biden’s Dogs Have Told This Pet Psychic a Lot About Their Beloved Master, and His Future.”

The subhead says: “Pet psychic Beth Lee-Crowther says Joe Biden’s dogs, Major and Champ, told her they are excited to live in the White House. They also say their master will be ‘a great president.'”


“The Biden White House has sprung its first leaks,” the Beast piece says. “But what can be done when the leakers are the president-elect’s beloved dogs, and they are communicating telepathically with a pet psychic in the English Midlands?”

Lee-Crowther hasn’t ever met the dogs, but viewing their pictures, she said “she forged a close relationship with Biden’s dogs — and wow, did they ever dish about their owner, as well as a ‘ramping-up’ of his troubles with the non-conceding President Trump, moving into the White House, their master’s calmness, and even Biden’s plans to govern.”


So, friends and neighbors, this is the “normalcy” your corrupt, fake, anti-American news media wants to take us all for the next four years. I can already feel my brain cells melting away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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[…] For the Corrupt News Media, It’s All Dog News All the Time Where Joe Biden is Concerned — DB DAI… […]

Historic Socks Czar

Our external enemies know better than to mess with Beijing Biden and the Kamal.
They tremble in fear and know they will never be able to outsmart or outmaneuver the dynamic duo. (not really)

[…] For the Corrupt News Media, It’s All Dog News All the Time Where Joe Biden is Concerned — DB DAI… […]


Had company over yesterday and broke my rule and watched two SeeBS football games which included their “60 Minutes” promos which aired at least twice every hour. The promos were of a former cyber security government “expert” hack being interviewed who was introduced as someone that President Trump fired (made sure they got that negative comment in), saying that their was no election fraud before, during or after the Nov. 3 2020 election.

That is pure propaganda (a big outrageous lie) repeated over and over again to bake in the thought in many people’s minds that the election was on the up and up. SeeBS probably didn’t even care if people actually watched that “60 Minutes” episode – they got their message out to the masses. In their 30 second spot their was no context just the same highlighted lie repeated over and over again to an (hopefully ignorant) audience just looking to enjoy an afternoon of football.

PS: I told my guests that if I heard one word of BLM or any other such nonsense the TV would be turned off and we would play Pinochle. Nary a word about BLM was mentioned – amazing how that issue went away when the NFL’s ratings went in the crapper and btfsplk is perceived to be the next president.


I just can’t believe he will end up as president. He reminds me of a child pretending to be president with the phony ‘Office of President-Elect’ signs, the plans to make his little classmates the pretend SecState, the pretend ambassador to the UK, the pretend whatever else.
This can’t be happening for real, can it? What a fucking embarrassment for this country.

[…] [Note: For those who need their dose of mind-numbingly fake news about Joe Potato Head Biden and his dogs, I’ve covered all of that nonsense in a separate story this morning.] […]


btfsplk’s biggest accomplishment in life has been getting reelected five (5) times in a deep blue congressional district size state and riding ‘the One’s coattails to two empty but very corrupt terms as a nothing vice (in every sense of the word) president. And I thought ‘the One’s’ resume was very thin – hard to tell who’s is was thinner.

Forget putting the boot on the wrong foot, the Kamala might well accidently put it on his empty head on Jan 21 so she could sit on the presidential throne or on the staff of whoever is really pulling the strings in the deep state.


The DS doesn’t care who sits in the oval office, as long as they do what they’re told.

Either Biden or Harris are the picture of “Being There,” the movie. The DS runs everything; the President is just a figurehead.


I’d pray for Biden, but first I have to pray for all the cockroaches, rats and roundworms/hookworms.


Studies show that women don’t like cat-men, but prefer dog owners as “more trustworthy.” No wonder the dog broke his foot – even dogs show more discernment than current Democrats.


McCain wore the boot on alternate feet – leading some to speculate that the boot was an ankle bracelet for monitoring.

In Biden’s case, it may be for monitoring health issues, drug infusions, or other. I hope it is “other.”
He’s an un-convicted criminal. May that change soon, dear Lord, and he be convicted, and sentenced.


A busted foot to go along with a long ago busted head and brain.

Did btfsplk also catch any fleas from the dogs?

That will be the next “Breaking News” story.

The Texas Hammer

Bastard will probably give the dog fleas!


Oh I wish I count up vote that a thousand times…

No I’m not a demoncrap…. just thought it was funny

Jumper Bones

A dog whisperer? Realky? Yep, the MSM is gone. Maybe we really do need a civil war to make things right.

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