Confused by Sidney Powell’s ‘Kraken’? One Blogger Simplifies it all in Graphics

If legal lingo confounds you, or you are like so many millions of Americans today and just do not have the attention span required to plow your way through it all, or you are just a dadgum visual learner like I am, you have likely been waiting for someone, anyone, to boil Sidney Powell’s “Kraken” lawsuit in Georgia down into a format that allows you to grasp exactly how overwhelming and legally powerful it really is.

Riding in on a white horse comes a guy named Doug Ross, who publishes an excellent daily blog of his own. Mr. Ross has applied his keen analytical skills and taken the time needed to boil the Kraken down into a series of graphics that even an old visual learner like yours truly can easily grasp.

Here are a couple of examples:

In all, Ross boils the essence of the Kraken down into 9 compelling and frankly overwhelming graphic slides.

Follow this link and go read and absorb the rest of them. If after doing so you still do not understand why the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies are investing so much time and energy in smearing Powell and her effort here, well, I don’t know what else to say to you.

The Kraken is very real and should be taken very seriously.

Stay tuned.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Good synopsis, Brian, but don’t forget both the Rudy Team and Sydney Team are attacking on Constitutional grounds, as well…both in PA and GA. Perhaps, you had that as a given. I assume they will do the same in MI, WI, AZ and NV. Cautiously optimistic, but DJT is basically fighting the whole political/judicial/media establishment and they will not give up power easily.


Looks like PA is going to lead the way to the fraud collapse… I did assume William that these suits by Powell and Rudy were based on criminal and Constitution grounds without clearly mentioning it.

I think that when one collapses, IMO, it will cascade into the others collapsing. Now that PA court has said their election was unConstitutional it applies pressure to the other States to not certify their elections if the same criminality is shown to their courts as well.

Its not going to end the law suits either as I think Rudy, Sidney and Lin are all out for blood. I’m hoping they won’t stop until theres a shortage of orange suits.



The Sword and the Stone

I am a visual learner as well and love to see the lovely SP. Her attention to detail is magnificent.
No i undotted, not t uncrossed. She doesn’t ride into lawfare half assed or unprepared.
Thankful to have this watcher on the wall.




Excellent advice!

gerald boutelier

Very good synopsis, Brian! I hope you are right.

gerald boutelier

I would have never guessed she wasn’t on the Trump team when all of this began. I guess so people such as myself were not confused, Giuliani had to come out and say she wasn’t. Then she came out. Maybe because she was standing next to Giuliani in one of the press conferences, led to the confusion. So I missed the mark on that. That wasn’t my point. Which investigation will benefit the American people, or is this a sham? I hope it is not.


It can be hard to track sometimes gerald and even the ‘conservative’ media words articles in a way to askew whats happening, confusing the lines or in Powells case just getting it wrong.

As for your question which investigation will benefit the most? Its not an all on one or nothing. This is a legal battle that has the left terrified and trying desperately to hide.

Whats taking place is like a 1,2,3 punch or a battle in which there is a frontal attack and then there are two flanking attacks. They are different for a reason as they are all concentrating fire in three main areas, ALL of which are like dropping three moab’s from three directions.

Rudy and ‘team’ are going after the actual voter fraud. Using data stats, eye witnesses and documentation supplied by whistle blowers from both sides of the political spectrum. This is the frontal attack.

Sidney Powell is going after the software/hardware fraud and all those that supported and perpetrated the fraud. Which is why you see the Dominion company and employees closing up shop and trying hard to erase their tracks on social media and LinkIn. Croomer is hiding under a rock somewhere but he’ll be found shortly, he can’t hide.

Lin Wood is going after the financial links to the crime by bringing a law suit against the Sec of State and guv of Georgia. He’s been openly calling them corrupt to bait them into suing him but of course they won’t and L Wood isn’t waiting for that to happen by filing his law suits.

These are BIG guns, not afraid of media or ‘powerful’ people and are going to fully expose the corruption. Plus it gives Trump plenty of reasons to can Barrs fat hiney and put someone on point that will actually do the job of AG. What Barr was doing anytime in public WAS kabuki theatre, this threesome tag team… isn’t. People ARE going to jail, bet on it. And, it won’t be some lame bottom rung parasite fall guy like Barr’s only conviction so far.


Mark Bradshaw – Askimet is hosed up. Hence you see some of posting like this to make sure our reply is directed properly.

Stupid askimet.


Thank you for the Ross link and info. I actually read the Powell filing for GA and it seems to be pretty compelling with multiple witnesses (a Dem and 1 who is remaining anonymous for protection, apparently) and sources both that would traditionally fall on the right and others that would clearly fall on the left. Multiple angles to the irregularities/fraud/etc. and also major Constitutional issues. There certainly could be another side to ALL of these irregularities, but it is absolutely treasonous the MSM is ignoring or downplaying them as if they do not exist at all. The same MSM (NYT and PBS, specifically) who in the last year or so has done reporting/videos on their concern with electronic/Dominion style voting. Powell also includes Dem Senators (Klobuchar, Horno, and a few others) with exhibits on their concern with Dominion in 2019. Keep Fighting Team Trump and Ms. Powell.


Jonesy – The GOP elite/RINOS are a real issue that will eventually be dealt with. Those of who are paying attention are making note of the lack of support and silence on the right. Many of these career politicians are scared to death of Trump and his efforts to drain the swamp. For too long we’ve elected these folks to represent us, only to have them waltz off to DC and ignore us and the promises they made to get elected.

They have no honor. Those of us who still hold that our word is our bond find them wanting.
As an example, I took an oath when I enlisted in the Air Force. When I separated, nobody told
my Oath was now rescinded. I still hold it. Many veterans do. It’s why the Obama administration decided to classify vets returning from the Middle East wars as potential domestic terrorists. To vilify and track them.

We will be dealing with these so-called citizens eventually.


I too am frustrated by the lack of GOP outrage and support. Every Republican should be screaming from the rooftops, and they are suspiciously quiet. Maybe they are befitting from this somehow, or they are cowards. In any case, we deserve better.

gerald boutelier

My confusion and concern over the Giuliani investigation and the Powell investigation is her investigation really seems to be an “investigation”. Giuliani’s seems to be Kabuki theater. . Powell’s search may uncover some GOP snakes involved in this, and that does not bode well. She apparently doesn’t care if it hurts RINOs or Dems. That is a good thing. I’m guessing the Giuliani team is more concerned about making deals or just making a show. Like Huber/Horowitz/Durham before them, there is an appearance to me that they have dealt away their cards. I never felt that they were really investigating anything. Remember Trump is not well liked by establishment GOP, so maybe those previous investigations opened up some deep sores that need Band-Aids. And isn’t it interesting how they dropped her when she started to came out with a different angle and more details. I guess she wasn’t a team player. Time will tell.


Perhaps you weren’t paying attention. She openly stated she was never ON the Trump team. She was never ‘retained’ by the Trump Team nor did she bill the Trump team. So if she was never ON the team she can’t be dropped from the team.

I think you need to look a little beyond what the media tells you and actually read and listen to what the Trump team, Powell and Wood have actually stated publicly themselves.

Mark Bradshaw

My post should been a reply to Jack johnson


Blatant fraud seems to have occurred and uncovered. The only thing to do is rely on the legal system to address the wrong doing and make them pay. Punish those perpetuating the crime. If the system does not get repaired, there will be civil war in the future.

These Rino yo-yos have figured out they can raise more money not having control of the House or Senate and pleading ‘we need help taking back the (insert branch and derivative here)! 4 times matching for the next 3 hours!” There is no big picture for these fraudsters. Only PAC money, donations for the cause and bribes (with the occasional election strewn about).


Manchin says anything and will do what Schumer allows him to do. Don’t count on Manchin.


I’m hoping Joe Manchin switches parties. I believe he alluded to that when he said he won’t support Green New Deal.

Ben Colder

The communists thought they had Trump this time and so did I.Now I feel a tiny glimmer of maybe hope it is bad enough that the communists hate Trump but when you have RINOs that hate him more I would say there is not much hope for the RINO party.I know I will never again vote for them If they are not MAGA .Start a new party and call it MAGA.


Bring back the Tea Party.


Bring back the hangin’ party. For traitors.


Its frustrating for sure Jack but stay in the game, its the long game thats needing to be played out.

The short game is getting frustrated and quiting, exactly what the communists hope for. The long game is vote down ticket every opportunity and repub regardless if they are a rino or not. They will be dealt with later. For now if every conservative votes Repub down ticket and the communists lose the handles of power, it will cripple them for the long term.

Once conservatives hold all the positions of government, as much as possible, then the electorate can focus on primarying out the rinos. Thats when track records really start to count. This war is a long war and is only really just starting.

Its encouraging what Trump has done, the unbridled hatred for this man has done several things. Its draw very clear lines between those that love and defend the country and constitution, and those that hate it. The communists don’t even try to hide their destructive ideology and actions any more. The lengths to which the communists will lie, cheat and steal has been openly revieled, with much more coming.

Stay in the fight my friend…

jack johnson

Where is the outrage from the feckless GOP? Maybe when they lose the 2 Georgia Senate races they will wake up. I will never support these traitors.


See what our President says about that?
I’m with him.

No thanks, dude.

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