Discussion Post – 11.26.2020

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

DBDailyUpdate will be taking the day off unless someone in my family ticks me off at some point today.

Discuss anything you’d like.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Considering that foreign powers were involved – and foreign money (Chchchinaaaa!) – the election needs to be invalidated and DJT given another 4 years.

Riots? Ever hear of the Insurrection Act? Might include arrests of certain elements of the press this time…follow the money.

Think logically.


And happy Thanksgiving to all of you who post here!r


The scam revealed! No increase in overall mortality as a result of COVID – expected numbers of deaths from all reasons average! Why did this story get buries from Johns Hopkins? It doesn’t fit the narrative.



Happy Thanksgiving!
Things I’m thankful for – 4 years of President Trump, with another (possible) 8. The first 4 may not count – TBD – because there was an active insurrection by the Deep State the whole time.

Thankful that Amy Coney Barrett was chosen as an Associate Justice, and that she has shown (in more ways than this) that she’s against the illegal lockdowns, particularly of our places of worship! I also and thankful that we have another member of the court who basically gave the finger to Chief “justice” Roberts, who thought that restricting religious liberties wasn’t exactly an emergency.

Thankful that Sidney Powell and many others are hard at work exposing the most egregious acts of the Deep State, a completely fraudulent election – one which we might expect in Venezuela, and might have been orchestrated in Venezuela (in part.)

Thankful that so many Americans have taken seriously the threat posed by the Left and a possible Biden administration and purchased as much ammo and as many arms as the manufacturers can keep up with. Keep on buying, folks: this ain’t over!

Thankful that the Chinese Communists have been exposed for what they are. I needn’t elucidate. Prayers for Chinese Christians.

Thankful that Mitt Romney and other RINOs have exposed their unfaithfulness. We never have to take anything they say seriously ever again! What a wonderful thing to behold!

Thankful that Mr. B. has provided so much light and information, and that he allows us to contribute our thought, opinions and observations (and warnings) on his thread. May this patriot live forever!


Posting this for posterity and to make sure everybody who hadn’t yet figured out Faux News has gone to the dark side,


Another communist echo chamber media news network.


Okay, everybody has pretty much left the room, but just for the record


Liberals are more likely to be nutcakes. But we all pretty much knew this already. This just puts
the truth to it.


God bless and protect one and all on this day of thanks. Hope you all enjoy a peaceful day amongst family and friends.

Here in Oregon, The Führer Kate von Brown has dictated we must have no more than six
gathered today. A couple of very inventive ideas:

Some will be gathering today to mourn the loss of their pet turkey Tom. Food and drinks will be provided after the service.

Others have decided to have a peaceful protest. Taking a lesson from the communist Antifa, signs will be provided. A buffet will be provided via a food truck.

Be blessed, count your blessings and remember to thank the Lord for all we have been blessed with.

Sharon Campbell

David, I appreciate your wisdom & insight every day. God bless you & your family. I still post your articles on Twitter & Parler every day as well.

Just Me

Remember this, in all the present election chaos.

Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe,
Hebrews 12:28 ESV

And as for accountability and justice, God is keeping the books that will be opened before the great white throne and the dead, both small and great, will be judged according to what is written therein. That’s forever; yet, God often judges temporally as well.


To all my southern neighbours, praying you all have a great Thanksgiving day with family and friends. I hope all patriots gather and ignore the edicts of Caesar to share a meal and build that which is precious, relationships.

Know God Know peace… no God no peace…


I never miss a daily update 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving to Dave and all of his commenters and readers.

This has been such a crazy messed up year in which wrong has become right or the new normal, and logic and common sense does not often prevail. That is why Dave and me and so many of his amateur pundits here have been so inaccurate in predicting the various prosecutions of the Obamagate players, the CV-19 actions, and this stolen election. We all based our predictions on sound logic. Unfortunately the Left has infused too many variables into the equation and the result is that nothing makes sense. It was designed to be this way… In confusion there is profit and never let a crisis go to waste are the Left’s mantra; one might even call it their ‘Mission Statements”.

Until things get sorted out in the various state and federal courts and if, (and it is a very big IF) the Supremes rule correctly, I will refrain from making predictions on the ultimate outcome except to say I feel the chances of President Trump prevailing when all is said and done as one in three.

I just hope and pray for the safety and ultimate success of all Trump legal team, the judges who are making the right decisions and Trump’s family, friends and associates.

This election outcome represents the third strike for America’s survival. The first strike was that sad November night in 1992 when BJ Clinton won and later, his January 20, 1993 inauguration. The second strike was was that horrible November 2008 night when ‘the One’ won and gained overwhelming Democratic congressional majorities. I thank both Bushes for causing those “change” elections by being such piss-poor presidents and Ace McLame for being such a deliberately miserable opponent to ‘the One’.

The good news is that Donald John Trump has been an exceptional president and has given conservatives and reasonable Americans a real reason to vote FOR him and to support him. There was no such galvanized support for HW and W and Ace. The other reason for optimism is OUR President is a fighter and a doer, and the Democrat Party’s vote fraud division has clearly jumped the shark on multiple levels with nominating of the empty vessel Joe btfsplk that no sane or proud American could vote for, and the massive and impossible to hide voter fraud his handlers have orchestrated and foisted upon America.

I was devastated by the Clinton and Obama wins because I knew who they were and what they were going to do to America – particularly with their sixteen years of installing leftist hacks and outright criminals into every nook and cranny in what has become our feral government. They may have caused the loss of thousands of “moderate” electable Democrats in their four terms which only served to further radicalize the Democratic Party, but they have packed the deep state with their vile operatives that will probably take at least eight years to purge.

President Trump must prevail and must purge the government of all these Leftists and first and foremost he must get a real “wingman” for an Attorney General, FBI and CIA Directors who will clean their respective houses and prosecute the real criminals.


My friend the year isn’t over and its gonna get funkier… Today is a day to push that aside and think about what you are thankful for. Give God, the Creator, thanks and apply 2 Chron asking for the healing of the nation and a return to honoring Him as the nation once did.

Have a great Thanksgiving day and a great weekend.

Lady Jane

The Kraken has been released. God is answering our prayers. It’s a great Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Dave and to all the wonderfully smart posters here!

Thank you God!

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