Discussion Post – 11.25.2020

The aliens have officially arrived:

Prepare accordingly.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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So…since no one seems to be asking the question:

Where are the Portland riots now?

Errant Yat

They will be back as soon as Trump is declared the winner.


Hanging out with the seasonal flu??? odd that both seem to be missing…


You shall know them by the absence of their usual behaviors.


Utah? Maybe some mysterious figure left it, the same one who left the golden plates! S/R


Dave, 2020 a Space Oddity?

Like the space between Biden’s ears? Which is actually full of inert material?
They ought to be testing for faster-than-light speed there! Note: space isn’t the place for faster than lightspeed. (modern physics joke – you have to be up to date.)


Hartman Effect, using Joe Biden’s block-like head.


Hilarious, Dave!

As far as the attempted assassination of the President, use logic:

-According to Roger Stone and others, dozens of plots against the President have been uncovered

-The FBI and DOJ spent 4 years trying to illegally prevent Donald J. Trump from taking or remaining in office.

-Congress conducted multiple sham impeachment inquiries, only one of which came to a vote.

-Adam Schiff has CIA connections, and used fraud and other illegal methods to try to frame the President.

-Former CIA and FBI officials conspired to frame the President

-Hillary Clinton paid for false materials in order to frame the President

-Saboteurs nearly surrounded the President, including at least two “respected” (no longer) Generals.

That’s only a partial list. They are so desperate, they used the whole voting system to create a corrupted and unreliable election, where the President probably won by anywhere from 3-9 million votes.

Now, given that, is it not logical that they would continue in their efforts? Particularly now, as they’d hope that his “removal” would terminate the investigation into the massive vote manipulation that has occurred, that the press has attempted to hide, that they (including Romney, who was also defrauded of his election) have attempted to cover up?

Methodology: they’ve tried a bomber (failed) and poisoning (failed) and a foggy road in France (failed) and who knows what else. Months ago, I was able to discern that an attack on AF1 would occur, likely from a non-explosive missile (kinetic weapon) and that his air cover should not just look down, but up.

Now we have the problem of air traffic controllers and pilots – (rogue military?) – causing a crash. This is the most plausible scenario, and the desperation among those who have conducted all of the above is palpable. Therefore, an attempt on the President’s life must be expected – on steroids, because his election is nearly certain at this point, and Joe Biden will go home the loser. At least that is our hope and the enemy’s fear.

Safeguard the President; protect him and his family, and be willing to admit that such an attack will come from a suicide-pilot, Kamikaze style. Be ready to lay down your life, because it’s a near certainty that this is coming.

Logic, not hysteria. Add the pixels and you see a distinct picture.

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