No, Rush Limbaugh Didn’t Do a Chris Christie on the Trump Legal Team

No, Rush Limbaugh did not slam the Trump legal team. – Mediaite is one of the more odious leftwing web-based “news” outlets. Its entire model is producing short pieces with inflammatory headlines that attract clicks, similar to an array of other clickbait fake news sites on both the right and the left. I won’t name names, but many readers will know exactly who on the right I’m referring to.

On his program yesterday, Rush discussed the situation with the Trump Legal Team vis a vis Sidney Powell, and the joint press conference they all had last Thursday.  During that segment, Rush talked about the fact that he’d had lots of emails and texts from friends and listeners expressing disappointment over the fact that the lawyers did not deliver any blockbuster hard evidence during that presser. He closed with this statement: “They promised blockbuster stuff, and then nothing happened,” again quoting from one of the notes he had received.

I happened to be listening to that segment and thought nothing of it. But the hacks at Mediaite saw an opportunity and ran with it, posting a 120-word story that contained this headline:

No doubt it attracted a ton of clicks, given that it contained the names of both Rush and Trump and claimed Rush was turning on Trump and his legal team as beached whale Chris Christie did on ABC’s “This Week” program Sunday Morning. As is typical on leftist Twitter, Mediaite’s story was immediately re-tweeted by all of the blue-check Democrat activists who pretend to be journalists and went trending before Rush’s show even ended.

But what Mediaite alleged did not happen. Not at all. A read of the full transcript clears that up entirely. In fact, Limbaugh took time to clear things up later on his show, and his own site titles the transcript of that part of the show “I’m Not Doing a Chris Christie on the Trump Team.”

Here’s an excerpt:

RUSH: That’s Governor Christie. Now, I need to share with you that Mediaite, which has no love lost for me or this program, has already run a story, the headline of which is: “Rush Limbaugh Slams Trump Legal Team: ‘They Promised Blockbuster Stuff and Then Nothing Happened.’”

And they get it right in the sense that this was said by me in the context of the Sidney Powell story. And the only point that I made, folks, just if you run into this and you think that I’m in the process of doing a Governor Christie on the Trump team, I’m not. The point that I made was about that press conference specifically. And I shared with you that I had a number of friends who had written me echoing a thought that I had.

If you’re gonna promise blockbusters like this. I had one friend tell me he was giddy during that press conference, the whole hour when Rudy started, then Jenna Ellis and then when Sidney went, he thought that what was going to follow was evidence, some hacker that they had found or somebody they had found that had the evidence of what they were talking about. He said to me that when you do a blockbuster press conference like that, when you are telling people that you’ve got blockbuster, fire hose type of evidence — I was expecting to hear some. And I didn’t. And I shared those thoughts with people.

And Mediaite has typed it up here as though I personally am slamming the Trump legal team. You might want to interpret it that way. Maybe you can. But I was watching it expecting something big to come out of it. But I’m still waiting. That’s the difference. I have not given up that there isn’t something. The more you look into what happened, when you look at the way Horowitz, as I just shared with you, frames what happened here, I mean, you would have to work really hard to believe there wasn’t any fraud here.

And then when you look at the usual suspects who are doing everything they can to make fun of the notion that there was fraud, trying to downplay it and trying to tell people you’re silly. There couldn’t have been fraud. They couldn’t have done this, that’s the wrong attitude to have about this. We need to get to the bottom of what happened, and if it was not fraud, then that’s all the better. But we can’t have this much, this many allegations and this much circumstantial evidence of which there is a lot.


Go read the rest of it – you’ll be better educated and informed for doing so.

And don’t trust anything Mediaite and other clickbait “news” sources report on Twitter and their websites at face value, because the truth often has no relationship at all to what the headline of the story claims.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Rush is a globalist con man. He’s still bitter bout not getting a football team.
Trump was never Lim blah’s choice.
Bush family personal friend.
He was so proud of 1994 Republicans
Look up who they are. Some are still there helping destroy Merika
Once or twice a week he reveals his true colors.
If ya can’t hear it when he talks to bad.

Its fun watching the end of am radio, Rush, and the old Republican party.
Thank you god for fulfilling my wishes
traitors hiding behind the flag


You obviously don’t listen to Rush because if you did then you would know that everything you just said is completely untrue. Rush has been a fervent supporter of Trump since he announced his candidacy.


Vision but incomplete:

If it appears that the courts will give it to President Trump, a suicide-style assassination will be scheduled using a deep insider. May be airborne – or Airborne, message not clear. Pilots need scrutinized. all proximal air traffic considered.

Pray for him to keep his office, and pray for him to be kept safe.

Lady Jane

I don’t care what Rush says. I stopped listening to him a long time ago. He’s fooled President Trump into thinking what a loyal supporter of Trump’s he is. But he never supported Mr. Trump when he was running for office. He instead campaigned for Marco (Gang of Eight) Rubio. That’s when I stopped listening to him.

I was disappointed every time I read President Trump or V.P. Pence appeared on his program. Rush, the man who is always defending Bush even when Bush disses Trump.


Yes, Rush certainly did pull a Chris Christie… only more subtly. He should know better than to think that the Legal Team would even consider giving the press details before filing in court.

Rush did the same thing to Ross Perot in favor of his buddy Busch Sr. and to Ron Paul, in favor of his buddy Mitt Romney…

Both non-mainstream republican candidates had substantial percentages. Rush stood by and watched while Ron Paul supporters got beat up during the RNC convention.

Rush is borderline and very sneaky. Look it up… I remember every day listening to Rush push that substandard person, Romney, when we had a quality candidate in Ron Paul.


I wish I could disagree with you! But I agree with every word.

Bushie sr. was medically attenuated, and had no right to be running at all. Plus the fact that he was, himself, a sneaky b-stard. Perot made a few mistakes – (“you people?”) -showing that he had a tin ear. However, Ross Perot was a prophet on the budget and other things.

Votes I wish I could take back?

Jimmah C. (I was young; forgive me)
Bushie The CIA
Bushie the Lesser
J. McCain
M. Romney

Does this make me a Demonrat? No. I’d shoot my dog before I’d vote for BHO.
Just because Ron Paul is a decent and honorable man, though, and right about most everything, doesn’t mean he’d be a good President. But he’s a better man than all of the above, and would have been a better President than any of the above.


On a revolt:

What is left, when they sell your jobs overseas, invite people here
who are here illegally, take away your livelihood, take away your
freedom to move, to congregate, to worship, to express yourself,
and then take away your freedom to have free and fair elections?

What else is there to do?


Hey, Cucker Tarlson:

Best way to judge a man’s character is to make him successful and unaccountable. You failed the test.


Primary All Rinos


No. Take them to a back alley somewhere near the Meadowlands.

Just Me

Chris who? Playing to his base; both of them.

Ben Colder

Fat boy Christy is a RINO tub of lard.The Republican hotshots have lost most Trump voters I will not support them anymore they are the same as the dem/communists.Of course if this election fraud stands our votes will not mean a thing .

jack johnson

Rush did boot this to a point….there has never been any evidence provided in any case because the cases never have gotten to the evidentiary phase. All these cases have been procedural and run of the mill electioneering hearings….standing, merit etc.

The Obama appointee PA judge was overturned because his ruling was ridiculous….he stated “the evidence”….which was never presented….was woefully weak. Laughable.

Everyone, including Rush, Tucker, Ingraham, need to be quiet and let the system work and quit trying this case in public. They are doing more damage to their credibility with this back and forth.

Spatula City

It got El Rushbo some clicks. Everyday and hour listener back in the 90s and it helped get through the error of Slick Willie and “Algore” (Bwahaha!)
AM Radio is in steady decline but a nation of serf slaves doesn’t need any useful information anyway and all conservatives will be driven from the air for the good of the collective..


Chris Christie failed to campaign for a Virginia gubernatorial candidate and we got a Clinton acolyte (McAuliffe) instead of Cuccinelli. He has been dead to me since then, that lisping, pontificating sack of fat lips and fat hips. McAuliffe is thinking about running again, when Christie could have ended his career.

You might recognize that I don’t like the man. And why should anyone? He’s evil, corrupt and a good imitation of LBJ.

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