Discussion Post – 11.24.2020

Emily Murphy, Director of the General Services Administration, conceded on Monday that it is likely that Joe Biden/Kamala Harris “won” the November 3 election, and authorized the beginning of the formal transition process.

To be clear, this administrative move means nothing in the grand scheme of things. The election remains up in the air and the Trump legal team, which scored wins in Michigan and Pennsylvania yesterday, will continue to mount the fight.

Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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The more the communist echo chamber media tries to downplay the fraud and criminality the more you can be assured that the demoncrat communists have overplayed their hand and are on the verge of being completely exposed. Yes, time is short. But I think that those who are working on this have a plan to make sure it’s wrapped into a nice, pretty bow.

As Brian, I believe it was, pointed out: there’s a multiple front war going on and the enemy is starting to get overwhelmed. May their demise be hard and brutal. I don’t think there are going to be many get out of jail free cards in this game.


If I had some free money to invest? Do they still make rope out of hemp?


No doubt and I think we can say that Dominion is in the crosshairs for a good reason.


Canadian company, foreign election interference……..

Time for the US Marshalls to get involved, the FBLie sure as hell can’t seem to get the job done.


Meant for Qs replay for my post above.

stupid askimet


If President Derelict Biden “wins,” and we start another useless war, I vote for China to be the next target. If President Trump continues to be President, I vote for no more useless wars, and let the President handle things peacefully with China.

False flags happen. Even an ordinary citizen can use ’em to start ’em. Just sayin’.

Joe Biden: brought to you by China inc.


And speaking of down ballot races. I am beginning to wonder how many wins in the D column are chalked up to Dominion and Smartmatic now? Maybe we need a full, honest audit of all the races this year, not just the Presidency.


I have a better idea: throw out ALL the ballots cast electronically for ALL races.


Gregg – The shenanigans in GA are going to be exposed bigly in the coming days,

But what got me was the fact that only 79% of Trump voters believe there was fraud. WTF?


How can you not think otherwise? No President has ever been not elected with poll numbers as high as his were. And how is it that down ballot voting was overwhelmingly red, yet we’re supposed to believe slojo won the Presidency.

21% of my fellow citizens need to take a class in critical thinking.


An open letter to the FBI and DOJ:

You know me: I’m the guy who shaved his head in 2012
in order to remind myself to pray for the guy I didn’t
vote for; I’m the guy who prayed for President Obama’s
safety, knowing that an assassination would result in
a civil war; I’m the guy who prevented (as a Messenger
who delivered a message from the Lord) WWIII
in the form of war between Russia and NATO/US.

I’m the guy who believes that a vote is a vote,
and a fraudulent vote should not be counted,
nor should a fraudulently elected official take office.

I’m the guy who believes that our Constitution
guarantees us rights to our own conscience,
and Freedom and Liberty: destroy the Constitution,
and no one has rights and we no longer have a Republic.

I’m the guy who refuses to believe that tech oligarchs
are superior to American workers, and that we should just
shut up and submit to the greater authorities, while
they sell us out for personal gain and for reasons of blackmail
to the Communist Chinese and George Soros.

I’m the one who now believes in insurrection, because
if Joe Biden takes office, he will have done so through
unconstitutional means, through fraud and deceit
and cheating, with a conspiracy so vast, including
the press, that we no longer live in a free nation.

A lot of people have given their lives for our nation;
a lot more may have to. I will gladly give mine
when I am Called to do so.

If our institutions like the FBI and DOJ allow conspiracies –
such as the conspiracy they‘ve waged against the President
over the last 4 years – to stand, and sit by and do nothing,
I must consider them the enemy, and treat them as the
enemy, and act upon that knowledge in any way I am able.

Is there yet an FBI or DOJ official who has not been corrupted?
Are any willing to stand with us, the American People, or will
they merely count the days to their pensions and hope that it
doesn’t get too bad that they might have to choose sides?

Any Patriots left among you? Or are all of you yellow chickenshit,
hiding behind badges and authority and shiny shoes and tailored
suits and official documents? Chickenshit, or not?


If there are no free and fair elections, I believe it is time to use some of the many things in Bill Ayers playbook – legally.

“Guilty as hell, free as a bird.”

Where does it say that Americans have to idly sit by and watch as the FBI/DOJ does nothing about the massive election fraud? Where is it sedition to remove an illegally and fraudulently and falsely “elected” candidate?

Am I calling for violence? You betcha. Some forms of violence are legal – you just have to follow Bill Ayers’ lead in some of his means and methods. If what he did was illegal, why is he still a free man?


I believe Emily Murphy and her family were receiving threats from the “tolerant” party, so President Trump relinquished and allowed her to release transition funding. I would have just given them the keys to the restrooms and the trash room and called it a day.


Yes, pray for success, but also donate, even if a little, to cause. This election was this first time I donated to any politician. And now to the legal teams working to fight the fraud. I’m unable to support on the ground, so donating money is best method of support.


Georgia, along with the three traditionally Blue States (PA, MI and WI) that Walking Eagle lost, was a targeted state by the left. So was Arizona with it vulnerable GOP senate seat.

The reasons GA was targeted are myriad. Reportedly GA is the only state where ALL of its counties were mandated by Gov. Kemp and the GA SOS Cliff Clavin to install the Dominion Voting System at the reported bargain basement price of 107 million dollars.

Question: What was wrong with the GA voting system prior to this year that required such a massive and costly outlay to correct a ‘problem’ in a Red state that didn’t exist?

Obviously sore loser Stacy ‘Tank’ Abrams had a lot of influence in ‘reforming’ and replacing the GA voting systems. 107 million dollars is a lot of taxpayer money to be disbursed among the influential elite. I smell a rat, many rats…

Pray for the success of Sidney Powell (whatever her status is with the Trump team), Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani and all the other brave lawyers and witnesses who are working diligently to save our republic.


Last I heard btfsplk has 306 Electoral College votes meaning President Trump must win in a third state besides Pennsylvania (20 ECVs) and Michigan (16 ECVs). When the President prevails in those two states the results still give “president elect” btfsplk the magic 270 required EC Votes to be come the 46th president. Therefore Trump must get any or all of the following states: Georgia (16), Wisconsin (10), Arizona (11), or Nevada (6), all of which are rife with allegations of massive voter fraud.

Personally, I believe there was fraud to varying degrees in most every other state and this must be fixed or we will effectively have a one party rule for the foreseeable future. Token Republicans like Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, and Lindsay Graham will be allowed to ‘win’ and ride the feral government gravy-train as long as they know their place.

If the obvious fraud prevented President Trump from carrying Georgia (I have always said if we conservatives have to worry about Georgia and Texas we may as well pack it in), there is no reason to believe Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler will win in January. The forces of evil running our elections will not allow a superficially GOP Senate to prevail in 2021 when they have the ability to permanently win control of the senate and America as a whole anywhere and anytime they want.

We have one chance to get this election mess right, and once and for all bust up all this corruption. For the good of the country this must be done, because if what happened during the last election, is not punished bigly, and permanently fixed we will never have another “fair, free and honest election” anywhere. We will have forever lost our country and effectively lost our right to vote in any meaningful ‘election’.

If this situation prevails unabated, we can forget about winning the two Georgia Senate runoff elections; they are as good as lost, giving the Left and their Democrat toadies total control of the country that they will never lose or relinquish.

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