Discussion Post – 11.23.2020

Team? What team?  – The Trump legal team tossed Sidney Powell under the bus on Sunday, issuing a statement saying that the Dallas lawyer is no longer affiliated in any way with the Trump campaign, three days after she appeared with Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis at that Thursday press conference.

“Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own,” Giuliani and Ellis said in the statement. “She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity.”

Oh, great.

Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Found this via American Thinker:

“Sidney Powell @SidneyPowell1 & I are more alike than we are different.

We are fighting different legal battles for the same clients – We The People.

The People voted overwhelmingly to re-elect @realDonaldTrump.

All interests are aligned.#FightBack https://t.co/WAKCe1Cefz

— Lin Wood (@LLinWood) November 22, 2020″

I don’t know if that really answers the deeper questions, but it is somewhat reassuring.


We need a PAC called Primary All Rinos. A chapter in every state. And I’m talking all RINOs. Federal and state. Clean house. That or just form a new party that truly encompasses all types of citizens. Trump bled off voters from every walk of life this last election. Enough to force the full fledged fraud out into the open for all to see.


Isn’t there another way, another method? I was thinking there are other ways and means: Ted Stevens Method…Ron Brown Technique…Vince Foster Arrangement….

For further information, contact: Hillary Rodham Clinton, C.O. The Clinton Foundation

Errant Yat

Sydney Powell has a website, defendingtherepublic.org. She is asking for donations to help her bring her case. If RNC or Trump were paying her, she wouldn’t need solicitations.

Just Me

What was that Chinese curse; not the virus specifically but, “may you live in interesting times?”


I wish the Trump team and Sydney Powell could get on the same page; it just looks bad. I’ve read this morning that the separation is to allow SP to work on some of the deeper allegations of corruption.

As for all of the CIA stuff, I think everyone needs to hold their horses. A lot of what has been alleged so far (likely enough to steal the election on its own), is old fashioned ballot harvesting, fraudulent filling out of absentee ballots, etc. Take the 4am 140K ballot drop in Detroit. Crowder got ahold of the raw data, and most of those ballots that came in are not tied to registered voters. Completely made up. No alphabet agency required to steal MI. The CIA angle sounds like a good movie plot. Don’t get me wrong, it would not surprise me one bit. And there has been allegations of changed votes. However, connecting those dots would be difficult at this point without further evidence.


I agree with jimmy that the CIA/FBI was totally involved in the steal. You forget that Gina Haspell is an accolade of johnny B, an avowed communist. The CIA especially has a loooong history of running ops on US soil, even tho its illegal for them to do so.

They have a cyber division for just that purpose, remember the vault seven dump?? There is nothing good in the CIA and they run a shadow govt with dark money obtained thru blackmail, human trafficking, drugs, for the obvious ones… They treat the public government with a on the need to know basis, spoon feeding the government and allowing them to believe they hold over sight. Want to know what swims the dark net the most…. alphabets.

These organizations ARE evil


CIA/FBI were deeply involved (Strzok was both) in the 4 year attempt to bring down President Trump. This is worse than a bad movie plot, and it’s reality.


They have hardware.
Don’t discount Wikileaks, either.

Logical thinking.



Corrupted elections, a twofer from the CIA:

-Biden steals the election, chaos ensues
-Trump prevails, chaos ensues

The CIA is enabling this. Maybe they should think twice before hiring Yalies from the Beltway who dress up for work and pretend to be Analysts. Mommy and Daddy are so proud!

Yes, there are helicopter flights all around the DC region. Ever hear the words “dirty bomb?” And “mass evacuation?” And “Iranian sleepers? Enabled by Chinese spies?

Something like that.

If Biden steals, I won’t be warning of these types of things anymore, like the war that almost happened after the Russian jet was shot down. I’ll go completely dark, and you asshats can rely on your pretend-analysts that make Mommy and Daddy so proud.


Powell needs to file the complaint and stick with the courts not the media. then i will consider contributing to her effort.


By the way, what do all these people have in common?

Jeb and Dubya; Hillary and Bill; Michele and Barrack; Joe and Jill: Mitt. J. McCain.

They all work (still do, except McCain) for the now-Communist CIA. Bezos: CIA stooge. Cuomo. Same. Whether or not it was/is their intention to work for Communists, the fact is that they have supported overthrowing a duly elected (twice) President Trump. Soros does; he’s actually a minor player compared to the people running this op..

“Makin’ a list and counting it twice, gonna find out who is naughty and nice…:

Think logically and ask yourself: who pulls the strings of these puppets?

Haspel has skeletons. Think anyone knows her better than JB?


Does anyone think Hunter Biden is safe? Shoot, all it would take is a passed-out hooker and some bad weed, and he’d be tits-up. And it won’t be an accident.

Powell thinks a lot of the whistleblowers will need new identities. Safeguarded by the what? FBI? Accidents happen! But so do accidents happen to wealthy children of the rich and powerful. Like the Fox brats. And Soros’ kids and associates.

What? They think all their millions and billions will somehow protect them from the Left? Now that the CIA is officially a Communist organization, working for Communist China? Or at least a significant part of it.

What? You think 17 dead operatives happened by accident? They were sold.

Bezos feels safe, does he? Does he ever visit a restaurant? I wouldn’t.
Same with Governor Whitmer and the California Governor and New York Governor and Virginia Governor and New Jersey Governor. And Senators? Do they feel safe?

None of this, and none of these events, will happen from Trump supporters; it’ll all come from the Left, once they find out that Biden and Harris plan to do a Night of the Long Knives on them. Better hire some food testers, you den of thieves.

Not a threat: I’m just the Messenger.


Playing with fire is risky.

Sleeping with politicians means someone is going to end up violated.

Rolling with dogs means someone will get fleas.

Rolling with pigs means someone is going to get filthy and stinky..

Playing with Communism means someone is going to end up dead.

Republicans, better form a wall; “moderate” Democrats: better join in: protect Trump’s victory and stop pretending Biden won. This won’t end well.


Just for your edification:


James Comey and John Brennan were/are Communists. Does this not seem strange to you, that we are seeing a Communist takeover by both CIA and FBI?

Think logically. Follow the sources, remember who was in charge when all this began.


Ms. Powell used a term that Wikileaks has revealed: Kraken.

This exposes a CIA program that has been used to falsify elections worldwide, including our own recent election – if Wikileaks is to be believed. I have high confidence in the story.

The administration cannot be seen undercutting the CIA, but at the same time, the raid on the CIA facility in Germany is claimed to have happened without CIA participation. Whether it’s a rogue CIA operation, not under the direct control of Haspel is debatable.

Consider that is fomenting a Communist revolution, and then consider that John Brennan is an avowed Communist (supposedly Comey is as well) and you can see that Haspel is not in charge of the agency. Who is can be considered a matter of debate.

I wouldn’t read into the separation of Powell from the Whitehouse, because she still represents General Flynn. As some observers have noted, he has a lot of background and friends. I suspect that there will be a number of helpers not associated with the Whitehouse.

Pelosi, meanwhile, is in real danger. So is John Kerry. So is Joe Biden. So is Hillary Clinton. Or rather, so are their children, who stand to be the first on trial if there happens to be a Communist revolution. Should Biden “win,” it would be like putting a far more retarded version of Czar Nicholas on the throne than any we’ve ever seen.

And that, apparently, is what the Global Reset people want: if they can’t steal our jobs, they’ll steal our elections.


It appears the CIA is engaged in the conversion of the US to Marxism through manipulation of US election results. But who has and where are the servers? What experts are analyzing and preparing to testify? Powell has revealed none of this- rightly so- but the clock is ticking and the complaint needs to be filed!!

Note: Haspel is a Trump appointee! As are Barr and Wray. If he is reelected he needs to fire all of these traitors and get new leaders who will do something.

Where is FBI after Barr non directive to examine serious crimes? They are trying to get accusers of ballot fraud to change their position.

Trump warned but did nothing about election crime. he could have signed up quality like Grinnell and Miller to take this on and wrested it away from the conspirators!


And does anyone think that John Kerry’s son, and Mitt Romney’s boys as well, are safe under such a reset? Abolishing private property and bank accounts?

“I see dead people.”

Not a threat, a movie quote.

Warren Matha

does not give one confidence


Distance is essential; operators are standing by.

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