Yes, the Democrats and Their Media Partners Tried to Rig This Election

I keep getting notes from readers and Facebook friends telling me there is no way anyone would really try to rig a U.S. presidential election, especially not the Democrats, who are just too dumb and disorganized to mount such an effort.

Well, y’all could be right, but let’s take a quick review of just some of the hoaxes the Democrat Party/Deep State/Media have mounted over the last five years:

– In 2016, they rigged their own nominating process to ensure Hillary Clinton would be awarded their nomination over Bernie Sanders;

– Also in 2016, they deployed the FBI and DOJ to try to rig the general election to install the Pantsuit Princess in the Oval Office. They failed;

– They spent four years pushing the Russia Collusion hoax, based on allegations made in the Steele Dossier, a document compiled by a British agent containing stories fed to him by agents from … wait for it … Russia!;

– That Dossier was funded to the tune of $11 million (that we know of) from the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign;

– In the process of mounting that Russia hoax, the Democrats abused the powers of the FBI, the Department of Justice writ large, the CIA and the National Security Council. Ultimately, the hoax failed;

– They appointed a “special counsel” – Robert Mueller – in 2017 and spent about $40 million in taxpayer dollars trying to find something, anything to pin on the president in order to have him removed. That hoax failed;

– They had the Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, wearing a wire during his meetings with the President of the United States of America in the hopes of catching the POTUS in making some statement that Mueller could construe as being “obstruction of justice.” That hoax failed;

– They funded character assassination campaigns targeting the President involving a seedy lawyer, a washed up porn star and a washed up Playboy playmate. These hoaxes failed, and the lawyer is now in prison;

– They held the nation hostage for 6 months with a fake impeachment hoax based solely on a phone call between the President of the United States and the newly-elected President of Ukraine in which literally nothing wrong or illegal was discussed. That hoax failed;

– The allegation in that impeachment hoax of “quid pro quo” turned out to have been exactly what Joe Biden had bragged about doing vis a vis Ukraine while he was Vice President;

– Naturally, the Democrats then fixed their nomination for Biden himself, and had him run a hoax campaign from the basement of his home;

– They abused the crisis of a global pandemic to justify the mailing of millions of mail-in ballots by Democrat governors all over the country, on the false claim that voting in-person was dangerous;

– They also abused the crisis of a global pandemic to have their governors implement counterproductive lockdowns in a brazen effort to depress the economy and tilt the field in favor of Biden.

The Democrats have already done all of this, mounted all of these absurd hoaxes and many, many others, and we are supposed to somehow now believe that they and their media and Deep State partners would never think to try to fix a presidential election?

What alternate reality do you people live in?

The Democrats’ entire election strategy relied entirely on the corrupt news media refusing to ask any real questions at all of Biden or his awful running mate, Kamala Harris, and manipulating the millions of mail-in ballots that had been mailed out willy-nilly boy corrupt Democrat governors all over the country. They kept Biden in his basement and Harris out of sight in order to avoid any comparisons between the paltry audiences they drew to the tens of thousands who showed up everywhere Donald Trump went. The talked about this publicly, even bragged about it for anyone who was actually listening.

So, of course I absolutely, 100% believe that the Democrats would and did engage in massive fraud on this election, most specifically in the big, Democrat machine-controlled cities of Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Madison, Minneapolis, Phoenix and Las Vegas. The only real question at hand is whether the Trump legal team is going to be able to prove it in a court of law.

Yesterday, that legal team got poured out by a federal district judge named Matthew Brann in a case in Pennsylvania. Judge Brann, unsurprisingly, is an appointee of Barack Hussein Obama, so that decision comes as no surprise at all. As Rudy Giuliani said in a statement, that entirely expected decision simply moves the case further along in the federal court system:

“Today’s decision turns out to help us in our strategy to get expeditiously to the U.S. Supreme Court. Although we fully disagree with this opinion, we’re thankful to the Obama-appointed judge for making this anticipated decision quickly, rather than simply trying to run out the clock.”

The U.S. Supreme Court: That’s where this will all be decided, just as the hanging chad controversy in Florida was decided by the Supremes in 2000.

Yes, I believe the Democrats, in concert with the corrupt news media and most likely elements within Trump’s own administration, conspired to rig this election, just as they attempted to rig the election for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and just as they have executed so many other conspiratorial hoaxes over the last five years. This is who they are and what they do now.

The only remaining question is whether Trump’s legal team will be able to prove it to the satisfaction of a panel of appellate judges or Supreme Court justices. Just as was the case in 2000, all most of us can do is wait and see.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Johnson Whitehead

Thanks for your article. There is little we can do to ferret out positive information we ‘conservatives’ would like to hear. Obviously, the Trump legal team (including Trump himself) are not disclosing anything.
It really gets me that some of my well educated and successful friends point to the fact that Trump has lost all legal arguments in the lower courts including District Appellate courts. I point out to them how the legal system works; that the cases must lose in lower courts in order for the cases to advance to the Supreme Court. They sort of get it but still give ZERO chance to Trump even though it is only now that some cases ARE just now moving to the SCOTUS.

The history of DemoRat election fraud goes back forever. They have been rigging elections since way before I was even born. California elections started turning totally DemoRat back in the 60’s and even in 2016, Orange County, which is 70% Republican, “voted” Demorat. No one did ANYTHING about that.

The CIA has been rigging foreign elections since their inception and do so today. They have very sophisticated programs for doing so. The CIA went rogue immediately after WW2 and rumors have it they were involved with both Kennedy’s assassinations. Especially, with Dominion, the CIA could EASILY have assisted the Communists with our 2020 election which would kick out their arch enemy, Donald J. Trump..


You may have forgotten some things: 9/11. ISIS. Al Qaeda. More.

All CIA-planned ops. With help from MI6 and elsewhere, including Qatar, Canada, Great Britain and Australia (ISIS.) 9/11 was a multinational event, featuring MI6, CIA and Saudi Arabia and the NSA.

Saudi Arabia wanted no part in ISIS, but Qatar did – and there was a big dispute over this, also including a dispute over Iran. Funny that an al Qaeda bigwig was killed by Israeli forces in IRAN (a couple on a motorcycle, who killed not only the target but UBL’s daughter in law.)

You are completely right about the CIA; it should have been smothered at birth. They’re not patriots, with certain exceptions: it’s not hard to have both traitors and patriots in the same agency, because things are so compartmentalized. Which Brennan made worse with his stupid organizational schemes. He writes like a pretentious freshman at an Ivy League school, and has virtually no talents other than lying and trying to sound educated.


Why do you say tried? Why do people say we are at a tipping point? Why do pundits say we are going to become like Venezuela? It’s done, we’re there. We are literally being turned away at the polling booth, being told, “You don’t vote.” We are not free to come and go from our homes. We are not free at work to do a good job.
It’s here. Communism is here and will stay and grow unless we turn on them while we have an opportunity. This is it. There will not be another chance in 4 years. Do you honestly believe we will have in 2 or 4 years the chance to vote in a difference when they are violating voter laws now?

Ben Colder

I still think this was all planned out by the dem/communists and i think they will get away with it.Now they are saying that Sidney Powel is on her own what is going on.This whole thing stinks to high heaven.


Don’t get discouraged, its a flanking maneuver and its a positive. WHEN… this all runs the course and gets to the SCOTUS is when you will see the fruits of this battle plan. Its there and the following ‘ruling’ that will be concerning. If the SCOTUS allows the steal to happen then you’d best don the fighting gear and form up with likeminded neighbors to defend yourselves.

Actually you best prepare for this anyway, as win or lose the communists are coming for all patriots and conservatives. That much they’ve made clear, believe them when they state it. In the mean time, get out on the street, make the rallies bigger and noisier, show your support and never hide or be silenced.

Dan M.

Please read to the end. Serbian software on the Dominion voting machines, with 20% of the parts made in China. The Serbs know full well what is going on. They’ve been through this twice themselves.


The communist echo chamber media is losing it bigly. Words like “insane” and “outright lies” are being thrown out there. The nastiness and vitriol are only going to get worse as the days go by. Trump’s legal team must be dead over the target.

michael savell

You’re in a card game.Someone is caught cheating and they turn round and tell you it doesn’t matter because they had better hands.That is the l;ogic that the USA is using and has done for a long time.Now it’s coming back in spades and hopefully will be thought through with regard to others when the supreme court do the right thing and give Trump back his presidency not by having another ballot but by taking away the possibility of the cheaters ever taking public offices again.


More than that. Have to lock up those who have funded these operations, or at least put a lock on their finances. Treasury.


Excellent analysis as always. If people believe this was a fair and true election then they have blinders on. From Biden never campaigning to the lack of enthusiasm, it was obvious before the election something was up. Most people didn’t want to believe it was happening and that the Trump base could overcome the cheaters. Impossible task. While that didn’t happen, I do believe the massive amount of people that voted for Pres. Trump helped exposed the fraud and forced them to get sloppy.


Dave summed it up in a nice, tidy, succinct package. With a bow tie on top. This isn’t like the Kennedy assassination, the op they’re running – more like 9/11, which emboldened them.

Time to declass the real and complete info on both issues, and let the cards (or heads) fall where they may..

Jumper Bones

Thank you for the work you do, that’s why I love coming here in the morning.

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