Joe Biden is an Addled Sock Puppet for the Deep State

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the man who claims to be the president-elect of the United States of America:

Verbatim Transcript:

“Governors, governors need to be able to get funding when they dispo..when they disp, uh…they need ta, ta uh…an, an, mmmm-bringabringa bring their national guard into play. And now, national guard’s gonna hafta play this, costs a lotta money. And governors need that paid for. We talked a lot about with the governors about what their amediate needs are. I’m gonna im, we’re gonna impose the, we’re gonna enforce the, ascuse me, employ the Defense, uhhh, re-cuh-strcm-aaact to be able to go out there annnnd…dictate…companies build and do following things: We need much more testing, we need much more masking, we need mass more…we need gloves. I ast them east ta go…I ast the National Governors socation to…tha Governor Cuomo, and the ones on the li…to let us know, what their shortages are, what they anticipate…”

In case you are sitting there thinking, hey, I can’t be sure but I think he’s talking about doing exactly what the Trump administration has been doing, and we have stockpiles of all of those things all over the damn country now, well, you’re right.

There is not a shortage of masks – you can go to your damn local Kroger or CVS store and choose between about 6 dozen different sizes and styles of those things. Same with gloves. What we DO have a shortage of is Charmin, laundry sanitizer and Clorox wipes.

The very thought that we somehow need MORE testing is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard of. Folks, in Texas, where we are supposedly having a record surge in the number of “cases” of COVID, doctors are actively DISCOURAGING people from being tested unless they are showing symptoms. I have personally been in and out of the hospital twice since early September, and never had anyone even suggest that I be tested for the China Virus. I even asked both a doctor and a nurse about whether or not I would be tested while ensconced in my lovely hospital room, and both highly recommended against it.

But of course, Biden and his Deep State puppet masters want more testing because by doing more tests – that are maybe 50% accurate, by the way – they can keep the China Virus fear porn going in order to justify their ongoing efforts to destroy our economy and our society.

Every word this man gurgled and slurred during that 50 second clip was utterly false, at least to the extent that it could be understood.

This is the corrupt, pathological simpleton the deep state is about to install – their word, used consistently over the course of 2020 – as the next President of the United States of America. He’s a sock puppet, nothing more. He isn’t physically or mentally capable of being anything more than that.

That is all.

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Job opening in Biden administration:

Aide proficient with hand puzzles that require a player to guide a BB into a small hole needed to manipulate Biden’s cranium to guide his pea-brain back into its socket when it slips out.


lol, good one!


Do you know what is the toughest job in America right now? It’s being the sign translator for Biden. Who ever that person is, must go home at night and bang their heads against the wall.


Here is a (yesterday) 78th birthday present I wish to give to the “president elect” to help with his press conference: Joe, the word you were searching for regarding the National Guard was DEPLOY. It is not a very difficult word to say or know if your elevator reaches anywhere near the top floor. At this point, I’ll bet “president elect” btfsplk couldn’t tell you how many states there are (just like ‘the One’ where he once said he visited all 57 states) if he were asked.

This is pathetic.

It is also pathetic that so many countries (including Israel) and politicians of both parties, including my outgoing (thankfully retiring) senator Lament Alexander are beginning to recognize “president elect” btfsplk and calling on the Trump Administration to do so. To some degree I get the reason – they are trying to curry some kind of favor with the perceived incoming administration, but mushy outgoing idiots like Alexander who have nothing to gain should just keep their mouths shut.

Hey Benjamin Netanyahu I have a quick question for you: How well were you and Israel treated during ‘the One’s’ Administration when btfsplk was his vice (in every sense of the word) president; when they actually CAMPAIGNED AGAINST YOU and monetarily supported your opponent with US Taxpayer dollars?

There was and is plenty of time to recognize btfsplk if he actually becomes president figurehead next year.

Why are all these supposed GOP or Trump allies committing all these unforced errors (rhetorical question)?

The one good thing about all this is it is further exposing the traitors and the dubious supporters President Trump has had to deal with for the last four-plus years. And they have to know that “he is making a list and checking it twice, going to find out who is naughty or nice”, but they (amazingly) just don’t seem to care.


BTW, as Sidney Powell said yesterday: WHERE IS AG BARR AND THE FBI in all of this? Why isn’t the FIB investigating all this serious alleged election fraud and crime from the President and many other very credible complainants AND under oath witnesses? The FIB can muster over a dozen agents in a small city in Alabama within a day over a complaint of supposed “racism” by a racecar driver over a pull chord on a garage door, but nary a peep of of the FIB’s presence on this?

To Chris Wray and Bob (bagpipe) Barr from PRESIDENT (your boss) Donald J. Trump:

Where O’ where are you tonight? Why did you leave me (America) here all alone? I’ve (we) searched the world over and thought we could count on true justice, you’ve met another (btfsplk and the deep-state) and PFFT, you were gone.

When President Trump prevails he needs to really clean house and totally gut the DOJ, FIB and many other feral agencies and departments.


Vowing to “dictate to companies” is – as Rush pointed out yesterday- “classic textbook fascism”. That’s where we’re headed folks; the melding of corporate & political power where not having the “proper” opinion or endorsing “the correct” point-of-view gets you doxxed, canceled, fired, or blacklisted.

“Nice Republic you’ve got there, be a shame if something happened to it.”

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