Discussion Post – 11.21.2020

Fox host Tucker Carlson, after being raked over the coals by his audience, decided to backtrack a bit on his Thursday attack on Sidney Powell last night:

Discuss away.

That is all.

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Nope. Not going to give you a click. No time to waste on halftruths.

Still Confused

Tucker clearly told us what his price had been on Wed’s show when he revealed that he was getting an greatly enlarged role at Fox. This is what he is now selling MAGA out for: POWER. The very thing he often points out is the real motivation for the leftists antics. I also noticed that Laura gave a platform to an establishment messenger boy on her show to deliver an offer from the establishment to MAGA. It was presented as the typical ‘political pundit gives unsolicited advice’, but it was not that at all. It was an ‘offer you can’t refuse’ made on national television by an establishment go-between: pretend Biden won, observe the ‘transfer of power’ protocols and we will (pretend to) let you run in 2024. At the same time Laura, who had spent her show pretending that the Biden win was a Fait Accompli, then gave a VERY half-hearted defense of MAGA with a ‘I’m going to wait for the legal challenges……’. What I heard was the last 2 of Fox’s pundits selling out.
Et tu Tucker?
Et tu Laua?


Excellent Ron!

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

But, if Tucker does leave Faux, however he leaves Faux, I don’t want him taking a slot at OANN or NEWSMAX unless he truthfully and sincerely repents and exposes who at Faux made him go after President Trump’s Powell/Giuliani legal team.

Anything less than a forceful and unambiguous apology will mean nothing as he would just be following in the footsteps of Me-again Kelly with the same (ratings) results.

As far as I’m concerned Tucker has one chance. Our radar is highly tuned to anyone who even remotely sides with the Left in any manner in an effort to “fair and balanced”.

We have seen the light, have had enough and won’t tolerate any more of the supposed conservative media’s RINO-Schiff.


Sorry, Tucker, not good enough for me. Here is the message I sent to him via the Fox News message portal…

Dear Tucker,

We’re through with you. My wife and I used to feel about you the same way we feel about Trump. You were on OUR side. But no longer. Your questioning the integrity of Sidney Powell on Thursday’s show, followed by your pathetic semi-apology on Friday were the last straw.

You are now officially a “company man”, and your company – Fox News – is a liberal shit-show just like the rest of the mainstream media. Don’t believe me? Go back and watch what your formerly great network allowed the condescendingly arrogant dimwit Kristin Fisher to do in the Thursday press conference and follow-up report regarding what could very possibly be the greatest crime in the history of America. She made a spectacle of herself as she demonstrated she had not one shred of objectivity towards Trump and his legal team. And just like the other children in the White House press corps, she made it all about herself. What a disgusting performance by a disgusting child. She would fit in perfectly at CNN, but she doesn’t need to leave Fox as you guys are now just like CNN. You are no longer news. You are Leftist opinion. Congratulations.

And now you, personally, have thrown in with them by watering down your criticism of the anti-Trump forces and have now gone so far as to impugn of the greatest attorneys and prosecutors in America. Then, after the blowback you obviously received from your viewers and the White House, you tried to straddle the ideological fence, rubbing yourself raw and only widening the divide between your loyal viewers and your idiotic, liberal management.

All of you at Fox have forgotten who butters your bread. May you rot in the gutter of lost viewership. You won’t be getting us back. We’re through with you. Your only chance at redemption, as far as I’m concerned, is your departure from Fox News and a restart with another network like NEWSMAX or One America News.


Ron Garland


Note to Tucker,

You must realize that over half the country is pissed off beyond belief at the obvious, rea, and alleged fraud in this election. You must further realize that YOUR audience is fed up with all the bullschiff the MSM (D) media has pulled against President Trump and his supporters and the increasing leftism from YOUR network. As I see it you have three choices.

Be a truth-telling stalwart and you will be a hero to millions of Trump supporting conservatives and real Americans and be recognized as such. I/we are not asking or demanding you be a Trump sycophant just be a voice of reason – like Megyn (Me-again) Kelly was.


Be a whishy-washey half assed kiss-up to your bosses and play it half-way and call your show “Fair and Balanced” As Rush has always said HE IS THE BALANCE. You could and should be the BALANCE on FOX. You ought to take Rush’s lead – he has been pretty successful for more than three decades. Again, I refer to how quickly Kelly crashed and burned.


You can go all Shemp Smith (gone to CNBC), Chris Wallace and Neil Cavuto and just be another of many talking heads talking loud saying nothing and getting miserable ratings. If you go that route, you and FOX can take your new slogan and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Tucker, you are a smart guy; you must realize that 90% of the people who watch your show have no tolerance for any more anti-Trump Left-wing crap masquerading as ‘news’.

Just remember, it wasn’t a bunch of MAGA Hat wearing Trumpists who were at your house making loud threats against you an your family a year or so ago. Like with “conservative” GOP politicians, you should dance with the folks who brought you to the party.

PS: You first name is entirely too easy to mock; you are already seen as a turd by the left; do you want to be seen the same way from the right? Having a good reputation is hard to get and keep – losing a well built reputation can happen in one show,

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