Discussion Post – 11.20.2020

Rudy Giuliani’s hair dye ran down his face as he sweated through yesterday’s election fraud press conference, and that’s all the corrupt news media wants to talk about related to that event. Which means that the corrupt news media is really, really concerned about the substance of what Giuliani, Sidney Powell and the other attorneys who participated had to say.

This is Liberal Media Distraction 101: When you don’t want to report on the substance, find a distraction from it. It’s what they do.

Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Why in the hell didn’t SOMEONE tell Rudy his hair dye was running down the side of his face!!?? Good grief, press conferences are also about appearances, not just facts, and that distraction did serious damage to their message as it gave the Looney Left something else to talk about other than the facts.


I have heard that one of the key things about dementia is that those who have it lose their internal filters when it comes to lying and end up telling you what they are really thinking or know.



It’s how they roll. King County in Washington state is rife with corruption. There’s always a few “missed” boxes of ballots that just conveniently appear any time something isn’t going the communist demoncrats’ way.


Here is a thought about Gov. Cuomo from Dave’s article yesterday:

We should all get a screenshot of the Cuomo brothers from their joint DNCNN appearance (By the way, which one is Fredo?) last spring joking about CV-19 with their huge Q-tip swabs. We should then make copies and caption them with the term: ‘Real Democratic China Virus Leadership’ and surreptitiously place them in every one of Andrew’s new book in all the book stores we can.

It is disgusting and quite disturbing that all these egotistical creeps have had the gonads to actually write all these essentially anti-Trump books this year. The Q-tip picture could also be placed inside jacket.

Andrew Cuomo and at least a dozen governors and at least another dozen mayors are nothing more than a bunch of whiney dictatorial jerks who need to be prosecuted and not praised. There is nothing praiseworthy of being a dictator wannabe ruining the economic lives of millions of their citizens.

It is equally tragic that assholes like Gov Inslee got reelected in Washington State by a wide margin THIS year. Must be a lot of masochists in these Democrat majority states and cities.

Just Me

I was concerned that my Congressional district reelected Spamberger (D); the self-professed “moderate” whose only distinction her freshman term was voting in lock step with Pelosi’s agenda and doing nothing for our district. Then I googled a map of my district and realized it included a portion of Richmond and its western suburbs; and that urban centers and nearby suburbs almost uniformly are deep blue. Even at that, if we assume the Spamberger-heavy thumb drive discovered well after the vote was tabulated was merely convenient and not fraudulent, her margin of victory was only a little over 8,000 votes. That margin and more were allegedly stored on a thumb drive for provisional votes…allegedly “in error” and “fortuitously discovered” by a Dem election official “at the right time.”


Today is joe btfsplk’s 78th birthday. I wish him a very unhappy one

Listening to the salvos that the Trump Election Fraud team shot at him and all his corruptrocraps including the media, he got an early present at to how we 75-80 million Trump voters are going to “Resist” his most illegitimate sham presidency if it comes to pass. And if that black event transpires, he won’t see 79 in the White House.

Either Karma Roundheels Headboard and the real powerbrokers in the DNC will force him out via the 25th Amendment, or he will be tragically Arkancided and become a national sympathetic figure second only to JFK. There is no way he is president a year from now and it won’t be some hardcore right winger…

The alternative is he could be the good little Democratic hack he has always been for 48 years of his empty corrupt life and willingly leave for the good of the (communist) party and retire peacefully in Wilmington, Delaware. The more I think about American Presidential politics – especially since President Reagan left office – the more I can’t believe America has survived and continues as a world leader.

A third alternative which I hope and Pray comes to pass: President Trump and truth, justice and the American way prevails and he and all his ilk (including his glory seeking bitch wife) are housed by the federal government – not in the White House, but in the Big House as in GITMO or in some Quonset Hut on some vacant deserted Aleutian Island to live out the rest of their miserable lives.
I thought ‘the One’ was an empty suit and couldn’t understand why he picked the obscure empty suit Biden from DE, now it has become clear: Two corruptrocraps allied in a common cause to destroy the American Republic for which it stands. If their skin color were the same, they could be political twins, and sprinkle in sister Walking Eagle and we get the true feces of the Democrap Party.

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