Monday News Roundup: A New Vaccine and a New Biden-Related Voter Fraud Scam

Just a reminder that this man literally created, supplied and armed ISIS and authorized thousands of drone killings in the Middle East. Liberals think he’s wonderful:

This seems like a big deal:

Would have been good to know about this before the elections, dudes. But hey, I’m sure that it’s just a coincidence that this comes out 13 days after.

From the Mediaite Story:

Biotechnology firm Moderna has announced that their experimental vaccine is showing a very high level of effectiveness for protecting people from the coronavirus. This news follows a similar announcement from Pfizer about their Covid-19 vaccine, but the Moderna vaccine is now expected to remain stable at standard refrigerator temperatures of 2° to 8°C (36° to 46°F) for 30 days, up from the previous estimate of 7 days.

The company announced that their early data analysis shows their vaccine has a 94.5 percent effectiveness against Covid-19. CNN reports that Moderna received its results on Sunday while on call with the Data Safety and Monitoring Board, which has been overseeing their clinical data.

“It’s extremely good news. If you look at the data, the numbers speak for themselves,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said in a response gathered by Washington Post. “I describe myself as a realist, but I’m fundamentally a cautious optimist. I felt we’d likely get something less than this. … I said certainly a 90-plus-percent effective vaccine is possible, but I wasn’t counting on it.”


As I discuss elsewhere this morning, we can have a dozen effective vaccines and it won’t make a damn bit of difference to the Little Menace to Society, Anthony Fauci. He’s determined to keep us all wearing masks and pretending that social distancing works forever – the new normal in which he is the ultimate arbiter of how the government continues controlling our lives. Read it.

That’s why the Trump challenges that will be moving forward in the courts this week are so crucial. – After a weekend of pure hype from Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell, the cases they have filed in state and federal courts challenging the election results in a half dozen states will begin being heard this week. While the need for a PR assault in an effort such as this is certainly understandable, this weekend was a case of too much in too short a time.

Worse, the rhetoric coming from these lawyers doesn’t really do much to increase confidence that they are truly prepared to make convincing cases in court. Giuliani in particular places almost all of his emphasis on witness testimony providing “proof” that elections were stolen using the Dominion systems. But if witness testimony is all they have, they are wasting their and the court’s time.

If these lawyers are not able to present cases filled with forensic proof that the election was indeed manipulated and demonstrate clearly how it all worked, then these lawsuits aren’t going to change a thing. They are going to be asking judges to put their lives and the remainder of their careers in personal jeopardy by issuing decisions that change the media-promoted outcomes in half a dozen states. No judge is going to be willing to do that based on the testimony of one or a thousand individuals.

Vague allegations that Dominion was created by Hugo Chavez and is partly-owned by China will not be enough: They must be able to show – clearly and unambiguously – that this system was manipulated in a way that literally changed the outcomes in states where the official counts show Biden ahead by 150,000 votes (Michigan), 60,000 votes (Pennsylvania) and 15,000 votes (Georgia).

That’s a very tall order, and the Trump legal team has only had slightly less than two weeks to put these cases together. None of this is to doubt the validity of the allegations that are being made: This election was stolen without any real question at all. But proving that in court in such a way that a judge or panel of judges are compelled to issue a radical, precedent-setting remedy – which is what they would be – is a different thing entirely.

The best advice for all of us is to hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.

The fake news never ends. – After the Trump team amended is complaint in Pennsylvania for clarity, striking one of several paragraphs that detail the fact that GOP election observers were denied access to vote counts in Philadelphia and other Democrat-run cities, the corrupt news media jointly ran with a fake story that the complaint had been dropped.

It hadn’t:

But don’t expect any corrections from the WaPo or New York Times or CNN or MSNBC or any of the myriad other fake news outlets who pushed that false story. Because faking the news is what they do and who they are. It’s in their DNA.

Meanwhile, here’s another very plausible story about massive election fraud helping Joe Biden that none of the corrupt national outlets are covering, because of course they aren’t.

From the story at The Buffalo Chronicle:

The innermost circles of the American mafia are abuzz.  The Boss of the Philly mob — ‘Skinny Joey’ Merlino — is taking a victory strut, hobnobbing around the highest echelons of old-time mafia folk, mostly in Florida, describing what may have been the heist of the century: the 2020 presidential election.

The feat is drawing praise from far-flung corners of the Italian American business community, which sees the thanks of a grateful administration as key to the revival of the community’s political influence.

But an associate says that Merlino might just be willing to flip on Joe Biden and the Pennsylvania political operatives who ordered up some 300,000 election ballots marked for Biden.  The source alleges that Merlino and a lean team of associates manufactured those ballots at a rate of $10 per ballot — a whopping $3 million for three days of work.  They were then packaged into non-descript cardboard boxes and dropped off outside the Philadelphia Convention Center.

Sources who spoke to The Chronicle on the condition of anonymity say that Merlino picked up those ballots from two private households where a trusted handful of associates were busily marking ballots with Sharpie markers.  They were paid more than $1,000 per hour, often producing thousands of ballots every hour for more than 60 nearly-consecutive hours.


This is, of course, the kind of old-fashioned voter fraud that Democrats have been practicing in big inner-cities from time immemorial. It’s exactly the kind of mob operation that got John F. Kennedy elected in 1960, the kind that got Lyndon Johnson elected to the U.S. senate in 1948, albeit on a much smaller scale. Should Merlino flip, it would be the ultimate irony, given that Biden won his first race for U.S. Senator in 1972 with the voter fraud help of the Philly mob and the Teamsters Union.

We still have a long way to go here, folks. Just be patient.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Hymie Glickstein

My son (23) just recovered. One of my daughters (31) tested positive today; she was tested as a result of an outbreak in her workplace. My mother-in-law passed away 9/30, a confirmed covid case contracted in a nursing home.

You have been fortunate, smoke and mirrors. It may not always be so, and you too may have opportunity to reconsider your position.

While the mortality rate does appear to have lowered even as the infection spike continues, this disease is real; something I unfortunately have been a first hand witness to and may potentially become a sufferer of since it entered my home.


Spot on my man!

Whisperin Pints

The Skinny Joey tale is based on alleged interviews with several “unnamed sources” as well as the interviewer/author being unidentified. WARNING WILL ROBINSON!


Of course the lower courts will rule against Trump, they’re all Democrats. These rulings will be appealed to SCOTUS where Trump will prevail and that means the legislatures can’t certify their elections and. because they are Republican controlled. will vote for Trump electors to go to the EC. Done and done.

Just Me

No disrespect for Sidney Powell intended; but, where is the Michael Flynn case today? Resolved? Why no; no it is not. That speaks volumes to the likelihood that any of these election law suits will go anywhere but the dust bin. Personally, I interpret a Biden win as God’s righteous judgment on a nation that collectively deserves it. He knows how to protect His own in the hardest of times. The rest may well be toast.

Smoke and Mirrors

Outside you can hear the cries of bring out your dead as the bodies pile up like wood (not really). Fam and friends know exactly zero people with the Beer Flu.
When I went to the hospital to pick up meds from March-June it was so quiet that you could hear a mouse.
A fraudulent glass dollhouse of delusion built for people who can’t handle reality.


All this election crap will ultimately go to the 5 1/2 to 3 1/2 “conservative” Supreme Court. Judging by how our “conservative” Supreme Court decisions of the recent past focus on the most narrow “interpretation” of the law or the specific case which often resolves next to nothing and invites even more challenges, I’m not very optimistic regarding any meaningful decision from them.

Most “conservative rulings” just turn it over to the states under the concept of Federalism; only activist liberals issue nationwide/nation affecting legislation masquerading as “thoughtful” judicial decisions. In this case, it is the states that have caused the problem; throwing it back to the states will resolve nothing, and that would suit the court just fine. They can say they made a “constitutional ruling” and the left will be ok with that because it would most assuredly retain the status quo meaning btfsplk gets inaugurated next January.

The jellyfish like spines of most elected and appointed “conservatives” all but ensures a political go-along to get-along attitude from the justices. After all, they wouldn’t want to be forever seen as awarding the presidency to Donald John Trump like they were seen as anointing it to GWB 20 years ago. I believe they will most certainly want to avoid all the Leftist led riots that will emerge from a real and proper decision “for the good of the country”.

The only way I see this patchwork quilt of various Trump lawsuits against the various states getting resolved with any degree of fairness and satisfaction would be for the Supreme Court to find for the Trump side. They would have to declare the entire election null and void and mandate that a whole new election must be held with all the safeguards that the President’s legal team claims be put in place. The Trump legal team has to prove how thoroughly corrupted the November 3rd election was. With all the opposition to real “free and fair elections”, that is a very high bar to prove. Speaking of Barr, where is that feckless weasel?

One thing this election proves is the Stalin adage: It doesn’t matter who votes, what matters is who counts the votes.

Georgia is going to have a senate runoff election early next January which would probably be the earliest a new national election could be held; the earliest the corruption could be cleaned up and held. I just don’t see that happening. I don’t see the “systemic and institutionalized” fraud being cleaned up in any meaningful way especially when there is no desire on the part of the various election officials and the “media” who promoted and ensured this mess to begin with. Especially when there are so many never-Trumper RINOs actively sabotaging the effort.

America needs a miracle and sadly, I don’t see any miracles on the horizon. And part of that miracle would be the arresting, prosecuting and jailing of the corrupt election stealing Democratic polling officials. Just like we apparently needed a miracle to prosecute any of the Obamagate coup players…

Miracles are in very short supply in 2020 America.

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