Discussion Post – 11.16.2020

Oh, hey, guess what? Anthony Fauci now says we’ll just have to keep on wearing masks and doing this cute social distancing even after the various vaccines have been fully distributed:

This little menace to our society will never stop until he is stopped. Does anyone think Dementia Joe will stop him?

Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I’m pretty much done trying to speculate on how the election is going to turn out at a national level. While I like to consider myself informed, there are so many moving pieces I no longer have the capacity to follow everything while Herr Whitmer repeats a partial shutdown for 3 weeks while threatening more draconian measures if “we all don’t do our part”. I fully expect that by December, MI will be completely shutdown again, followed by more layoffs and furloughs across industries. Because you know the new tag line is, we can’t fix the economy unless we get control of the virus.

Fauci is just a tool of the left to keep people fearful, using his “expert” status to sell the sacrifices we must endure, and make them legitimate. Fearful people are controllable, and we all know that’s what the left wants – control.


When this miserable year of 2020 mercifully ends and the stolen election becomes “certified”, many people speculate as to what the former president will do.

Assuming he and his political allies survive the Left’s legal retribution, I hope he uses his wealth to become a dominant media player and creates a real conservative media platform and perhaps creates a broadcast alternative to the Leftist Faux News. Perhaps he gets together with fledgling broadcast outlets like OAN and Newsmax etc. Perhaps he can offer a new home for people like Carson, Ingraham, Hannity, and Piero et al. And create his own Twitter/Facebook platform. It would be wonderful if he were to create an entire cable and streaming platform totally separate and in direct competition to the likes of Commiecast/NBC an AT&T/DNCNN.

I am not saying it is yet over for a second Trump term, I’m just saying the above would be a good plan “B” if worst comes to worst.

Just Me

“Assuming he and his political allies survive the Left’s legal retribution, I hope he uses his wealth to become a dominant media player and creates a real conservative media platform and perhaps creates a broadcast alternative to the Leftist Faux News.”

A nice idea; except I’m sure the left has plans for “transforming” the FCC to suppress and destroy any and all conservative media present or future. Big Tech will lay waste any remaining freedom of speech on social networks. Why stop at overturning immigration enforcement and flooding the country with potential future Dem voters, rigging election systems to ensure continuing in power regardless, and packing the SC to attain an activist judiciary to legislate from the bench anything that somehow does not make it to the Presidency for Life’s desk for signature? Once the control all of the levers of power are in hand, the dystopian transformation can begin in earnest.


There was a pretty strong windstorm here in Mid-Tennessee yesterday AM and it broke and blew down my 3 X 5 US of A flagpole. I saw that as a prophetic sign from above.

I took that flag down when ‘the One’ got elected against his first stooge opponent and kept it down when he won against his second stooge opponent.

The bending of the flag pole and the breaking of the guide wires just bummed me out and I didn’t bother fixing it; nor did I bother to comment here. In fact, I shut down all news input except from here as I only read Dave’s article on WordSupress this morning.


Like Jimmy and some other regulars here have taken a commenting hiatus; I too will reduce my own commentary as there really is not much new for me to add.

All this election crap will ultimately go to the 5 1/2 to 3 1/2 “conservative” Supreme Court. Judging by how our “conservative” Supreme Court decisions of the recent past focus on the most narrow “interpretation” of the law or the specific case which often resolves next to nothing and invites even more challenges, I’m not very optimistic regarding any meaningful decision from them.

Most “conservative rulings” just turn it over to the states under the concept of Federalism; only activist liberals issue nationwide/nation affecting legislation masquerading as “thoughtful” judicial decisions. In this case, it is the states that have caused the problem; throwing it back to the states will resolve nothing, and that would suit the court just fine. They can say they made a “constitutional ruling” and the left will be ok with that because it would most assuredly retain the status quo meaning btfsplk gets inaugurated next January.

The jellyfish like spines of most elected and appointed “conservatives” all but ensures a political go-along to get-along attitude from the justices. After all, they wouldn’t want to be forever seen as awarding the presidency to Donald John Trump like they were seen as anointing it to GWB 20 years ago. I believe they will most certainly want to avoid all the Leftist led riots that will emerge from a real and proper decision “for the good of the country”.

The only way I see this patchwork quilt of various Trump lawsuits against the various states getting resolved with any degree of fairness and satisfaction would be for the Supreme Court to find for the Trump side. They would have to declare the entire election null and void and mandate that a whole new election must be held with all the safeguards that the President’s legal team claims be put in place. The Trump legal team has to prove how thoroughly corrupted the November 3rd election was. With all the opposition to real “free and fair elections”, that is a very high bar to prove. Speaking of Barr, where is that feckless weasel?

One thing this election proves is the Stalin adage: It doesn’t matter who votes, what matters is who counts the votes.

Georgia is going to have a senate runoff election early next January which would probably be the earliest a new national election process could be cleaned up and held. I just don’t see that happening. I don’t see the “systemic and institutionalized” fraud being cleaned up in any meaningful way especially when there is no desire on the part of the various election officials and the “media” who promoted and ensured this mess to begin with. Especially when there are so many never-Trumper RINOs actively sabotaging the effort.

America needs a miracle and sadly, I don’t see any miracles on the horizon.

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