In Georgia, Kemp and Raffensperger are Selling out America

Hey, guess who was Georgia’s Secretary of State when the state bought and contracted to use the Dominion Voting System? If you said “current Governor Brian Kemp”, you would be right.

Sidney Powell of counsel Attorney Molly McCann laid that sordid tale out in great detail in her excellent blog that everyone should bookmark and read each day.

Here’s an excerpt:

We are being betrayed in Georgia. The hand recount that was supposed to be the “gold standard” according to Harmeet Dhillon, and a “recount, an audit, and re-canvas” all in one according to the secretary of state down there, is now turning out to be a superficial re-tabulation that will not identify the illegal votes or flag fraud. While listening to Bannon’s War Room this morning, John Fredericks reported that only one observer is watching for every ten teams and observers are so far away they cannot meaningfully observe what is happening. Additionally, it does not appear they are conducting any of the investigatory actions that would help reveal fraud, such as matching absentee ballots with addresses. This is an outrageous betrayal of the people of Georgia, and indeed a betrayal of the nation.

Georgia Governor Kemp and his Lt. Governor Duncan are both, according to Fredericks, AWOL. I have since confirmed this from other sources. While I was listening, it crossed my mind that if a recount reveals a scandalously compromised election, it would reflect very badly on the state leadership. It is the sort of thing that could end your political career. But, it could be worse than that.

Finally, there needs to be a demand for the Dominion systems to be impounded, taken off-line (but not turned off), and for a forensics expert to do an examination of the coding. Last night I was googling around about the Dominion system. The way it works is you make your selection on a touchscreen and the machine then spits out a paper receipt of sorts with a bar code you scan at the tabulator. But neither the voter nor anyone else can verify that the barcode is accurate. So, not only can you not verify that the machine has properly logged your vote, but the state cannot undertake a meaningful recount.

This critical flaw in the system was raised at the time the system was proposed for use in Georgia, but the state still bought it. The fact that you yourself cannot verity your vote and that the barcodes make it impossible to do a real recount or audit, should have disqualified Dominion from consideration. Our current quandary was wholly foreseeable, which leads one to conclude Dominion was deliberately chosen. The “bugs” seem to be a feature. And again, Kemp was in the middle of all of this.



Current Georgia Sec. State Brad Raffensperger is no different. Trump lawyer Lin Wood field a lawsuit in Georgia on Friday challenging a consent decree he entered into in March of this year with Stacy Abrams and corrupt Hillary Clinton hack attorney Mark Elias which severely limits the state’s ability to conduct anything resembling a true re-canvass and/or audit of ballots:

Woods’s complaint challenges Raffensperger’s authority to enter into any such deal given that the state’s general assembly has sole authority to determine by statute how Georgia’s elections are to be conducted. Clearly, Wood is right under the law – the question now becomes if he can find a court in this obviously corrupted state that will be willing to rule properly. If not, the matter could well end up being decided in the U.S. Supreme Court.

It is utterly surreal that this kind of systematic subornation of rank voter fraud favoring Democrats could be taking place in a state with an ostensibly “Republican” governor and secretary of state. Kemp and Raffensperger aren’t just betraying Donald Trump, they’re betraying the voters of their state and the entire nation.

And they’re doing it right out in the open.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.


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I have a few issues with some of the things reported in your blog, mostly about Sydney Powell:
1. “identify illegal votes”. Because Georgia has a secret ballot, once the verification process has been completed (upon checkin with a picture ID if voting in person, or name/signature match if voting absentee) the actual ballots are then divorced from the Identifying information and cannot be matched forward or backward to the verification documents. That, my friend, is a good thing. Georgia has one of the most stringent voter ID laws on the books and cannot be tightened any further without denying the vote to valid individuals.
2. ‘One observer for every ten teams’. This is a good thing as well, since there have been reports of Republican observers being disruptive to the work at hand and in other ways misbehaving. This is important work and elections workers deserve to do their jobs without undo distraction. You don’t want them to miss a Trump vote, do you?
3. ‘matching absentee ballots with addresses’. One of the reasons people vote absentee, is that they are out of town. For instance, someone on overseas duty with the military. So, which address do you suppose they are supposed to match for these people?
4. ‘state cannot undertake a meaningful recount’ – but they just did a massive hand audit of 5,000,000 ballots, by looking at the very ballots that the voters turned in. So, Sydney Powell is woefully misinformed. Maybe he/she should be watching mainstream media instead of Infowars.


You, sir, are full of crap. Begone, troll.

There have been no “reports” of Republican observers being disruptive – a lie straight from your master – but instead protestations at being kept from observing. Not even a nice try, oh foolish one.

As far as matching addresses: it’s not only absentee ballots, which require a home address listed, but mail-in and those cast supposedly in person. Not EVEN a nice try, bimbo.

You can count candy corns all day and try to separate the monkey turds from them, but if you don’t distinguish between them, you have no edible candy. Except, perhaps, you, oh undiscerning one. That’s giving you credit for lacking discernment, when it’s clear that you are a discerning liar and cheat, which is to say: “current Democrat.”

Gary Strickland

Judas Iscariot …. St John 6:71 Kemp, you’ve sold your SOUL for Silver…. SAD, a total EMBARRASSMENT & DISGRACE to the great state of Georgia, that he took an Oath to Protect & Serve! No GOOD Morals! I pray it was worth for you! Was it your parents that taught you to LIE & CHEAT?


Republicans have been selling out their supporters for decades. Kemp is a perfect example. We never saw it until President Trump took office. And it’s so vicious out there against our President that I am amazed that he remains standing. Come hell or high water he will have my undying and everlasting support. Future candidates with an R next to their name will no receive my vote (nor the votes of many) that do not receive the endorsement of President Trump. The days of the GOP are over.



marty lopez

I undeerstand that both Kemp and Raffensperger have been found guilty and sentenced to death by the People’s Tribunal. Somepeople seem to think that’s how this sort of perfidity is to be dealt with.

Mad Celt

Kemp was a lousy Secretary of State. In the election we had to hold our noses and vote for him considering Stacy ‘Tank’ Abrams was the alternative.


They’re doing it BC they can; these are the types that fomented a coup against a duly elected president four years ago – where the hell are AG Barr & Durham?

There’s no repercussions for this type of behavior, that’s why they’re doing it out in the open. The media is on their side, quashing any negative stories about Biden/Hunter’s laptop. The fix is in. They’re going to get rid of Bad Orange Man & crush the possibility “his type” can ever rise again.

This is how democracy dies: wide out in the open.


Yes, he does. Makes one wonder what ties he has to the “machines”. Kemp is getting rich off something and I’m thinking it’s the voting machines. Check out Sidney Powell. Kemp may be dirty as dirt.


Nonsense. The governor is involved also.


As I recall when Kemp was running against Abrams Trump stepped in giving his support to Kemp and now betrayal is how Kemp returns the favor.

Fading Banana Republic

I can almost smell a RINO derp state RAT from here.


This falls under the Secretary of State. The governor has nothing to do with this

Just Me

When I read the article, I noted that the current GA governor was the GA secretary of state who oversaw the purchase of the Dominion voting machines/software; so, the governor has everything to do with it.

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