Here is What Biden’s Promised ‘Return to Normalcy” Actually Means

Much of the Biden/Harris election campaign this year was base on the prospect that the elevation of their planned co-presidency would represent a return to the “normalcy” Americans and America experienced during the four presidencies that preceded the presidency of Donald J. Trump. This prospect was of course echoed in the corrupt news media and presented as a positive thing to America’s voters.

But what did this longed-for “normalcy” look like for the 28 years before Donald Trump took office in January, 2017?

– It looked like the U.S. becoming involved in all manner of needless and deadly wars in the Middle East and Northern Africa, with thousands of military personnel being killed and maimed every year;

– It looked like economic stagnation;

– It looked like high federal personal tax rates;

– It looked like high federal taxes on capital gains and corporate incomes that caused millions of jobs and trillions of dollars in major investments to flow overseas;

– It looked like heavy-handed bureaucracies lording their power over every facet of our personal lives;

– It looked like extremely high rates of unemployment among Blacks, Hispanics and women;

– It looked like a military complex withering on the vine as the ChiComs strove for strategic supremacy with America’s willing assistance;

– It looked like high gasoline prices at the pump that were regularly $1.00 per gallon or more higher than they are today as a result of much higher dependency on foreign oil;

– It looked like making deals with that enriched the despotic Iranian Mullahs and allowed them to pursue development of nuclear weapons without international penalties;

– It looked like entering into multi-lateral trade agreements that enrich other nations at the expense of main street America;

– It looked like entering into multi-lateral arrangements like the Paris Climate Accords that were nothing more than wealth redistribution schemes that benefit everyone but America;

– It looked like constantly rising costs of medical care and prescription drugs, both of which have decreased the last two years for the first time in half a century;

– It looked like the U.S. government bowing to the will of globalist groups like the EU and the UN, where China, Cuba and Mexico sit in judgment of U.S. human rights this week;

– Open borders and mass migration that steadily erodes the standard of living in the United States.

That is what we will be returning to if Joe Biden/Kamala Harris are certified as the “winners” of this election.

Oh boy.

That is all.

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Think of it. The nation’s second-ranked crime family (Yep, the Clintons are first but the Obamas are coming up fast), a child molester and serial liar, who never accomplished anything in his 47 years at the public trough – now in the White House, lording over what will very soon cease to be the most powerful nation on the globe.

Just Me

Makes me wonder whether God is setting the stage for the end of days or if this is merely the end of yet another world power (see Assyria, Babylon, Persians, Greeks, Romans, British Empire, assorted European colonial powers, Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Third Reich, Soviet Union, etc.) The last era, “the end times,” began with the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Christ. Is this just another chapter or perhaps something more significant?

the Bruce

Return to normalcy for Biden is the Office of the President and his staff are for sale to anybody with the cash to buy them. I honestly do not understand how Biden can actually get a security clearance with his history of corruption, graft, extortion and bribery…but then again, the alphabet agencies doing the vetting are in on the whole scam.

Just Me

I see two possible futures, nationally: A return to steady decline and impoverishment…or…an awakening that will turn things back to positive gains, but only after much damage has been meted out to the economy and culture.


They don’t have to “take the senate”. There are plenty of nominal pubs (Romney, Collins, Murkowski) who will “cross the aisle” and vote with them.

The blunt truth is, if we don’t do a hard look at EVERY race, and get the numbers right, there is no saving the republic.


Don’t forget that the same thing will happen if the democrats take the Senate and it looks like the fix is in for the Georgia Senate races.

Alberta Bound

Don’t forget – a place where we were never allowed to say “Merry Christmas”


That’s exactly what it means. Save the Senate

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