Thursday News Roundup: Biden’s China Ties Create Real Transition Problems

Before we move on to election-related news, this is a real tweet from the United Nations:

Again, THAT IS NOT A PARODY. It is really what is happening right now at the United Nations – China is reviewing the human rights record of the United States of America and offering criticism of it.

Ok, wait – this IS election-related, because this is exactly the kind of globalist nonsense Quid Pro China Joe Biden endorses. It is exactly the kind of pro-communist international initiative that the U.S. promoted during the Obama/Biden years and to which we will return immediately upon Biden being sworn into office.

Guess which other countries make up the UN Human Rights Council? Bolivia, China, Côte d’Ivoire, Cuba, France, Gabon, Malawi, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Senegal, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Uzbekistan. That’s right, friends and Democrats, the human rights record of the United States of America is being judged by the narco-state of Mexico, Russia, Cuba, Senegal, Uzbekistan, France and China.

Man, this is exactly what Joe Biden represents; it is literally who he is.

God help us all if Donald Trump does not succeed in exposing the theft of this election.

Speaking of Quid Pro China Joe Biden, yesterday he gave a speech while standing before a backdrop that read “Office of the President-elect.”

One problem: There is no such thing in America as “the office of the president-elect.” This is pure theater, pure propaganda designed to brainwash you into accepting a stolen election.

Don’t accept it.

If Biden gets briefings, China gets them, too, Senator. – Yesterday, I pointed out the good news that most Republicans are closing ranks to support the President’s efforts to expose the massive Democrat election fraud that took place all over the country. Today, I give you an example of one Republican who is not, Oklahoma Senator James Lankford.:

Excerpt from the Hill’s story:

GOP Sen. James Lankford (Okla.) said there was “nothing wrong” with President-elect Joe Biden getting intelligence briefings and pledged to “step in” if the former vice president doesn’t have access by Friday.

Asked about Biden not getting the briefings, Lankford told Oklahoma radio station KRMG, in an interview that aired Wednesday, that it “should be resolved” by Friday.

“There is no loss from him getting the briefings and to be able to do that and if that’s not occuring by Friday I will step in as well, and to be able to push and to say this needs to occur so that regardless of the outcome of the election … people can be ready for that actual task,” Lankford said.


Thus, Lankford not only undermines the President’s efforts, he also undermines the efforts by the Senate Homeland Security Committee to reveal the Biden family’s clear conflicts of interest and vulnerability to blackmail vis a vis Ukraine and China.

This is very simple, folks: If Joe Biden receives national security briefings, the ChiComs are likely to get them next. And once the ChiComs get that national security information, America is in a world of hurt. Neither Biden nor anyone associated with him should receive a word of national security information from anyone in the Trump administration until the election results have been fully certified by a vote in the Electoral College and they are left with no other choice.

The day that happens will be a very dangerous day for America.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo understands what’s at stake. – While Lankford is taking sides with Biden/Harris, Secretary of State Pompeo is keeping his eye squarely on the ball, ordering his people at the State Department to refuse to share information with anyone associated with the Biden camp. Naturally, The Hill is whining about that this morning.

Here’s an excerpt:

The State Department won’t give President-elect Joe Biden or his transition team dozens of messages that foreign leaders have given to the department, CNN reported Wednesday.

President Trump’s administration is preventing Biden from accessing the messages that were sent after Biden was projected as the president-elect over the weekend, State Department officials familiar with the messages told CNN.

The department typically organizes the communications with presidents-elect, but the Trump administration has refused to recognize Biden’s win and grant his team access to transition information and resources.

The Biden transition team instead has conducted calls with foreign leaders without State Department help, but a source familiar with the situation told CNN, “They would prefer to be using the State Department resources.”



Guess who else understands what is really at stake? – Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley gets it. On Wednesday, Grassley sent a letter to William Barr publicly informing him of the obvious violation of U.S. lobbying laws involving the failure of Biden’s son Hunter and his brother James to register as agents of China. The letter reads, in part:

based on recently released emails, texts, and my recent report with Senator Johnson on conflicts of interest relating to Hunter Biden’s financial activities and those of his business associates, it appears that he and his uncle, James Biden, had significant connections to CEFC China Energy Co. Ltd. (CEFC).

The records also show that CEFC was an extension of the Chinese government and that CEFC intended to alter U.S. policy and public opinion to its benefit and that the Chinese government would be the principal beneficiary of those actions. The apparent relationships came to light not through proper FARA registration but only through the work of my oversight activities and through recent media revelations.”



Quid Pro China Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of a single state in this election. Not one. He will not officially become the president-elect until a formal vote of the Electoral College is held in December. Biden’s obvious conflicts of interest and clear vulnerability to being subject to blackmail by both Ukraine and China mean that Trump administration personnel have a duty to deny him and his people access to any sensitive or classified information until they have no legal choice but to do so.

As much as our corrupt news media monolith of disinformation will whine about this, the blame for it must be laid squarely at their own feet for their abject failure to do their duty in vetting Biden and Harris for the public during this campaign. For the last 30 years I have written that this country’s loss of anything resembling an honest and ethical press establishment represents a clear and present danger to our nation’s ultimate survival as a constitutional republic. A fully vetted Biden/Harris ticket could never have been elected by an election process that was properly policed by an independent news media. But we do not have an independent news media in this country anymore, and here we are.

Those on the left who don’t like where we are have only themselves to blame.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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the Bruce

Giving ‘smell my finger’ Joe a security clearance would be the same as giving it to the Communist Chinese.


Well, we’ve already had 2 traitors in the WH and one wants back in. Biden is/was/will be a traitor to the CCP who have already bought him and probably the other one that wants too room in the VP Quarters/Navel Observatory. Biden is a traitor already how do you give him the nuclear codes or even trust him to do the correct things while he is in power

Only trump

Joe Biden is a compromised cheater. He’s already out trying to secure cash payments to his family in return for access to his high office and taxpayer dollars.

Nabi Rasch

Nice to see a trenchant comment. I’ve been opining for years that one of the greatest dangers is a legal community that, on balance, has veered so sociopath that by manipulation or even inadvertently it might take the country down,


Let’s pretend…. That’s what we are getting, only the wackos insist it’s reality. The problem is we don’t punish, restrain, or otherwise discipline the nuts. In the press, libel law is a dead letter. In government, they are “civil officers” not liable to any standard, beyond their own self-governance.

Meantime, we, the peasants… Contract law? Breach that contract & watch hell descentd! Opinion – well, that’s libelous…. & so on….



Lankford…can we wait until Joe is certified? I mean…come on! One can’t simply declare oneself the POTUS elect just because the media are pretending he is!


Lankford is up in two years. Be guided accordingly Oklahomans.


Lankford(R-OK)? More like a lower-case ‘r’, indicating ‘rino’. The good people of Oklahoma need to chastise this nutjob immediately. If he can’t be onboard the Trump Train for this battle ahead, he needs to be quashed.
I have no doubt that after all is said and done, lawsuits settled, SCOTUS rulings done, etc., the focus needs to shift to ridding the traitors in the R ranks.
My question is, what did the left offer Mr. Lankford for his stupid comments re: Biteme being allowed to recieve intel briefings prior to the electoral college declaring who is actually the winner, nationwide.
Ok. To be clear. I no longer address the left-leaning and dishonorable elected officials by their titles. A ‘rino’ deserves no respect in that regard. Lankford fits that decisiion for me.
Just sayin’.

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