Discussion Post – 11.12.2020

Yesterday, Quid Pro China Traitor Joe Biden gave a speech while standing before a backdrop that read “Office of the President-elect.

One problem: There is no such thing in America as “the office of the president-elect.” This is pure theater, pure propaganda designed to brainwash you into accepting a stolen election.

Don’t accept it.

Discuss away.

That is all.

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Carlos Dangler

Looks to me like it says “RESIDENT ELECT”.
I doubt he could win a nursing home election either.


Hello….this is president elect Adrian. Joe is a complete fraud. That is all….


Obozo invented the same office after he was elected. When I saw that I thought “This guy is quite the a__hole.”. I was proven to be right. Old Joe had to plagiarize Odingo’s title, because he is already out of original ideas. It’s going to be a long 6 to 8 months until Kamala has him escorted out of the White House.


The Augusta Masters golf tournament is going start in Georgia soon and I just wonder how many tourists attending the tournament are going to suddenly follow Andrew (Ying) Yang and Thomas L(oopy) Friedman and have a sudden hankering to live in GA as “new residents” and “register” to vote in GA in the next month and a half so as to vote for Pajama-Boy (Jack) Ossoff against Senator David Purdue and Raphael Warnock against Kelly Loeffler.

Apparently one only has to be in GA for three (3) days in order to register to vote, but supposedly it is “illegal” to register to vote in GA for the sole purpose to vote without legitimately establishing permanent GA residency. How exactly does GA prosecute people who “move” to GA to vote Democratic in GA and then “move” back to their actual state out of GA’s jurisdiction? The same schiff happens in New Hampshire during their first in the country primary when a bunch of Massholes from the Boston area make the pilgrimage to NH every four years to muck up the Republican and/or Democratic nominating “process” with same day registration by people who claim they “intend” to move to NH, but never do.

Yep, it is illegal to fraudulently register to vote in GA for the sole purpose to cast a ballot, but it is also illegal to engage in voter fraud so I’m not too optimistic about any real prosecutions.

One-way GA could solve this is to make all these fraudulently registering drive-by “voters” permanent residents of GA by hosting them for a year in their Grey-bar Hotel system. (Ying) Yang and (Loopy) Friedman are openly calling on people to commit election crime/fraud and should be prosecuted as accessories to said crime.

Just Me

Seems like it would be illegal to vote in the 2020 election for President/Vice President, Senate and House seats in one state and then vote again in a runoff in another state, as in GA. While not all Senate seats were up in each state, House seats certainly were.

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