Wednesday News Roundup: Republicans Close Ranks Amid Overwhelming Democrat Election Fraud Evidence

This was the first thing that popped up on my Twitter feed when I logged in this morning:

So, the Russians have a 92% effective vaccine that surpasses even Pfizer’s 90% vaccine announced Monday morning. Sounds wonderful, right? Happy days are here again, folks! At least, that’s what the entirety of America’s corrupt news media disinformation monolith tells us.

But I can’t help having this nagging thought: How is it that, in just a few short months, these drug makers can develop such highly-effective vaccines against the China Virus, but in over a century of trying, they can’t produce a vaccine for the various strains of seasonal flu that is more than 20-40% effective? Why, it’s almost miraculous, isn’t it?

There’s an old saying that almost always proves to be right: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

I’m sure glad the stock market is way up at the news of Pfizer’s new vaccine, but can’t help wondering how long that is all going to last.

Well, looky here: They called North Carolina for President Donald Trump. – So, what changed on Monday that led the corrupt news media monolith to call the state of North Carolina for the President?

Nothing. That’s right: Not a damn thing changed, including the vote count. But, early in the afternoon, the call went out anyway, awarding the state’s 15 electoral votes to President Trump.

Here’s what happened on MSNBC, when one of their field reporters saw the news come across on his I-Phone [please pardon the profanity]:

Yes, friend, that went out live and on the air at MSNBC. It was the only accurate thing aired on that channel all day long.

Wait, isn’t this a violation of the Logan Act? – Let’s never forget that the FBI framed General Mike Flynn and the Mueller Gestapo Gang spent the last four years persecuting him for making a single phone call to a Russian ambassador during an official transition period after his president-elect had been certified as the winner by the Electoral College.

Yesterday we found out that dementia China Traitor Joe Biden is out there doing what Gen. Flynn did despite the fact that he has NOT been declared as the winner of a single state in this election:

So, where’s the special counsel, Attorney General Barr? Why was doing this a crime in 2017, but is not a crime today? Did someone secretly change the law?

Yeah, we all know the answers to those questions. What a disgrace.

The Republicans are actually closing ranks. – As more and more overwhelming evidence of massive Democrat voter fraud continues to pile up, Republicans in congress and across the Trump Administration are closing ranks and supporting the real President and his contention that this thing is not over yet.

First, we had this from Sec. of State Mike Pompeo:

Then there was this from the Office of Management and Budget:

And there was this from Senator Ron Johnson:

How about this from Mitch McConnell:

Oh, hey, even Trey Trainor, the Chairman of the Federal Elections Commission, weighed in on Tuesday:

This is fantastic. Many other GOP members of congress have awakened now to their reality: This election was stolen, not just from President Trump, but also from senate candidate John James in Michigan and likely David Perdue in Georgia, who fell just short of the 50% of the vote he needed to avoid a runoff election in January.

They’re also waking up to the fact that, if they allow this election to be stolen, then we will never have a fair election in this country again. Because if the Democrats can get away with this once, they will simply keep on doing it.

Even Lindsey Graham has discarded his John McCain meat suit and begun to accept this reality, as reported by the Business Insider:

Lindsey Graham, the Senate Judiciary Committee chair who last week was re-elected the senator for South Carolina, told Fox News on Monday: “Networks that do polling that’s way off — we’re ought to call them into Congress and ask them how they do it.

“Mitch McConnell [Senate Majority Leader] and I need to come up with an oversight of mail-in balloting. If we don’t do something about voting by mail, we are going to lose the ability to elect a Republican in this country.”

In a different interview with Fox News last week, Graham urged Donald Trump not to concede the presidential election to Joe Biden, despite every media outlet confirming the latter as the projected winner, warning: “If Republicans don’t challenge and change the US election system, there will never be another Republican president elected again.”


Interestingly, Graham’s and McConnell’s comments came after McConnell had received visits from both AG Barr and CIA Director Gina Haspel. Not necessarily stating that those meetings were relevant to all of this election upheaval, but the timing sure as hell is interesting.


Meanwhile, the Democrats are reacting to all of this exactly as we would expect them to:

Democrats: We must unify as a nation!

Also Democrats:

Some things never change.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I hear and very much share your frustration Ben.


Except for a few, Mittens is already panhandling for a job in the *cough* Biden administration and Toomey is stabbing Trump in the back. We should all make a list of primary targets after the dust has settled. I’ll donate to any Trump Republican that lines up against them. And I don’t usually donate to politicians.


Patience. Hold the line. This ain’t over yet.

Only trump

Biden is not yet the President -elect. China and Russia haven’t given Joe Biden’s family members cash or jobs yet.

Ben Colder

And another thing I am a veteran and I am not proud of it anymore after what has happened to the election I wish to hell I had went to Canada or just refused to go why did this country even fight World war 1 or world war two all those guys that got killed for what ? All the guys that got killed in Vietnam my war why ?For this shit?what about the war in Iraq?what the hell for so old W got his rocks off on that one and I voted for the bastard wish I had that one back.No don’t thank me for my service I am sick of that bullshit to,Don’t thank me I was drafted and I wish to hell I had not gone it sure as hell wasn’t worth this shit we are seeing now.

Ben Colder

The Republicans sure as hell ought to be closing ranks.What about that ass hole Romney? that bastard is out there kissing demcommunists ass big time.Why in the damned hell don’t the republicans kick his traitor ass out of the republican party why?As for the election everyone knows it was rigged and yet the fake news just keep going on and on about president elect Joe the creep sniffer grouper liar senile son of a bitch mafia type mo fo ass hole prick Biteme.Then they wonder why I am pissed..I have completely quit watching fox news what a bunch of back stabbing sons of bitches they turned out to be .Right now if my tv broke down i would not buy a new one I am so fed up with tv not much on there that does not have some kind of slant to it to hell with tv and everyone on it.I still listen to radio but when the fox news comes on it gets muted.I am so pissed and fed up enough of my bitching even getting tired or the internet.

[…] VIDEO:… […]


Democrats calling for unity…that’s really rich. There used to be a time when someone’s word meant something, but not today. As with most things, I’ll look for actions rather than words. And I’ll probably be looking for quite some time, because the party of tolerance isn’t doing anything but vilifying conservatives with the dial turned up to 11. And if Trump manages to overturn the sham election to remain president? Give no quarter, because you will receive none.


Unity, like tolerance, means do as we do, say and think when coming from the mouth of a demoncrat. Like all good communist movements, it’s about the collective. Anything else a punishable offense. And if they are allowed to resume control, it will be severe. They have a lot of pent up anger right now.

Carl Spackler

The Republicans close ranks? Is their jobber status in the uniparty facade in question? LOL! Nope the URL isn’t the Babylon Bee.

Miles A Jamell

They’re doing a recount in Georgia. So why do they need a run off?


Dare I hope the Republican Party is going to finally grow a political spine?

Even the dimmest of their bulbs must realize that they will become extinct as a party if they don’t stand up and grow a pair and unequivocally support President Trump and all his efforts -NOW.

That extinction will come from at least two directions. From the Right: Trump’s loyalists will abandon them bigly if they fold (I doubt GW Bush could win a town council seat in Crawford Texas or wherever he now lives) on Trump and from the Left: The Dems will eliminate them politically, if not physically, once they get absolute control of congress and the presidency.

M Schlack

David as you already know the Republicans are closing ranks 1. Because 70 million people who voted for President Trump are screaming at them and 2. The senate majority leader Will not be Majority leader for long you can see the dims will take the senate if they can take Presidency


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot happened to Boris Johnson? I know he caught CV-19, had a rough go with it, but it must have really fried his brain.

Any smart national leader should have followed Sweden’s example as to how to deal with CV-19 and NOT have shut down their respective country.

The last thing any “conservative” leader of any nation (especially an “ally” of the US) wants is a Joe btfsplk presidency.

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