Georgia Orders Hand Recount – But There’s Bigger News Than That

The corrupt news media monolith of disinformation is simply reporting today that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger ordered a “hand recount” of ballots in the presidential contest this morning. But watch this clip of his announcement with the sound on and listen carefully to what he actually says:

“With the margin being so close, it will require a full, by-hand recount in each county. This will help build confidence, it will be an audit, a recount, and a re-canvass all at once.” 

That last part is crucial, because a simple recount would make no effort to ensure that ballots were properly and legally cast. It would simply segregate the paper ballots between the candidates by hand, and then feed them through the same tabulating machines and suspect software used in the first place.

An audit and re-canvass go much further. These will involve, for example, matching signatures on mail-in ballots to those on voter registration applications. They will involve ensuring that the person supposedly casting a vote was actually alive at the time it was cast, and actually lived in the state of Georgia.

This makes what was ordered in Georgia today completely different from the hand-recount already ordered in Michigan, since the Michigan process will not involve a re-canvass or full audit of the ballots. Thus, the order in Michigan is very unlikely to change the outcome in and of itself. But what was ordered in Georgia today is a very big deal.

Stay tuned.

That is all.

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If we don’t clean up our school system, NOW!, in just a few years, the young voters will hand these communists the keys to the country.


These democrats are a blight on our Republic. They don’t care HOW they seize power. Communists through and through. What a terrible message taught to our children that crime pays. We MUST not allow it!


Dem rock stars Obama and Clinton…65.9 and 65.8 million votes respectively yet the left are trying to gas light us into believing bunker campaign cant draw flies to his events Biden got 10 million MORE votes than them. All one needs to know to confirm this election is a fraud and our republic is being subverted essentially making us serfs.

Buck Sergeant

Defrauding the election process is a felony. All infractions are. Even the wearing of political swag for one of the candidates inside a polling station is felony. Prosecute or it will continue.

Planet Clownfish Brain

Requiring only legal ballots is racist.

Buke Mosh

Buke would like to add my name to the Dem’s “list” of Trump supporters. Maybe AOC can come visit in person. Lady, You folks work for us


Jail, loss of income and assets. Every damn one of them. The media, the cooked politicians and the technocrats. It was all a conspiracy from the start.

I’ll have you know that the good people of Rio Linda (her sister, Hattie Mae, is quite the babe as well, he-hee) have a darned good reason to strongly object to your mischaracterization of them. They just can’t think of any at this particular moment in time, is all. So there.

WELL STATED, my friend, at last something meaningful. Be well and of good cheer, kindred spirit.


The audit will be useless unless there truly are issues with the voting machines. They are doing a risk-limiting audit, in which a random sample of ballots or receipts generated by voting machines are checked against results produced by vote-tallying equipment for accuracy.

They should be auditing the absentee ballots, change of address red flags in Fulton County, etc.


Yes, they need to do an audit and full check of the voters in Michigan to make sure they are residents, their signatures match and that they are breathing. Start in Wayne County. They have been tipping the whole state to the Democrats for way too long by counting the votes long after the other counties have turned in their vote numbers.


We’ll see how it goes…unless Republican observers are allowed to ACTUALLY observe…Joe will end up with MORE votes than he did originally! LOL! This is indeed a positive development…but I have my doubts (because I’m a jaded old jerk).


We on the Right better have an armed guard in back of each person involved in this operation. Any cheating should be treated by the armed guard appropriately.


Gregg’s last paragraph is most important – the evidence of the fraud, like the “stained blue dress” is evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt (and parenthetically, probably kept Monica alive) – the bell cannot be unrung.

Beyond that…. Our fundamental problem is simple. We have tolerated election fraud – and the penalty in most states is laughably lily-livered (weak, for those in Rio Linda) (h/t – Rush) insomuch as it is attack on our sovereignty, said penalties should attach, to wit, as an act of war, treason, murder – obliteration.


In order for this to matter beyond President Trump’s two terms, all these Democrats who are supposedly “schiffing” themselves have to go to JAIL. This cancer, these vermin cannot be allowed to survive this without severe penalty beginning with them permanently losing any job having to do with vote counting, delivering (USPS), and certification or they will just be emboldened, regroup and comeback with a vengeance that will forever change the course of American Politics beginning in 2025.

IMO the only real mistake the Left made was to be so blatant with their plans, and their execution of said plans. The ‘news’ and media gloated in our face long and loud about how they were going to steal this election; like when so many said Trump is going to appear to win big on election night, but our mail-in votes will swing the tide. How did anyone know this with such certainty? How did Faux News know to call Arizona and Virginia so early? How did they know to not call Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia? And what is with Alaska? Are they exhuming dead Japanese soldiers from 1943 on Attu Island so they can cast votes for btfsplk? Note to the Alaska Democratic Party: There are only about 5,000 dead Japanese soldiers available to “vote” for btfsplk; far below the numbers you need to steal the senate race and give Alaska to ‘the One’s’ # 2.

Ponder this: If everything was on the up and up in places like Philadelphia, why weren’t GOP observers allowed in to monitor and report what was going on with the vote count? If they were to confirm that everything was honest and accurate, wouldn’t that legitimize a btfsplk win in PA and other questioned cities and states? By denying access, the Left is actually confirming the suspicion of corruption and fraud. Unlike the bull-schiff regarding “classified” material that supposedly can’t be unredacted, there are no state secrets to be exposed by us being able to see and verify that the ballot counting is on the up and up. Our precious democracy depends upon our ability to have faith in open, fair and honest elections. The Left is doing their best to ensure that doesn’t happen.

And most important, how can the most pro-American and successful president in our lifetime with massive and vocal support on display everywhere lose to a 77 year nobody who barely campaigned and couldn’t put together a subject and a predicate together to save his life? How can so many of the positive and consistent winning political matrixes that spell a landslide victory for the incumbent all at once work against the incumbent?

Furthermore, how can there be this “wave” for btfsplk and he not carry into power Schmucky Schumer when there were twice the number of GOP senators up than the number of Democratic senators and the GOP only has a net 1 senate loss? How can btfsplk be lead to a “win” yet lose six to twelve seats in MaligNancy’s Schiff-house? How can the Republicans gain control of numerous state legislatures and the Democratic Party not flip one house seat or one state legislative chamber?

The answer to that is simple: Most of the fraudulent ballots cast for btfsplk were cast only for btfsplk with few down-ballot votes cast. That is statistically not possible as most people vote for at least some other down ballot races. All those single vote ballots just defy credulity.


I can smell it from here!

Paul Michael Sebula

That is why there is a Federal suit in MI by the Trump campaign.


There are demoncrat communists shiffing themselves right now.

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