Discussion Post – 11.10.2020

The big “news” last night was that Attorney General William Barr has authorized U.S. attorneys to investigate voter fraud. That and $2.24 will buy you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

If President Trump is betting the farm on William Barr doing anything, the farm won’t be around much longer.

Discuss away.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Barr is a Senior Executive Services swamp creature beholden to the crown of England. He has not done a damned thing for well over a year. ZERO indictments. It is a mystery to me why Trump keeps him around. Certainly if we’ve figured this out, then Trump has also. But it still galls me, and it also pulls my chain when they convert this into a fund raising opportunity. We have people on payroll whose job it is to deal with this stuff. If someone murders my wife or burglarizes my home, do I need to raise funds and build a legal team to pursue justice? No, I don’t. We’ve got cops and sheriffs and prosecutors already on the job who are paid to take care of it.

The good thing is that this corruption is coming out into the open, since we’ve all known about vote fraud (unless we’ve been asleep) for many, many years. The bad thing is that we’ve got complicit media and we’ve also got a fair number of people in our communities who DESERVE “President Biden” and all the horrors that would follow were he to become POTUS. Let’s hope the treasonous snakes in media are also brought to justice, and the de-programming of our brainwashed fellow-pilgrims can begin.

The Saint

And….I do send the Trump Campaign a few bucks when I can to help pay for the campaign and legal fees. Trump doesn’t take money from corporations or wall street. Joe Biden does.

The Saint

I bailed on Fox News and Drudge months ago just like everyone else. I still watch Varney, Payne and Dobbs on Fox Business so I can watch the market and mute everyone in between. I now get my news on whatfinger and a few other conservative websites. I don’t think anything will ever make me go back to Fox News or Drudge.


Traditionally the DOJ never investigated Voter Fraud until after the election was certified.
This is a big deal even though it does not sound like it. The Senior Voter Fraud Investigator
at the DOJ resigned over it.


It is getting a little old hearing people here and on Rush and other outlets saying we should fight and that somehow we are not “supporting” the president well enough.

News Flash: It is out of our hands right now. That is the bitter reality.

Thankfully however:

President Trump is assembling an “A” team of lawyers to investigate and fight this.

President Trump is apparently planning rallies that will further highlight the rampant and massive voter fraud in the six or so states and probably elsewhere. I live in Tennessee (for good political and other reasons) so there is not much I can do personally by attending rallies. Maybe I’ll go to Georgia if it will do any good and if I am asked by President Trump or his team I will go to GA to be a Poll Watcher during the January senate runoffs. They know how to contact me.

During his first term I have written President Trump via snail and email to THE WHITE HOUSE many times on a myriad of issues and concerns similar in tone to what I have written here. Sadly the only response that has generated is a myriad of campaign funding solicitations from the President Trump, virtually everyone in his family and from the RNC. I have filled out numerous “voter opinion surveys”. Curiously some of the surveys asked if I would be available to help the campaign by working for it in person in my area.

News flash: The President and the RNC did not need any help in TN! I always highlighted in yellow that I would be available to help in SW Florida in person – Response: Crickets. And my own local GOP is totally worthless – their very nice office was only opened for six (6) hours a week in May and the head of it told me they have no direct line of communication to the Ronna Romney-McDaniel led RNC and they have to use the general RNC number. Back in May, I spent several hundred dollars of my own money making my 20 TRUMP – THE WHITE HOUSE – 20 dollar bill bumper stickers and I sent one along with a letter about my October Florida availability with every (at least twenty) response. When I was financially able after August I sent several monetary contributions to the campaign. Regarding my $20 TRUMP $20 bumper sticker, only Dave posted it at the top of of one of his May Discussion Posts. It went nowhere and I thought is was a great campaign opportunity that was lost.

I don’t blame President Trump; I blame the worthless RNC, and all my thoughts and comments to and about it dovetail very nicely with Dave’s recent article on the 71 million members of “Trump’s Army”.

If I hear of President Trump asking for money to help pay for the legal fees of his team – hopefully the heavy hitting layers are doing a lot of this work pro bono – in their efforts to challenge the voter fraud, I will gladly give to that cause.

In closing I am as upset as anyone can be about this election. In an attempt to be somewhat optimistic, my comments and articles reflect what has happened in recent history regarding the balance of power in congress versus which party holds the presidency going back to 1992, and I think that is a good barometer in looking to the possible future scenarios as history does tend to repeat itself especially when the same paradigm is in place.

However, since this election was stolen, and if btfsplk prevails there is very little we peons can do to prevent ALL future elections from being stolen and if that happens, obviously none of my hopeful, or wishful scenarios are valid and we have become a Banana Republic governed by one party rule for the foreseeable future.

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