What the Political Landscape Will Look Like In a HarrisBiden Presidency

Guest Piece by Gregg Updike

Now that the active casting of ballots is (hopefully) over, let us assume the worst-case scenario: President Trump is unsuccessful in his myriad court challenges of obvious voter fraud in the half dozen or so Democratically controlled cities in the six states that narrowly went for President Harris, and next year placeholder Biden is sworn in as our 46th president.  Here is what I see happening in the interim

– President Trump pardons all the wrongfully accused people from the RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA witch-hunt.  He also issues all kinds of Executive Orders (EOs) which will display for all to see what his true legislative agenda would have eventually been had he been reelected and had a real congress to work with on behalf of his attempts to MAGA and KAG.

– On that future dark day, January 20, 2021, the HarrisBiden presidency officially begins with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell holding a 52-48 GOP majority.  That slim majority, however weak it is, will serve to block most of the excesses of Nancy Pelosi’s house legislation rendering congress stalemated.

– Whether it be Pelosi, or some other radical as Speaker, the house will hoot and howl and push the Squad’s radical left-wing agenda, because they will – it is in their DNA.  They will misread the wishes of the majority of America and there is no way they moderate their message or agenda, especially with a Harris Presidency.

– The Left will not tolerate the check of the GOP senate, so look for a vicious campaign against any vulnerable Republican Senator in 2022.  As was the case this year, the GOP will have another difficult election cycle since they have about 22 seats to defend in 2022; the Democrats only have twelve to defend.

–  The vulnerable (or competitive races) senators up for reelection in 2022 are Democrats Bennett of CO, Cortez-Masto of NV, and Hassan of NH; the other Democratic Senators are likely secure.  The vulnerable Republican senators are Murkowski of AK, Burr or whoever has the NC seat, Toomey of PA, and Johnson of WI.

– I see the senate essentially remaining a wash, with the GOP holding a very narrow majority due to the historical norm where the party that does not have the presidency generally gains seats in both chambers in congress during the first midterm election after the new president comes to power.

Now let us switch to the Democratically controlled house:  It appears they will retain a very narrow majority when all is said and done this year.  Since 1994, that first mid-term house majority is always in question.  President Clinton’s agenda was much too radical in 1994 and he lost the Dem controlled house for the first time in forty (40) years.

I see the Harris and Pelosi agenda having the same effect or outcome with the Democrats again taking a similar shellacking as happened during President Obama’s first mid-term in 2010 and the aforementioned Clinton first mid-term election in 1994.  This flipping of the house also happened During President Trump’s first mid-term election in 2018.  This is how congress was designed: The House (the people’s house) was meant to reflect the whims of the moment and the senate was designed to be a much more politically stable institution.

Even if the Democrats are successful in flipping the Senate in 2022, they are likely to lose the house.  The net result is congress remains split or under total GOP leadership and we are left with a repeat of the Obama Administration’s rule via Executive Order for the last two years of the Harris’ Administration.

Getting back to President Trump and speculation about his future:

If Trump promulgates a series of EOs in his last two month in office, it will force President HarrisBiden to undo them with their own series of EOs which would further highlight the differences between the two administrations.  The big one, Obamacare, will revert to how it was pre-President Trump, with the individual mandate being restored.  That difference will finally register in a big way on the radar of most Americans who were screwed under Obamacare.  Remember the worst of the IRS penalties for not having GOVERNMENT MANDATED HEALTH INSURANCE were not realized when Trump eliminated them via his first day EO.

As the full extent of the radical Nature of HarriBiden comes into focus with pocketbook issues becoming more and more apparent the warm glow of their takeover will quickly fade.  Here is what I see happening come January 2021:

  1. Peace will magically return to the Democratically Controlled Cities and the political machine and the media responsible for the “mostly peaceful protests” will temporally suspend them until they are again needed.
  2. All the Obamagate “investigations” will quietly go away, with all the known and unknown coup d’état players getting a permanent get out of jail free card.
  3. Gas and energy prices will soon rise and the move to “renewable” energy sources will be put on steroids. Fracking and coal will be severely slowed if not banned outright and we will once again be dependent/vulnerable on oil from adversarial foreign sources.
  4. There will be renewed violence on the world stage and a reengaging of America in pointless, never ending loser wars with ridiculous “rules of engagement” being foisted upon our Troops
  5. There will be one last major bailout of the Blue States via a comprehensive and massive relief bill (that the weak GOP senate will not dare block) under the guise of COVID-19 “stimulus”; the “science” will say COVID has been “cured” and all the mask and other mandates will magically go away as soon as the relief bill passes. However, COVID, like the “mostly peaceful protests” are always going to be available arrows in the Democratic Party’s “quiver” when they are needed to create another “crisis”.

Court packing and statehood for DC and Puerto Rice won’t happen under a GOP senate.  Unfavorable court rulings will be ignored until enforced which won’t happen under a HarrisBiden Presidency.  However, if the Congress goes completely Democratic, all bets are off.

So ultimately what happens under a HarrisBiden Presidency?  Effectively it will be Obama’s third term, with an attempt to have its agenda on steroids.  Taxes will go up; prosperity prospects will be greatly diminished, and the Swamp will get broader and deeper.  However, there is a potential light at the end of this dark tunnel:

Donald John Trump stays energized and maybe even forms a real TEA Party to directly the feckless Democratic-like GOP. Or:

He runs again in 2024, wins, and sweeps in a huge GOP senate and a large house majority which will render RINO senators and house member irrelevant and ultimately an endangered if not an extinct species.  The senate class of 2024 will have about 24 (many of whom are vulnerable) Democrats up for reelection which could well mean a 60 seat GOP majority.  Then the real Trump agenda, the real conservative agenda, can become a reality.

The net effect of the first term of Trump’s Administration was the blocking of most of the excesses of the Obama Administration from being permanently baked into our culture, by pausing it.  A HarrisBiden presidency will only show and reemphasize to all of America how bad the Left’s agenda is and will cause a massive backlash.

As of today, and assuming a HarrisBiden Administration, the political stars may well align for a massive Donald J. Trump win in 2024.  The country will be ripe for a massive rebirth of conservatism lead by the indefatigable Donald John Trump.   And this time there may well be massive support for constitutional amendments for term limits, Judicial reform, consistent voter requirements and other long needed reforms.

We can only hope for such a future.


That is all.

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I’m no prophet but this seems pretty clear to me: unless the Trump Team can salvage this election, we will have enjoyed our last free, fair election as a constitutional republic. This is a battle in the timeless war between good and evil, so our most powerful weapon is prayer. May God bless us all, and shine His light upon the darkness we face.



I don’t think either David or I said anything about quietly accepting the reported election outcome. We and most everyone here know it happened bigley. We are just giving our best analysis of the situation as it stands today and what could happen based on recent history.

I certainly hope Trump prevails, but what exactly do you want us to do that will make a difference at this point.


Brother… go loud… call, write, the White House, your gop political, get out and start or participate in a Trump event, parade, train, send money to the legal team. There are multiple ways to voice and show that you will not sit idly by and watch the destruction of your nation. I’d write more but it won’t get posted…

Its a war… fight till you vote demoncrap

Robosaurus Rex

DOJ can’t get involved in election cases until 10 days after the election so Sat, Nov 14th. Thats what I’ve read. While I’m not holding my breath either, if the 4D chess is a real thing and if Barr is the “patriot” he claims to be, then we’ll see some very rapid involvement at that point. Trump will quickly know who is on his side and adjust personnel as needed because some people are really good at playing the part that Trump may not even know, but what is coming is the dividing line. Fence sitters will be tossed aside. I also think Trump is giving people the opportunity of switching sides so time is likely running out for people like Wray and Barr to take meaningful action. Again, we shall see…

Jack Gruenstein

The “fence sitters” include the Republican Senators who will sit in a weak but majority Republican Senate in 2021. I have little faith in their willingness to hold the line against the excesses to be pushed by the Democrats. Most of these “Republicans” seem interested only in exercising the privileges and immunities of a sitting Senator, and of accumulating wealth and contacts for the next part of their careers. These Senators need to understand that the 70 million people who voted for Trump are not traditional Republicans but, rather, are supporters of the President. If these Senators fail in their duty to the Trump voters, then I would be happy to see them defeated and replaced by those who adhere to the values of this President including love of country.

Robosaurus Rex

For the love of Gd, all this assuming their isn’t any voter fraud going forward. What a dumb fantasy piece by Gregg Updike… people who are still peddling the virtue of our election process like nothing abnormal is happening need to learn how to code. We need to be razor focused on what is unfolding before our eyes regarding massive voter fraud. DB, I’m thinking you’re still in denial and maybe a bit hopeless. The evidence is stacking up and you should feel emboldened to get your readers to pressure their Congressional reps to absolutely take this serious. You should be more enraged than your reporting on the Portland 100+ day riots because what Trump is about to do is going to blow this election up. I worked the polls this election and have been a programmer for 12 years. The “glitches” alone will flip most states to Trump by itself. I was trained on Iowa’s voting system in October and the “change of address” feature central to the training was removed on election day opening up the ability for a voter to cast a vote in multiple Iowa cities. I’ve already contacted the Secretary of State about this problem. This is one of the issues seen in Fulton county, GA. These allegations are not some pie in the sky effort by the Trump campaign. This s**t is real. Pay attention.


Hoping this posts. IMO, many are shell shocked. I normally agree with Gregg but on this I can’t. Not interested in looking at the darker side as it pulls everyone down to defeatism.

Its like a shell went off in close proximity, people are shell shocked. Take a breath, get the head on straight and focus. Pull yourself straight and face the enemy, take up your rifle again and re-engage. Now is NOT the time to sit and feel sorry for yourself and everyone. THATS what the enemy wants, don’t give it to them.

Re-ENGAGE, get out go public, more, bigger Trump trains and parades. Trump has battled these communists for the last four years, nearly alone. Do YOUR duty and get into the fight, its now on YOUR doorstep to get involved because if you don’t… then the lose is on you. period.

Its a war… stay in the fight

Lady Jane

As much as I want Trump to win, I’m having a hard time trying to understand why he didn’t fire Wray, Barr, Durham & all the rest before he started campaigning.

It boggles my mind to know he kept Barr in even after Barr said he wasn’t going to take any action against those who hounded Trump for years. Did he just not listen to anyone on his team. I don’t want to hear about 4D chess. I don’t buy it.

Jumper Bones

I like your concept of a Trump 2024 victory, but especially having it be accomplished via a new party. No more uniparty!

Just Me

Look for a HarrisBiden Department of Just Us to hound/prosecute Trump relentlessly with their despicable media minions cackling “Guillotine! Guillotine! in the front row.

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