Trump Fires Esper: Wray and Haspel On Deck

President Donald Trump is still president through January 20th and possibly beyond, regardless of what the corrupt news media and Joe Biden think. We elect presidents to serve full four year terms, not 3 years and 10 months.

Thus, President Trump continues his work for the American people, and today that work included accepting the resignation of disloyal Defense Secretary Mark Esper, a social justice warrior who should have been canned months ago. With Esper not out and replaced by Christopher C. Miller, the Director of the National Counterterrorism Center, speculation now turns to how long the worthless Director of the raging dumpster fire that is the FBI, Christopher Wray, and the obstructionist CIA Director Gina Haspel will remain in their undeserved positions.

Fake Jake Tapper, citing no real source that he is willing to actually identify, speculates that the firing of those two snakes will come soon:

If so, wonderful, although Tapper has such a habit of tweeting absolutely baseless falsehoods that no real weight should be given to anything he says.

It is a fact, however, that the President – the real President, not Joe Biden – did telegraph his intention to get rid of Wray and Haspel after the election at several points during the general election campaign.

So, getting rid of Esper should be characterized for what it is: A very good start.

That is all.

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Do it. It’s never too late to change crappy diapers.

[…] Wray and Haspel are up next. […]

David Wrightsman

Both Wray and Barr must go as well. Stop appointing attorneys as directors of these agencies. For the FBI the President would do the nation a great service by immediately appointing Sherriff David Clark, a known dedicated and honorable law enforcement constitutional warrior.

For the DOJ while an attorney, Jay Sukolow would do well.


Excellent song rewrite Samuel


I was sure hoping that Donaldus Magnus would fire Mr. Barrjangles on Wednesday morning, November 4th. Oh well, at least Trump got rid of one pit viper. That means only, what?, only about 200, 400, or more to go. Exposing those on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and those on the Senate Committee on the Judiciary (I’m looking at you Teddy Crybaby and you Johnny Cornball, you two spineless coprophagic troglodytes knew back in 2016 that Trump didn’t have any dealings with Russia or Putty Pants yet neither one of you had the huevos rancheros to stand up and say anything) sure couldn’t hurt.

Mr. Barrjangles
(Parody of Mr. Bojangles)
(About former CIA Director, former head of the FBI, current Attorney General William ‘Bill’ Barr and his soft handling of the Corrupt Deep Shadow Government)

“I knew a man Barrjangles and he danced for you
In worn out shoes
Silver hair, a hunting shirt and baggy pipes
The old soft shoe
He talked so high
He talked so high
Then he’d lightly let us down

I wish him in a cell in New Orleans where he’s
Down and out
He looked to me to be the eyes of rage
As he spoke right out
He talked ah’ lie
He talked ah’ lie

He laughed, clicked his heels and stepped on us
He said his name, Barrjangles and didn’t give a lick
Behind our backs
He grabbed his pension, a happenstance
Oh, he talked so high
Then he hit the hills
He let go of scum
He let go of scum
Pushed back his timeline all around
Mr. Barrjangles
Mr. Barrjangles
Mr. Barrjangles
Don’t Dance

He danced for those believed his crap and it’s so unfair
Throughout the south
He spoke with tears of investigative years it’s all bull crap
Traveled about with
Durham Investigation and lied
He up and lied
After CIA years he no longer grieves
He said I dance every chance I get for Democrats an’
For drinks and tips
If I’m ever caught I spend life behind federal bars
He said I drinks a bit
He shook his head
And as he shook his head
I heard lil’ people ask him please
Mr. Barrjangles
Mr. Barrjangles
Mr. Barrjangles
Don’t Dance

Ben Colder

I call that a very good start Wray has to go and so does the head of the corrupt CIA .The FBI should be completely scraped and start over Trump should ask for all the FBI to resign then start over hire back the good ones and get rid of the rest which I would guess would be about half of them.The FBI has become nothing but gestapo they do what ever they feel like.Look what happened to General Flynn he has been railroaded and its still going on.That is the reason Trump is so hated he is honest and the swamp is so corrupt it is just unbelievable all you have to do is look at Creepy Joe Biden he makes the mafia look like alter boys and he is on the verge of becoming President.The people should be outraged.The election was rigged by the dem/communists it was all in their plan this was done by design.Trump is still President until January at least.Looks like the communists are going to take over tho.What can we do?Looks like not a damned thing they have all the fake news screaming like raped apes you would think they are running the country and I guess they are.


There is a reason to which we are not privy that Wray has been kept on this long–Trump made a cryptic remark about it a while ago.


The number of heads that are going to roll is going to be fun. The hand wringing and whining of the presstitutes and pundits will be a joyful thing to seè.

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