Discussion Post – 11.9.2020

Alex Trebek died on Sunday, marking the passing of a true national treasure. He will be impossible to replace.

Trebek: It’s what you say when you find out someone has died.

Conestant: What is “Rest In Peace,” Alex?

Discuss away.

That is all.

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Peter H Ferris

I was saddened by his passing, was shocked that he was 80 years old. He looked much younger….


Welcome to the club. I have been debt free since well into the last century. The amount of money I have saved from not paying credit card interest is astounding. Not paying mortgage insurance on the purchase of my last house was sizeable as well. Another good idea is to have a years supply of food, precious metals, cash and the means to protect them and it is something you may want to consider.


What a miserable year this has turned out to be.

Apart from me successfully selling my rental albatross and paying off my house making me totally debt free, this year really sucks.

I just watched the Friday “Jeopardy” which as far as I know was a new show and Alex appeared to be fine. Sharp and quick-witted to the end and fighting valiantly unlike another certain septuagenarian who, unfortunately, has a real shot to “play President” for at least a little while.

Truly a fine man, a fine person, and a great role model for all celebrities and everyone else. He and Regis Philbin, another icon lost this year, will be greatly missed.

The sad reality is, if this called election result stays, 2021 to 2025 has a real good chance of being just as or even worst than this one.

Just as the Credence Clearwater Revival song “Bad Moon Rising” goes, “I see trouble on the way…”

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