Those 71 Million Americans are Trump Voters, Not Republican Voters

Leaders of the Republican Party establishment had better fall in line and support President Trump’s challenges of these election results. If they don’t, their party will face an almost certain doom.

At last count, fully 71 million Americans cast their votes in this election for President Donald J. Trump, far and away the most votes ever cast for any Republican. Let’s make no mistake about this: Those votes are real votes, not stolen or fabricated ones; And those votes were cast for Donald Trump, not the Republican Party.

The Trump Movement is exactly that: A movement motivated by and loyal to Donald Trump. Any Republican who assumes that these 71 million Americans are going to just blindly follow behind any old Republican is living in an alternative universe.

The truth of the matter is that at least half of those 71 million Americans have complete and utter disdain for the GOP and for most Republican politicians. These Americans would follow Donald Trump to the gates of hell to save this country, but would gladly discard most Republican politicians to the local junk heap if they had their way.

Prominent Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney had better wake up and realize that the one and only reason why most GOP voters chose to vote for them is just that the alternative – a communist Democrat – was so much worse. That’s the only reason they elected George W. Bush twice, and the only reason they held their collective noses and cast votes for the weasel Romney and the even more execrable John McCain.

Every GOP leader had better understand the fact that Donald Trump could destroy their political party forever with the snap of his finger if he chose to do that. If they fail to support the President’s challenges to this blatantly stolen election in the coming weeks – and do so prominently and publicly with every tool and rhetorical flourish at their disposal – the real President could kill the GOP dead by announcing he is going to create his own political party and run again for the presidency in 2024.

If Trump did that, at least 50 million of those 71 million real Americans would follow him into that third party, even with the knowledge that doing so would virtually ensure a second term for Kamala Harris. Make no mistake about this: The vast majority of these 71 million real Americans hold establishment Republicans – RINOs – in every bit as much contempt as they do any Democrat.

The vast political movement we see happening on the right/middle today is a Trump movement. Period. If the GOP leaders wish to retain these tens of millions of real, non-stolen votes in their base of support, they had better get with the program now and demonstrate that they care about the sanctity of the U.S. elections system as the President does.

This is a Trump movement, not a Republican movement. This is a Trump army of 71 million angry Americans, not a bunch of 1970s-era country club Republicans. For the GOP, failure to understand this and get with the program is not an option.

That is all.

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I have always said it matters not whether there is a D or R after their names. Are they Americans first or are they Globalist?

Like Gov Abbortit here in Texas. He’s a Globalist. He’s a NWO $#@%^^%$^! He couldn’t give a rat’s ass about America.


Bolsheviks take no prisoners? Funny, but that doesn’t scare me. Hillbillies and rednecks offer no quarter and expect none, so we wont be taken prisoner.

Show me

So if Joe Biden and his minions get to do everything they want, which it looks like is happening, they get to go shopping for whatever they want, court packing, extra states, taxes, socialized medicine, stopping fossilized fuels, open borders, defund the police and defund the military, even possibly eliminate it, can the US hold together? I think it will go under, same kind of financial collapse, depression, and political patronage with the same two tiered justice system as in most other countries.

Show me

Fund raiser is the prime requirement.
I think Trump was actually in favor of term limits in his agenda, and when the party hacks read that, they ran for the exits.
Both Democrats and Republicans would be better off if we didn’t have politicians in Washington for fifty years, although that’s where Joe Biden has been and he is being rewarded for it handsomly, so that’s the end of term limits.

Show me

The Republican politicians are a self serving lot and will throw Trump under the bus faster than you can blink if they think it will get them ahead, since the majority are professional politicians who are simply professionals, being politicians as a career to advance themselves.
The majority of Democrats are as well, but they are a little more cohesive and their base is much more closely attached to them through organizations such as labor unions and big city Democrat Party machines.
Unfortunately not a lot of difference between the Democrat and Republican politicians except the Republicans will reach across the aisle if they think it will get them elected.
Now actually, Democrats are looking at Trump’s playbook and are adopting some of his winning policies.

Thomas J Day USMC 62-68

My Army friends are in Trump’s Army, My Navy friends are in Trump’s Navy, My Air Force friends are in Trump’s Air Force, My Coast Guard friends are in Trump’s Coast Guard, and all of My Marine friends are in Trump’s Marine Corps. We will escort him back to our Big White House.


Both parties are crooks, Demorats far worse ,I feel like Trump has been taking on the dirty crooks from both parties .that’s why Republicans have not helped him .everyone should know by now all media is far left owned and operated .


trump should start his own party and have all his supporters join him. the republican party can go the way of the whig party.

Tyrone o'Sorus

Absolutely correct. Of the friends and acquaintances I’ve talked to since Tuesday, well over half are more Trump followers than “Republicans”. A good number are more than a little angry that the party didn’t really support the president in the campaign, and are running for the tall grass after the election. If Trump loses this fight because of lack of support I agree that a sizable number of people like myself will leave the party and go independent. Many of us are up in years, and have watched helplessly as the people we have supported time after time “reach across the aisle” to stab us in the back. Trump is the first in my lifetime who has stood firm for the things we believe, and we will support him no matter what comes.

What is aggravating is that we live in a very gerrymandered congressional district in Western New York where the republican seat is arguably one of the safest in the state. This is a district that could provide real leadership on the floor of the House of Representatives, and yet the damn party uses it as a reward for a string of party regulars to help them move up from state politics to D.C. and then onto nice lobbying jobs along with a couple very nice pensions after a couple terms. Not one of them has done a G-D thing for the people in the nearly 40 years I’ve lived here, and are totally invisible on the national stage. I suspect that the only requirement for the job is that you are a good fund raiser for the state party organization.


David, you have articulated my feelings perfectly. Furthermore, if Trump fails to get support and Biden steals this election, and Trump elects to exit stage right, I will never vote in another election for the rest of my life. What’s the use in voting if blatant corruption is allowed to stand? I’ll be done.


Andrew Carnegie,

Thanks for the positive outlook.

I don’t think I’m being Pollyannaish here, but please remember there was a reason why joe btfsplk was anointed to be the Dem Nominee. Think about it; if the powers-that-be decided the election was going to be fixed no matter what, then why didn’t they just let bullshchiffvick bernie be their nominee?

The answer is simple: at this point they don’t want America to be totally destroyed; just keep us divided and economically crippled so that we get a little more vulnerable every day. The powers-that-be obviously knew the country would not yet accept full on communism; they needed an empty vessel with an empty head to “manage the decline”, to resume ‘the One’s’ third term a little further and a little slower. They also feared a bernie candidacy could cost them a lot of down ballot races and the Dems couldn’t survive another electoral blowout at the hands of an avowed communist. They do, after all, need some foot-soldiers to complete the task at hand. Furthermore, I don’t believe they want to control a totally destroyed country that a shooting CW would bring about. There is nothing to be gained getting control of a pile of rubble.

So I don’t see America going down the tubes as quickly as others, for reasons I will describe in a future article.

In the interim, none of us should give up and most of all not vote. That is just stupid and it is a sign of sheer desperation. It costs nothing to vote and by surrendering, you just give the bastards the cheapest political win possible. I ask you and all like minded people who are hurt and massively disappointed to remember the immortal words of John Belushi’s character John “Bluto” Blutarsky from “Animal House”:

“Over? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Nothing is over until we say it’s over!…”. So I admonish everyone who feels things are hopeless, to keep the faith. Things look bad for America’s future right now, but I will never not vote as long as we are still allowed to vote. Because if we all give up it is certain that all will then be lost. That is why I am so pissed off that over a hundred million people didn’t bother to vote last Tuesday. That is the real tragedy.

After all, John “Bluto” Blutarsky became a senator (probably of Oregon where the movie was filmed) in the move which is no more ridiculous than the joe btfsplk / Karma Roundheels-Headboard ticket ‘winning’ fairly last Tuesday.

Lady Jane

Thank you for this truth Dave but they (the Republicans) know that in past elections, they got our votes not because we believed their lies. They got our votes because we had no other choice. Frankly, I stopped watching Fox news years ago. I also stopped listening to Rush when he was supporting Cruz, Rubio and others for president. Everyone but Trump. I’m sorry he’s is dying from lung cancer but he’s been dead to me for years.

I agree with Yes Indeed. You have written a column that needs to be shared with all elected Republicans because “frankly my dear” Republicans, from election day forward will, I am following President Trump and not you!!!!

Robosaurus Rex

Thanks, DB. I’m going to write to Joni Ernst tonight and let her know this exact point. Everyone who reads this post that has a Republican House or Senate member needs to explain this important concept to them. Please do so accordingly. If Trump loses, I’m done with the party.

andrew carnegie

Why bother to vote? The vote count was rigged to give 78 year old senile warmonger Joe Biden the win. There is no more “home of the free and land of the brave.” There is just a banana republic. The entire USA will become a one-party ruled banana republic like California, with people openly pooping in the streets and our own government waging war against its own citizens who dare to operate a small business (like a beauty salon or restaurant). It’s over. The Bolsheviks take no prisoners.


“The vast majority of these 71 million real Americans hold establishment Republicans – RINOs – in every bit as much contempt as they do any Democrat.”

I have always held the RINOs in greater contempt than the Democrats. If nothing else the Dems are true to their cause and always fight like hell for it. For example, who would you rather have fighting for your cause? John Boehner or Nancy Pelosi; Paul Ryan or Nancy Pelosi; Mitch McConnell or Chuck Schumer: Bob Dole or Trent Lott back in the day, or Harry Reid? The only Republican Congressional fighter and winner I have seen fighting FOR us and America in my lifetime was Newt Gingrich, and even he was entirely too friendly with BJ Clinton after hours.

We in Tennessee got rid of one RINO senator (two termer Bob Corker in 2018 who was forced to ‘retire’ like Jeff Flake in Arizona due to a total collapse of support) and another one in this year when the superannuated octogenarian Lamar (AKA Lament) Alexander chose not to run for reelection this year. He was replaced by President Trump’s chosen primary winner – we’ll see how good (conservative) Bill Hagerty turns out to be – I have my doubts and concerns that he will only be marginally better than Alexander was. Marsha Blackburn is excellent so far and as of now, she is the only woman politician I have any respect for.

We have to get out of this mind-numbed paradigm that any Republican, especially our own Republican senator or representative, is better than the Democrat. Wishy-washy (especially loud-mouth ones like McLame was and his protégé Wimpsey Graham is where no one is safe between them and a camera) sabotage the conservative cause every time they have the opportunity. The following senators NEED to be targeted in 2022: Murkowski AK, Rubio FL, and Toomey PA (at least) this time around unless they have an epiphany and start consistently representing their constituents the way they say they will during their campaigns and LEAD the fight against SCHUMER AND HARRISbiden. This includes voting AGAINST EVERY HARRISbiden appointment!

Sadly, and this may seem contradictory to what I just wrote, but there are some ‘moderate’ Republicans that must be retained in blue districts and States just so the GOP can win or retain house and senate majorities. Many of our Republican ‘moderates’ generally quietly vote the right way and stay under the radar and are not usually targeted by the Left’s money machine as the left generally goes after our effective leaders.

A case in point is Representative Chris Smith (R) NJ-4. He is a good guy and has survived numerous challenges and survived several Gerrymandering attempts as NJ has lost at least two representatives since 1980 during his now 42 (yep you heard me right – FORTY-TWO years!) year congressional career! He is the quintessential back-bencher and by rights should be in line for a speakership or at least a chairmanship of a major committee, but he is not as he choses to be a drone, a good drone, a nice drone, a honest drone, but a drone none-the-less. The sad thing is if and when he choses to retire, he will most certainly be replaced by a Democrat Leftist only a little less radical than AOC. That is the sad state and reality of NJ and other blue state’s politics.

Yes Indeed

You Sir have written a great truth that needs to be brought to the attention of every single one of the elected republicans, and very quickly too.

Michael Vaughan

If the republican party cant fight for potus then screw em….they are the swamp too …just a hair better than the dems

Just Me

And therein lies the problem. The left, establishment Dems (if any really remain), and the left collectively will ensure a dark winter and beyond; through election theft if necessary.


This should be emailed to every gop politician. If they think that we’re going to just go along to get along they have another think coming.

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